Rocking Good Time In Bed With Monkey Rockers

Thom York once said that sex is more than an act of pleasure, and he’s right. It’s an art, and it takes skills to get someone turned on and Monkey Rockers may just be the thing to do so. So if you are looking to bring in some excitement under the sheets and you’ve tried every form of karma sutra position in the book, then adding sex toys to your sexual adventure might be the course you want to take.


Introducing the Monkey Rocker


A monkey rocker, also known as a sex glider, is a sex toy that is like a rocking chair except one with a dildo. It was first created by Dan Sierchert back in the 90s and now has become a staple for anyone wanting to add some extra pleasure to their sex life.


Monkey rockers are ideal for both couple and solo play. It’s trendy among sex furniture collectors since it does resemble a chair. Because it uses your body’s power or momentum, it’s effortless to use. All you need to do is rock back and forth on the rocker, and you can increase the intensity according to your body’s needs. The dildo attachment slides easily in and out with each rock, giving you ultimate control over the penetration depth and speed.


If you’re alone and want to pleasure yourself, imagine the fantasies in your mind as you sit on the rocker, close your eyes and feel every bit of sensation and pleasure coursing through your body. You can control how fast and intense you want the penetrations to be, perfect for anyone who needs to dominate and have complete control over their orgasms.


If with a partner, it’s double the excitement. Double penetration fantasies can be done for real with the dildo attachment on the monkey rocker and your partner’s penis.


Monkey rockers, despite not being battery-powered or needing to be charged, these rockers are pretty expensive. But the pleasure you get is as intense and as fun, as you want it to be. It’s worth doing some research to find out how a monkey rocker works and whether it’s suitable for your sex play.


Advantages of Monkey Rockers


If you want extra pleasure for yourself or with your partner(s), then monkey rockers are a great sex toy to invest in. Here are some significant advantages of using a monkey rocker:

  • It uses your own body’s momentum, so if control is what you’re looking for, then you’ll get it from the monkey rocker.
  • With a monkey rocker, you can control the speed as well as the depth of penetration.
  • You can pair a monkey rocker with other sex toys for both anal and vaginal penetration.
  • You can also take it up a notch and add double penetration with your partner’s penis
  • Monkey rockers operate quietly, and they don’t require batteries or charging
  • You can use monkey rockers whenever and wherever you please

What are the things to consider when choosing a Monkey Rocker?


Sex rockers come in all shapes and sizes to serve unique sexual needs. They are a little expensive for sex furniture, so choosing the right one is essential. You don’t want to simply purchase one without doing some form of research because if you don’t get the right type, you’ll probably not get the satisfaction you’re looking for.


While the price may be on the high side, when you speak to owners of monkey rockers, they’ll you that its’ worth every penny. Here are some considerations for you as a guideline when shopping for your very own sex rocker:


  • Your budget

Your budget can narrow down your search for a suitable rocker. Monkey rockers range from $90 and go up to $500, depending on their features.


  • Dildo compatibility

Some rockers come with dildo attachments for you to use your favorite dildo instead of using a built-in one. This way, you can get the most out of your dildo and the rocker.


  • Compatibility range

Some rockers are only compatible with a small number of dildos. This means not all dildos can fit into the rocker, so its worth checking the rocker’s specifications before you buy.

However, if you love change and like experimenting, this shouldn’t be a significant issue.


  • Features

The features of the rocker determine the price. The more expensive the rockers, the more expensive it would be. Comfort does matter such a padded thigh rests are an essential part of a rocker- it enables you to sit on the rocker comfortably for a more extended period. Check the weight limits of the rocker, too, so that you can choose the right size for your needs.


Is it hard to use the monkey rocker?


The sex glider, monkey rocker or sex rocker– call it what you want, is pretty straightforward to use a sex toy. You straddle the gap and use your body’s momentum to rock. The glider does the rest to pleasure you. You use your motion to control the rocker, perfect for those who want toys with a greater sense of personal control. You decide how deep, how complex and how intense your experience will be.


Do I need  monkey rockers?


