What Does The G-Vibe 2 Even Do?

G-Vibe Reviewed

What Does It Even Do?

My initial thoughts when clasping my eyes on the Funtoys G-Vibe 2 for the first  time was “What the hell is it? Where on earth does it go? and What does it even do?”. So I absolutely had to review it. Spoiler alert, the answer to all those questions is, the world is your oyster. It does as much as your imagination permits. Oh and Funtoys G-Vibe 2 has my favourite instruction booklet of all time, no words at all, just ‘how to use it’ pictures just in case you don’t have an imagination.
Funtoys G-Vibe 2 is a split dildo, something I had never heard of before. It is just like a normal vibrator its 9.5 inches long but split down the middle at the top to create 2 arms. Each of the arms are 3 1/2″ in length and can be inserted about 3 inches.  The over all size is quite large if you’re looking for something to travel with, but is very reasonable no matter your experience level as far as penetration goes.  The handle is very like a Lelo, Fun Factory, plastic and ergonomic, with a finger ring. It comes in pink, purple and black.
Funtoys G-Vibe 2 packaging is beautiful , even if it’s not very discreet for storage. Its a sturdy tube box with a design on the front that was apparently drawn by a famous erotic artist. I would love  a bigger version on my bedroom wall. its a keeper, There is a draw string bag too and the USB magnetic charger (no wall plug though unfortunately)  When you open up the box the vibe sits in a foam-like cutout .  The erotic illustrations really give an extra quality that makes this toy  extra special.
G-Vibe 4 Couples Sex toy
Sex Toy: Funtoys G-Vibe 4
Funtoys G-Vibe 2 feels lovely, silky and velvety smooth. It wouldn’t attract dust and would just require a spray of sex toy cleaner. I have to say with its ears, it does look a bit intimidating, but the ears are very pliable and easily flex together for insertion. You can really see by the picture, just how easily flexible this sex toy is. Don’t worry when they open once inside, they are not going to snap open like a jack in the box. If anything I would probably prefer they were a little less pliable so they exerted more pressure on your g-spot and a- spot. However, Funtoys G-Vibe 2 has the flexibility of the ears that make this sex toy so incredibly versatile.

G-Vibe 2 Is Genius

The Funtoys G-Vibe 2 has….wait for it ..3 motors! One in each ear and one at the base. Most sex toys only have 2 motors at most. There are 6 vibration patterns, all easily controlled with 3 buttons on the handle. It has an ‘on’ button, which is pressed again for different vibration patterns, a ‘+’ button for intensity, and a “-” to reduce power and hold to turn off. So simple, no PHDs required here.  The vibration patterns are really well thought out and there really is one for everyone. The vibrations definitely packs a punch on high. There is depth to it although it isn’t as rumbly as some of Lelo and Fun Factory vibrators.  Now as I said, this sex toy is really only limited by your imagination, the instruction booklet has absolutely no words in it, just pictures of what you can do with it. All though I am not sure the nipple one will suit everybody with the tips of the ears only being about 4 inches apart. Other than that,  the Funtoys G-Vibe 2 is genius.

Amazing Couples Sex Toy

I have no idea why the Funtoys G-Vibe 2 are marketed so obviously towards women as it is an amazing couples sex toy. It can be used anally too as a prostate massager or if you prop it under the chin while giving a blow job for extra sensations.  It is a great sex toy for couples or solo use. It is very easy to use with a good quality water based lubricant. Lots of people whinged that the original G- vibe was a brilliant idea, but fell short on power and water resistance. Well, there should be no complaints now. The company have really listened and put in a whole extra motor and made it 100% Waterproof!
So don’t be intimidated by the Funtoys G-Vibe 2, just go and introduce yourselves.


Review: Minna Limon

Minna Limon Squeezable Vibrator





Trim Before You Clone-A-Pussy!

