She Pegged My Ass For The First Time!

My lover and I were at home last night. She is my dominant one and we often use male chastity devices to bind our relationship.  Let me tell you about the time my lover pegged my virgin ass.

Having not worn a male chastity device for a few weeks I felt the urge for her to become my key-holder once again and allow her to control me sexually.

I can’t quite put my finger on why this feeling takes over me.

But even though it may seem restrictive, I actually find it freeing.

It’s like the decision of when or when not to have sex is no longer up to me, but rather up to my partner.

So I handed her my Silicone Cock Cage which is my male chastity device of choice when I am to wear it for a long time.  She smiled, and placed it on my cock, locking it with a padlock and without a word being said.

Almost immediately I felt warm and secure inside and lowered my head in her lap with the intention of watching some TV.

She Pegged My Virgin Ass

But when my head rested there I felt something hard and long underneath her dress.

I lifted my head with a puzzled expression on my face and again she simply smiled and put her finger to her lips and made the sound shhhhh.

Slowly she lifted my head and then lifted her skirt to reveal a dildo attached to a strap on.   A look of distress came across my face as I realized what her intention was to be.

We had discussed pegging before, and even spoken about one day trying it.  But to this day had never tried it and I had never experienced it.

Again she put her finger to her lips and made the “Shh” sound.

pegged my virgin ass
Bondage Bikini Set

A hundred and one things went through my mind all at once.

What was this going to feel like?  Will my virgin ass ever be the same?  What about our relationship? Will she respect me after she has her way with me? And so on.

She then got up and pointed to the floor so I immediately knelt down in front of her.  Grabbing me by the back of my hair she slowly forced that dildo in my mouth.

She started thrusting, deeper and deeper

I could not help but lubricate it with my saliva that began to trickle from the sides of my mouth.  She then forced the dildo deep down my throat forcing me to gag.

She held it there and I gagged two or three times before she removed it from my mouth.  It was obvious that she wanted more than to become my key-holder.

The first words she spoke for more than 45 minutes were ‘The strap on is not for fucking your mouth!’ And indicated for me with her fingers making a circle that I was to turn around on my knees ass up in front of her.

It was obvious I was going to be pegged for the first time

My lover, my mistress, my key-holder then undid my pant button and lowered my pants to reveal my naked buttock and virgin rosebud.  I felt her lubricate my tight anal love hole with a warm and velvety lubricant.

She then played with my sphincter and I felt it slowly loosen allowing her to slowly insert one and then two fingers.

Finally I knew that I was going to be pegged for the first time and I was enjoying the feeling.

My butt-hole began to blossom to life

I felt exquisite sensation until finally I felt the pressure of the strap on against my asshole.  It was larger than her fingers and resisted penetration.  Slowly she applied more and more pressure until finally it slipped in.

My head exploded and I was seeing stars.  I felt searing pain but with it unbelievable pleasure.  She continued to apply pressure and the dildo continued slowly entering my anus.

she pegged my virgin ass
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It felt like I was completely filled

To be quite honest it was uncomfortable.  I did not think it was possible that she would be able to get the full 8 inches of that strap-on dildo inside me.  But after I think 30 seconds it was there.

All of it – inside my ass.

Slowly she started to do little thrusts in and out.  The uncomfortable feeling started to go away.  As it went on I started to move against the motion trying to get that artificial cock deeper inside me.

Soon the gentle thrusts became more and more powerful until the sex became aggressive.

My ass was being fucked hard and I was wanting more.

The silicone cock cage was becoming tight as my cock started to get erect.  And the constriction was causing my penis to have discomfort but it was a pain I was enjoying.

I started to scream out in pleasure and I was feeling something inside me growing and swelling.

It was my prostate and I angled myself so that the dildo pounding my ass was hitting that exact spot.  Within moment I began quivering and shaking uncontrollably as I experienced my first prostate orgasm.

It went on and on and emptied all my jism.  As my male orgasm finally finished I collapsed and lay down on my side.

Sexually exhausted and spent

As the realization of what had just happened and the emotions I now felt I realized what it must be like to be a woman fucked by a man.  Being totally dominated with a shaft of their partner pounding their insides and I wept.

I started crying like a baby and years of pent up emotions flooded out of me.  But my feelings of love for my pegging mistress grew as she slowly took my head, having removed the strap on, and placed it in her lap.