You don’t need it like you need water to survive, but you will want a sex rocker to increase your sexual pleasure experience. You can play out your most profound and most pleasurable fantasies on your own or with your partner because you can ride yourself wild with one. By the end of the experience, you’ll be wondering why you lived without one all your life.


So is it worth your money? Yes, if you want to a change into your sex experience. Yes, if you’re going to spice things up under the sheets, and yes, if you’re going to pleasure yourself on your own.


The simple answer is yes. With a little bit of research on your part to read reviews and compare the different rockers on sale, you’ll be happy with your investment at the end of the day.


Best Vagina Tightening Exercises to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor

Have you met a hot guy on the best hookup sites 2021 and want to surprise him in bed by vagina tightening? A woman who has learned to control her vagina muscles can give her beloved incomparable pleasure and experience a bright vaginal orgasm. In addition, it has been proven that the tone of intimate muscles, as an endless source of vital and sexual energy, keeps a woman young and attractive for a long time, makes her confident, radiates joy, and attracts love. Strong pelvic floor muscles improve intimate health and help to cope with some problems. Are there sexual intimacy exercises for partners? Do you want to learn more?

There are specific sexual exercises for sexual performance and strengthening the vaginal muscles. Here are the most effective ones.

Exercises for Beginners

First, you need to determine your intimate muscles and control them. To do this, try stopping urination when you go to the bathroom. If you can tighten these muscles without using the glutes and abdominal muscles, then start training. If, along with the vaginal muscles, the gluteal and abdominal muscles work, first learn to separate and tighten these muscle groups one by one.

What exercises can you do in bed? You can perform the first step anywhere you want. The first week: Tense muscles rhythmically for 8-10 seconds, 5-10 sets 6 times a day. The second week: 50 sets 6 times a day. After a month of regular training, you can reduce your exercise frequency to 25.

When you have achieved a certain skill in the previous sexual exercises for sexual energy, get vaginal balls (for a start, choose silicone with minimum weight and a diameter of 1 inch). Disinfect and lubricate it before use. Insert it inside and try to hold for at least 1 minute at first, gradually increasing the exercise duration to 5 minutes. However, do not overdo it. Extra-tight vaginal muscles can lead to condom breakage, pain in the partner, or difficult childbirth.

Then you can move on to pushing out. To do this, push lightly and combine these exercises with tightening, but do not overdo it, as this is dangerous by organ prolapse. 5-10 times a day are enough.

Advanced Mode

Take a kegel ball or special egg. Do the exercises while standing. Imagine your vagina muscles, divide them into three parts:

  • The lower part is the muscles at the opening of the vagina.
  • The middle part is the muscles of the vagina itself.
  • The upper part is the uppermost part of the vagina (where the cervix is).

Tighten the muscles of the first section. Then take a deep breath and squeeze the muscles of the second section, holding the ball. At the initial stage of sexual exercises for sexual desire, the number of repetitions should not exceed 7-10 times; later, you can try 20-30.

When the previous exercise becomes easy, try to learn how to move the ball up and down and from side to side (5-10 times a day).

The next step is to tighten the third section. Try to hold the ball with the lower section and push it out with the upper one.

Hone your skill with the following sexual exercises: Insert two balls into the vagina and try to push them against each other (start with 3 times and move to 15 times a day.)

For best results, you should do 150 sets daily (in different combinations). You need to come to this gradually – starting with 5 exercises 6 times a day, adding 5 exercises every day.


Check with your gynecologist before exercising. Vaginal muscle training is not recommended for pregnant women, women with acute or chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, tumors, STD, and any diagnosis in which sex is temporarily prohibited.

With regular sexual exercises, you can tone your vaginal muscles, which will certainly improve your intimate health and make your sex more intense. Make training a part of your self-care!

Have you tried to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Beginner Guide to Choose a Pocket Pussy In Male Sex Toys

According to a survey done, the average man frequently masturbates in a time frame of once a week or more times in a week. Another survey showed that the percentage of men who masturbate is between 55% and 78%; that is a significant number.

