Touch Starved

The pandemic has created a very strange time for many of us and has changed the way that we interact with people to great lengths. Not only that, but many of us now lead much more reserved life’s and are experiencing

Skin Hunger.


Yep, it’s a thing.


Skin hunger, or touch starvation comes from the deprivation of physical contact. With the pandemic and the regulations it’s any wonder that many of the world’s population is currently suffering through this.


So what is it?


Skin hunger is not just intimate touch. It’s any touch. Any physical touch. Shaking hands, a pat on the back, a hug, a kiss on the cheek. Hell, being squished in Sydney trains during peak hour. It all contributes. All of these contribute to the production of oxytocin which is the superfighting hormone Oxytocin which if you really want to simplify it, is the arch nemesis to Cortisol, which in large quantities is the stress hormone.


You’re probably thinking right about now, that your cortisol levels have probably increased this last year. You would probably be right. Not only that, but the lack of touch has also been shown to contribute to the rise in cortisol. In past studies in offices, research found that after shaking hands, staff felt happier or more at peace than those who routinely did not engage in shaking hands.


Many people interpret Skin hunger as wanting sex, but thi might not be the case, it might just be the need for physical contact. Any physical contact. As Humans we are hardwired to seek touch. In fact our bodies, our senses are primarily made up of “touch” with our skin being our largest organ, making up a large portion of our senses.


So yes, while we are stuck at home, or not able to go around touching as many people as we did before, how do we combat our need for physical touch and closeness? I get it, it’s hard, and nothing is going to beat the real thing. I understand. I am not suggesting that we say screw the system and go around touching. That would be ludicrous.


Instead, what I have is several self touch techniques that are here to help promote your oxytocin levels, that will stimulate your physical touch reserves and help with Touch Hunger. It is important to note that with these, it is very very very important to couple this with keeping in touch with friends and family, phone calls, texts, skype, video call to keep social. We need to feed our social beasties as well for this to work long term.


You would be surprised how often we neglect our own bodies and forget to enjoy ourselves and be mindful of the way that we touch, feel and stimulate our own senses.


Some simple ways to promote self touch:


Run a warm bath – Add bath salts or oil.

Wrap yourself in heavy blankets or pillows. The pressure of these will stimulate the receptors that will trigger the oxytocin as a by-product of the vagus nerve.


Massage Techniques for Self touch

Using a rubber ball, place the ball beneath the arch of your foot either sitting or standing. Applying pressure (how hard is up to you) roll the ball up and down your foot and breathe deeply, activating the vagus nerve.


Face One hand (B) palm up. Using the other hand (A), clasp around the forearm of your other arm (B)  and squeeze ever so gently. Now turn Arm B so that your palm faces the sky then the ground. Repeat for 5. You should feel a warm tightening sensation in your muscles. Try moving your Hand (A) further up or down your forearm of (B). Switch arms and repeat.


Placing one arm bent behind in a fist in the centre of your back, pull your elbow back to feel a stretch across your chest, shoulder and upper arm. Close your eyes and breathe. Using your other hand, rub up and down the bent arm, continue to rub, moving further and further along your shoulder and chest. Repeat this exercise on the other side.


Sitting down, take both your hands and start near your ears and temples, place your thumbs under the lobes of your ears and your fingers from the top of your ears along your temple. Move your hands back and forth across your scalp with varied pressure.


Use oils and creams to lubricate your skin as you run your fingers along your body in long slow movements. This will activate your nervous system and help your body to connect. Not feeling it? That’s perfectly normal, as weird as it may seem. Closing your eyes, taking away your sight (one of your other senses) will help you to connect with your body and stimulate that oxytocin that your body needs. Don’t believe me? Try it. Even if it is just a little, simply rubbing your hand feels different when you close your eyes.



Masturbating is a wonderful way to get closer to yourself, not to fill a hole, but rather to get in touch with yourself and your desires. Being mindful of masturbation can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Try a new position you have never tried before. Use a toy you haven’t thought to use. Use edging and denial, bring yourself close to climax and stop. Tease yourself and see how many times you can make it to the edge. Can you make it to ten? Try warming or cooling lubricant or arousal oils. And who said libido enhancers have to be used only with company?


BDSM – Solo

BDSM doesn’t need to be something that is sacrificed during a pandemic. It just means that we need to get creative. We have touched on denying yourself orgasms. Wear a cock cage, enjoy that feeling of chastity, your hands exploring your body over the device. This feeling will also increase your oxytocin levels which will help your feeling of Touch Starvation.


