Celebrity Sex On Langkawi Island!

I could see that Erik had never experienced Celebrity Sex, or a blow job like the one I give before.  His facial expressions were almost comedic.  A mix between pleasure and pain I guess.  Him trying to not cum to soon, but every muscle in his body trying to prevent the inevitable.

Within three minutes with  his cock down my throat and his balls in my mouth, he started to cum.  Ejaculating deep in my throat, I could feel the hot bursts of semen shooting deep inside me.

In my mind I visualized that white spunk sliding down onto my stomach, which made me horny as hell.

When he had finished cumming I withdrew his penis from my mouth. He collapsed back onto the chair.   Not know whether to laugh or cry, to talk or be silent.

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Celebrity Sex
Royalty Free Pexels – Andrea Piacquadio

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