Suprising Sex Facts That You Might Not Know

Sex facts continue to surprise us on a daily basis here at Adult Smart and THE Adult Lifestyle Centres. Sex has a long history and you can only imagine the interesting facts that have developed over that time period. Adult Smart presents to you 36 Suprising Sex Facts which we hope to help you learn new things about sex.

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36 Surprising Sex Facts 

Fact 1

Most common age people lose their virginity is at 17 years of age.

Fact 2

Guinness world record’s largest penis record holder goes to Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. Roberto’s penis measures at 48.2cm which is 18.9 inches long. This penis has a circumference of 25cm which is 10 inches.

Fact 3

Two Chinstrap male penguins Roy and Silo from New York City’s Zoo were gay. They both attempted to nest upon a rock in order to hatch it.  Zoo keepers placed another penguin’s egg in their exhibit and they were able to hatch it. Their baby penguin is named Tango. And their story was turned into a children’s book named “And Tango Makes Three”.

Fact 4

Dr Kellogg’s the creator of Kellogg’s Cornflakes used cereal as an anti-masturbation campaign. He believed that if people ate a healthy diet would reduce the creation of sexual thoughts.

Fact 5

Durex researched the average erect penis size and found that it measured 14cm to 16cm which is 5.5 inches to 6.3 inches when erect.  Girth measured 12cm to 13cm which is 4.7 inches to 5.1 inches.

Fact 6

World’s largest penis in the whole world was measured at 8 feet and goes to a killer Whale.

Fact 7

The world’s unbroken longest kiss goes to a couple who kiss for 31 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

Fact 8

Common bisexual animals include Giraffes, Sea Lions, Turkeys, Snails, Dolphins, Bonobos, Flamingos, Vampire Bats, Killer Whales and Penguins.

Fact 9

It is said that within Australia 66% of males are circumcised at birth.

Fact 10

People find it harder to lie to someone they find sexually attractive.

Fact 11

A Sexual Behaviour Study made by Alfred Kinsey stated that 15 to 20 year old had sexual intercourse four times per week. 30 year old’s had sexual intercourse three times per week. 40 year old’s had sexual intercourse twice times per week. 60 years old’s had sexual intercourse once times per week.

Fact 12

A survey by SuperDrug Online Doctor found that the average sexual partners a woman has is 7 people whilst men had a 6.4 average.

Fact 13

Females and males can both have 3 easy steps for multiple orgasms! For men to have multiple orgasms, men must not ejaculate during their first orgasm and maintain their erection.

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Fact 14

A man will produce around 52 litre’s of semen in his lifetime.

Fact 15

A man’s ejaculation speed can be as fast as 45.06 kph.

Fact 16

Sperm travels 6 inches to arrive at the cervix which takes up to 5 minutes. For sperm to travel to the egg in can take up to 72 hours stated by Mark Elliot, director of the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health in Columbus, Ohio.

Fact 17

Women can be hornier during their period due to increased hormones levels. Due to extra blood flow, some women breasts and genitals become swollen making them extremely sensitive this will help extremely well during foreplay.

Fact 18

When women orgasm they release natural endorphins that relieve pain.

Fact 19

For a man to make his semen taste better he has to drink a lot of water, consume some cinnamon and drink pineapple juice all in healthy quantities. It is recommended to avoid caffeine meat and dairy products.

Fact 20

Through female breast stimulation alone only 1% of the population can achieve orgasm.

Fact 21

Some women can orgasm in under 30 seconds through clitoral stimulation.

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Fact 22

During sex people are less likely to finds things disgusting.

Fact 23

2012 London Olympic games provided the athletes with a whooping 150,000 free condoms. This gave each athlete around 15 condoms.

Fact 24

Porn star Annabel Chung was a record breaker who over 10 hours was involved in 251 different sex acts for a porn documentary called “The World’s Biggest Gang Bang”.

Fact 25

People spend an average of 20,150 minutes kissing for their whole entire lives.

Fact 26

Pubic hair tends to grow much slower than any other body hair.

Fact 27

Founder of Gary Kremen had his girlfriend leave him to someone she found on

Fact 28

100 million people participate in sex every day.

Fact 29

Sex burns 200 calories every 30 minutes but you do have to be the one doing the work.

Fact 30

In Ancient Egypt dried crocodile poo which naturally contains spermicidal properties was used as a form of contraceptive.

Fact 31

One of the most common sexual legends is that men think about sex every 7 seconds.

Fact 32

Foot and shoe fetishes are the most common fetish worldwide.

Fact 33

It is said that a man averages around 11 erections a day including his morning wood.

Fact 34

If a female ferret has no sex for a year, it will die.

Fact 35

Sex produces additional estrogen in women which will make their hair appear luxuriously shinier and make their skin will glow.

Fact 36

If a female chimpanzee is feeling exceptionally horny and passionate they can exceed the strength of 6 human men.

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