Ultra Singapore 2016

Ultra Festival Singapore

Living as an expat in the wonderful city of Singapore can be quite a delight in the truest sense. You’re basically a wanderer or a nomad, breaching political barriers and borders as you look for a place to live in beside your own motherland; yes, I am in my fatherland. Being far away from home can be a bit daunting, to say the least, but the experience here is unfathomable. The work, the culture, the entire setting in the heart of the eastern world, Singapore has never ever failed to impress and send me babbling with alienated words and picking up on cheap street language to describe how truly at home I feel right here.

The place is exceptionally great for people like me who love to experience the nuances of life. I’ve been here for 5 years now and the place has given me great opportunities and warm and wonderful people to interact with. I even love the nightlife here as it truly expands and glows in the dark. As a lot of Singapore is still into the traditional Chinese customs and culture, the ways of the world is constantly putting it through amazing changes and Singapore has now embraced globalization completely. It amazing to watch it grow and be part of the upbeat of the world.

As for me, I am weird guy living in a completely sane city. When words fail me I stick to hooting, and that my friend, can get you in trouble in Singapore. While the rules of domesticated life, something I will never know, hover over you like a chandelier, you know you have entered Singapore. Girls are hard to find, as they seem to turn the other way around when they know you’re an expat and you live on pretty much an unstable salary schedule. While Americans roll either way, when in Singapore, you need to abide by the culture brewing hot but untouchable girls, unless you’re in the fantastic phase of spotting and attending a bash or an event. Here, girls leave their rule books at home and guys, well they act just like guys!

Once such event that changed my life in two ways as it graced to show its beautiful face on my way to a quick project meeting in the summer of 2016 with a Singaporean businessman who, by the looks of it looked old and young at the same time… perhaps it was just the lighting. On my way there, I hailed a cab and drove through this picture-perfect, magnanimous structures of the Marina Bay Sands. Almost instantly, my smartphone buzzed and I checked to find a message from by bud Colin, who sent me a poster of the greatest party ever all painted in the colors of the rainbow. My jaws dropped and my eyes popped at the crime scene. I would reckon the cab driver too jumped off his seat at my stark and unruly hyperventilation. I was staring down in complete and utter distrust and typed back,

“No way…”.

Quickly a response entered, “Get ready, you’re in for a treat!”.

I clicked on the media file once again and there it was, looking at me, the poster inviting me to the biggest party ever! Ultra and Ultra Worldwide had brought the party to the shores of Singapore with their project called Road to Ultra 2015. Yes! Yes! Yes! I shouted as I made a fist and jabbed it in a victorious, maybe also graceful gesture. The cab driver looked at me with disgust and he was quite exasperated. Probably he had wife issues and disliked the sight of happiness, joy, and the likes, or perhaps, he was just too miserable in his life. But not me. Not right now. Today I am jumping with joy, my rave days are back again. This will be the closest I’ll be to the shores of Miami beach.

When I reached Mr. Siong he was as sore to my eye as a platypus to a tiger who was too afraid to go into the water. I bet he would feel the enthusiasm reeking from my skin as he was giving it his all to try and repress the beam of light shining through me. After great difficulty and tries, he hung up his shoes and let me have my moment of glory as he wrapped up his assignment quickly and he even spoke quicker than anticipated. I shook his hand and bowed as I made my way to the end of the room. Just as I went to show myself out of the room.

I turned back and said, “I hope you can make it to the Ultra Singapore 2016. It’s going to be a blast.”

When there was nothing but a blank stare back, I quickened my pace and I headed out.I pressed 2 on my keypad and there was Colin on the ot

her side of the phone network connecting us.

“Two tickets!” I said as I caught up with my breath.

“Oh hoi! My boy’s got a date.” Colin was relieved, he really believed that I would enter my grave without a spontaneous erotic romp.

“Not a date, Colin. I meant two tickets for the two of us.” I clarified.

“Awww. I thought you’d never ask! Bye!” and there he slammed his clichéd line.

Ultra Singapore 2016 was taking place on September 10 and 11, just a day after my birthday and was 8 months away from the time I heard from Colin on the confirmation of the tickets. It was a great event that was coming across the sea and onto the lands where the lion spits water. Being it was created originally as an all-American event, it was a sense of belonging for me and I had to attend. It was like a tickle-in-the-back-of-my-throat experience that overwhelmed me. Like always, Colin had my back and he managed the tickets for us both. The date was now marked on my calendar and the craze was from another world altogether.

