The Ultimate Pulse In Your Pocket!

The pocket pulse would have to be the perfect product for any guy looking to add a little bit more to their masturbation but are unable to use a masturbation cup due to a restricted foreskin ( a foreskin with minimal movement)  coming from somebody who has a restricted foreskin I feel that it is perfect for me to explain why I enjoy the toy so much 😊

Firstly – The pocket pulse has 2 greatly sized motors in it with incredible vibration patterns. 100 percent waterproof for all your showering pleasures. Known as the [powerful guybrator the pocket pulse can be use flaccid or erect

Packaged amazingly with a classy rose gold box this product certainly stands out, created by hot octopus in Great Britain this product not only feels amazing you can also see the quality and time put in just from a glance of the packaging.

Made from skin-safe silicone, does not contain phthalates or latex. The pocked pulse is only to be used with water based lubricants just like all other silicon toys, inside the packaging you will find your pocket pulse with a charging chord you will also see a beautiful silk travel bag with an information booklet to help you understand the amazing features of your new toy 😊

Holding down the plus sign on the toy for 3 seconds will turn your pocket pulse on and holding down the – ( negative ) sign will turn the pocket pulse off, there are 7 vibration speed to assure you wont be bored.

Before using your pocket pulse you must charge it for 4 hours then charge your pocket pulse after each use to ensure its ready to go when you are 😊

One of the main reasons why I love this toy so much is because having a restricted foreskin I cannot move my foreskin back or forward so when it comes to masturbation time I slight vibration or pressure to the head of the penis is where the most sensitive parts are, once the pocket pulse is in place wrapped around your shaft you can squeeze it to add pressure to the head of your penis and this gives an amazing stimulation feeling. One of the motors in the pocket pulse has a small shutter to it and the other motor runs a constant vibe, feeling them both work together does wonders.

I’m happy to say that this toy is great for all guys unlike some of the masturbation cups that are specifically designed to retract the foreskin which myself and other guys with the same problem may find difficult to use.

The pocket pulse is perfect for partner play it can also be used to your imagination, with a remote available for purchase my partner really got the most out of this toy.


hot octopuss

A short true story I would like to share: –

I woke up one morning and was ordered to put on my chastity cage, I immediately tried to get out of it but my partner already had plans in order and there was no backing out of this game .  once the chastity cage was applied she told me to go and get dressed for a day of shopping in the city.

After about half an hour of getting ready we were off, 15 minutes into our trip my partner began to act very cheeky and was trying to get me as excited as possible won our way , by the time we arrived into the city I was regretting putting it on she had teased me so much in the car that it hurts to stand up, she then quickly rushed me out of the car we arrive at the first store my partner wanted to look at, she begins to tease me by trying on some of the sexist outfits I have ever seen I beg her to let me out of chastity she just laughs and says “ stop your winging we’ve only just begun “ after purchasing a few outfits we head towards another store but before we walk in she tells me to go to the bathroom and put this over my chastity “ she throws the pocket pulse at me “

I rush to the bathroom dressed the toy over my chastity cage, after I meet back with my partner we head towards a shoe shop, thinking about my foot fetish I knew I was doomed, she sits on the chair and points at a few pairs of shoes on the wall ‘ don’t just stand there idiot get them for me” she says to me in front of everyone, she then begins to take her shoes off and points the ground in front of her, she orders me to get on my knees to apply the new shoes they fit perfectly.  walking back and forth past me like a runway model to see how they fit I was speechless, she then pulls out a remote and begins to press a button I feel a slight vibration on my chastity device she begins to increase the vibrations, she can tell I’m trying to keep my face strait, she laughs and whispers in my ear, be strong baby you don’t want a wet patch on your pants do you?’ looking at her with a smirk I knew I was screwed.



I Became An Alpha Masturbator!

In the world of personal masturbators, few products can compare to the Fleshlight. With its streamlined design and functionality, it’s easy to understand how it’s the No. 1 male sex toy in the world.

But a toy that is putting an end to the monopoly is the Apollo Alpha Stroker 1 from leading adult merchandiser California Exotic Novelties.