Weeping. I could think of no other place I would rather be than in this soft, warm place feeling safe and secure in my lover’s arms.

She bent down and slowly but passionately kissed me and the realization came to me that our relationship would never be the same.

I had been pegged for the first time and loved it!

pegged my virgin ass
Anal Fantasy Collection

Just A Few From The Anal Fantasy Collection

To a lot of beginners anal is naturally intimidating and some of the toys out there don’t make it any better.

Maybe it’s the idea of something going in an’ “out” hole, or simply most don’t quite see the point… Or perhaps it’s the fear that the entire ordeal will be painful, and it will linger for days to come.

Lucky for those who suffer from this fear and all anal noobs, my great friends over at Pipedream have thoughtfully created an Anal specific range of silicone toys.

They’re called ‘Anal Fantasy Collection‘ and includes toys specifically designed with beginners in mind.

pegged my virgin ass
Anal Fantasy 9 Function Prostate Vibe

Three Anal Toys to Talk About

Today, I have chosen three toys out of the Anal Fantasy Collection that I believe to be a good overview of what this series offers.  And what people can expect out of this range of products.

Anal  Fantasy Collection 9 Function Prostate Vibe

The first is a perfect toy for men who have never ventured into their own ‘abyss’ but are brave enough to take the plunge.  Anal Fantasy Collection 9-Function Prostate Vibe is an amazing toy to help you delve into and explore the amazing world of anal stimulation.

9-Function Prostate Vibe has a very simple and clean design.  It features a ‘lumpy bumpy’ shaft perfect for P-Spot stimulation.

Nine unique pulsation patterns that deliver intense vibrations directly to your most sensitive spot.

This toy will become the next new ‘mans best friend’……..sorry lassie.

Cleverly curved nub at the base provides a nice external pressure to the perineum that will make you cum harder than ever before!  The beautiful thing about this prostate massager is that it is made out of 100% phthalate free silicone.

It feels amazing when combined with a good quality water based lube for example ‘pjur backdoor water based lube’.

Very simple to turn off as well

Simply hold down the button at the base for three seconds to turn the vibe off.  Cleanup is pretty standard after the fun.  Just uses the included Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water to keep your toy safe and ready for your next session.

Every Anal Fantasy Collection box features a FREE 5-Piece Prep Kit to help you ease into comfort and clean up afterwards.  The kit includes 2 finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.

So no more worrying about what you will need with because it already has it.

Having the prep kit included eases your mind when it comes to anal.

You can just simply try what’s included and decide if you need it for next session or not. Or get an understanding whether or not you need better lubricant or desensitising cream.

pegged my virgin ass
Sex Toy: Anal Fantasy Wild Wiggler Vibe

Anal Fantasy Collection Wild Wiggler Vibe

Next Anal Fantasy Collection toy is for everyone.  Also one of the best in the range when it comes to beginners and anal play.

This an amazing toy to prep the anal region for anal sex or to just help beginners get used to something in their butt.  Not only is it a great size it also has a pretty decent vibration.  Which helps relaxes the anal cavity and provide a nice prostate stimulation.

Again this is great when coupled with a great water based lube for easier insertion.

To also help with insertion the wiggler vibe is designed in such a way to have a tapered point and ribbed for extra pleasure.  There are many toys that are very similar to the wiggler vibe in the anal fantasy collection.

So the style that you like the most should definitely be a contender when considering anal foreplay and preparation.

she pegged my virgin ass
Sex Toy Anal Fantasy Collection
Captain’s Hook

Anal Fantasy Collection Captains Hook Beaded Anal Toy

You don’t need something to vibrate to be a great anal toy.  Sometimes the simplest of toys are the most effective.

The last out of the toys I have chosen is the Anal Fantasy Collection Captains Hook Beaded Anal Toy which is a simple, body safe toy that is great for beginners.

Its beads slowly get bigger and bigger down to the base so not only will this be useful at the beginning of your anal exploration.

It will also come in handy when you are more experienced too.

With an easy to grab hook handle you will never lose this toy to the abyss.  Because being completely made out of silicone, this sturdy anal toy bends with your body’s contours so reaching that p-spot is no issue with this ‘Little beauty’.

It’s quite clear that Pipedream has put some creative thought into the Anal Fantasy Collection range.

Thanks to them beginners can now have a great go-to source for body safe soft silicone toys that are sure to pleasure you in great ways.


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