Complete Guide on Deep Throating

Deep Throat Movie Cover

Deep throat, it can make some people nervous and others rise to the challenge and reign victorious. Since the infamous film broke back in 1972, more and more people each year are warming their throats to the idea that they could do this themselves and even go as far to research tactics to tackle the dreaded gag reflex. For the lucky few who don’t have a gag reflex, gifted souls that you are it makes this act very easy but for those of us that gag and are more sensitive, I have compiled some tactics, tips and products that can assist and make the experience fun and pleasurable.

The pharyngeal reflex is a contraction of the throat, usually when an object is pressed or touched against the roof at the back of the throat or the end of the tongue near the tonsils. This reflex is to prevent choking and I find that many people that have hyper-sensitive reflex generally due to a conditioned response brought on by a traumatic experience previous or acute anxiety. For those on the other end of the spectrum, about 1 in 3 people are found to be lacking or not have the response reflex at all.

Historically not much has been mentioned about deep fellatio until the 70s, Deep Throat the film broke in 1972, an American pornographic film dubbed the ‘forefront of the Golden Age of Porn’. Starring Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems as the Doctor with a story line based on a woman born with an unusual birth defect giving her the ability to perform remarkable fellatio, which the Doctor solves with an unorthodox solution.

It was released at a time where the war was being waged by counterculture and sexual liberation was rising up against a belligerent establishment. This film now considered a cult porn classic, set the bar for other film production companies, directors, writers and of course the actors to up their game. Since 1972, we have seen some big names break specialising in the art of deep throat.

New age actors like Ice La Fox, Lacey Duvalle, Sasha  Grey, Belladonna, Sean Cody’s Curtis and the fiery Gianna Michaels (pictured in order below) who’ve gained notoriety and have even won awards for best oral scenes over the years.


Deep Throating Pornstars Photo
Photo: Adult Movie Star Who Can Deep Throat


I have seen some of these actors in all their glory and have found they all use similar techniques, most will force an object (fingers or sex toys) to trigger the gag or pharyngeal reflex/spasm to relax the throat and make it easier before performing deep fellatio. This is quite extreme and not advised, but I will say that watching these performers just makes me realise why they have won countless awards throughout the years, their sexual abilities are out of this world! I remember watching Sasha Grey once in a gang bang with about ten men and she went deep one after the other, I was in absolute awe of her abilities… I was well, gobsmacked! Whether this scares you or slightly interests you, there is no denying those that achieve this and more have an outstanding ability.

There are products that we at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres do stock to assist those with difficulty in performing deep throat/ fellatio but have that desire to go deep and explore. These product are compact and discreet sprays and creams for those that want to venture deeper into extreme sexual activity and oral foreplay. Sprays will generally have an anesthetic agent to numb the area topically to make it easier to go deep, creams work as lubrication or a coating agent in delightful flavours to accommodate those who may have resistance or allergies to anesthetics or alcohol which are used in sprays.

GoodHead Deep Throat Spray by Doc Johnson

59ml/ 2 fl.oz spray bottle, containing anesthetic to ease the throat. This product is available in four flavours – Mystical Mint, Sexy Cinnamon, Sweet Strawberry and Wild Cherry.


GoodHead Deep Throat Spray by Doc Johnson Photo
Image: GoodHead Deep Throat Spray by Doc Johnson

SUCK IT Deep Throat Spray by Master Series

Suck It spray contains active ingredient Benzocaine anesthetic to ease the throat for deeper pleasure. Available in cooling mint flavour, instructions indicate to wait 5 minutes for this product to take full effect.


Master Series SUCK IT Deep Throat Spray
Image: SUCK IT Deep Throat Spray by Master Series

Sensuva Deeply Love You Throat Relaxer

A more natural alternative, this product doesn’t indicate any anesthetics however it does contain alcohol to assist in relaxing the throat and making it easier to go that extra mile. Available in Cinnamon Roll, Butter Rum, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Mint and Salted Caramel.

Sensuva Deeply Love You Image
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Sensuva Lic-olicious Throat Coating Oral Delight Cream

A lusciously thick oral cream containing natural oils and silicone to help it all go down. These creams don’t contain anesthetic however still very effective! This cream can be used all over the body, nipples, neck and genitals. Not advised as a vaginal lubricant though but still worth every penny! Available in delicious flavours – Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Cinnabun, Blueberry Muffin, Salted Caramel and Mocha Cappuccino.


Sensuva Lic-olicious Throat Coating Oral Delight Cream Photo
Image: Sensuva Lic-olicious Throat Coating Oral Delight Cream

Practice always makes perfect when it comes to a difficult task like fellatio, especially hardcore foreplay like deep throating. Remember to always take your time, relax and enjoy, learn from the professionals and grab yourself a little something to help it go down!