Masturbation is a very healthy and natural way of releasing stress. Also, when you orgasm, you remove an immune-boosting chemical called Oxytocin. There are so many other positive effects of the feeling of you reaching a climax or ejaculating.

Among the 78% of guys masturbating, 80% use their hands to ensure that they reach climax. What they don’t know is that there is a better and improved way to climax –male sex toys.

Manufacturers have now embraced producing several brands and products as sex toys for men. They are making jerking-off better for you.

If you are new to the world of male sex toys, there is no need to ret because there is a lot of information for you from Sex experts on male sex toys. Here is also a comprehensive guide to you as a beginner on getting yourself a pocket pussy.

What is a Pocket Pussy?

First and foremost, what is a pocket pussy? A pocket pussy is a sex toy for men that comes in various designs, shapes (to fit your needs), size, and a pleasant spot. They are becoming popular over time because of their almost similarity with a real pussy. Their portability and mimicry to the pussy are the reason behind the name pocket pussy.

They are conveniently easy to use. All you need is a lubricant for your penis and an erection. You slowly slide your penis to the gadget and allow the magic to happen. You will be able to reach levels of climax you may not have gotten to with just your hand.

Types of Pocket Pussy

Every man is different. One man craves for one thing while another the other, tastes and preferences differ. Even the shapes and the sizes of penises are different. For this reason, pocket pussy has very different designs.

Materials are different, so spot. Some men prefer complex, others soft spots. Features, to accommodate every man, the quality is varied. It could look like an anus or a pussy. Any way you like it is how you will have it.

Here are some of the divisions of Pocket pussy:

Sleeve Male Masturbater

The sleeve male masturbator is not enclosed. It has an open ending that allows one to cum externally. It is a device that you rub your dick with, instigating a feeling of tightness.

Enclosed Pocket Pussy

The enclosed pocket pussy is closed up at the ending, meaning that you cum in the device. It also brings a tightness and feels like a pussy.

Automatic Pocket Pussy

From the name automatic, you can tell that t is a high-tech sex toy for men. The upside with this sex toy is that you don’t get to do any hard work. You relax and control it.

Vibrating Pocket Pussy

With a vibrating pocket pussy you allow yourself to get an intense sensation. Vibrating pocket pussies come with different vibration patterns which you can choose from and see. Your hand cant vibrate. Sex toys are lifesavers.

Realistic Pocket Pussy

A realistic pocket pussy looks exactly like a real pussy. It could come with hair or without, in a variety of colors and shades. It gives you an original feeling.


What to look out for Before Buying a Pocket Pussy


It is essential to be careful before buying a male sex toy. Some may make you feel intense pleasure like never before, but jelly-like masturbators are dangerous and unhealthy for your penis.

The most dangerous material is one that has jelly. The best materials are; Thermoplastic elastomer, thermoplastic rubber, and of course, the best of all these options is silicone.

Silicone is the best because it is easy to clean and does not form mold and fungal-like the others do when not washed and dried well.

Under materials, one must use a water-based lube. It helps preserve your sex toy


Unfortunately, there is no trial and error with a pocket pussy. Once you buy it, you cannot return it if it doesn’t please you.

Research is therefore paramount. You need to have read reviews of other people on websites such as men’s sex toys or from shops such a sohimi. Research on the pocket pussy concerning what kind of simulation gets you ready.

Reviews will tell you of a product that looks good but probably doesn’t feel as good as it seems. You will also be able to see which product is selling more. It is a guarantee that it is giving the pleasure needful.

The best way is to avoid the flashy names and flashy looks. Get to know a sex toy through other people who have used it.

The pocket pussy ought to be durable, tight, with unique internal texture and overall cohesiveness. Again, you do not want to be using a pocket pussy that keeps getting off and loose.

Where to Buy Pocket Pussies

If you are a newbie in the world of men’s sex toys, you might be lost and wondering where to get these devices. The good thing is that there is no shame nowadays in buying these gadgets. What was seen as a taboo a while ago has now been vastly embraced.