The following is a review based on by first impressions of this toy. Both positive and negative aspects of what I consider to be a revolutionary toy in a market monopolised by big name brands.

Upon initial inspection, the box is an appealing combination of bright imaging and impressive detail. From the bold silver font to the detailed breakdown of the toys impressive array of functions everything about the box drags you in.

Unlike most packaging for adult toys which are so convoluted and difficult to open they may contain nuclear launch codes instead of the latest vibrator, the Apollo is streamlined and easy to open whilst maintaining cleanliness and product integrity.

What I Liked:

There’s a few things I was a fan of with regards to the Apollo, The fact that’s its rechargeable is a huge plus, with most high quality toys forgoing the need for batteries. Despite the power of the vibrations, which are impressive, the toy itself is whisper quiet, a testament to the quality.

The entry point design is varied among the different models of the Apollo, with either a gender neutral design or a vulva based design that appeases men of all sexual proclivities.

The sleeve is very pliable and easy to remove which at first impression would mean an easier cleaning experience but the design of the sleeve is to promote greater suction which means unlike other masturbators that have a hole at the bottom of the sleeve, this sleeve does not. Which means a complicated inversion of the sleeve is required to clean it.

A major selling point of the Apollo is the customizable tightness. This is achieved by two pressure pads situated on either side of the toy which can be squeezed by the user to create the ideal pressure scenario.

With its streamlined design and ergonomic functionality the Apollo is easy to use, the one push start is very simple and the functions button making it effortless to find your perfect orgasm.

For all of this on offer with all the functionality and vibrational patterns, one of the most impressive things about the Apollo is its affordability. While it still retails at over $150. When you look at what you’re getting for that price. It’s definitely good bang for your buck!!!

Male Sex Toy

Now it’s time to acknowledge the flipside. No toy is perfect and the Apollo is no different. The following are my own personal criticisms on an otherwise fantastic toy.

As previously mentioned, the sleeve design does not allow for easy cleaning like other designs. While this allows for greater suction, I’m sure I’m not the only one that would sacrifice a little suction for greater cleanliness. Especially given the nature of the toy!!!

The texture of the sleeve was a little softer than I was expecting from previous experiences touching ‘faux flesh.’ In my experience the “Fanta-Flesh” range is the most lifelike in terms of suppleness and firmness. The design of the Apollo sleeve is a little soft and squishy for my liking.

My final criticism is the 30 function feature. I’m not sure if I’m lacking the sensitivity to pick up on the minutiae but I struggled to tell the difference with a lot of the vibrational patterns.

However the positives definitely outweigh the negatives in this situation. I would definitely recommend the Apollo Alpha Stroker 1.


Matthew is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores.

Learn How To Give Yourself An AutoBlow2!

male masturbator

In a world identical to our very own is a world where blow jobs are attached to every single PowerPoint available, tantalizing satisfaction is only a fingertip flick away, and mind blowing (all puns intended) ecstasy is a given right. At a moment’s notice you can have satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams in strokes of pleasure, and unlike the “real thing” it won’t stop just before.

I know I know I know men love blow jobs, I mean have you ever heard a man say “eww yuck no thanks” to a morning, midday, midnight blow job, while driving, `quickie before work, after dinner, basically anywhere anytime?

I didn’t think so!

So many men come into our stores asking, pleading, begging for a device that will do it itself!


*Incoming Autoblow 2+

Auto blow 2+ is an upgrade on their previous autoblow2 they answered all the comments, worries, advice, and feedback and brought you a new and improved auto blow job!


Must admit watching their video on this device makes me giggle big time, it’s very simple no tricks or gimmicks they are handing you a device that will

blow    your     mind,

or your load.


Plug and play, all you have to do is hold the device in place and let it do the rest for you, how easy is that!


The Autoblow2+ doesn’t use batteries so it’s never going to tell you no, all you need is power point to plug it in and turn it on.