About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



The Do’s and Don’ts Of Group Sex

Group Sex Spongebob Image

Sexual fantasies involving multiple people are one of the most common fantasies for both men and women, it is also one of the reasons why people watch porn. I used to believe that only few people ever ventured into group sex territory and that it was a thing that happened behind closed doors at the end of a dark alley way guarded by vicious werewolves.  I am now a little older and wiser, my mind since expanding as to what is possible when it comes to participating in sexual experiences with multiple people all at the same time. I now realise it can occur in so many different ways and is extremely common. Just to paint a picture of the extent of group sex, here’s a few fun facts:

  • Cuckholding is defined as a man seeing his partner/wife having sex with another man. It is the second most commonly searched heterosexual internet porn categories worldwide.
  • An estimated 15 million Americans engaged in swinging in 2011 (That’s 4% of the population!!).
  • In Japan, Bukkake parties, where multiple men masturbate and ejaculate onto a woman, are held regularly, with establishments openly advertising these parties in very public places.

Through my experiences, I’ve realised that group sex can be challenging to negotiate either as a single person or when in a relationship. It is for this reason I am sharing some advice for group sex newbies and people looking to open to this wonderful and exciting field of possibilities.


If this is not present then challenging issues may arise. Communication needs to be open throughout any sexual experience and with more then two people involved, it is especially important that everyone involved feels comfortable communicating. If you can’t communicate with one partner, you’re going to struggle with more so I recommend having this down pat before experimenting with multiple people at once. There are some really important things to discuss prior to engaging in a group sexcapade that will mean a healthy and fulfilling experience.

  • Boundaries: What is not ok, what behaviours are you not willing to engage in, what are your limits? When this information is known, the people you are engaging with can feel more at ease knowing your limits and what is ok to do. Obviously, things can change throughout the experience and it is important that all people involved are empowered to speak up throughout.
  • Desires: Speaking your desires and voicing what turns you on can be a really juicy way of letting everyone involved know how best to pleasure you. It means that you get to receive exactly what turns you on

Sexual Health

Taking the right precautions to stay physically healthy is crucial and having more sexual partner’s means you’re at a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. In order to make sure that you’re safe when engaging in group sex, condoms are a must. This also means using a different condom for each partner. Getting tested for STI’s is important in order to keep everyone safe.


World Ending Group Sex Question
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Eliminate Expectations For It To Go A Certain Way

Like any sexual experience, trying to stick to a plan is a libido destroyer. Adult movies demonstrate threesomes, foursomes and moresomes in a way that is intended to entertain the viewer-it is not for educational purposes. So don’t be concerned if your experience doesn’t look the way you thought it might. Group sex, like any other sexual experience, can be messy and awkward at times. I mean, for a start, an extra set of limbs is guaranteed to make for some logistical concerns! I find that approaching group sex with a sense of playfulness without trying to get it “right” is a sure way of making it a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

Must Be An Authentic Mutual Desire Of All People Involved

No matter if it involves 3, 4 or 10 people, having all people on the same page is vital in order for the group experience to be enjoyable. If you are going along to fulfill your partners desires and they are not your own, issues are sure to arise. I can’t stress this enough, only partake if it is your own desire to do so!

Jealousy Is A Normal Emotion

Speaking to friends about polyamory and sex with multiple partners, I hear the same thing “I couldn’t do that, I would get too jealous.” Now maybe I am wrong here but I believe that no matter what kind of relationship you are in or what kind of experiences you partake in, jealousy is probably going to come up! It may be that you’re jealous because your boyfriend has an attractive work friend who he spends time with. Or it could be that you get jealous when you saw your girlfriend checking out the cute bartender. In fact you may experience either emotional jealousy or sexual jealousy, or maybe you’ll experience both at the same time. Often the stories we create to justify why we feel jealous are unfounded however it is a strong emotion that brings out very intense feelings which is why people avoid situations where it may be felt. My advice to you is to openly discuss these feelings and fears with your partner without projecting it on them or blaming them for your feelings. If facing is jealousy is completely out of the question then maybe group sex is not your cup of tea. However if you can see it for what it is-an emotion that will pass-and you’re prepared to possibly feel it then group sex may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Have Fun!!