With the era of online buying and selling, you can get anything discreetly. You only have to identify a reliable online shop that sells authentic pocket pussies at an affordable price and make your order. Such a shop is like Sohmi, which has competitive prices, and their pocket pussies are high-quality silicone materials.

I bet by now you are ready t get yourself a pocket pussy and rock your world with intense pleasure and as much cum as you can.

Bottom Line

When choosing pocket pussy, many people like to choose the most expensive one right away. In their eyes, the more expensive the better, but do you really think the quality of Zara must be worse than that of Hermès for the clothing? It’s hard to say that it is made of gold thread… In fact, all products that can leave the factory have undergone strict quality certification, so there is no difference in material. The real difference is whether you can make real choice.

Touch Starved

The pandemic has created a very strange time for many of us and has changed the way that we interact with people to great lengths. Not only that, but many of us now lead much more reserved life’s and are experiencing

Skin Hunger.


Yep, it’s a thing.


Skin hunger, or touch starvation comes from the deprivation of physical contact. With the pandemic and the regulations it’s any wonder that many of the world’s population is currently suffering through this.


So what is it?


Skin hunger is not just intimate touch. It’s any touch. Any physical touch. Shaking hands, a pat on the back, a hug, a kiss on the cheek. Hell, being squished in Sydney trains during peak hour. It all contributes. All of these contribute to the production of oxytocin which is the superfighting hormone Oxytocin which if you really want to simplify it, is the arch nemesis to Cortisol, which in large quantities is the stress hormone.


You’re probably thinking right about now, that your cortisol levels have probably increased this last year. You would probably be right. Not only that, but the lack of touch has also been shown to contribute to the rise in cortisol. In past studies in offices, research found that after shaking hands, staff felt happier or more at peace than those who routinely did not engage in shaking hands.


Many people interpret Skin hunger as wanting sex, but thi might not be the case, it might just be the need for physical contact. Any physical contact. As Humans we are hardwired to seek touch. In fact our bodies, our senses are primarily made up of “touch” with our skin being our largest organ, making up a large portion of our senses.


So yes, while we are stuck at home, or not able to go around touching as many people as we did before, how do we combat our need for physical touch and closeness? I get it, it’s hard, and nothing is going to beat the real thing. I understand. I am not suggesting that we say screw the system and go around touching. That would be ludicrous.


Instead, what I have is several self touch techniques that are here to help promote your oxytocin levels, that will stimulate your physical touch reserves and help with Touch Hunger. It is important to note that with these, it is very very very important to couple this with keeping in touch with friends and family, phone calls, texts, skype, video call to keep social. We need to feed our social beasties as well for this to work long term.


You would be surprised how often we neglect our own bodies and forget to enjoy ourselves and be mindful of the way that we touch, feel and stimulate our own senses.


Some simple ways to promote self touch:


Run a warm bath – Add bath salts or oil.

Wrap yourself in heavy blankets or pillows. The pressure of these will stimulate the receptors that will trigger the oxytocin as a by-product of the vagus nerve.


Massage Techniques for Self touch

Using a rubber ball, place the ball beneath the arch of your foot either sitting or standing. Applying pressure (how hard is up to you) roll the ball up and down your foot and breathe deeply, activating the vagus nerve.


Face One hand (B) palm up. Using the other hand (A), clasp around the forearm of your other arm (B)  and squeeze ever so gently. Now turn Arm B so that your palm faces the sky then the ground. Repeat for 5. You should feel a warm tightening sensation in your muscles. Try moving your Hand (A) further up or down your forearm of (B). Switch arms and repeat.


Placing one arm bent behind in a fist in the centre of your back, pull your elbow back to feel a stretch across your chest, shoulder and upper arm. Close your eyes and breathe. Using your other hand, rub up and down the bent arm, continue to rub, moving further and further along your shoulder and chest. Repeat this exercise on the other side.


Sitting down, take both your hands and start near your ears and temples, place your thumbs under the lobes of your ears and your fingers from the top of your ears along your temple. Move your hands back and forth across your scalp with varied pressure.


