101 Personal Lubricants – Which Lube Is Right For You!

When it comes to sex, sometimes we need a little help making things go smoothly.  Enter lubricants, also known as personal lubricants or colloquially, lube.

What Are Personal Lubricants?

Sex lubricant types are specialized lubricants that are used by human during their sexual activities to reduce the friction between body parts or between body parts and other objects.

These are used by the people to get the ultimate orgasmic enjoyments during sexual acts like intercourse and masturbatio.  And reducing the friction between the penis, vagina, anus and other body parts.  These are also used in various kinds of sex toy to ease in penetration by reducing the friction.

Personal Lubricants Can Help for Various Reasons

Lubricant can also make intercourse more comfortable for women with vaginal dryness.  This is a common problem that can stem from a variety of causes, including falling estrogen levels at menopause, emotional factors, or certain medications.

It also helps for women who do not naturally moisten when aroused.  Lubricant also makes it easier to practice safe sex making it more pleasurable to use condoms.  Condom’s are a must for protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

Types of Personal Lubricants Available

There are various types of sex lubricants available.  These can be used by the people to feel the most sensational orgasmic enjoyments during sexual activities.  Have a look on different Sex Lubricant Types.


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Oil-Based Personal Lubricants

These kinds of lubricants are also known as petroleum-based lubricants. Considered desirable for the people who want to be involved in sexual activities without using condoms and avoiding certain additives & preservatives found in other lubricants.

Oil based is the least used types of lube from anything from baby oil, coconut oil that is very popular, gun oil to petroleum jelly.  This is not recommended at all as it is destructive to condoms, damages sperm and has no QC (Quality Control) for use as a sexual lubricant.

I’d advise against using this as a lubricant completely as the damage isn’t worth the risk and would suggest either purchasing a silicone lubricant such as Pjur, Superslyde or a water based such as Wet Stuff or Wet.

The other thing with oil based is that there is more of a tenancy to get thrush or other infections.

Water-Based Personal Lubricants

These lubricants are most widely used sex lubricants.  In the past days, these lubricants were glycerin or cellulose ether solutions.  But nowadays, there may have different agents added for moisture detention, even dispersal and resistance to contamination.

By adjusting their water content and concentration of cellulose or other gel-forming hydrophilic ingredient, the viscosity of these lubricants can be altered.

Water-based lubricants may be incompatible with sex acts that occur in water like under the shower, in the bathtub or pool because they can be dispersed or dissolved in water.

It is latex friendly, body friendly but not completely anal friendly as it tends to dry up quick.  So, multiple applications are usually required depending on what sort of positions you are attempting.

The most known brand is Wet Stuff

It has countless different products all the way from Vitamin E to Caramel flavoured.  Even tingling lubricants for extra pleasure.

But the best water-based lubricant on the market in my opinion is Pjur.

It costs a few dollars more but it is also has a cap this is travel friendly.  Water based is great all around.  I’d only suggest it if you have an allergy to silicone or are just performing vaginal sex or for toy use.

Silicone-Based Personal Lubricants

These are usually made with fewer than four ingredients and do not contain water.  It provides different feelings than water-based lubricants.

Silicone-based lubricants have long-lasting duration than water-based lubes because these are not absorbed by skin or mucus membranes.  It’s also completely awesome to use in water, whether that be spas, pools, shower, bath and anywhere else involving water!

Will stay on your skin for a long time and once washed off will give you nice soft feeling skin that lasts for hours!

Silicone is fantastic for sex especially anal sex due to the fact that it does not absorb into the body like water based lubricant and lasts longer than traditional water based as well!

Other Uses as Well

Not only is it great for sex but can be used for things like prevention of Eczema, Dermatitis and Split ends of the hair.

For instance Superslyde is fantastic and my favorite lube by far due to the fact that it’s completely condom friendly.  Not all silicone lube is.  It is completely body friendly and so pure of a silicone that you can actually use it with Silicone toys.

Do not use other silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys as they can cause deterioration.

Fertility Personal Lubricants

These lubricants are also known as sperm-friendly and are specifically made to be safe for use by the couples who are trying to conceive.  They are pH-balanced and designed so that they could not affect the body’s electrolyte balance.

Also considered as safe for sperm as they have a specific osmolality range.  Fertility lubricants do not harm motility or viability of human sperm as these are non-spermicidal.

Special Personal Lubricants

As the name suggests, these lubricants are formulated for causing a sensation of warmth or cool.  So, these are sold together as “cold & hot”.  These also come with different flavors to enjoy the oral sex.  

personal lubricants for sex
Sexual Health Product: Pjur Woman Aqua


Many people get confused when they walk into a huge adult shop like Adultsmart in Sydney to find a labyrinth of Sex Lubricant Types in all colours, shapes and sizes.

Often customers will find themselves reaching for a lubricant which isn’t the best selection for their needs.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Personal Lubricants

Does my partner(s) have any allergies?

The first question may sound obvious but it’s very important to ensure that both yourself and/or partner/s don’t have any allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

A majority of the products on the Australian market are safe.  But everybody reacts differently to different lotions and it’s always important to check.  As a general rule, water based lubricants are more gentle on the skin than silicone based lubricants.

Will I be using the personal lubricants with a toy or for sex?

I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve had to communicate to my customers the importance of using a water-based lubricant with their sex-toys.

Some adult toys on the market can be used with silicone lube.  But most of the popular vibrators for women and male masturbators require water-based formulas.

If the lube is used for sex, will it be vaginal, anal or oral?

One of the main benefits of silicone lubes is that they don’t need to be reapplied as often as water-based lubricants.  This makes them perfect for anal sex.  Unlike vaginal sex where women’s bodies produce their own natural lubrication, anal sex often requires partners to reapply during intercourse.