Ultra Singapore 2016 is an electronic dance music (EDM) festival that was conceived on American soil but now wanted to travel the world. Yes, I know the resemblance is uncanny. While the American festival is an expansive 3-day extravagance, the Singapore debut was just a one-night-only affair. But, now with the entire entourage coming in to greet us, we were in for a 2-day blast. With the EDM party on and my party cap ready, I kept striking off days on my calendar. More than my birthday, I was looking toward the crazy time I was expected to have at the craziest party on the surface of the planet. Trust me, Singapore is going to explode in the waves of the music!

The Ultra Singapore 2016 organizers must have thought, where can we have the biggest rave party of all time and looked at Singapore’s map. They looked at the Ultra Park at Bayfront Avenue and childishly looked at each other, smirking till their jaw hurt. These were the thoughts squirming in my head through these days that passed by, and soon, it was my birthday! The wait from 12 am on the 9th till 12 am on the 10th was the longest day of my life. Yes, I was thrilled at turning 29, but urgh! it was the Ultra Singapore 2016 the next day and I was going for it!


Singapore Rave
Poster: Singapore Music Festival


The time I had arrived, I was on the premise of the Ultra Park, Bayfront Avenue and the crowd here was berserk; plus, there were the hottest girls on the planet, lovely Singaporean girls with no escort or arm candy. A deep gutted feeling that this could be the day when I finally set out for a one-night stand or anything better on a spontaneous basis in Singapore took me by surprise. Colin sure wasn’t in the mood to place bets on my chances of getting laid as he was all over the place once we entered and was making sure he knew every nook and corner of the place as he knew, like our previous outing, we wouldn’t really know how to get back out after a drunken and other substances rampage.

Holding my ticket in my hand I proceed to where the crowds, by the multitude, were heading. I checked in and the band on my hand was now proof that this was going to be some night. With three outdoor staging areas: the Ultra Main Stage, the Live Stage, and the Resistance Stage, there was going to be a pulsating vibe throughout the music festival. I was expecting to be drenched in music by 40 artists including Afrojack, Alesso, deamau5, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, and many newbies on the scene too. With such a bang start at the Road to Ultra Singapore 2015, with an attendance of 11,000 party-goers, I was already impatient as I entered the Ultra Main Stage area and was impatient to book myself for the next full blown event. The energy in the area was sky high and if I could stack 6-footers in a vertical line for every piece of the adrenaline rush I was experiencing, I would surely reach the moon and set foot on it.

The crowd there was amazingly wild for a city like Singapore. Though the nightlife here is quite a kick for an all-party-no-sleep American, with Ultra Singapore 2016, the bar was raised to exceptional heights. Colin was beside me all the while as we made our way to the center of the area. We held in our hands a glow stick each to attract the ladybugs our way and bang the living lights out of it when the music was cranked up. I’ve partied with Colin before and he’s quite the party-popper, not pooper. He strategically places himself and moves within the crowds to get the optimum level of sound intensity and also backstage action as he possibly can. The light dimmed as the crowds gathered. I could see a sea of people ahead of me and behind me, Singaporeans and folks from other nations as well; I know this because it was pretty evident and also because some of them were literally carrying their country’s flag. The sight was truly mesmerizing and I was enthralled!

The Blackout

At an EDM festival is you are looking out for the next best thing after the music, you surely be looking for the lights! The lights grab the show and serve as a great support to the heavy music thrust upon us. Ultra Singapore 2016 was one hell of a light show. The pumping music took up as deadmau5 took to the stage. The crowds of over 20,000 people were stomping and jumping to the intoxicating music and Colin and I were two among them. The feeling was crazy; with the music, I could lose my mind. The lineup then geared for DJ Snake and he spun the wheel to a crazy start while ushering in Afrojack and later Alesso. The later artists were equally formidable and tuned out our sense to the highest level possible. The feeling was that of trance setting up on us. As the beat kicked off, Colin insisted that we check out the other two stages as well.