Use oils and creams to lubricate your skin as you run your fingers along your body in long slow movements. This will activate your nervous system and help your body to connect. Not feeling it? That’s perfectly normal, as weird as it may seem. Closing your eyes, taking away your sight (one of your other senses) will help you to connect with your body and stimulate that oxytocin that your body needs. Don’t believe me? Try it. Even if it is just a little, simply rubbing your hand feels different when you close your eyes.



Masturbating is a wonderful way to get closer to yourself, not to fill a hole, but rather to get in touch with yourself and your desires. Being mindful of masturbation can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Try a new position you have never tried before. Use a toy you haven’t thought to use. Use edging and denial, bring yourself close to climax and stop. Tease yourself and see how many times you can make it to the edge. Can you make it to ten? Try warming or cooling lubricant or arousal oils. And who said libido enhancers have to be used only with company?


BDSM – Solo

BDSM doesn’t need to be something that is sacrificed during a pandemic. It just means that we need to get creative. We have touched on denying yourself orgasms. Wear a cock cage, enjoy that feeling of chastity, your hands exploring your body over the device. This feeling will also increase your oxytocin levels which will help your feeling of Touch Starvation.


Have you tried wax play? Now might be the time. It’s a wonderful sensation play perfect for solo adventurers. Start with massage candles and their low low burning temperatures before moving onto the sweet thick trails of the warm then hot wax.


Nipple clamps, clamps, cupping and suction have always had the ability to be lovingly used solo and leave loving little marks


Vampire mits and paddles can also administer perfect little kisses for your attention.


Impact play can be self-inflicted at varying degrees as well for the solo masochist. It is not the same, I am aware, it is not supposed to be the same, and we are not condoning nor suggesting this as an exercise as self harm, but merely as another form of self touch. Think of it as a slightly more extreme massage such as a gentle whack with a paddle to the thigh.


Bondage is a little harder solo. Cuffing yourself can be a little dangerous so we do not condone it safely. Rope play can be stimulating for the sense however, tying hip harnesses or futomomos provided that you have safety shears close at hand. These ties will give you the pressure as well as the delight and sensory feel that may appease in symptoms of Touch Starvation. There are some wonderful online tutorials for simple self-ties to try like through Rory’s Brainworks or Studio Kink’s online courses.


Craving touch and closeness is not something new, nor is it something that we should be ashamed of. It is indeed a very human trait. That want for sex you may be craving may in fact be personal closeness and it is important to recognise this during this strange time where it may be harder to go out and meet new people.

Visit our Stores in Ohzone Caringbah, Ohzone Penrith and Adultsmart Kogarah for other tips and toys to add to your self pleasure routine to better know your body and kickstart your system’s touch reserves.


As always, At your Service,


Oh Zone Sales Consultant, Educator and Touch aware.

Vampire Bites: Love At First Sight

It was a love at first sight sort of thing. Years ago. In the back corner of an adult store in Newtown amongst the leather and the fetish gear there were these leather gloves that called me. My heart leapt into my throat when I touched them, and realised the little barbs that dotted the surface of the palm and fingers. My hair stood on the back of my neck and momentarily I forgot to breathe.


Back then, impact play was not an intentional bloodletting sport but rather a happy happenstance when a well timed strike with a dragons tail cut flesh or a cane ran a little deep. But somehow These gloves called to me. Vampire gloves they were called.


I was so afraid though, so I left them. But that was then. This is now.


Fast forward to when I was staring with anticipation at the newly arrived Vampire Mittens by Pain, the serrated teeth puckering amidst the leather as I ran my hands over them. The only problem was –

I didn’t want mittens.


It was a coincidence, fate even that I stumbled upon the matching Paddle in our other store. Slick and glorious leather, stiff and reinforced measuring a total of 43cm in length and 14cm across, I held my breath and inspected the barbs.


Tiny rings of metal teeth lined one side of the elegant leather. 48 rings in total. I could practically hear my heart beating in my ears as I swooped in to purchase it. Home time could not come fast enough.