I think the main point to remember when participating in group sex is that it should be an overall fun, pleasurable and playful experience that allows you to connect with different people. I have spoken to many people who swear that opening their relationship was the best thing they did. I understand it is not for everyone but any shame surrounding a mutual desire to participate in group sex in the context of a relationship needs to be eradicated. Also any single people looking to explore with multiple people should be proud of their willingness to explore the possibilities of this awesome activity

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA NursingSave








Beatrix Is Simply Demoniq!

Demoniq Beatrix in Black Photo

I am really excited to receive two sets of lingerie from Demoniq in exchange for an honest review! I really like sex toys but I ADORE lingerie.

The first thing that I like about Demoniq, is that it’s unlike many lingerie brands, their designers share a real passion not only for fashion but also for  eroticism. Behind each collection, there is a story and a particular functionality. Not only are their designers creative but they’re also focused on pleasing every type of woman by exploring different kinks, desires and fetishes. Unlike typical brands, Demoniq doesn’t design products for just ONE customer base. Demoniq reunites all of us! Giving us completely different options. By their collections, you can tell how open-minded the creators and designers are.  Demoniq is the brainchild of Mariusz Senger!

In my case, being in a relationship and continuing to feel a strong sexual desire for each other over an extended period of time, is not an easy mission. The harsh truth (for at least 90% of us I’d say) is that we don’t get a stronger desire for a look or body we have already known for so long. It is a bit sad but that could explain why so many people cheat on their partners despite still having strong feelings for them rather than staying with that person in an effort to explore other options to satisfy their sexual life. Some people say that if two people really love each other; body and appearance changes shouldn’t matter. I could agree at first but to be honest after thinking about it for a minute, I can tell you that I don’t.

Thankfully, there are many options to keep things going in the bedroom like trying different sex positions, participating in erotic massages, using couples sex toys, reading sex stories, role playing with a lover and joining a fetish community like FetLife to find like minded people. And in my case, my favorite option works fine; I love to wear sexy lingerie!

Why I Love Wearing Lingerie

The first reason why I wear lingerie, is because of my boyfriend. When I am single, I don’t care much about wearing or buying pricey and sexy lingerie especially if I already have some. I wouldn’t think much about how I look and even less about my underwear. I only expect them to be clean and a minimum quality to last at least for a few months. I’d be more the type of girl to spend more money on food and drinks than clothes. But a year ago, my routine changed. I wanted to feel sexy again and impress my partner. It worked fine most of the time, I felt confident, I had good looking outfits but after few months of being too comfortable with him, I became “myself” again and just kept always wearing the same outfits. I thought I was fine with that but after a while, I became unhappy with the way I looked and it affected my sexual life. So, I bought myself a new set of lingerie and let me tell you this: Lingerie is life! It is amazing how a light set of lingerie can influence someone’s mind! I personally love to wear diverse types of lingerie. I just feel like a whole new person every time I buy some.

Photo: Demoniq Beatrix in Black
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Demoniq Beatrix Lingerie Review

At first sight, the “Beatrix” is not the type of lingerie I’d buy. It’s quite a raunchy look that I’m not really into but I know that this one piece dress would please my boyfriend! The dressed comes in a beautiful black cardboard box, with the picture of a sexy tattooed blond model.  They give us the essential information on the front and back of the packaging about composition and size, it even includes a size guide. I actually find the packaging really well done and totally appropriate for the outfit. The dress is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane.

The dress is short; I mean really really SHORT! Being covered is definitely not the goal because I don’t even need to bend, my buttocks are already visible and the really thin lace at the front is almost useless. I’d recommend you to take a good look at the dimensions at the size guide before buying. My fit is great as I got an extra-large size and didn’t want to be unable to move but in your case if that’s what you want, you should take a lower size as the dress is stretchy.

I really like the fact that this outfit is stretchy and still has this “tight and black wet look” but I unfortunately am not comfortable with the front being too exposed and not having a good support for my big breasts. This one doesn’t suit me well unfortunately because the dress is stretchy, my bulges aren’t hidden. It doesn’t make me look smaller but actually bigger. In my case, it’s exactly the main reason why I feel like this dress doesn’t suit me. Don’t get me wrong, I am curvy but love my body. This dress just doesn’t exploit my best potential.

To take care of Demoniq Lingerie, the best option is to hand wash it to keep this outfit as long as you can. If you put this dress in your washing machine, there is a big chance the wet look will be damaged so don’t even try to do that!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Beatrix is a really hot dress, comfortable if you get a size up but doesn’t give an advantageous look if the woman wearing it, is not 100% comfortable with parts of her body being too exposed. The polyester wet look is not always a curvy girl’s best friend. I looked like a mess in this dress to be honest.


About the author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave





What You Need To Clone-A-Pussy!