Have you tried wax play? Now might be the time. It’s a wonderful sensation play perfect for solo adventurers. Start with massage candles and their low low burning temperatures before moving onto the sweet thick trails of the warm then hot wax.


Nipple clamps, clamps, cupping and suction have always had the ability to be lovingly used solo and leave loving little marks


Vampire mits and paddles can also administer perfect little kisses for your attention.


Impact play can be self-inflicted at varying degrees as well for the solo masochist. It is not the same, I am aware, it is not supposed to be the same, and we are not condoning nor suggesting this as an exercise as self harm, but merely as another form of self touch. Think of it as a slightly more extreme massage such as a gentle whack with a paddle to the thigh.


Bondage is a little harder solo. Cuffing yourself can be a little dangerous so we do not condone it safely. Rope play can be stimulating for the sense however, tying hip harnesses or futomomos provided that you have safety shears close at hand. These ties will give you the pressure as well as the delight and sensory feel that may appease in symptoms of Touch Starvation. There are some wonderful online tutorials for simple self-ties to try like through Rory’s Brainworks or Studio Kink’s online courses.


Craving touch and closeness is not something new, nor is it something that we should be ashamed of. It is indeed a very human trait. That want for sex you may be craving may in fact be personal closeness and it is important to recognise this during this strange time where it may be harder to go out and meet new people.

Visit our Stores in Ohzone Caringbah, Ohzone Penrith and Adultsmart Kogarah for other tips and toys to add to your self pleasure routine to better know your body and kickstart your system’s touch reserves.


As always, At your Service,


Oh Zone Sales Consultant, Educator and Touch aware.

Vampire Bites: Love At First Sight

It was a love at first sight sort of thing. Years ago. In the back corner of an adult store in Newtown amongst the leather and the fetish gear there were these leather gloves that called me. My heart leapt into my throat when I touched them, and realised the little barbs that dotted the surface of the palm and fingers. My hair stood on the back of my neck and momentarily I forgot to breathe.


Back then, impact play was not an intentional bloodletting sport but rather a happy happenstance when a well timed strike with a dragons tail cut flesh or a cane ran a little deep. But somehow These gloves called to me. Vampire gloves they were called.


I was so afraid though, so I left them. But that was then. This is now.


Fast forward to when I was staring with anticipation at the newly arrived Vampire Mittens by Pain, the serrated teeth puckering amidst the leather as I ran my hands over them. The only problem was –

I didn’t want mittens.


It was a coincidence, fate even that I stumbled upon the matching Paddle in our other store. Slick and glorious leather, stiff and reinforced measuring a total of 43cm in length and 14cm across, I held my breath and inspected the barbs.


Tiny rings of metal teeth lined one side of the elegant leather. 48 rings in total. I could practically hear my heart beating in my ears as I swooped in to purchase it. Home time could not come fast enough.


I gleefully gave it to my Sir, presenting it like a regal sword. He studied it, tested the little flex the large surface area had, as well as the heft of the handle before running his hand across the teeth. He looked at me. “This is going to destroy you.”


I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement, a warning or what but I could only smile.


“A test then” he declared.


The first strike came with such restraint I barely felt the teeth at all. Though the contact of the size of the paddle itself was incredible. Utilising numbers out of 10, we tested the paddle, increasing each impact from what started as a 2 up to a 6.


The 6 bit into skin, tiny pinpricks whisking into tender flesh as gleefully anticipated. I checked the marks, tiny little circles already dotting my skin where the blood flow had been stimulated. Nothing had broken the skin still smooth but the distribution of the teeth and the placement of the blows and steady impact had vitalized the flow of blood beneath the skin, raising it to the surface where the teeth had, at these gentle thwacks, pressed into flesh.


Turning the paddle over, We navigated the feel of the wide surface unencumbered by teeth. Not holding back anywhere near as much. Sometimes larger surfaces have a tendency of distributing too much of the impact and therefore shirking most of the painful pleasure sensation that is craved.


Not the Vampire Paddle.


Air whooshed out of me almost immediately. The first hit a solid 7 the second a teetering 8 out of 10.


