Discover Your Sexual Curve With Nu Sensuelle!

Sensual Curves

Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important basic necessities in life. I’ve dated different men from several regions for so many years trying to quench my sexual thirst but all was in vain. It reached a time I gave up dating men because it was clear that they were not reliable to satisfy my sexual desires. Appreciation goes to my bosom friend who introduced me to the miraculous Sensuelle Curve 20 vibrator by Novel Creations. The vibrator is excellent and can quench sexual thirst fully.  Today I don’t have to go around looking for men instead I just keep my curve vibrator with me and when I feel like having a vibrant stimulation I just use it.

I choose this curve vibrator

from novel creation for many reasons, first was to satisfy my sexual desire and secondly because of its unique features, this product is really made of quality material that makes it look like a real cock, in fact what it does to me is more than what a real cock can do to me.   have never enjoy clitoris stimulation more than I do with this amazing new vibrator thus why I wish I had been introduced to it early enough but again it is never to late because the more I use it the more I get younger and younger thus making me active for long.  It has really made me realize that sex is not all about penis and sex toys like this that can really vibrate, stimulating our G-spot as well as clitoris and compare to anything else that can penetrate me.   I must admit that Senseulle Curve 20 is the perfect choice with ultimate stimulation.


Sensuelle Curve GSpot Bullet
Sex Toy: Novel Creations Sensuelle Curve


What is so cool about this Sensuelle Vibrator is it is strong and powerful intense motor which normally allows me to increase or reduce the speed of vibration to any level I want,for me when stimulating myself I like it slow when starting but as I get more wet and wet I just increase the vibration and make it harder and faster to touch my all G-spot areas as well the clitoris.  I like how it is easy to control,it is actually a friendly product unlike others that have one mode of vibration. This 20 function vibrator operates silently but usually makes me mourn like I have never had sex before.  Sometimes I want to talk to it so that I can let it know how I feel stimulated with it but let me just say a big thank you to the company that made it.  My sex life has changed all thanks to your wonderful product that really stimulates me and never lets me down.

Before I got this magic vibrator I first tried out one which was using batteries and to tell you the truth.  I never liked it even for a day because there were times that it could fail me when I needed it so badly.  I used to run out batteries all the time and replacing them was so tiresome but since I started using this Sensuelle Vibrator it has never failed me.  Unlike other vibrators, this one is rechargeable and maintains power for a long time.  I normally recharge it once a week days depending how often my desire for sexual stimulation. Sometimes, I can use it for long sessions of a night so I end up recharging more than most people.  I never spend any money or time in buying batteries, so I now always choose a rechargeable vibrator.  It’s so easy to recharge it by plugging it into the power socket next to my bed just to enjoy its amazing pleasurable services.

The Nu Sensuelle Curve vibrators durability is amazing

and there is no day I cannot enjoy using it.  I just make it vibrate any time I need stimulation and have been using mine for many months but if you checked it out you will think I bought it just the other day.  It is not that I don’t use it heaps – I do – but its quality makes it last.  The price is pocket friendly so it is a win on all fronts.

I strongly recommend it for any woman who needs G-spot and clitoris stimulation.


Hot NU Sensuelle Remote Control Off The Charts & Rising Like A Bullet!

Sensuelle Bullet NU

I undertook this review with a bit of resilience as my experiences with Novel Creations sex toys in the past have not been that fantastic. Not in any shape or form because of their power, shape or feel but because of their longevity. My experiences in the past is that I actually loved them – with such a variety of speeds and it probably packs the biggest punch of any vibrators on the market especially when considering their size. However the first three that I got lasted little over a month before they packed up and died. Having done a quick search on AOL, i found numerous articles stating similar issues as to the ones i had developed.

In all honesty thought there was not an issue with getting a replacement but three times out of four was not a good success rate and I gave up on these toys a couple of years ago. However, I was contacted by adult smart recently to tell me that there was an improved version of these toys and that the manufacturers had sourced a vibrating motor from a more reputable manufacturer and so there should be very rare issues with the toys.

So the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet arrived in a white colored cardboard container that has a small clear plastic film that allows you to see the size shape and style of toy contained within. Information about the product is also written on the box but presented tastefully. However if you are giving it as a gift to someone you will need to ensure discretion as it is quite obvious that there is a sex toy in the box.

Sensuelle Bullet
Sex Toy: Novel Creations NU Sensuelle Remote Control Bullet


After taking the toy out you will find that there is an instruction manual underneath the plastic tray and also a pouch to house your toy in when not in use. There is also a usb adapter and wall plug socket. Sunsuealle Point 20 Bullet comes in three colors pink, black and purple and I received the purple one.

As soon as I saw the bullet it reminds me of the we-vibe salsa and like the we-vibe is fully rechargeable. I plugged in the Bullet to charge and read the instructions and the box. The instructions are pretty basic but one thing that stood out on the box were the words ‘Don’t settle for anything less powerful’. I was hoping that the same power would be in this new version as that is the reason I fell in love with the Sensuelle Bullet in the first place.

The Sensuelle is made of a soft silicone material that feels fantastic. The manufacturer says that it is twice dipped in silicone – I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing but the feel of the toy was exquisite. After the mandatory two hour charge I get ready to test this baby out. I pressed the power butting and breathed a sigh of relief as the powerful vibration started up. It had not lost any of its power. The vibrations are not like the deep throbby ones of Lelo or Fun Factory but rather a higher pitched but quicker one. It is not a quiet vibration so you cannot discretely use this with others around.

I then went up the 20 functions – yes you read that right -20 functions and to be honest here – I LOVE strong vibrators but the strongest vibration speed is just too much for me. For those that struggle to orgasm or suffer from anorgasmia, then  As it is a higher pitched/faster vibration it just becomes too much for me to handle and I think would be for most people – but that is a good thing.

The previous Novel Creation sex toys I had owned also had a tendency to get really hot to hold. I figure that is because of how quick/fast the intensity is that it creates more friction to the vibrator. Maybe that is the reason for the 2nd coating of silicone but this bullet did not become too hot to handle. This I would suggest is the strongest bullet on the market and certainly shows that good things can come in small packages.

I waited two months before writing this review and am happy to announce that I have had no issues with the improved sex toy bullet so trust that the manufacturer vibration issues have been resolved. Bearing in mind that if this is true then I would highly recommend this sex toy that will literally blow you away.


By Jessica From Tumby Umby