Clone-A-Pussy in Hot Pink

One of Oh Zone customers favourite novelty items in the Adult Lifestyle Centres are the Clone-A-Willy kits which allow you to make a silicone replica of a man’s penis. I think these are such an amazing gift, perfect for couples (think long distance relationships and having an exact vibrating replica of your man’s penis…hot!!) and people who are interested in a gag gift for friends. Being a woman, I was a little jealous that men had the option to replicate their manhood yet when it came to my womanly parts, there was no equivalent. I was ridiculously excited to come in one day to work to find the Clone-A-Pussy Kit sitting on the shelf and grabbed it straight away with eager anticipation. A replica of my pussy, what is not to be excited about?!

My Silicone Replica Of My Vulva

I mentioned to several people my excitement to have a silicone replica of my vulva and it was met with mixed reactions. “Why the hell would you want to do that?” was the most common response which got me thinking why exactly it was that I was so keen to try it. Did this mean I was a narcissist? I mean it kind of seems like the equivalent of having a picture of yourself (and just you) on your bedside table staring at you as you wake in the morning, reminding you how amazing you are. A wise person once told me “If you worry about being a narcissist, you most definitely are not one” so I was able to eliminate a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and quickly realised that my desire to do this was an act of self-love, a reclamation of sorts.


Clone-A-Pussy in Hot Pink
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There exists so much shame in the collective feminine in regard to our bodies and our pussies. We are taught that what lies between our legs is something to keep hidden and are rarely encouraged to explore what our pussies look like. I have spoken to women aged into their 60’s who claim that they have never seen what their vulvas look like. Some of these women have even given birth to babies!! How can we fully grasp what is happening to our bodies during life changing experiences such as childbirth if we don’t even know what our reproductive organs look like? And how can we expect a lover or partner to accept every part of our bodies if we don’t even know what they are looking at down there?

Unlike men whose genitals are external, women need to really take the time to explore their female external genitalia (vulva). This could mean grabbing a hand mirror or taking a pussy selfie. I would encourage any and every woman to try this exercise out and really observe what your pussy looks like, get to know it and understand where your anatomy sits. It’s a great practice to start for health purposes as you will be able to see if there’s any unusual changes occurring. It’s also helpful so that when you are communicating to sexual partners, you have a visual idea of what you’re asking for.

How I Used My Clone-A-Pussy Kit

Getting back to my experience with the Clone-A-Pussy Kit, this process was just a way of finding love and appreciation for the most precious part of my body, which was something different and fun to do. I took it home and couldn’t wait to see what mine would look like in hot pink silicone. The instructions on the back made it sound so simple, telling me to mix warm water with the moulding powder and place in the moulding cup. It then said to place the cup over my vulva and wait for it to set before taking it away. You then pour the silicone into the mould and wait for it to set before it’s done!

I mixed the moulding powder and placed it into the cup. By the time I walked into the bathroom and took my pants off the mould had already set!!! There was not a chance it was going to work now. I tried melting it with hot water, trying to soften it but with no success. It grinded my gears because there was no warning about how quickly the mould would set, the instructions were quite simplistic. For it to work, you would have to be ready to go straight after quickly mixing the powder and water, and instantly place it over your vulva. So now I am stuck with hot pink silicone in a jar and no pussy replica. I considered placing the silicone into one of those long ice cube moulds to make a mini dildo toy but gave up on that silly idea. I am determined to give this kit another go since it was actually a really easy process if I knew how quick setting the mould was. A bonus now is that I will be able to create 2 copies with the extra silicone- Yay to the lucky person who gets the second copy for their birthday!!

What Happens When We Love Our Bodies

There is something so empowering about loving all parts of our bodies. I have found that once we can find love and accept the way our vulvas look then finding love for all other parts of our bodies will become so much easier. The process of fully loving our bodies unconditionally isn’t a short one but it is definitely a worthwhile journey necessary for every women to start. It has made me feel pride for my body and femininity. I feel so much more comfortable being naked and have opened to greater pleasure, intimacy and connection because of my willingness to get to know all parts of my body. The Clone-A-Pussy Kit is a great way for women to get to know their bodies and to make a positive step on their journey of body love and acceptance. Plus it would make for an amazing gift for your partner or spouse so they have a 3D version of possibly their favourite body part of yours!!


Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA NursingSave





Finding The Grafenberg Spot (G-Spot)

Women Relaxing on Bed Photo

26 years on this earth and it was this year that I managed to find my own G-spot *snaps for Bree*. After purchasing countless vibrators and using fingers in a hook-like shape over the years, the one tool that managed to hit my spot was in fact the humble dildo. But why is it so difficult to locate this hidden gem? I am going to aim upward in this quest and investigate the mystery further and hopefully give all the ladies out there some extra thought to this conundrum.