The motor in the Auto Blow 2+ is rated to last 500+ hours that means you can have 3000+ blow jobs, and the more you use the more you can increase your stamina and be the beast you always knew you could be in bed. The controls are at your fingertips it will never say no, push away, or slow down. (unless you make it slow down yourself) the stroking motion will fill your wildest dreams and bring you to the point every single time with no pauses along the way, and for your added delight you can purchase different sleeves to give you a new experience whenever you dream of it


Cleaning is simple, pull out the sleeve wash out with water, use toy cleaner for that extra squeak in your clean, dry out and go again, and again, and again and again.


But what about sizes?

Don’t worry they covered that too!

There are 3 very convenient sizes to choose from to cover everyone;

  • SIZE A:  3-4″ girth (7.5-10cm). All lengths.
  • SIZE B:  4-5.5″ girth (10-14cm). All lengths.  <– Comes with the main unit
  • SIZE C: 5.5-6.5″ girth (14-16.5cm). All lengths.


I know some men have commented on the fact it is bulky but, in all honesty, has any guy actually held onto someone’s head to guide the strokes? Holding the Autoblow 2+ is much like guiding your bed buddies head for satisfaction, it is an alternatively to the traditional method of oral. Autoblow 2+ is very much a simple device and so it should be, the makers of Auotblow 2+ have given a list of things you need to know about their product;

sucking sex machine
sex toy sucker

Plug it in

Unlike a lot of products on the market you don’t need batteries or to charge the product you simply plug it into an available electrical outlet (110V-240V) they have designed the product to be safe but common sense is still must, because you are attached to power do not place in or near water.


Sleeve system


Pretty genius as it gives you one product with multiple possibilities, they are designed to be easy to clean, re-useable and come in multiple sizes so everyone can experience pleasure.


Hands free

Well mostly at least for all you literal people out there, all you need to do is hold the device in place, but unlike other products the strokes are hands free the device will do the stroking for you. You are able to control the speed of the strokes and intensity with a very simple and easy to use flick of a wheel, so it won’t ruin the moment.


Feels great

Yes, it feels great! For a company to market their product like this it has to be! They boast this as a “truly realistic alternative to traditional pleasure products” and its even couple friendly.


Robust construction

They have designed this all metal motor device to last 500+ hours of use, which is amazing to hear!


And who could forget about hygiene

Because the sleeves are interchangeable and easy to clean using soapy water or toy cleaner (not when the device it plugged into power) it means you are able to use it again and again and again and again without those little nasties growing inside and ruining your pleasure machine.


This machine really will have you by the balls in pure pleasure.


Morgan x


Flip From Zero To Hero With Tenga

Orgasming with Tenga masturbators

So, I must admit when I was told I was going to receive the new Tenga Black Flip Zero (0) I thought to myself “how an earth am I going to do this?” I don’t have a penis and this is a masturbator for guys! I was sort of freaking out trying to work how I was going to write this review on something that I cannot use on myself and without it sounding like a high school essay where I inform you about all the material components that will inevitably bore you to death.

Tenga masturbator
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition

And don’t worry I can hear your thoughts already and I completely get it, reading a review from a girl about a men’s adult toy is hard because well I don’t have a penis so obviously one would assume I’m spinning wild and amazing loads of bullsh*t in order to tell you how amazing this product is for guys.

Truth is I love Tenga as a brand and I love selling this brand, I will tell every male customer that walks into this shop that they need one in their life! I have three favourite brands in this shop and it’s not because of how popular they are or how they feel it’s because of how much effort, thought and consideration they put into their products!

Unlike its counter partners Tenga uses stimulation that has been researched thoroughly, usually when I am comparing brands to customers I explain that the others are basically made to look like a vagina on the outside with some bumps in a long hole on the inside. More effort and thought are put into how realistic the outside is rather than the feeling and stimulation of the inside, which is the part that matters.

Tenga stroker
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition Case

Upon opening this product, I have to admit I got penis envy, the black just makes this toy ooze sex appeal. The matte black is so sophisticated and alluring, and the fact it has the semi translucent components means you really get a good visual of the action going on inside. First thing I did was stick my fingers in it… yes it only heightens my penis envy as I couldn’t experience the entire length of the device. So as any mature person of my age would do, I squeezed down on the pressure pads causing the internal vacuum technology to create an interesting sound which one could only describe as penis envy pleasure. The vacuum pressure inside would be incredible, and as a bonus feature the way that this is designed is with minimal leakage of lube due to its seamless insertion.