SuperSlyde recently was voted the best of all lubricants in Australia at the 2013 Eros Shine Awards.   It is a silicone based lubricant that is great for anal sex, body massage, safe with sex toys, used to treat eczema.  And even been used by long distance athletes to stop chaffing and rash.

If oral, then what’s your flavour?

Another consideration when making your selection is oral sex.  People are often reluctant to buy flavoured lubricant because they feel it’s made exclusively for the tongue.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A flavoured oral lubricant is completely harmless when used for intercourse.  Many people are depriving themselves of an amazing experience due to this misinformation.  Although the majority of flavoured lubricants are water-based the choices are endless.

Strawberry, Banana, Watermelon, Grape, Peppermint and the list goes on/

Will it be used in the bath or shower?

Water-based lubricant actually washes off with water alone so it’s not suitable for shower sex or water play.  Silicone based lubricant is perfect for intimate moments in the shower or bath.  They’re formulated to stay on the skin until washed off with soap and water.

The amount of questions I’ve been asked about Sex Lubricant Types during my years as an adult shop worker in Australia probably outnumbers every other topic.

I hope you’ve found the answers you’ve been looking for.



personal lubricants for sex toys
sex toy 101

Sex Toy Materials vs Personal Lubricants/Lube

Going into buying sex toys can be scary enough if you’ve never gone into a sex shop.  It shouldn’t be, all workers at the best adult shops in Sydney are amazing, helpful, open minded,  They just want you to have good orgasms.

Then faced with all the choices of lubes it can be overwhelming.  Not knowing what’s safe with what is another hurdle.  So, here are the common materials and what they can be used with, with the added bonus of how they should be stored and cleaned!

Silicone Sex Toy

Smooth, no real smell or taste, some with a silky finish.  Medical grade silicone is body-safe and is 100% hypoallergenic with no latex or phthalate.


Safe with water-based, oil-based, and hybrid lubes.  Extremely high quality is safe with silicone lube, Colours triple density dongs are safe.


100% silicone can be boiled, others should be washed with a toy cleaner!

Glass Sex Toy

Most are made from the same glass as Pyrex.  They are heat resistant and shatterproof and are smooth and sturdy and perfect for temperature play.  Glass is incredibly skin safe but be sure to check for cracks and fractures before each used!

Lube – Glass is safe with all lubes.
Cleaning – Can be washed with toy cleaner and water, or even thrown in the dishwasher, or boiled.

Plastic Sex Toy

Most commonly made with ABS (the same material as LEGO), used for it’s cheap production value,  These toys may be blended with latex and are hard with no distinct smell or taste.

Generally a skin safe material but could be blended with phthalates and latex, which are common allergens and harmful to skin.

Lubes – safe to use with all lube types
Cleaning – can be cleaned with sex toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap and water, or through boiling.

PVC Sex Toys

Man made plastic, can be hard or more flexible.  It has an intense plastic smell and more often than not contains phthalates and latex so isn’t the most body-safe option in the world.


This material should be used with water-based lubes only, as oil and silicone can melt the material.


Rigid PVC is non-porous and very easy to clean.  Flexible PVC can be porous so may be harder to clean.  Store these toys away from other materials and preferably in their own casing to avoid chemical reactions and damage to toys.

TPE Sex Toys

The material used to create Real Feel, Cyberskin, Softskin, or Ultraskin.  Frequently used for male masturbators.  Realistically fleshlike, warms to the touch and incredibly flexible.

Due to it’s softness it isn’t a great option for vibrators as it can weaken vibrations.  Can tend to have a rubbery smell and taste.

TPE is non-toxic but is porous so it’s prone to bacterial growth, and can be mixed with product softeners which can be allergens. Lubes – use water-based only with this material.


As this is a porous material it can be hard to clean.  It is best to use just water and a toy cleaner.  This should be kept away from other toys in storage to be on the safe side.

Any discolouration can be a sign of growing mould in the pores of the material, so throw it away.  These toys should be replaced every 5 months.

Metal Sex Toys

Usually made from medical grade stainless steel.  They can occasionally be mixed with other metals (such as nickel WHICH SOME PEOPLE ARE ALLERGIC TO), so be sure to check this.

These toys are rigid and smooth but perfect for temperature play, higher densities are good for weighted and pressure play.

Lubes – all lubes are safe to be used with metal!


This is a non-porous material which makes cleaning a breeze, toy cleaner, soap, dishwasher, or boiling all work.

Wood Sex Toys

If  made correctly these toys are beautifully smooth with a non-toxic resin coating to prevent splinters.  The weight and look will depend on what kind of wood was used to create the toy.

If made correctly these toys are super body safe and environmentally friendly.  Some manufacturers use scrap wood which is great for conserving rainforests.

Lubes – wood is safe with all lubes.  Due to it’s smooth finish you only need a small amount.

Cleaning – best washed with just water to prolong life.  Be sure to check for any damage before and after each use.

Rubber Sex Toys

One of the cheapest materials.  It will be flexible with a very strong rubber smell and chemical taste.

To ensure body safety it is strongly recommended to use a condom with rubber toys as they often contain phthalates which can be harmful to the skin.  They have produced body safe rubber recently but it is not widespread.

Lubes – it is best used with just water-based.  But if using a condom with rubber silicone is okay to be used.

Cleaning – best washed with soap and water and stored away from other materials just to avoid chemical reaction with other toys.

My personal favourite lube

Wicked Hybrid as it’s super vagina friendly and can be used with most toy materials out there.  It has the benefits of the longevity and silkiness of a silicone lube, but the easy cleanup of a water-based!



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