The tiny spheres of pin pricks, my very own vampire bites continued to develop over the next thirty minutes. Deeping in colour and tenderness. As did my smile. Worry not dear reader, a paddle such as this is not anywhere near as scary as you might think. The teeth of the Vampire caress the skin like little love bites, and if you so choose it, is a delicate scratch and kiss whispered up and down the skin. Though this would be better suited to the mittens or the crop. The teeth tease sounds and elicits reactions like none other. The increase in blood flow to precise focal points stimulates and releases endorphins and adrenaline which build on top of arousal. Then if you choose it, the intricate mixture of pain and pleasure with each bite of the Vampire is enough for you to wear the marks with pride for a time afterwards.



With impact toys such as these, with teeth and use of bloodletting it is important that they are bonded to that person and that person alone. Blood play is more sacred than fluid bonding. Toys that are blood bound can only belong to that person for safety and hygiene. A good hygiene practice with blood toys is to also sterilise the equipment using alcohol spray or medical grade sanitiser such as Viraclean.



Because Leather is a porous substance, it is important not to saturate the leather with disinfectant chemicals or you risk damaging the leather goods. Instead, if there has been bloodletting, using a clean microfibre cloth soaked in the medical grade cleaner and tweezers, dab the spikes and air dry. Alternatively use a soft toothbrush dipped in the cleaner to gently wash the teeth.


The leather may need conditioning over time. Simply use a leather conditioner on the reverse side as per normal. On the teeth side, proceed with caution, using a non toxic leather conditioner either as a spray or with a soft toothbrush.



Vampire accessories do not really need any special storage with the exception of placing them independently so that they don’t rub, nick, scratch or degrade other toys. It may also serve you to store them in a space that is well labelled or seen so that no one accidentally puts their hand in a box, or bag, or drawer (whichever means you are storing your implements) and get an unsuspecting bite from a Vampire. Mine will be hung with pride in my wardrobe.



As we are potentially playing with blood and may be breaking skin, a different level of aftercare must be observed. Simple first aid must be strictly adhered to. Never push a bottom/submissive past a point that they or their body cannot handle. Reassure the bottom that they have done well and reward them with care, whether it is cuddles, pats, blankets or affection. Treat the wounds. Clean up any exposed cuts and disinfect. Most of the time the wounds will be surface level and will not continue to bleed or require further pressure or bandaging. In this instance as long as the skin is clean it is safe to leave uncovered to heal, especially if in privacy. If at a party it is advised that wounds should be covered to protect the bottom as well as others at the party from cross bodily contact. Carrying ElastoPlast Spray Plaster (better known as a bandage in a can) is a good tool to have on hand for covering large areas of numerous tiny wounds on parts of the body such as bottoms after using Vampire implements.


Now all that’s left is to try out the Crop! 😈


At your Service,


OhZone Sales Assistant, Educator and Vampire Bitten.

Impress and Satisfy Your Partner with These Oral Sex Techniques

When it comes to intercourse, oral sex is quite important and essential. It creates the perfect mood for exciting and enjoyable sex. Each person is stimulated differently and the same technique may not work on different women or men. However, when it comes to oral sex the fun is in exploring the possibilities. Some methods can open a whole new level of satisfaction for your partner and make them want to grab you and just make you moan their name.

No matter what type of relationship you are into, how good you are at giving head speaks volumes. If you want to create a good impression on the other person, it is always advisable to learn some mind-blowing techniques.

Techniques to Satisfy Your Girl


Let’s start with men as understanding female oral sex is a little more complicated. The different parts like the vulva, labia, and clitoris may confuse you but do not worry, we have got you covered.

The build-up

When it comes to oral sex for women, you can get her wet even without touching her down there. The key is patience, women like to take it nice and slow. Start with her neck as it is one of the most sensitive areas on a woman’s body. Kiss her in the neck gently and softly nibble her neck and ears.

While your mouth is busy kissing her neck passionately, use your hand to cup her breasts and stimulate her nipples. This step is crucial when it comes to any type of sexual activity. Breasts are probably the second most sensitive area on a woman’s body after her clitoris. You can either massage her tits gently or just brush her nipples with your fingers.

Next, you will want to reach down there with your fingers. Keep her panties in and brush her vagina with your fingers. By now, you will be able to feel her wet over her panties. Slide the cloth to one side so that you can touch her and move your fingers softly towards her clitoris. You may still want to continue with the kisses as oral stimulation is necessary.

When you finally take off her panties, don’t try to finger her immediately. Rub her clitoris with your thumb and you can even stroke it gently with your fingers. When you feel her moaning or breathing heavily it is time to enter her. Slowing starts with one finger and depending on how she reacts to it you may move on to inserting fingers.

