Some Flavorsome Delights For All Those Intimate Times!

I am reviewing two of our recent additions to our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres sex toy shops in the oral sex department including Sensuva’s Sizzle Lips Warming Edible Gel which is a flavoured lubricant and the Sensuva’s Deeply Love You which is a throat relaxing spray.

I am normally exclusively a salted caramel lubricant girl but I have been really impressed by these products and they have been selling really well in our Penrith store, even though they don’t come in salted caramel flavour (*tear*). Sensuva Deeply Love You comes in three flavours – Cinnamon, Chocolate Mint and Buttered Rum. There have been deep throat sprays for oral sex on the market for a long time. They numb and relax the area to avoid gagging and make the experience of giving head more relaxed. What I like about these ones is that they are more attractively marketed and packaged than the usual and I really like the chocolate mint flavour. I have not tried them in person whilst actually doing the deed but I have sampled our testers in store to get an idea of what customers should expect.

Steps To Use The Relaxing Spray:

  1. Shake the bottle first.
  2. Open your mouth wide.
  3. Uncap the bottle.
  4. Spray the liquid towards the back of your throat.
  5. Keep your head tilted slightly upwards.

The reason I say “Keep your head tilted slight upwards” is that when I tried it, it was during a slow period at work and with no customers, in the store I thought it would be a good opportunity to try it out without too much embarrassment if it somehow went wrong. So I sprayed it in my mouth and the slight shock of the strength and flavour distracted me. I was sort of looking downwards, opening and closing my mouth just getting used to the sensation when the buzzer went off to let me know customers were coming in to the shop, and I jerked my head up, not realising that the spray had made me salivate a bit more than usual and a wonderfully dignified drool is what happened next as my head came up, of course, just as I was about to try and greet customers. Please learn from my shame and don’t make the same mistake at home – unless of course some unexpected drooling is going to enhance the scene (and who am I to judge?)


Sensuva Deeply Love You Image
Image: Sensuva Deeply Love You – Throat Relaxing Spray


Ok, so that was a slightly shaming experience, BUT it goes to show that this would be a great product for oral sex as the numbing effect is definitely for real, and the extra saliva will only add to how great it feels for the recipient. It’s also a funny story to re-enact when I’m drunk, so there’s that.

Flavour-wise, I found both the Cinnamon and Buttered Rum to be less than thoroughly delightful, but they’re not bad enough to not use the product. Chocolate Mint, on the other hand, was really quite tasty. Just be warned, all the flavours taste quite strong initially.

The numbing effect happens pretty quickly and seems to last between 10 mins and half an hour. Most of the effect had gone for me after about 15-20 mins from one squirt of the stuff, but it took about half an hour before it was 100% gone. Which is pretty ideal really for the purposes. If oral is going continuously for longer than that you’re probably going to have a pretty sore jaw. And you can always re-apply if you want a stupendously long session.

Next, on to the Sizzle Lips, it comes in three flavours – Caramel Apple (slight favourite, it is caramel after all). Strawberry and Hot Buttered Rum. Now, these three flavours are all major winners in my book. Super, super tasty. Even though I wasn’t keen on the Rum flavour in their deep throat spray, in the lubricant it’s delicious. Quite probably it’s just hard to find a flavour that can overcome the numbing agents in the spray. But yes, the lube, Oh My God yes. Not only are the flavours fantastic, but there is also a slight warming effect too. I wasn’t sure how fantastic that would be in my mouth but it was actually incredible. The whole thing is like eating the most mouth-watering dessert, and I can only imagine how fantastic it would be in the bedroom. Warming lubes increase arousal and pleasure when used in intimate areas and one which is tasty as hell gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me. High. Quality.

Sizzle Lips are water based lubes so they are safe to use with toys, although I would avoid getting them inside your vagina as flavoured lubes can sometimes provoke thrush. Best to save them for oral and you can always use a wet wipe such as Wet Stuff Swipes, which is safe to use on intimate areas, to get off any residue if you move from oral to penetration in the one session. These lubes also contain glycerine (from vegetables) and tea tree oil, so if you are sensitive to these products just be aware and if necessary avoid them.


About the Author: Jade is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres






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