The Live Stage was equally exuberant and filled with magnanimous crowds just like that Main Stage and while we landed up there, we were hit, like a meteorite would, by the brilliant music by Slumberjack. The sheer brilliance in the music even aroused me erotically and my feelings of the initial getting laid bit revisited me. Music, beer, and lights—the combination was deadlier than I thought. Music so refined and palatable was unheard of and frankly, unseen by me before. At that moment, I thanked God for the friend I had in Colin. “Brad! Over here!” Colin has to be followed around, otherwise, he and you both would be lost in the crowds. There would be glasses exchanged and drinks doubled, but the feeling would be completely out of this world. As I followed him, I realized he led me now to the Resistance Stage. Damn! He was smart and he knew his way around. Whatever happened during the time we got lost! Back to the scene, we were now listening to Zig Zghs belt out a big one. My feet didn’t give way yet and this was just day 1. I couldn’t explain at the time of how awesome the light headiness felt.

Day 1 ended on a very high note and I was home only at 7.30 am. When it was the perfect time, I slept like a baby. Mental note: I got high and I got low but I didn’t get laid.


Ultra Singapore Deadmau
Photo: Ultra Singapore 2016 Deadmau


The Blackout Part 2

I woke up with the ring at the door.

“Wake up mate!” There was Colin as fresh as a baby’s butt.

With no visible signs of bruised and skinned knees or even heavy, red eyes. I woke up and headed straight for the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and munched away. As I headed toward the closet to dress up for day two, I packed my bag with two bottles of water, loads of small toffees, some change, some packs of condoms (in case I get lucky), and a change of clothes (again, in case I get lucky) and a couple of other treats I cannot really talk about especially in Singapore. After all, it was day 2 of the biggest party on the face of the earth and I was going to go a big fat CRAZY. I was blown by the fact that Donald Trump wouldn’t be there; just thinking it would have been one hell of a treat.

We arrived at the venue all excited just like the day before and we knew nothing more than the fact that we needed to party like no one has ever partied before. The night was ours and ours alone—this seemed to be our anthem, played on loop in our heads. We again proceeded to the Main Stage area and the siren sounded, the countdown took place, and the place vibrated with bursts of energy and enthusiastic ravers bringing the house down. Day 2 kick-started with Axwell ^ Ingrosso rubbing it on and pumping the crowd favorites like Can’t Hold Us Down and This Time. The crowd pumped wildly still and the roar on the second day overcame the energy grinding from day 1.

The stage was soon handed over to Above & Beyond and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t make out in the crowd the whereabouts of Colin, but as I searched for his familiar face, my hand accidentally brushed against the softest touch I’ve ever felt. By the looks of it, she looked Singaporean, but she was exceptionally beautiful. Touching her lips in tune with the music, I couldn’t help but stop jumping and later, gulping. She looked at me and smiled as I advanced toward her. Her straight and light hair was more than I could take. There was already an ambiance  around me because of the sweeties I had taken and it was ready for me to be sexually aroused to the highest level and Ultra Singapore 2016 was right here with me. I took the chance and threw a smile in her direction in return and WOW! She returned my smile with an even larger one. I was floored and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed myself closer to her till and started to dance with her our bodies rubbing against each other.  I was so hard down there and to even breath without continuously touching her seemed almost impossible. Lost in the music we were both frolicking together among-st the crowds of people. There was yet no conversation between us nor any weird hand signs that I normally resort to while I try to get dirty and get down our bodies moved in unison to the music and with each other.  We seemed to become a shared organism.

This was something different and yet so special. I never thought that Ultra Singapore could actually make this happen in the best way possible. As the lights start pumping violently, I spot Colin at a far-end indulging in some good sort himself. He was clearly all over this American girl who was also dancing like there was no tomorrow. The both of them hit it off and were almost looking like a Patrick Swayze and well, Baby. The beat heated up with action from Marshmello and Justin Oh.

Me and the girl in my arms were into each other the whole night through.

“Do you have a place to go to?” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“No place right now. We could crash at your place and call it a night,” she replied.

I was in the 9th heaven if there was any. I checked my watch to find we were dead beat in the wee hours of morning—3.30 am. We took off as I bade farewell to Colin and his lovely lady, as I took my lovely lady back to my bachelor pad.

Yes, that night I got laid with one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met.  I got laid at the Ultra Singapore 2016 and it was amazing. As soon as we got back to my apartment there were no words just an understanding as she slipped out of her silky skin tight dress.  I got out of my clothes and we both climbed into my bed naked as the days we were born.  She had shaved and there was no pubic hair and I could see her sweet slit.  I went down on her and drank her most intimate juices as if they were the nectar’s of the gods.  Not to be outdone she also took me in her mouth and swallowed me.