The Oral Sex

It is important to understand that for women, orgasm can be achieved in two ways. The first is through the clitoris and the second is through the G-spot. Most women enjoy clitoral orgasm more than the G-spot orgasm. During oral sex, the former is easier to achieve, and lucky for you it’s more pleasurable for your girl.

A common notion about men is that they do not know where the clitoris is, this has been proven to be true in several cases. The clitoris is the small protruding portion over the vagina.

1). Using the tongue and the clitoris:

This technique is the easiest but is quite effective. This mainly includes stroking the clitoris gently with your tongue. Start slowly as you will need to build up the speed gradually. The main thing about this technique is to locate the clitoris accurately. Once you are sure about that, proceed to wet your tongue with your saliva and start licking her. You can also gently kiss her clitoris and suck it.


2). Tongue and vagina:

The best part about female oral sex is that there is a lot of space for experimentation and exploration. The tongue can do a lot for women and using it tactfully is the best thing you can do for her. Extend your tongue and enter her vagina and watch her go crazy.

Use your fingers to gently rub the clitoris while you use your tongue to enter her vagina and go in and out. This movement is capable of creating a powerful orgasm and a magical experience for your girl.


3). Tongue and finger:

The tongue and finger combination create the best orgasm for women if used properly. Start with licking her clitoris gently with your tongue, make sure you start slow and nice. While your mouth is busy with that, use your finger to enter her vagina. Don’t forget the dirty talk and choking.

However, make sure you know that your girl enjoys it. You can also use the finger and tongue interchangeably. The in and out motion of the finger inside her creates a stimulation for the G-spot while the tongue stimulates the clitoris. Build up the speed gradually to give her the most incredible orgasm.


4). Tongue and nose:

Very few people remember to include the nose while giving a girl head. Yes, you heard it right, the nose can be quite a useful portion if used properly. While you are using your tongue to fuck her vagina, use your nose to rub the clitoris.

The best way to do this is to drag the nose from the bottom of her vagina to the top. Do this and watch your girl go crazy over you. Since this move is done by very few, it becomes quite an impressive thing, and it tells your girl that you are enjoying yourself as much as she is.


5). Don’t forget her mouth:

When it comes to women, the overall experience counts. For a great experience, try to include more of her senses while you are down there eating her out. The mouth can create quite a stimulation in the exciting process. Just do this simple move to drive your girl crazy.

After you have fingered her or before, make her suck your fingers and get them wet. This shows your girl who is in charge. If she likes to be the submissive female, then use this opportunity to fulfil her sexual desires. Choke her gently, this creates a sensation of pleasure as well as kissing her occasionally while you are giving her head.


Techniques to Satisfy Your Man


For men, it’s less about the foreplay and more about the hand job and blowjob. However, the most important part is to remember to not use your teeth. Women! Do not use your teeth while sucking his cock. This is not only painful for him but is extremely embarrassing for you. It instantly gives away that you have zero experience and failing to satisfy his needs may cause him to drift away from you.

It is not difficult to make your man cum as long as you use the correct techniques. Unlike women, oral sex for men is comparatively easier and the orgasm is also quick. Therefore, you will not have to work too much to make him fall head over heels for you.

What men want:

Now, my ladies! Remember that men like to feel in charge while you are giving head. The best way to start with the blow job is to sit on your knees while he stands. However, it is essential to remember your boundaries. If it is your first time, you will most likely gag very often and may even throw up. So, talk to him beforehand about it and ask him to be gentle with you. Once you get that hang of it, there is no stopping him from moaning and screaming your name. Here are some quick and easy step-by-step instructions to understand the science of blowjobs.

1). Wet it out:

The first step is to make sure that you wet his penis, skilling this step will make the whole process extremely painful for your guy. The foreskin does create a lot of friction if it is dry. Usually, the penis itself secretes precum which is enough to make him wet. However, the easiest way to achieve that perfect lubricated effect is to use your spit.

Yes! While you are still giving him a hand job and have not yet started sucking his dick, use your spit to wet him. You can take some on your palm or directly spit on his cock. While you are giving him that hand job, it is incredibly sexy to maintain eye contact. Do not forget to kiss him and make it a personal affair for the both of you.


2). Open wide:

No, we are not talking about your legs, not yet. This has to do with your mouth, open your mouth wide and use your lips to suck his dick. Create a kind of vacuum within your mouth that mimics a vagina and gives him immense pleasure.

