5 Tips for Finding the Sugar Daddy of your Dreams

Over the years I have had many sugar daddies come and go, some of them showering me with love, affection and money whilst others have just been more trouble than they’re worth.


Below I have outlined some of the tricks and tips I picked up along the way, and some I wish I had know before I even started searching for a sugar daddy.


Don’t Settle for the First Man to Show you Attention

When you first jump into the sugar bowl it can seem overwhelming.


There are multiple dating websites specifically designed to help you find the perfect sugar daddy and hundreds if not thousands of wealthy bachelors looking to find young, attractive women to spoil. It might take a while to find someone who is a good match for your needs.


Many sugar babies have to message hundreds of men before they find someone they are comfortable with. The endless small talk can do your head in at the beginning, but once you find the right sugar daddy for you it all becomes worth it.


Know your Worth

Never compromise your happiness, health or safety for any amount of money.


If a sugar daddy wants you to go on dates for free but you would rather charge 200 per hour, then tell him those are your boundaries and stick to them. Just because they have the funds, doesn’t mean they are in charge of the arrangement. If he isn’t willing to pay the amount you are asking for then he isn’t the daddy for you.


The same goes for if he is willing to offer you more money in exchange for a sexual favour which you already explained to him goes against your boundaries, DUMP HIM. No amount of money or hassling should make you compromise your own happiness and self-respect.


When I was 18 and finding my feet in the sugar bowl I was often tricked into doing things I wasn’t comfortable doing with the promises of more money and long term relationships, unfortunately, most men looking for sugar babies will only see each girl once or twice before moving onto the next girl.


Safety Always Comes First

Meeting someone from the internet is definitely something you should do cautiously. Before meeting with them in real life, you should pull out your detective’s hat and find out as much as you can about him before your first date. Even if you only find out what suburb he lives in and what he does for work, this can be important information to help you work out how much of an allowance you should ask for.


I highly recommend telling someone you know and trust what you are doing. Let your friend know the Daddy’s name, the location you are meeting him and how many hours you are going to be there for. It is also important to tell your friend that if you don’t call them after one hour of arriving at his place that they should call the police. It is scary to think that something bad might occur but unfortunately, we live in a world where these things happen.


If you or someone you know has experienced sexual or physical violence, please contact your local law enforcement or if you are from Australia a fantastic organisation is SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) who offer support to all sex workers no matter what gender, sexuality or variety of sex work they are involved with.


Confidence is Key

When you are sitting across the table at a fancy restaurant with your potential sugar daddy it is your confidence that will set you apart from the rest of the girls he has been chatting to.


Keep eye contact whilst speaking with your date, laugh at his jokes, compliment his attire. Most sugar daddies are men who work hard for their high incomes and that unfortunately means they don’t have time to find a date via regular means, or they are men who are unhappy in their current relationships and are looking for a younger woman who will adore them.

Showing him how interested you are in him goes a long way.


Maintaining your physical appearance is also a sign that you are confident and able to live up to an idea of the luxury dream girl he has been searching for. Getting your hair and nails done before a date is fairly standard for a sugar baby. More experienced women will use plastic surgery to maintain their youthful appearance, but when you are just starting out your shouldn’t worry with taking such drastic measures.


Have Fun!

If you are going into being a sugar baby for fun, financial security and sexual exploration, you are going to enjoy many blissful years in the sugar bowl.


It isn’t going to be a pleasant experience for you if all you care about is the financial reward but don’t enjoy having intimate relationships with older men. If you are of that mindset I suggest becoming a financial dominatrix and finding some money pigs to worship you without physical contact.


After reading these helpful tips you are now better prepared to go and live your best sugar baby fantasy! Find the sugar daddy of your dreams ladies, you deserve to be pampered!

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