7 Mouthgasming Ways To Use Food And Sex

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Food and sex. The correlation of eating and erotica. Yes, you read it! My two favorite things in the whole wide world, and today I felt ultra-compelled to write about all the luscious benefits one can receive when combining both food and sex, or at least connecting the two elements together.

Image: Banana licking

Now where do we start, because I love to speak upon one’s own experiences so much as you guys have probably already picked up by now.

I do admittedly have moments of total food erotica (Yes, that’s a thing believe it or not) where a tantalizing taste of something can send me to a total state of euphoria.

You know the feeling of complete utter satisfaction when you sink your teeth into a tasty morsel (Yes, I am still talking about food here guys) and the first trace of consumption makes its way down your throat leaving you feeling some type of way. That’s what I like to call food erotica.

A food orgasm is only second to a real orgasm. The connection between the two can be both ultra-sensual and sexually gratifying at the same time.

Image: Eating corn


Now before you ponder and visualize the millions of different ways you can experiment with sex and food let me run through some variables that may serve as a great appetizer.

Use decadent dessert sauces as a body paint

Seriously though who on earth doesn’t like dessert?

The concept itself is simple and delicious, although I do recommend placing something on your sheets as things will get messy (trust me). Try straddling your partner’s back while massaging the decadent sauces with your fingertips into them then effectively taking it off with your tongue afterwards. You can even use an empty bathtub and paint your partner to your heart’s content and other body part’s content. If this tickles your fancy, you can have a look at products like chocolate body paint and massage products for better sex.

Now personally to me, there is something very erotic about fruit

Call it odd but I just feel when I bite into a juicy ripe strawberry or piece of pineapple there is something to be said about the contrast between the naturally sweet flavor and aroma much like when I’m in the heat of passion with my significant other.

I actually prefer fruit as oppose to the latter when it comes to sweets. Regular consumption of fruits such as mentioned helps to keep your flower tasting nice and fresh. It also adds to the desire in my opinion.

You can feed each other all the tropical flavors under the sun then devour each other straight after to see just how valid that theory is (Your welcome).

Indulge in Nyotaimori which is often referred to as “body sushi”

Now, I’m pretty partial to sushi, It has also been said that it is a food of love. It can in fact increase your libido, something that I’m completely elated with after having a four-year love affair with this particular food. Now there are many ways to enjoy sushi, however there is no other way that can surpass nibbling it off your significant other’s naked body.

Image: Body sushi


It has been said that certain foods serve as a major aphrodisiac in the art of lovemaking.

Here is a list of some of the most erotic edibles to help give you that extra bedroom boom.


Probably number one as being one of the most documented and well-known dishes to make you feel a tingle on your taste buds and your panties. Oysters are traditionally considered the romantic sea coral and contain massive amounts of zinc (a known libido booster).


One of my favorite vegetables though some still call it a fruit. The avocado believe it or not was used many years ago as a means of courting your lover. Perhaps it’s the scrumptious texture or the fact that it resembles curves, but to me there is something erotic about the avocado. I’m also an avid eater of all thinga. So to have its appeal confirmed makes me rather overjoyed.


Yes, you read it right. Asparagus. That vegetable that as a child you just loved to hate. I recall many a night my mother telling me ”No leaving the table until your food is done Channelle”. Meanwhile I stare in horror at the strands of asparagus sitting on my plate taunting me.

Fast forward to present day as a fully-fledged adult (Well, most of the time). I can say with full conviction that asparagus is more of a friend than a foe, and after reading of its bedroom benefits you may just welcome it too.

Once digested asparagus serves as an extremely powerful and fast stimulant to the urinary tract. It has in fact been compared to having the exact same effects as the Spanish fly (A beetle infamous for its massive impact on libido and toxins).

So essentially you’re getting the same perks via this vegetable minus the side effects.

Maca powder

You may or may not have heard of this wonder root vegetable (no pun intended).

Farmed in Peruvia, Maca it serves as a massively potent libido enhancer and is now manufactured and sold over the internet and stores worldwide in several different forms.

Image: Banana deep throat


You’re at home in your most luscious lingerie preferably Coco De Mer because we love Coco and your heels that match (It’s a Virgo thing we like to co-ordinate). You yes YOU being the goddess you are.

Your man or even your lady, has been away working hard all day, and when he walks through that door he is greeted by not only the sight of your tantalizing silhouette but also the lingering aroma of the feast your fine self is making him/her. Yes I’m talking about cooking in the nude, okay partial nude keep in mind oil is a bitch when it comes in contact with skin. But what hot blooded man or women wouldn’t love coming home to that. Seriously!

The kitchen is one of the most perfect appropriate inappropriate places to get it on and no counter or table top should be spared.

Image: Banana sucking

Now I know this is common knowledge and also a common practice when courting a sexual partner, wining and dining has been a favorite ritual for centuries.

While the whole concept might sound mundane to the kinks of the world, there are multiple ways one can spice it up.

Yes, I know you’re thinking going out to dinner is not food erotica related. But trust me when I say there are so many ways to spice up ones meal.

Whether it be opting for no panties and letting your partners fingertips strategically brush against your goods underneath the dinner table or wearing something like a We-Vibe Sync and having said partner get you off via phone or remote while you both devour a delicious cuisine. All of this revolves around food and all of this equals pleasure. Use food and couple’s sex toys for a sexual awakening.

As far as cuisine goes there are many cultures that associate love and food. For example pretty much every European region i.e. Greece, Italy, etc. All places where there women pride themselves on making food with love and feeding their men.

Now not every women in this world can cook though nor do they all have the desire to, but this is a skill that can be pretty sensual when both parties get involved so making it a team effort can work just as well for getting the mood going and I highly recommend making your own DIY home erotic cooking classes. After all they do say the way to a man’s heart is through his…… stomach silly. 😉 If food and sex get you in the mood why not have a look at wet and messy sploshing too!

Channelle xo

Author: Channelle is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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