Clone-A-Pussy Mould

Have you ever seen a penis or vagina that was just perfect and you said to yourself, “Damn! if only I could have this penis/vagina forever without the attachment” or maybe you’re in an amazing relationship with someone and you just want a special part of them wherever you are…..at home, on holidays, at work perhaps? Well what if I told you could have just that, what if you could just make a mould of that perfect penis or those luscious lips……..you’d be thinking I’m crazy and you might be right but its more than possible thanks to “clone-a-willy” and “clone-a-pussy”. These penis or vagina moulding kits makes it possible to create and exact replica sex toy of your partner’s plaything.

My initial thoughts was that this would be very simple and easy and a fantastic opportunity to explore your partners intimate area, while it’s not technically difficult its very much an un-sexy process and the end result isn’t as refined as some dongs and synthetic vaginas that I’ve experienced. Don’t get me wrong it’s a brilliant novelty, and absolutely wonderful if you want to create a long term mould of your partners privates.

Included in these moulding kits is “nearly” everything you would need to make your creation. Moulding powder, moulding container, stirring stick, thermometer (clone-a-willy only), a plastic vibrator (clone-a-willy only), clear and skinned coloured silicone is all here but to make your clone, you’ll also need a Sharpie or pen, a pair of scissors, some mixing bowls, a disposable mixing bowl, a measuring cup, water, cardboard, a timer or stopwatch, and of course, you’re genital donor.

Even though the process is very similar between clone-a-willy and pussy there still are a few differences, for example the instructions and method for the clone-a-pussy is simpler, unlike the clone-a-willy, it doesn’t require you to be quite as meticulous about measurements and timing and the temperature isn’t as vigilant. Also the clone-a-pussy isn’t really a sex toy at all, but its a good outside replica, still great for the curious or sentimental  sex ornament collectors.

The instructions on both say hair shouldn’t matter, unless it’s long, in which case you should trim beforehand.

Clone-A-Pussy Edible Chocolate
Sex Toy: Clone-A-Pussy Edible

Once you follow all the instructions and have mixed everything together, you are now ready for the “fun” part. The moulding containers will overflow when you stick the genitals in, and it will spill everywhere. The spillage isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is inevitable though.  The worst part of the part o the whole experience is when it is setting, and it’s even worse for females using the clone-a-pussy. It can feel really odd as it sets; so many users could feel it tighten in the vaginal opening and penis shaft. The runny goo will go all over your hands, which is gross and if you’re using your phone as a timer then you will unfortunately get the mixture on your phone as well (I recommend using an egg timer). Takes about 2-4 minutes until it’s gelled to hold the shape which is very reasonable seeing as the experience isn’t the most pleasant. Another downside is that you have to hold it tight against your body; it’s uncomfortable and can be very tiring and if you have weak hands then its sure cause hand cramps, so keep that in mind.

Now that you have the mould is complete you will have to be super patient and let the vagina mould sit for at least 4 hours but you can leave it longer if you want. Once the mould has set you then can move onto the silicone mixing stage (I recommend using an old Chinese container to do the mixing), after thoroughly mixing the solution you can pour it into the mould. It takes about 24 hours usually.

The result! After all the negatives I stated with the experience being a total pain, it doesn’t take away the fact that these products do exactly what they are supposed to, the clone your genitals with extreme detail. Veins, lips, indents and wrinkles pop out and makes it look super realistic. The is a little firm and not as squishy as some already made dongs and synthetic pussies.

The silicone mix that you use to make the penis/vagina is non-phalate, non-porous and completely body safe which is amazing. Because it is a silicone mixture the only lube you can use with the clone-a-willy is water-based.

Pros: The results are very accurate and realistic, it’s fantastic novelty and it’s unique

Cons: Not really a fun experience, not sexy at all, it also can take multiple tries to get it right, and silicone is a little bit too hard.

The Clone-a-Willy/Pussy kit is really well presented, and everything included is brilliant. The directions are worded well and are very helpful, and you can make a perfect mould when done correctly. I’d definitely recommend getting an extra mould or two so that you can learn without the pressure before making a final product. If you’re looking for an amazing realistic ‘johnson’ or to use as a toy then I would be looking into a pre made realistic but  you want an amazing novelty and something “fun” to do with your partner then this is highly recommended.

