Jack Rabbit Vibrators – Hopped Up My Sex Life!

Need a way to spice up your sex life and bring some excitement to your bedroom?  Look no further than the jack rabbit vibrators!

With their unique design and powerful vibrations, these little gadgets are sure to add some serious hop to your routine.  Whether you’re flying solo or with a partner, the jack rabbit vibrators are sure to take your pleasure to the next level.

So why settle for a boring old routine when you can hop into bed with one of these bad boys?

Finding a perfect pleasure object for you can be a difficult task and for a first time user it might be a tricky but satisfying job!!

Women prefer to use vibrators for self enjoyment. Vibrating sex toys will fulfill sexual desires.  Make sure that you choose the right one that ergonomically suits your body and has the vibration speeds and modes you desire.

Why Should You Use Jack Rabbit Vibrators? 

A Jack Rabbit in most cases will cause intense arousal.

It’s rabbit ears of the toy will give clitoral stimulation while providing that little bit of extra stimulation.  3 vibration speeds which ensure complete clitoral stimulation.  This waterproof toy will also give you the required sexual satisfaction in or out of the shower.

A soft jelly head wil give a soft feeling like a real mans penis and has synchronized metal beads rotating on the shaft.

Features of the vibrator include 3 speed independent rotations, 3 speed independent vibrations, one touch activation, reversing action and easy load battery case.  It has an insertable length of 12 cm or 4.75 inches.

Unique among other such sex toys and by providing extra clitoral stimulation is a bench mark for the toys of the past and those that will come in future.

You can be confident that buying the Jack Rabbit Vibrator will fulfill your sexual desires.


pleasure yourself with jack rabbit vibrators
BUY NOW: Huge Range of Vibrators

Rabbit Vibe is one of the world’s top of the line sex toys.

Referred to differently as the Jack Rabbit, the Rampant Rabbit and obviously, the Jessica Rabbit, it shot to distinction when Charlotte in Sex and the City built up a reliance on hers and was at it like a rabbit.  The first occasion when you use a rabbit can be an extraordinary experience.

“It was one of the main toys I ever tried and the climax it conveyed coordinated the best I’d ever had with a partner.  I had tears spilling down my face and was truly enthusiastic from the experience my rabbit gave me.

The clitoral stimulator, turning shaft and the twirling ‘bubblegum machine’ balls in the base joined to make it feel as though I was having the best sex of my life.” 

Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Jack Rabbit Vibrators Give you Choice

It gives you choices and many women only use the vibrating bunny ears on their clit whilst not even using the vibrating and rotating shaft.

Given that the shaft and bunny ears speeds can be controlled seperately, this is a decent method of getting more life out of the batteries.  There’s more than one approach to use a rabbit.

It’s my first time

Have a go at using each of the accessible alternatives independently to see which one(s) you like best.  Begin with the bunny ears alone on your clit to get yourself wet.

When the time feels right let the shaft slowly penetrate you.

You can likewise press the twirling balls at the base of the pole against your clit for a feeling like cunnilingus.

Once you’re prepared, turn the ears off then slide the rabbit inside yourself.  Use some lube if need be.   Take it as gradually or quickly as you need.  A few ladies like to dive the rabbit up to the handle in one move, while others like to slip it in millimeter by millimeter.

In any case, once the rabbit is a couple inches inside you, it’s well worth turning on the pivoting shaft to animate your G-spot.

Numerous rabbits have shafts that can turn both ways so attempt every approach to make sure that you get the right one for you.

Try all the different vibration modes and speeds.  Some ladies like the strongest buzz while others like a gentler rush and it’s just by testing that you can see what you like the most.

You might need to push your rabbit in and out or could basically lie back and appreciate the impression of the head twirling inside you.  Basically abandoning it inside you gives you the alternative to press your clit against the static bunny ears.

Turning on the vibrating ears once the rabbit is inside you may will take you over the edge in seconds.

Butt Stimulation with Jack Rabbit Vibrators

Try turning the rabbit around so that the ears stroke your butt hole as opposed to your clitoris can give a rush much the same as rimming.  Especially if you add lube to the equation.

  • Wash your rabbit completely after each use it to make sure you do not get any nasty infections like thrush.
  • Store your sex toys in a dry and dark place.  Silk bags are especially good

A Rabbit Upside

One of the upsides of the rabbit is that it can be controlled with one hand, leaving the other one able to touch your areolas.  Or pull your hair in case you’re into a bit of rough play. Stroking your clit as well would be awesome.

You may find that you can give yourself numerous climaxes by using your Jack Rabbit different ways, like curving your body towards the ears to press your clit against them.

Or if you’re after a truly serious sensation, you could have a go at ‘riding through’ the feeling.  Keeping the ears humming on your clit until you come back once more, and once more, and once more.

get yourself off with jack rabbit vibrators
Rabbit Sex Toys

Never Get Rid of Your Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Gain sexual pleasures with the use of erotic toys.  Best-selling style of sex toy vibrators used by women are the Rabbit style that will provide euphoric sexual feelings resulting in orgasms.