Tenga masturbator features
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Pressure Pads

After I had my fun with that I began to read the instructions now all I can say is god damn! They really went all out with this design, and men think women get all the fun toys pfft. The internals of this device blow my mind. Each and every nook and cranny is designed to heighten pleasure and the ultimate over all experience.

Check out the internal structures of the Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition!

Tenga masturbator texture
Image: Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition Internal Structure

What’s inside the Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition package?

Now for some information to bore you for a bit, don’t worry I’ll be quick! In order for me to give you the full experience of this review I need to explain what Tenga does differently and what comes in this tight and neatly packed package. So what do you get in this delightfully delish package (no pun intended) and what are the features of the Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition.

Tenga stroker features
Buy Now | Tenga sex toys and masturbators

Tenga boasts this device is bursting with stronger sensation and I can see why! They have used firmer materials in the Black Edition compared to the Flip Zero White, they have described the internals as being a new structure that provides stronger stimulation and bolder details, which also means the stronger materials provide maximum squeeze and suction within the device. For a comparison, be sure to read our Tenga Flip Zero product review. Also, as with the original Flip Zero the seamless insertion point is the reason why the suction is so strong, and it also reduces lubricant leakage. The stand out feature of the Tenga Flip Zero and Flip Hole ranges are the flip style design which makes washing and drying a breeze, and a very cool feature I noticed when opening up the Tenga Flip Zero Black was that the base was magnetic, so it doesn’t just balance it has a firm attachment while drying out!

What materials are used in the Flip Zero

  • Case and Slide Cap: PC
  • Internal sleeve: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Pressure pad and transport anchor ring: Silicone
  • User manual holder: GPPS

How should I wash the Flip Zero?

  1. Remove the Slide Arms and flip the item open.
  2. Wash under running lukewarm water.
  3. Place on the Slide Arms to air dry.
  4. Once completely dry, close and replace Slide Arms for storage.


  • Wash with cold or tepid water.
  • Use only neutral or mild soap. Soaps high in acid or alkaline content may damage product material.
  • Do NOT wash with alcohol or other cleaners.
  • Please ensure the product is completely clean and dry before storing to help avoid mould and other build-up.

What is the different between the Flip Zero and the Black Edition?

Firmer materials inside and new internal details are the biggest stand out and difference between the two models. The Flip Zero Black is designed to provide stronger suction and more intense stimulation.

So, weather you’re a guy looking for a new masturbation device that is more personalised and has more stimulation, or you’re a partner wanting to buy a new present to spice up your love life look no further! Because contrary to popular belief it’s incredibly fun to add this kind of device into your usual sex routine, guys deserve wild amounts of stimulation and pleasure as well and guess what? If it used regularly it will also increase stamina and there are no complaints with that advantage!

The NEW Tenga Flip Zero Black Edition will definitely not disappoint! This is definitely my most favourite male masturbation device to sell and recommend to customers and it’s not hard to see why!

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

KM Produce Creating A World Of Meiki!

Porn Star Kokomi Naruse

First off I would like to give a big thank you to our Japanese friends at K.M. Produce (KMP) for sending us sex toy samples to review.  Generally most adult product manufacturers send us one or two of their most recent releases for us to do a review on but I think KMP sent us their whole range of sex toys for men so this review will be covered in a couple of parts.

First off, let’s talk about KMP as I am sure there are many Westerners out there that have no idea who or what they are.  It was not until I did a bit of research that I found out that they are massive in the adult business.  The more I read up the more intrigued I became that such a popular company in Asia had not yet brought their product into other markets.  It could be a language problem or perhaps they were more than happy with the successes that they have achieved over the years.