Throughout the early morning hours until daylight, we laid together having sex not once but many times until the exhaustion took a toll and we stopped. We sat within each other and spoke of everything under the sun and the moon feeling the most comfortable I had ever been with a woman. Still wrapped in our linen sheets, we watched each other’s Ultra bands tightly stuck to our wrist and smiled. It was a defining moment for me because it was the night of my life and the time I got laid in a very erotic and spontaneous manner. The music, beer, lights, sweeties and the girl—the combination was now lethal and I stood true to the American promise Colin and took her one more time intimately but with a hunger I had never felt before.  We fit, it was right and we both exploded and in my heads the lights were brighter and more tantalizing that at the Ultra Festival itself..

I really hope all this wasn’t a dream because such energizing music can only be spread into my heart through an Ultra Music Festival at a scale as large as this. If you want to know how to party and how to get to the lovely girls, you too can surely rely on an the Ultra Music Festival like the one at Singapore. What a time in my life to be at the first ever South-east Asian Ultra party and get laid till I was gasping for breath. My mind wandered each moment from the time she got up from bed and made her way to the bathroom with a sheet around her, looking magnificent and sensual. Quite naturally, if you ever get to know me, you will know that I I could not help but follow her  and had here again in the bathroom, it was paradise once again.

Ultra Singapore 2016 was the best event that I have ever been to in my life. The two days along with the big shows featured and the 3 stages that packed audiences to the brim were mind-blowing. It filled my senses and it made me crave for more. The thumping beats and the great, big Singapore experience was like no other.

Plus, what can I say about Jia. Yes, I do have her name now and her phone number and I might soon get lucky again soon – but only with her again. She is exceptional and a wonderful human being as well. We hit it off quickly and I owe this one to Ultra Singapore 2016. Music—Beer—Lights!


The Shoe Fetish

Women with Heels

Rio Olympics Queer Outing

Queer Baiting at the Olympics

Hookup At Ultra Singapore

Ultra Festival Singapore

I had a need to get laid. Well…need might be to strong of a word. How about I had a very strong desire to get laid – I think that sounds better.

With where I live In Texas, it’s difficult for me to accomplish this, because everyone fits into an already created stereotypical box. In addition to this, almost everyone is already married, and those who aren’t married are either way too old (which does not sound attractive), or way to young (which just sounds creepy). Once someone turns 18, they typically end up leaving this sometimes barren land for more fruitful places. Except me – I have stayed here so I could help learn how to take care of my dad’s machinery repair business. Although college seemed like an ideal situation, I don’t do well with crowds, or making new friends; my grades were decent enough to go to college, but the atmosphere seemed like it would be a place where I would freeze up. I know this, because it has happened before.

At our Senior Year party, which took place in Farmer Glen’s barn, there were all forms of debauchery taking place. Beer was flowing out the kegs, the girls had on tight shirts, and some had on skin tight shorts that were no longer than a post-it-note – definitely not up to school code. The guys were breathing heavily and deeply – and there I was, in the corner, where no one really noticed me and I didn’t really do anything to go out of my way to talk to any of the girls, even though I had known most of them my entire life. The only one who was eyeing me was Jennifer, but she had slept with practically every guy in school, and, I know this sounds weird, but I wanted to be with someone who has not slept with every guy she has ever met. Not a virgin, because I really didn’t know what I was doing, but with a girl who had some experience, and could help me figure some things out. Therefore, Jennifer was out of the question. And, unless I wanted to be part of a threesome, then it really was out of the question. Besides, I wasn’t confident enough to walk up to a girl anyways, and ask her if she wanted to have sex.

As time went on after leaving school, I realize that I missed that opportunity. As I have spent more time alone, working on the equipment inside my dad’s shop, I’ve realized that I have lived a very sheltered life. There are so many things within the world I can experience, that I don’t even know what it is that I am missing. Not only that, but my desire to get laid has started making me more and more confident in myself, as I really want to scratch this itch and officially turn from being a boy into a man.

For my graduation, I was given a voucher for a free return ticket to anywhere in the world from my Aunt, who works at an US airlines. She said that this should help me get to anywhere I want to be. Every day, I ponder the destination I should explore. Maybe I can go France, or Spain, where I can visit nude beaches and explore the nether regions of each country. Maybe I should go up to the Netherlands, and have a hair raising experience at one of their famous coffee shops. Possibly, I can go to Australia, where I would look forward to going down under with a few of the locals. All of those places sound like a fantasy, and I’m afraid if I go, that I’ll end up just staying in my hotel, ordering food service, and dreaming about what is going on even right outside my window. Although I have become more confident in myself, I’m not sure I will take the next steps, unless I fall completely off the ledge.