There are a bunch of vibrators out there, but if you’re new to the game, why not go for the crowd-pleaser?

It’s almost a sure bet that it’ll get the job done.

Stimulation Inside And Out Results in Blended Orgasms

Another name a rabbit vibrator is often called is the jack rabbit vibrator.  This rabbit sex toy generally allows a female to get feelings of excitement that will result in an intense orgasm by providing cool vibrating sensations.

A rabbit is so called because halfway down its shaft it has a clitoral simulator originally shaped like rabbit ears.

So whilst the shaft is vibrating and  inserted into your vagina the bunny tickles the clitoris.  You can reach some unbelievable pleasurable heights and experience blended orgasms.

fulfill yourself sexually with a jack rabbit vibrator
sexually fufilled

Settings and Features of Jack Rabbit Vibrators

While putting your rabbit vibrator in use there are various settings available to gain immense pleasures. Some rapid movements of the ear-like structures on your clitoris can provoke your body to get intense pleasure.

Rapid vibrations will make your clitoris come alive and the stimulation will be felt by the 9000 plus nerve endings.

In your time alone playing with this marvelous sex toy you can relax and the stresses of the day will float away in your bodies release of endorphins. With the shaft deep inside and options of thrusting, rotating, twirling and even pulsating you will be able to achieve G-Spot and vaginal orgasms.

Experimenting with Jack Rabbit Vibrators

You’ve got plenty of time to try out different settings as you explore the sexual positions that work best for you.  Once you get the hang of your toy, you can even save your favorite settings for next time.

A lot of women who prefer a clitoral orgasm more than the vaginal orgasm love rabbits because it gives them the option of both. With a rabbit one can a satisfy their inner wildest carnal desires when used correctly.

Rabbit vibrators have got some unique functions that will allow you to include in your couples sex play. You can also give the vibrator to your partner and ask him to arouse you in an innovative way.

Learn About Two Popular Rabbit Vibrators

Get ready for a sexual marathon with the Basic Essentials Pink Bunny. Throw out your old vibrator, and benefit from the advantages offered by the latest model.

Choose a pink style following the classic design.  But it is equipped with all the latest developments the market of sex toys offers.  To have fun with more comfort and freedom, this is developed in an ergonomic way!

It will help you enjoy the best possible way with your lover!  Boost your fantasies.

This product is made with top quality materials and an odorless silicone designed by experts.  Completely waterproof so you can make the time in the shower as it deserves.

It is very easy to clean.  You can put a little soap and rinse in hot water and it will be like new.  If you prefer and feel more comfortable, you can put it in the dishwasher.

With this vibrator you can reach incredible orgasms, intense and exciting that you never imagined.

orgasm with jack rabbit vibrators
Vibrating Rabbit

Manufactured with high quality materials

Easy to wash with a soft, delicate and velvety is the ideal for sharing with friends or alone.   Definitely one of the best silicone dildos you can find in the market. Use it with lube, take it to the Spa, the shower, the tub or simply use it wherever you want.

Since it is battery powered you can use anywhere, with complete discretion, on or off the water, in the gym, etc.

The world of sex toys is shown to be something unique, and more for women today.  If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing with the subject, you know that you can explore new sensations that would be impossible otherwise.

Opt for this pink vibrator and enjoy.

Maximum Stimulating Rabbit 3000

It has multiple functions.  Made from silicone material in high quality very soft to the touch.  A “Y” shape to penetrate and stimulate the clitoris and anus.

At the time of penetration with very fast vibrations, the long part of vibrator is rotatable so that stimulates all parts of the vaginal cavity.


Their speeds are adjustable .  Uses 4 “AA” batteries which are not included.  This vibrator provides maximum pleasure due to its stimulating modes that are extremely powerful.  It is the best g-spot pal ever!

You will never be afraid of trying something new again and your life will be illuminated thanks to a fabulous rabbit vibrator.

Yes! This can happen and is easy to take, especially because it’s lightweight and fine.

orgasms to the maximum with jack rabbit vibrators
Rabbit Vibe

Jack Rabbit Vibe

It consists of up 6 speed rotation and mode vibration capabilities.  Good news is, this vibrator is waterproof and it works with 4 AA, which are not included.

Are you ready to stimulate your G-spot?

This vibrator is ready to attack directly all your erogenous zones. Yet, when it comes to the G-spot this is the king.  Have you ever heard of so-called rabbit vibrator?  Well, this is even better.

This brings you a fantastic deal in every way.  It is better than a conventional vibrator.  Make a smart purchase and begin experiencing new sensations that are unique and necessary.

It’s handle is extremely comfortable and offers great freedom and manageability when it comes to exploration of yourself.  You will be fully satisfied, since you will not even find a single flaw.





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