As mentioned earlier make sure you avoid your teeth. You can also occasionally use your hand along with your mouth while giving him head. If you feel your mouth and jaws getting tired from all that hard work, you can quickly switch to a hand job for a couple of minutes.


3). Use the tip wisely:

The tip of the penis is probably the most sensitive area of his dick, so if you want to show him some good time, pay special attention to this pink area on his cock. Use your hands to stroke his dick gently and wise your tongue to lick the tip of the penis.

Another good way to include that portion into the process is to use your mouth to suck only the tip. You can also kiss it as you normally would. While you are on your knees during this whole process, do not forget to look up at night from time to time. This will make him go wild.


4). Don’t forget the balls:

When it comes to oral sex for men, many girls forget the balls. This is quite an important portion that needs to be stimulated along with the dick. The process to do that is quite similar. You can start by licking his balls while you are still giving him a hand job.

Then slowly move on to sucking on his balls, one at a time. Switch between the balls and the dick to make him go crazy. You can also tease him and use your hands to play with his calls before starting the blowjob.


5). Be a good girl:

During oral sex as well as sex in total, men like to play the boss and expect the dominant one. So let him be the man and try to understand what he wants from you. A very common move is holding the hair or your ponytail.

When you are down on your knees giving his head, it is natural for several men to hold the head of the girl to control the motion. Occasionally they like to thrust their duck inside you, mad love to hear the girl choke and gag on the dick.


Be careful

In some rare cases, oral sex may also lead to some sexually transmitted diseases, therefore stay safe when you are engaging in the act of oral sex with your partner. The above techniques are commonly used by several people and have been deemed efficient by many. Be it your girl or your man, do not forget to communicate with them during the whole process, because understanding each other is essential.

There may be some boundaries for your partner, understand what they want and what they do not before you try out anything new. Make sure they feel safe and consent is extremely important. Respecting your partner’s boundaries is sexier than anything else. It is also a well-known fact that you will get better with time, so do not be too rough on yourself. Make sure you stay in practice!

Getting to Know Your Body Again After the End of a Relationship

Most women have been there, haven’t they? A long-term relationship has, for whatever reason, crashed and burned, and you feel pretty much at your lowest ebb emotionally and lacking in self-esteem. Maybe the last few months of your relationship saw lots of conflict alongside a dip in the quantity and quality of sex, your partner cheated on you with someone else, or you found the courage to leave a mentally or physically abusive relationship – whatever happened, you’re nursing a bruised and broken heart, feeling quite lost.


Once you get over the initial heartache, though, you’ll realize that this is the perfect time for you and your body to get reacquainted with one another in a slow and sensual fashion. In all likelihood, you spent a large proportion of your relationship trying to please your partner sexually and, if this is the case, neglected your own needs and desires in the process. Or, alternatively, you may well have been with your ex-partner for a number of years and forgotten who you are without them. Either way, one of the key ways to come back to yourself after the end of a relationship is to love yourself and explore the boundaries of your pleasures (or beyond them, if that’s your thing!).

Set the Scene

As relationships mature, some of the romance and excitement eek their way out of the bedroom – which is perhaps why there is a purported orgasm deficit between couples of the opposite sex. Instead, sex becomes a dull, missionary affair that you feel obligated to engage in to try and keep the spark alive just a little longer.

Being newly single, however, gives you the unique opportunity to treat yourself like the absolute queen you are. Run yourself a luxurious bubble bath, light some candles, and pour yourself a glass of whatever tipple you fancy; you can take this a step further and create yourself a sexy playlist to listen to on your phone to get yourself in the mood.

Once you’ve settled in the suds, you can start to gently stroke the curves of your body, focusing on the feeling of your fingers running down your body under the water.

Lavish Yourself with Lingerie

Who said that indulging in some sexy lingerie should be reserved exclusively for those in relationships? A great way of boosting your confidence and feeling sexy is to spend some time choosing lingerie that you find alluring and that you will feel comfortable in. Opting for satins and silks are perfect, as they tend to gently skim your skin and feel sumptuous.

Touching yourself over the top of said lingerie is both arousing and sensual, engaging multiple senses at one time. If you’re feeling particularly racy, you can even take some risqué snaps on your phone to admire yourself and your body (just be careful to hide them from prying eyes).