During the nighttime, I was scouring the internet, searching for an event which would push my outside of my own personal boundary, and would force me to come out of my own shell once and for all. Somewhere that I can be anyone I want to be, while also not being afraid that this news will come back home. Somewhere that would give me a chance to survey the landscape, and be able to choose from a wide variety of women that I could get laid with, knowing there would be long term commitments or repercussions. And after a few nights of looking at different events and places, I finally found the place I wanted to visit and to have my explorations – the Ultra Singapore. I wanted to find a Hookup At Ultra Singapore.

Ultra Singapore is a Music Festival that promises it’s participants that you will party harder here than at any other musical event in their country. Taking the Electronic Dance Movement to heights it has never gone before, this is a two day event packed with high energy acts, and promises to create an electric atmosphere, which will get your body moving in ways you never thought possible. There are three different stages going at once, with acts attempting to out-duel each other in how loud and fast they can play, and go frantic they can get their audience. The question they pose is do I have enough stamina to make it thru both days – I’m hoping I have enough stamina for both days, and to not only get into the dancing, but to get into my dancing partner…or partners.

Luckily, my internet traffic was never monitored, so I didn’t have to be concerned about having anyone know my true intentions with Singapore. The tickets were sold out, but I was desperate to go, so I found a ticket online that someone was selling for way above actual cost, but I was hoping it would be worth it. Using the money from my graduation, I bought that, plus using my flight voucher, I got the round ticket to Singapore. I let my dad know that I was planning on using the trip my Aunt provided for me to go Singapore, and so I would be gone for about a week. He grumbled some about not giving sufficient notice at the workshop, but told me to go enjoy the time, and he’d look forward to me coming back. He also told me not to go do anything stupid like take drugs or anything, which I was not planning on doing anyway knowing the laws in Singapore. I didn’t tell him I planned on getting laid however – not sure he would classify that as being stupid or not, so I thought his ignorance would be bliss. But, I had some planning to do for my Hookup At Ultra Singapore.

I knew I had to buy condoms, but there was no way I could buy them in the town I’m in, as word would spread like weeds that I had bought some. So, I decided I would buy some at the airport. I also had to buy some new clothes, as I was not wearing the hick clothes I had to Singapore. I also needed a new suitcase. Because of all of this, I decided to leave an extra day early for the airport, so I can purchase everything I needed to be ready for Singapore. The night before my trip, while at the hotel after I bought everything I needed for the trip, I was dreaming about what could be and wondering what I really had got myself into with this trip. However, I had already spent a majority of my money, so I had no choice but to go thru and see what happens.

At the airport the next morning, I got to the gate super early, and set up at a chair next to a window to make sure I would not be late boarding. I had a connection into LA, and I was amazed by how many people were in business suits and already working. I realized this might really be my one chance to have an adventure before the realities of my grown up life truly set in. I wondered how many of them took the time to take a trip to a city they have never been before to participate in an event of this magnitude. How many of the people that I went to school with would end up looking like this? Where their biggest adventure is what happened in Farmer Glen’s barn a couple of years ago; that was not going to be my story, and I was even more determined to get a Hookup At Ultra Singapore.

The flight to LA was quite easy. Once I disembarked from the plane, from there, I had a quick layover until my next flight. I had no idea where I was going, but I found my flight on the huge monitor they had, and raced down towards the gate. I had to take a quick break at the restroom, and then dashed to the ticket agent, and I made it with a few minutes to spare. When I got onto the plane, there wasn’t anyone in my row, so I ended up taking the middle seat thinking that perhaps I would have a nice sleep on the plane if no-one else sate down. At the last minute, this gorgeous blonde woman walked onto the plane. She was eyeing the rows, and landed on the one I was in. I promptly moved over to the window seat, as she sat in the aisle seat, leaving the middle seat open.


Qantas Flight
Photo: Qantas Aeroplane


She let out a big sigh, looked over at me and smiled, and then took out a magazine. I’m not sure if it is because of how much I desired to get laid, or my own insecurities creeping in, or what, but I had a hard time keeping my penis in check and not getting large with just her sitting near me. I was mortified, as I could not even force myself to talk. Not sure there is anything more horrifying or awkward than to have a random erection, especially on an airplane with a beautiful girl sitting next to you. And this did not give me much confidence that I would accomplish my goal at the ultra Singapore if I get this easily aroused by a gorgeous woman smiling at me.