Using a Doc Johnson Purple Ballsy Cock with suction cup who I’ve affectionately named Sherlock, I hit the sweet spot, the serenity button and it was glorious. It took me about 15-20 minutes and I found lying down on a bed, lounge, table, or any other surface, in a half sitting up/lying down position tilting slightly was the recipe or success which pretty much fits the description of almost every reliable source I came across when researching this topic.


Womans Curvy Backside Photo
Image: Womans Bum


Be prepared though, if you try this method it is physically intensive so make sure you are prepared for possible wank cramp and I will know this works for you if I start seeing some Popeye arms around! That beautiful moment though when the orgasm hits, like getting to the top of the roller coaster before the big drop, the build-up, the anticipation, it was one of the greatest moments (and achievements) of my life to date.

Once I had the first taste of success, repeatedly I managed to locate it with the above method in mind. Now this may not work for every woman out there but certainly worth trying it if you have never experienced successful G-spot stimulation while following the guidelines that claim to lead us to orgasm and even in some cases, female ejaculation included.

The “G-spot” is an abbreviation of the “Grafenberg spot” named after the man (yes man) who first discovered it. Dr. Grafenberg, a German Gynaecologist, discovered this particularly sensitive location in the woman’s vagina in 1950.

In Grafenberg’s discovery, he has documented that the G-spot is a bean-shaped gland that shows physical links to the clitoris, it is located about 2 inches inside the vagina and is comparable to the male prostate in function and purpose. It is widely suggested that using your fingers to roughly the second joint and of course pointing up (as if you were doing a “come here” motion, literally) toward the belly button is how to locate and arouse the G-spot.

Where the G-Spot is Located
Diagram: The G-Spot


However, you cannot directly touch your G-spot, but when aroused it fills with fluid and swells making it quite sensitive to stimulation. When locating it, there should be a spot that is a little rougher to the touch than the surrounding area under the pubic bone. Some sources have described it as feeling like the roof of your mouth.

The glands associated with the coveted G-spot orgasm are called “Skene Glands” they are made up of the peri-urethral (urethral tissues) and para-urethral (adjacent to the urethra) glands. All glands are on the anterior wall of the vagina, around the lower end of the urethra.

The Female Prostate and Skene glands are anatomically and functionally distinct and separate from one another. The Skene glands are surrounded by tissue (which includes part of the Clitoris), this area during sexual arousal, becomes flush with blood and fills with a Prostatic fluid. The Prostatic fluid is generally a white colour and made up of a similar composition to that of the fluid generated in males by the male Prostate gland, containing biochemical markers of sexual function like Human Urinary Protein, and the enzyme PDE5.


Skene Glands Photo
Diagram: Female prostate and ejaculatory glands


Female ejaculation isn’t always present, in some women it is completely absent which may explain why many women believe female ejaculation doesn’t exist all together. With some women not having this ability, this would certainly alter the outcome of an orgasm.

The only way to set off the G-spot and all the contributing tissues and glands is once you’re aroused, unfortunately it’s not just a quick press like a button… If only it were that simple!

But like many women, we must prep the area with some love before we get to the climax point, so nothing out of the ordinary for most of us! As for our partners, sorry, can’t get out of this one that easily… foreplay is a definite when it comes to caressing Dr. Grafenberg’s discovery.


Funny Quote Image
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As well as using fingers, it has been claimed by some lucky ladies out there that men can also stimulate this area very well with their Penis particularly in positions where the man, or woman using a strap-on or dong is behind the woman (e.g. Doggy-style) and by making shallow thrusts against the front of the vaginal wall. If the penis or toy is curved upwards, you can also reach the area easily in Missionary position.

You could say finding the G-spot is essentially a rite of passage for some of us as a women’s vaginal wall becomes thinner with age and therefore the G-spot becomes more pronounced and easier to stimulate as the woman gets older and is believed this is one of the reasons why most women reach their sexual peak between 30-40 years of age.

In summary, The G-spot is made up of different areas of the vagina, both external and internal areas, tissues, glands, and fluids. Once all are synchronized and aroused simultaneously this can attribute to a feeling of ecstasy, that mystical G-spot orgasm takes flight and if you’re anatomically bestowed to ejaculate during G-spot stimulation and eventual orgasm, the moment could prove to be a little messy! But all for fun!

So, what are you waiting for ladies? You can even class it as some practical research all in the name of Science!

Love yourself, get know your body more intimately and find that fucking G-spot!



About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres








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