Sex Toy Materials vs Lube

sex toy 101

Going into buying sex toys can be scary enough if you’ve never gone into a sex shop (it shouldn’t be, all workers at the best adult shops in Sydney are amazing, helpful, open minded, and just want you to have good orgasms), and then when faced with all the choices of lubes it can be overwhelming, not knowing what’s safe with what is another hurdle, so here are the common materials and what they can be used with, with the added bonus of how they should be stored and cleaned!

You would be amazed what are the most popular sex toys in Australia!

Silicone – smooth, no real smell or taste, some with a silky finish. Medical grade silicone is body-safe and is 100% hypoallergenic with no latex or phthalate.
Lubes: safe with water-based, oil-based, and hybrid lubes. (Extremely high quality is safe with silicone lube, Colours triple density dongs are safe.)
Cleaning: 100% silicone can be boiled, others should be washed with a toy cleaner!

Glass – most are made from the same glass as Pyrex, they are heat resistant and shatterproof. They are smooth and sturdy and perfect for temperature play. Glass is incredibly skin safe but be sure to check for cracks and fractures before each used!
Lube: Glass is safe with all lubes.
Cleaning: Can be washed with toy cleaner and water, or even thrown in the dishwasher, or boiled.

Plastic – most commonly made with ABS (the same material as LEGO), used for it’s cheap production value, these toys may be blended with latex. These are hard with no distinct smell or taste. Generally a skin safe material but could be blended with phthalates and latex, which are common allergens and harmful to skin.
Lubes: safe to use with all lube types
Cleaning: can be cleaned with sex toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap and water, or through boiling.

PVC – man made plastic, can be hard or more flexible, has an intense plastic smell and more often than not contains phthalates and latex so isn’t the most body-safe option in the world.
Lubes: this material should be used with water-based lubes only, as oil and silicone can melt the material.
Cleaning: rigid PVC is non-porous and very easy to clean, flexible PVC can be porous so may be harder to clean. Store these toys away from other materials and preferably in their own casing to avoid chemical reactions and damage to toys.

TPE – the material used to create Real Feel, Cyberskin, Softskin, or Ultraskin. Frequently used for male masturbators. Realistically fleshlike, warms to the touch, incredibly flexible, due to it’s softness it isn’t a great option for vibrators as it can weaken vibrations. Can tend to have a rubbery smell and taste. TPE is non-toxic but is porous so it’s prone to bacterial growth, and can be mixed with product softeners which can be allergens.
Lubes: use water-based only with this material.
Cleaning: as this is a porous material it can be hard to clean, best to use just water and a toy cleaner.
This should be kept away from other toys in storage to be on the safe side. Any discolouration can be a sign of growing mould in the pores of the material, so throw it away. These toys should be replaced every 5 months.

Metal – usually made from medical grade stainless steel, they can occasionally be mixed with other metals (such as nickel WHICH SOME PEOPLE ARE ALLERGIC TO), so be sure to check this. These toys are rigid and smooth but perfect for temperature play, higher densities are good for weighted and pressure play.
Lubes: all lubes are safe to be used with metal! 😊
Cleaning: this is a non-porous material which makes cleaning a breeze, toy cleaner, soap, dishwasher, or boiling all work.

Wood – if made correctly these toys are beautifully smooth with a non-toxic resin coating to prevent splinters. The weight and look will depend on what kind of wood was used to create the toy. If made correctly these toys are super body safe and environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers use scrap wood which is great for conserving rainforests.
Lubes: wood is safe with all lubes, due to it’s smooth finish you only need a small amount.
Cleaning: best washed with just water to prolong life, be sure to check for any damage before and after each use.

Rubber – one of the cheapest materials, will be flexible with a very strong rubber smell and chemical taste. To ensure body safety it is strongly recommended to use a condom with rubber toys as they often contain phthalates which can be harmful to the skin. (They have produced body safe rubber recently but it is not widespread).
Lubes: best used with just water-based, however if using a condom with rubber silicone is okay to be used.
Cleaning: best washed with soap and water and stored away from other materials, just to avoid chemical reaction with other toys.