The flight was a long one, and I fell asleep pretty quickly, hoping I didn’t make a fool of myself next to the gorgeous woman by either snoring or drooling on myself. We landed in Hong Kong, and had another connection in order to make it to Singapore. The gorgeous woman was also on that flight, but luckily (or unluckily?) for me, not in my row on this trip. We then arrived in Singapore, and the city was a sight to behold. The architecture of the city was something I had only seen in books, and the pictures could not fully describe the magnificence of the city. I spent a couple of days looking at all the amazing buildings, and trying out new delicacies, it was phenomenal. I was still had some trepidation’s concerning going out at night, as I stayed out until dark on the first night, then stayed out until 11pm the second night. But, the nightlife is not why I came to Singapore; Ultra was starting on the next day, and I needed to get myself ready for that.

As the night came to dawn and then to afternoon, I slowly got myself ready. I made sure to lather up on the soap within the shower, and made sure my guy was alive, and ready for some possible action that day. I got dressed in the new clothes I bought, hoping that they were not too outlandish, but that I wouldn’t stick out like a loser either. I made sure within my pockets I had my cash, and a place for a couple of condoms – I had to test a couple out last night, so I would know how they went on; that was a sensation I hadn’t felt before, and can’t wait to feel again. Once I checked myself out in the mirror, I smirked to myself, knowing full well that I had no idea how this night was going to turn out.

As I was walking towards the Ultra event, there was an enormous line forming. I took the time to survey the field, and as I was looking around, I noticed men and women dressed in all different kinds of eclectic clothes. After a few minutes of truly wondering if I was making a ginormous mistake, I began to realize they were all there having fun, and being themselves, without caring what anyone else thought. I was the only one who was staring at the other groups, feeling self-conscious and realized that I just needed to relax; the music was getting ready to start, and I needed to gather the answer to the question – do I have enough stamina to last thru two days of partying (and more)?

I’m not sure words can fully and adequately explain how that first night went. I was so far out of my comfort zone it was unbelievable, but because it was so far out of my comfort zone, it was much easier for me to be free of all the chains that had shackled me my entire life. It was such an incredible feeling of being a part of the 11,000 plus other people, dancing around to music that I don’t fully understand, with moves that I never thought were even possible. The erotic sense of the mass of people bouncing to the rhythm of the music together was off the charts. The energy within this arena was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was as if the things that happened within Farmer Glen’s barn was something so basic, so mundane…like an event you would consider to be just hanging out, and not the experience of your lifetime. Those people who consider that to be their highlight truly missed out on what an experience of a lifetime something like this truly is, and for the first time, I felt sorry for them. I did not dwell on that point very long though; my confidence was on fire, and I was ready to get laid.

Within the group of people you are dancing with, you just move around, and start dancing with someone that you bump into. I grinded with more women in one hour than were in my entire graduating class – or in fact even our little town; my hands just started moving over the bodies of those women, and as I heard them moan, I continued moving my hands in those areas of their body. Whether it was their exposed stomach area, or moving my hands up their torso, and following the curves on their body and taking my hands up their fully outstretched arms. To the times where they then turned to face me, and I put my hand along the back curve of their spine, and down to their ass, and taking my hand and raising their leg up as I dip them backwards. Or I would follow them down when they put their butt to my groing, and press myself up against them as hard as I can – there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to who I was dancing with, and the women didn’t care who you were – they were just letting go being totally free. Even if they came in a group, there was hardly any sense of people being together as couples. It was such a surreal feeling, that instead of being left out because you were alone, this group of people insisted on inviting you into their groups, and welcomed you because you were alone – if that makes sense.

After the first day of Ultra, I’m not going to lie, I was exhausted! I was still wondering how I was still functioning after I sweated so much my clothes were dripping from early on; but I was not going to rest, this experience was too enthralling to stop – I couldn’t have even if my body was trying to tell me to. My mind was too exhilarated with the experience of the day, and I was clearly going on just adrenaline. Finally the music stopped – it was already daylight and I wearily made it back to my hotel, and collapsed in the bed – without yet getting laid.