Learn More About Your Sexuality

In many cases, spending a long time with one person – particularly if you got together at a young age – can repress your knowledge and understanding of your own sexuality. You might not have had the opportunity to explore or identify what turns you on, or you might have been more focused on pleasuring your partner over yourself.

For women, in particular, it’s often the end of a relationship that spurs them on to learn more about themselves and their sexuality, leading to a discovery that they are gay, bisexual, bi-curious, or polyamorous, or have certain kinks they were previously unaware of.

An interesting way to explore this further is to look into exclusive, high-end sex parties. Most of the time, you can remain anonymous and uninvolved in the antics, or get stuck in as you wish, and an added bonus is that the women often have to make the first move, preventing you from receiving any unwanted attention.

Get Yourself Going

For some, watching porn with their other half can be an awkward experience, which is why it’s a great way to get yourself aroused when you’re alone instead. Not only can you choose from a whole range of categories on the top porn sites, covering all sorts of kinks and desires, but it’s a less intense way of figuring out your sexuality and what you’re into.

Change Things Up

If you have ever found yourself getting bored of missionary position during sex, consider your position when masturbating – if you are always laying back with your legs open (essentially the missionary position for masturbation), it’s likely that you aren’t having a very exciting experience or learning new things about your body and how to please yourself.

Thinking back to the orgasm deficit in heterosexual couples, one great way of dispelling this in future sexual encounters is to try masturbating in a variety of positions, which will help you to discover what works for you when your body isn’t in the standard on-your-back position. When you do then get with a new partner, you can show them how you like to be touched during sex and what works for you in different positions.

Go Electric, Baby

These days, there’s a vast array of different sex toys that work to pleasure different parts of your body in the most exciting of ways and you would, quite frankly, be a fool if you didn’t use this time to familiarize yourself with the all-singing, all-dancing models that are available today.

From clit suction toys to specially shaped dildos, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, so grab the lube and get down and dirty with some electric fun!

Strength and Self-Esteem Building

Pole dancing is a craze that has really taken off over the past few years, demonstrating that it is a difficult sport to master, but one that helps women to build their muscle strength and self-esteem at the same time. Learning a range of moves that build your core and push your body to the extreme can help you develop a powerful sense of self – particularly if you know that the only reason you’re doing this is for you and no-one else! Although it may take time to master some of the more complex moves – along with lots of bruises and metal burns on the way – you’ll no doubt develop a fierceness that you can own and that you know comes entirely from within yourself.

Whether your relationship was a bad one that needed to end, or the romance simply fizzled away, the greatest gift you can give yourself to help you heal and polish your armor is to look after, and love, yourself. Because, at the end of the day, you’re stuck with yourself each and every day, so why not treat yourself like the most important person in the world? No one else is going to do it for you!

Are You Looking For The Best Porn Magazine In The UK?

Finding the best porn magazine is no longer easy. However, London Prive is about to change all of that. When you are looking for the ultimate adult experience in the United Kingdom, Prive is the one source that you can rely on just like a reliable playboy magazine.

What Is Prive All About?

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London Is The Home Of Many Sweet Secrets

No matter where you stay in London, there is a sweet secret waiting for you. The UK capital is divided up into boroughs, and you can rest assure that almost every borough has a delightful and high quality surprise in store for you.

It does not matter if you enjoy the company of exciting Oriental ladies or Sweet English Roses, London Prive can help to point you in the right direction.

What To Do On A Night Out In London

If you are a London resident or regular visitor to London, you will know that London is the European city that never sleeps.

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Maybe you would like to enjoy some good food in the company of a sexy companion? London is the dream venue to visit for those of us who like to enjoy fine food.

Best of all, most of London’s best restaurants are situated in London’s top hotels. The Savoy Hotel is home to The Savoy Grill which is owned and operated by famous British footballer Gordon Ramsay.

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Other Experiences In London

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You can shop for hours and then go back to the luscious surroundings of Brown’s Hotel and watch your favorite adult video or adult magazines.

Why Do So Visitors Stay In 5 Star Hotels in London?

Not only do 5 star hotels in London offer some of the best in-house services and adult entertainment in the world. One of the top reason many gents choose a 5 star hotel in London, is down to the discretion of the staff.

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Is London A Good Place For An Adult Party?

Do you enjoy adult parties? Although adult parties have become popular in many parts of Europe, there is something special about adult parties in London often reported with local media group.

According to London Prive, parties are more sophisticated and have a flare about them that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. So, if you have come to London to play and have fun, why not check out the best adult parties in London.

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