My personal favourite lube is the Wicked Hybrid as it’s super vagina friendly and can be used with most toy materials out there, it has the benefits of the longevity and silkiness of a silicone lube, but the easy cleanup of a water-based!

A Totally Wicked Lube That Is Full of Flavor!

Wicked lubricant line motto is:

“To enhance sexual experiences through engaging the senses, and too ultimately magnify excitement by allowing people to indulge in their sensuality.”

I can safely and happily say TICK! TICK! AND TICK! Wicked’s range of flavoured lubricants are so good they are to die for. Wicked lubricant is water based, it’s paraben-free, condom latex friendly, and importantly vegan friendly. Being a vegan product can make you feel extra good for buying it, especially if you really love animals. Wicked lubricant is proud to be a cruelty-free brand. They strongly disagree on testing any of their products on animals. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the product the flavoured lubricants do contain Glycerine and it is recommended that if you’re a repeat sufferer of Urinary Tract Infections or yeast infections that you avoid these products and those alike.

What do I love about Wicked‘s flavoured lubricants? Aside from what has already been established, the consistency of this lubricant is very thin, and its so smooth and silky to touch. This silky consistency is unlike any other flavoured lubricant I have ever tried. Most flavoured lubricants are typically sticky, gloopy and leave a horrible mess on the skin no matter what company they are from. When the lubricant is applied they sometimes lose their flavour and need to be consistently re-applied. I am happy to say, this is definitely not the case with wicked lubricant – Hallelujah!

Wicked Teasers Flavoured Lubricant
Sex Product: Wicked Teasers Flavoured Lubricant


Just like some other water based lubricants, I found the flavoured range by wicked replicate the bodies natural lubrication, and allow your body to still produce natural lubrication throughout use. This is so that when your having sexual intercourse your not feeling the lubricant but allowing your body to adjust. I personally found their flavours fantastic for oral sex. The flavours include vanilla bean, candy apply, mocha java, salted caramel and pomegranate.The flavoured lubricant is extremely thin which allowed for smoother sexual motions and they taste absolutely incredible which is a bonus! It felt more like I was picking my favourite flavoured cupcake than expecting a horrible taste in my mouth. Whilst I definitely enjoyed the flavours, I can appreciate that if you enjoy a more subtle flavour then wicked may not be for you. Whilst they are strong flavours, I’ve only found one of their flavours sickly sweet which is candy apple but you might enjoy that!

Flavored Lubes
Wicked Flavors

Flavours I have tried:

  • Candy Apple: Candy Apple as previously mentioned, it was quite sickly but still definitely isn’t awful tasting. If you’re not a sweet tooth I’d stay clear of this one because it will just make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Salted Caramel: Salted Caramel is amazing. In the least weird possible way it brings me back to my childhood when my mum used to make these delicious salted caramel lollipops from home. It is the perfect amount of sweetness, counteracted by the perfect amount of saltiness.
  • Mocha Java: Mocha Java is to die for. Literally. I’m the biggest coffee fan ever and this lubricant definitely takes my mind straight to the organic café in Thirroul who do the BEST mochas I’ve ever had. It is EASILY the most realistic tasting lubricant I’ve ever tasted. Part of me wants to dribble that stuff on my ice cream but I can most definitely appreciate it for the intended use.

I love this Wicked Lubricant range

due to the fact that Wicked have paid close attention to the anatomy of our bodies and upon researching have seen how much they actually warn people off of using if you’re prone to UTI’s and yeast infections. The Wicked’s care factor for the health of their customers, it is vegan friendly and does not test their products on animals shows a lot of value towards the company which bumps them up the love list for sure! They have a dedicated page to show people who should not use these products, but also explain that whilst it does contain glycerine, any glycerine used is derived from 100% plant based derivatives. This is most definitely my preferred choice of flavoured lubricants and I can’t speak highly enough of the experiences that I have had with the brand! Wicked Flavoured Lubricant is simply amazing.