I gleefully gave it to my Sir, presenting it like a regal sword. He studied it, tested the little flex the large surface area had, as well as the heft of the handle before running his hand across the teeth. He looked at me. “This is going to destroy you.”


I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement, a warning or what but I could only smile.


“A test then” he declared.


The first strike came with such restraint I barely felt the teeth at all. Though the contact of the size of the paddle itself was incredible. Utilising numbers out of 10, we tested the paddle, increasing each impact from what started as a 2 up to a 6.


The 6 bit into skin, tiny pinpricks whisking into tender flesh as gleefully anticipated. I checked the marks, tiny little circles already dotting my skin where the blood flow had been stimulated. Nothing had broken the skin still smooth but the distribution of the teeth and the placement of the blows and steady impact had vitalized the flow of blood beneath the skin, raising it to the surface where the teeth had, at these gentle thwacks, pressed into flesh.


Turning the paddle over, We navigated the feel of the wide surface unencumbered by teeth. Not holding back anywhere near as much. Sometimes larger surfaces have a tendency of distributing too much of the impact and therefore shirking most of the painful pleasure sensation that is craved.


Not the Vampire Paddle.


Air whooshed out of me almost immediately. The first hit a solid 7 the second a teetering 8 out of 10.


The tiny spheres of pin pricks, my very own vampire bites continued to develop over the next thirty minutes. Deeping in colour and tenderness. As did my smile. Worry not dear reader, a paddle such as this is not anywhere near as scary as you might think. The teeth of the Vampire caress the skin like little love bites, and if you so choose it, is a delicate scratch and kiss whispered up and down the skin. Though this would be better suited to the mittens or the crop. The teeth tease sounds and elicits reactions like none other. The increase in blood flow to precise focal points stimulates and releases endorphins and adrenaline which build on top of arousal. Then if you choose it, the intricate mixture of pain and pleasure with each bite of the Vampire is enough for you to wear the marks with pride for a time afterwards.



With impact toys such as these, with teeth and use of bloodletting it is important that they are bonded to that person and that person alone. Blood play is more sacred than fluid bonding. Toys that are blood bound can only belong to that person for safety and hygiene. A good hygiene practice with blood toys is to also sterilise the equipment using alcohol spray or medical grade sanitiser such as Viraclean.



Because Leather is a porous substance, it is important not to saturate the leather with disinfectant chemicals or you risk damaging the leather goods. Instead, if there has been bloodletting, using a clean microfibre cloth soaked in the medical grade cleaner and tweezers, dab the spikes and air dry. Alternatively use a soft toothbrush dipped in the cleaner to gently wash the teeth.


The leather may need conditioning over time. Simply use a leather conditioner on the reverse side as per normal. On the teeth side, proceed with caution, using a non toxic leather conditioner either as a spray or with a soft toothbrush.



Vampire accessories do not really need any special storage with the exception of placing them independently so that they don’t rub, nick, scratch or degrade other toys. It may also serve you to store them in a space that is well labelled or seen so that no one accidentally puts their hand in a box, or bag, or drawer (whichever means you are storing your implements) and get an unsuspecting bite from a Vampire. Mine will be hung with pride in my wardrobe.



As we are potentially playing with blood and may be breaking skin, a different level of aftercare must be observed. Simple first aid must be strictly adhered to. Never push a bottom/submissive past a point that they or their body cannot handle. Reassure the bottom that they have done well and reward them with care, whether it is cuddles, pats, blankets or affection. Treat the wounds. Clean up any exposed cuts and disinfect. Most of the time the wounds will be surface level and will not continue to bleed or require further pressure or bandaging. In this instance as long as the skin is clean it is safe to leave uncovered to heal, especially if in privacy. If at a party it is advised that wounds should be covered to protect the bottom as well as others at the party from cross bodily contact. Carrying ElastoPlast Spray Plaster (better known as a bandage in a can) is a good tool to have on hand for covering large areas of numerous tiny wounds on parts of the body such as bottoms after using Vampire implements.


Now all that’s left is to try out the Crop! ?


At your Service,


OhZone Sales Assistant, Educator and Vampire Bitten.

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