That afternoon, I woke up, got myself out of my sticky, sweat filled clothes, and took a shower. Then I ate more food than I ever have for breakfast/lunch or dinner in my life, and got geared up for night two. I spent got to the venue and started my night of by day dancing at one stage, and then moved to the other secondary stage. The atmosphere was cranked up even higher on the second night, which I thought was impossible, but there was truly a sense that this experience would be coming to an end, and I wanted to soak in every possible and sensuous moment possible – I have never felt more alive in my entire life.

This feeling was driven home even more when I bumped into a woman who had the most devious eyes I have ever seen. We met up towards the last hour of Ultra festival, and once we did, our bodies never left each other. I used my hands to touch almost every part of her body – it was almost X Rated – and her hands dug into me deeper than anyone else ever had. She used her mouth in ways on me which caused me to shiver, and I held her as tightly as I could. We ended up leaving just a few minutes before the music stopped, where I took her back to my hotel, and as soon as we walked in the door, I ripped her clothes off. She just smirked at me, and gently took my clothes off of me, using her soft hands to touch every part of me. We eventually made it into bed, where I somehow remembered to put my condom on, and pumped her full of pleasure. She helped guide me on a couple of things, until I began to hear her moan which made me more erect and turned on;  We had a day filled with lust and she showed me many positions I had never even contemplated doing.  I even took her from behind, while pulling her hair, and to hear her groan uncontrollably just made me even harder. I got my Hookup At Ultra Singapore.

As morning became early evening I was completely worn out and collapsed on the bed, falling into a deep sleep.  When I woke the next morning, as I rolled over, she had vanished. I thought that maybe I had just dreamt that whole experience, but when I looked over and saw her hand written note. She told me I wasn’t bad for a first-timer, and hopes that what she showed me what will make the next woman moan even louder. No name was on the card – no address – I’m not sure we even spoke 10 words to each other not relating to sex during the entire experience – but, I would always remember her as Ultra.

I spent that entire day in bed, recovering from the whole experience at Ultra as on the next day, it was time to head back home, and I’m not sure how I will be able to walk back into the life I left. I have changed in so many different ways just in six days ago, I think that I have outgrown what my expectations were for life, while also now not knowing for the first time what my life will look like. I have made a decision not to go back home quite yet, but not sure where I should head to. I don’t want to have my confidence wane because of the environment I am in, but rather, want it to be stimulated on a consistent basis and I am not going to get that going back to my home town.

I make it to the airport, and board my airplane just fine. We have a connection, and then we head back to LA, and as I am just sitting there, starting through the window, through the corner of my eye I see the same gorgeous blonde who was on the trip out here to Singapore on the return flight heading back to LA. Now on the longer flight to LA, we are back in the same row. I remembered what I read in the note from Ultra, and I smirked to myself. I think it’s time for me to take another adventure.


