Tips to Save Money on Buying Sex Toys

 How to Save Money Buying Sex Toys

Sex Toys to Pump Your Sex life

Using sex toys is not new, and manufacturers have come a long way to ensure that they are safe and easy to use for everyone. Sex toys increase sexual satisfaction, improve the quality of masturbation and orgasms. They are great for sexual exploration; they teach you new ways of experiencing pleasure. However, you don’t have to spend a lot on sex toys to experience these good things.

How Can You Save Money on Sex Toys? 

A sex toy can transform your sex life, but sometimes you might find it expensive to purchase the devices you want. However, you don’t have to give up or spend so much; here is how you can save money and still get your favorite sex toy.

Look for Discounts

A 20% or 5% discount can help you save money when buying a device to pump sex. You might find a few outdated discount codes, but some will work. Although it might seem as if you only save a few bucks, a dollar here and there makes a difference. You don’t have to use all your small payday loans on these devices. Look for discount codes the next time you purchase adult toys.

Avoid Impulse Buying

You might be tempted to buy everything that looks appealing to you, especially when you want to know how to pump up your sex drive. It is necessary to have a budget, stick to it; know what you want, and get it based on your financial ability. Don’t rush, especially when you don’t know what to buy. Wait a few days or weeks and decide what you need.

Buy During a Sale

How do you increase your sex drive while on a budget? You don’t have to buy a device right away. You should be patient and wait for a sale. It helps you to save money because you don’t have to pay the full price. You can also buy more devices at an affordable price. This is the right time to buy a gift for your partner. It will bring a smile to his face, and he doesn’t have to know its cost. The sales period allows you to choose between varieties of items that are not available all year round.

Don’t Focus on Size

Bigger doesn’t mean better, even if you’re looking for how to increase your sex drive. Although a large dildo might tempt you, it does not mean that it’s suitable for you. The bigger-sized toys might not always please you, but they can hurt you. The smaller ones are suitable for beginners and are usually affordable. You can talk to store consultants and get the best-performing toy at an affordable price.

Buy During Holidays

Holidays are the ideal times to learn how to raise your sex drive. They are also the best times to buy stuff. Waiting to purchase during particular holidays can help save money. For instance, during holidays, most sellers offer lower prices. Also, if you’re into pump toys, you need to ask what does it mean to pump during sex? This will help you choose the right toys.


Buying a sex toy can be exciting, but you need to save money when you are on a tight budget. You don’t have to compromise on quality, you only need patience and wisdom.

How do you save money when purchasing sex toys? Please share with us.


Odeco Echo Review & Discount Offer!

Once more the House of Odeco surprises us with a vibrator that is both elegant and easy to use especially with its handy hole at the base.   Coming in an orange and black package with clear clam-shell in between so that the sex toy can be viewed whilst it is still boxed.

So let me tell you a little more about this marvelous adult toy.  The Echo is simple to use with one control button on the base.  It is powered by 2AAA batteries and to turn it on simply keep the button pressed down for 2-3 seconds and it will begin to vibrate.  Simplicity is choice as far as I am concerned and rather than fiddling with 2 or 3 buttons that will certainly interrupt mood and enjoyment by simply pressing down quickly on the button you can scroll through 3 Pulsation modes with 4 intensity choices.

Odeco SexToy Sale
Echo Odeco


The control button and a line at the base of the toy light up so even in the dark you will easily find your friend and know how to control him.  The Echo is made up of 100% phthalates free medical silicone that is body safe ABS and complies with CE, RoHS and FCC certifications.  The shaft has five gentle ribs on it for extra amazing sensations whilst using as you gently pop through each ripple.

Echo is touted as being ‘splash proof’ by the manufacturer so I think it would be reasonable to say that it cannot be used in the bath, spa, pool or shower.  The O handle at the base is position for optimum control whilst using with the whisper quiet motor ensuring that the romantic mood remains throughout.

Echo is 178cm long x 55/34mm and weight a light 132grams and the finish is a non-porous matte silicone with a shiny plastic like handle.  With fresh batteries the toy should give 2+ hours of continuous use.  A novel little feature is that with each unique pulsation, the long light strip around the ring will flash in time with the vibrations. The base also acts as a great handle for extra thrust during use or to hang the toy when in storage. Smooth to the touch, the water resistant silicone body of this vibrator is seamless, much like the orgasms it will produce!

Enjoy amazing ribbed stimulation! Imagine the feeling of soft and sensual silicone as you pop in each gorgeous ripple. With seven thrilling stimulation functions you’ll love the sensations that this vibe brings.   The Echo is available in a variety of colors Black, Green, Pink and purples as well as color combos of Black and White and Dark Wine and Black.

Massive Sex Toy Sale
Discounted Echo Vibrator

The Odeco company has been manufacturing adult products for just over 8 years now and specialize in high end toys at a middle of the road price.  The recommended retail price for this personal massager is AUD$49.99 however most online sellers discount it to AUD$35.  If you are interested in owning this exquisite pleasure object adultsmart is having a half price discount sale and it is being offered for entire month of June at a very reasonable AUD$17.50 with cheap worldwide shipping.

Presently this luxury toy is being offered for the price of a cheap sex toy and it is only whilst stocks last.  The pricing is below cost,  Click on the adult smart buy Icon to be taken to the store!

Read some of the customer reviews –

‘The Echo isn’t would be a good choice for all levels of user because of its nonthreatening shape and size coupled with its simple vibratory options.’

‘The Odeco Echo has everything you could want from a compact vibrator.  It will please both newbies and seasoned sex toy users alike because in spite of its small size the capabilities are tremendous.’




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