P.S I had Customer buy three Clone-a-willy’s  off me once, and her reason for buying three was because she was with three guys at the same time and she wanted to visually compare all of their cocks so she moulded all of them to find out and make a decision of that. So the reasons to buy a clone-a-willy is limited by only ones imagination it seems

About the Author: Bronson is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


Why Read Erotic Fiction?

Erotic Fiction

Even though I tend to refuse instructions when I buy new IKEA furniture, I do like a good read and some of the short stories in the category of Erotic Fiction are my absolute favourite. Yes, I said it. I’m not ashamed I read Erotic Fiction. I don’t even bother to hide it from my family anymore. There is nothing missing or lacking in any of my relationships that forces me to read it. Why Read Erotic Fiction? To simply enjoy it for what it is.

I personally like Erotic Fiction that promise to deliver highly sexually intense situations and play along with relatable or believable sex plots which normally have a good outcome. Also something that is 20 pages or less is happily preferred to cater my attention span. I often lean more towards funny or realistic couple erotica. Stories in which characters just mattress dance the entire book don’t do it for me. I won’t lie and say that I don’t want any sexual descriptions. I love to read about the bed play, the shower scenes, the car scenes, the….well, you get the point. I like lots of description, and the more descriptive the better. But I also need humor and an emotional connection.

I will admit BDSM Erotic Fiction is not something that turns me on but this is not to say that I don’t feel they aren’t worth reading. The wonderful thing about Erotic Fiction is there is a story out there for everyone. You just have to find your interest. I think one of the best things about Erotic Fiction is that anything can happen. Unlike pornography with erotica they can make magic sex happen in the oddest of places or sexual positions or have one to many unrealistic orgasms. They can describe an orgasm in so much detail, each and every touch the lovers make, every time their bodies react and how they feel mentally that you can never grasp with any type of DVD.

Now the real question is, why read books when you can just watch a movie? It does seem that movies are heavily more popular and mainstream then books nowadays and it much easier to sit down for an hour or two watching a porno then it is to get invested in a book that might take you a few days to get through, but that doesn’t mean movies are better, just more convenient.


Erotic Fiction
Book Cover: Sex Literature


In books it”s much easier to see what is going through certain characters heads.  This actually makes the characters actions and motivations make more sense when they play out.  Instead of just having a person strip naked and deciding to ravage the postman for some reason, we can sometimes hear their thoughts and the character can explain and justify their logic. Plots also make more sense in book form because the point of the book is to tell a story, not to visually amaze. This is one of of the biggest reasons why books are easier to be emotionally invested in. It doesn’t feel like I’m just reading something to get off on but rather something I can just sit down an enjoy the plot for what it is regardless of being erotic or not.

Another advantage with Erotic Fiction is that when you have a black out or out camping etc you will still have something accessible……a book. All you need is a light source if it’s dark and you can read a book practically anywhere. The great thing about reading an erotic novel is that the characters are as beautiful as you want and most of the plots seem more believable, because in your head you picture how you would think it would happen in real life, which is much more immersive then being bombarded with awkward dialogue and countless actors with no acting skill at all.  As long as the writing is descriptive and well done then your head will do the rest of the work.

Don’t get me wrong I love watching porn but I like reading my short stories as well. My short stories are not just to turn me or give me new ideas, it’s just the enjoyment of good characters and story-lines mixed with how my head pictures it all makes it incomparable.