Handcuffs Guide

Women with Lace Mask
It was around 1988, and I was 18 I had my first real boyfriend, not one of those ones you just make out with now and again when you have had a few too many cocktails. (by cocktails, I mean what ever you managed to siphon off from your parents drink cabinet with out them noticing).  We had been together for about 6 months and had been sleeping together for about 4 of them.  Which was an enormous amount of time at that age. I had thought our sex life was  pretty outrageous with its sex in public places and blow jobs while driving….but he wanted to try more and more things, looking back I was actually quite a prude in those days I turned my nose up at anal, I was too insecure to even watch porn with him, but I was quite excited when one day he happened upon something that peaked my interest.   He suggested we go and buy some Handcuffs together.
If you were expecting to hear about our erotic encounter involving these, you will be disappointed… As I most certainly was. There is no tale, I merely want to make a few suggestions regarding Handcuffs so that others don’t fall into the same trap we did when using these restraints.   Like most couples we purchased a pair of swing cuffs, you know,the ones you see in police shows and cowboy sets. They have a bow and teeth that slide through double metal one way. They tighten until either you lock them  or your wrist is in the way.  They can come with double locks, like real police ones have. These ones didn’t. So piece of advice number one, get ones with a double lock! Because  If there is ANY added pressure on the cuffs, like say a part of your partners body, or a hard surface,  they will continue to tighten, and tighten and tighten. A double lock prevents this from happening. If it does happen then you will need to unlock it. I don’t need to tell you what a buzz kill that is, and potentially dangerous too as tight metal cuffs could easily restrict your blood flow and be dangerous. So, for god’s sake, take the time to separate the keys and put one some where extra safe.
We fortunately had the key, and just so you know, nearly all sets of Handcuffs come with the same keys, in fact handcuff locks are incredibly easy to pick. Google it. That is a good thing too because most people forget how uncomfortable metal can be when its pushed against you. Metal cuffs bruise and cut really easily. Fortunately most play cuffs from an adult store have a quick release catch and don’t even need keys. If it is for something a bit more hard core and you want the real deal, you can pay more money and get metal cuffs with smoother edges and wider cuffs . Still, bear the nature of the material in mind when choosing metal ones.  Don’t be fooled by thinking the fluffy covered ones will be more comfortable either, you wont be saying that when the material slips around and gets jammed in the quick release lock. Beware!
Don’t forget to consider what it is in your mind that you want to do with them, That might seem obvious, but when you get them home only to discover your bed doesn’t really have any where to attach them to and that there is absolutely nothing at all in the entire room except a wooden chair ,which one of you has to stay seated on in order for it to stay put….and said chair falls, squashing people  and chairs and cuffs that suddenly tighten……..  I am not saying any of this happened to me……   Well, you really need to make sure the Handcuffs you choose are fit for purpose.
Painful Bondage Cuffs
Sex Toy: Handcore Metal Bondage Handcuffs
Types of Handcuffs
  • Metal Handcuffs: In reality, not many people use this type of metal Handcuff more than once if it is their first pair  but so many people buy them.  If it is metal Handcuffs you want though, there are other types. Chain Handcuffs, wrist restraints attached together with a length of chain allow much more movement, you can purchase the wrist bands on their own with the attachment then choose your own length of chain. A chain makes putting the cuffs on so much easier for your “captor” too.
  • Leather Handcuffs: Leather Handcuffs are much gentler and I love that the material has all the aesthetic connotations of something kinky. The only thing is they are not as secure and even when they are on snugly, the material has give in it.. A bit of advice though, the ones lined in cloth or fur may look great and  may perfectly match the flogger you have bought. but they are really hard to clean . leather needs to be cleaned with leather cleaner and will be ruined by the wash that the fabric requires. Leather on leather is a better bet if you are going to be using them often.
  • Velcro Handcuffs: Personally, had they had them in the 80s, I would have got velcro ones for my first time with my guy.  Industrial strength velcro is surprisingly hard to escape from, a lot harder than the quick release on most play cuffs. And It is just so safe and comfortable.  Sportsheets lead the way when it comes to velcro restraints for beginners, Ouch , Fetish and Hells couture have everything else in the way of cuffs covered.
  • Furry Handcuffs: The idea of taking and relinquishing control using Handcuffs is incredibly erotic. The discussions beforehand as a couple can be even more of a build up. You can tie each other up with lots of ordinary every day things, but there is something incredibly thrilling about purchasing real “hardware” for the purpose.  It takes the whole erotic idea to another level.  Just make sure you purchase the right ones for what ever your imagination has dreamed up.Furry cuff is a type of Handcuffs, covered with soft fur, used in sexual bondage situation. So this is also known as bondage cuff. Bondage cuffs may be made of leathers or fake furs. But furry Handcuffs are more attractive than leather cuffs. Fur, used, may be of different colors like purple, red, blue, green. Red and purple colored furs are mostly used furs for their attractiveness.
  • Bondage Handcuffs: Bondage Handcuffs are also used to join the ankles or wrists. After joining the ankles or wrists, the cuffs can be attached to other objects like D-ring, nylon webbing, restraining straps or chains. Cuffs can also be used to suspend a body. Cuffs are fastened in the ankles or wrists by locking mechanisms. Materials that are used to make these bondage cuffs are so chosen that give comfort. Loops are joined with the cuffs so that these can be attached with other objects. These loops are chosen so strong that can hold the weight of a body. Leg spreaders can also be attached with these cuffs. Bondage Handcuffs are safer than handcuffs. Handcuffs are used to prevent escape. So to design the handcuffs, comfort is not given priority. But the bondage cuffs are so designed that give comfort and reduce nerve pressures.
  • Fur Bondage Handcuffs: So fur is the best material to make bondage Handcuff, because its softness gives comfort and reduces the tightness. Loops that are used to join other objects with the cuffs, are not so strong in the ordinary Handcuffs. But for suspension of a body, these hold the weight of a body. So for suspension, loops are made stronger than the ordinary one.

Any kind of sex toy is completely banned from selling, in most of the countries. But these are available in online shops. Furry Handcuffs are also available in these shops. So one can choose the color and get the home delivery.


About the Author: Sofie a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and frequently writer of the Bondage and Fetish Category.


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