Review: Dame Eva

Hands Free Clitoral Vibrator
Before I became a grown up, I thought like most women, once a penis entered my vagina it was going to be all moaning and screaming and flapping my hair about in a frenzy of ecstasy. But as it turned out I was one of the 70% of Women that need a bit of clitoral stimulation to achieve that!  Sadly, some women still think everyone should be in the 30% that can and so unfortunately do many men. That’s why sex toys are such an amazing thing for couples and I am very excited by the ‘Eva’ made by Dame. I have been curious about the Dame Eva, it is certainly a cute and intriguing little number, so today I thought I would take the opportunity to explore her. It promises that holy grail, revolutionary, hands free, external clitoral stimulation to enhance a woman’s experience. So that you can be completely hands free during intercourse and be completely available to treat each others bodies like a theme park. It can provide clitoral stimulation in many different sexual positions. I have a We-Vibe 4, which I love. its in the same price range but that’s worn internally and moving body parts and lubrication make it difficult to keep in place. Dame Eva is a completely unique concept as it is worn between the labia and rests over the clitoris.
Clit Sex Toys
Graph: Dame Eva Image Instruction Guide
Dame Eva is packaged just how I like sex toys to be, completely discreetly. It’s in a black square box, like a jewelry box. The body safe, high quality, medical grade silicone that is phthalate free and feels lovely. The same as We Vibe really, it’s  soft and smooth and silky with no drag and no slipperiness. Dame Eva looks like some sort of delightful silicone beetle and comes in two pretty and popular: lavender and aqua green  It looks like a cute little bug, but with two arms which are designed to stimulate the labia. The labia a sensitive area which can be overlooked yet plays an important part in arousal and is used to hold the massager in place. Some women with labia that’s on the small side have reported it’s a bit harder to keep in place than it seems to be for ladies with bigger lips so I would definitely recommend it especially for curvaceous vulvas.
When using Eva, the tips of the legs should be facing down towards your vaginal opening. It should be placed so that it rests on top of your clitoris. Next, tuck the legs under the labia majora, or minora, it all depends on your shape. The arms freaked me out a bit, when I turned it on and it slipped out of my hand by accident and went scuttling across the counter with its vibrations. Yikes!
It’s very small and discreet, at just 3 inches long at its widest point , very not intimidating. It’s a good clitoris toy for a new partner. Having a vibrator you can use during sex is a great trick to have up your sleeve, especially one as small as this. You can surprise him with your “Exxxtreme 23″ double header” a bit further down the track.. . seriously though, he won’t feel like his masculinity is compromised, especially when you are  having, genuine, really good orgasms during sex.  Not only that, he can feel the vibrations too so everyone’s a winner.
When you first charge it , you must puncture the silicone with the cable, I hate doing that with waterproof toys, but Eva isn’t waterproof. It has a battery that lasts about 5 hours on the lowest setting, and 1 hour on the highest apparently. There is a small LED light inside Eva that winks when changing the setting, but changes to red when it needs to be charged. Its size makes it travel friendly too and  it comes with a satin drawstring bag which is always  a good thing for keeping toys with their chargers. It is rechargeable and comes with USB and a wall plug.
Dame Eva is easy to use that’s for sure.  The on/off switch is nice and big and located at the top of the vibe which makes it easy to change speeds while you’re using it. There are only three speeds, no fancy patterns but will take you over the edge. I love simplicity and I really want to like this toy,  and I probably would if my clitoris favoured really mild, surface, buzzy, constant, vibrations (mild even when Eva is on  high), but mine doesn’t. and if I liked my toys to be noisy, I might love this too.This thing sounds like its an aeroplane about to take off when it’s on top setting!…( which is definitely not what you want when it already looks like a bug).  I am at a loss as to how there is not more power in it. I want to shake it.  Perhaps power is sacrificed for the size and shape. You can only use this in the missionary position really, or it wouldn’t stay in and you can only use it if it fits your anatomy. The same can be said of most toys I think, however this is particularly true of Eva. it probably needs a little practice to get it into position. There is a a low battery indicator light will help you avoid the maddening disappointment your beloved sex toy suddenly losing charge mid-ecstasy!
We are all different though, and for the person who can grip this successfully with her labia, it really is a great idea.  In fact, I’m sure Dame Eva could be a godsend for the right body. Oh , and in order to stay in place it would rely on friction so lube should be avoided. If you were going to use it hand held though, you could lube it up to the max .  The pros are that this is an extremely friendly looking sex toy—and super portable, If it does fit you and you like weaker vibrations then fantastic! If not then the We-Vibe is definitely worth a try. This is a luxury sex toy, retailing at around the $200 AUD mark and is rechargeable via a USB charger. It definitely feels high class.

Emily and Terri consultants from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres
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