JAV Producers
KM Produce JAV

KMP started in the adult industry in 2002 buying the Million label a Japanese Adult Video (JAV).  Previously this label had been owned and used by Digital Media Network (DMN) and all video content produced by them was now sold by KMP through their shop.  KMP wanted to make the Million label more exclusive and they began to recruit and contract the Million Girls.

In 2003 the exclusively contracted Million Girls consisted of the extremely popular Nao Oikawa, Ran Monbu, Saori Kamiya and Hitomi Hayasaka.  In 2004 they contracted Miuuki Uehara, Asuka Sawaguchi, Miyu Uehara, Asukak Sawaguchi, Miya Sugirura, Nao Oikawa and Kyoko Nakahima.  In 2005 they added to that list Akane Sakura, Nah Ozawa and Karen Kisargi.

Nao Oikawa, Ran Mobu and Hiteomi Hayasaka formed a group called the Million Executive and were contracted in 2004 and 2005 for that label.

In 2009 KMP affiliated with Media Station and Real Works Station. In April 2011 all videos produced by Real Works and Media Station became the property of KMP. Both of their company website were integrated into the KMP online presence as well as a third JAV website Super Shiroto.  In 2011 after the takeover of these companies KMP was producing more than 35 videos per month.

In 2016 KMP’s head office that was situated in Shibuya-Ku listed 27 full time employees at this location with an annual turnover of about 19 million USD.    KMP is presently investing heavily into VR content.  It is not quite clear when they started making sex toys  but they seem to have either affiliated or have them produced by a Japanese sex toy manufacturer named Nippori Gifts (NPG).  NPG are a famous manufacturer specializing in male sex toys and believed to be the mastermind behind the Meiki range.

The Meiki range of sex toys are extremely popular in Japan, Korea and many other Asian countries.  The word Meiki has become Asia’s most famous pseudonyms for ‘fake vagina’ and ‘fake pussy’.  The literal meaning is ‘famous tool’ when the first two products were launched under the brand the Meiki Up and the Meiki Down.  They feel and look realistic when compared to a true vagina and they revolutionized the way male sex toys were produced in Japan.  The materials used were super soft, whilst the interior channel of the Meiki is ribbed and ridged to provide a very realistic sexual experience.

Due to the success of these original designs NPG continued the innovation with new lines based on real women. JAV stars launched Meiki No Shoumei and the most popular in the series the Meiki Maria Ozawa a popular product now sold worldwide.

After the overwhelming success of the release of the Maria Ozawa vagina in 2008 Meiki  began releasing more versions including those based on Nao Yoshizaki, Saki Ootsuka, Rui Saotome, Aoi Chihiro, Sarah, Natsuhara Karen, Meguru Kosaka, Kasumi Risa, Miyu Hoshino and many others. Non JAV actresses also received the Meiki treatment including “the most online searched female beauty in China” Zhang Xiao Yu and Taiwan’s “betel nut beauty” Yen Yu Yi.

Shortly after 2008 the new Meiki products were given technological innovations including their proprietary ‘clone skin’ and in 2010 introduced products that incorporated a thin inner layer made with harder material that provided men with more stimulating experiences whilst remaining ultra real in feel and look.  Finally, dual layered models were constructed.

The popularity of Meiki sex toys made by NPG is rapidly spreading around the world and other countries, like Korea are producing their own lines of Meiki incorporating vibrations, rotations and sound effects and producing love dolls, plush dolls, real hips, masturbation sleeves, realistic vaginas, strokers and Meiki Japanese Onahole masturbators. The Meiki Japanese Onahole masturbators are externally realistic vagina replica toys that have revolutionized sex toys in Japan.

Meiki are designed to feel like skin to the touch and to stimulate just like a real vagina! If you like Japanese girls or Japanese porn — or just girls and porn in general — then this series of masturbator toys will blow you away! Whether you are a fan of JAV or not, Meiki are clone adult toys that go way beyond most masturbators. They will give you a realistic pleasure session you will never forget! Do you want a virgin girl? A large hole with hips? Or a choice of two holes? The Meiki Series has them all!

Meiki clone technology involves scanning the vagina, clitoris and/or anus of the actress.  From this scan a mold that replicates the actual anatomy of the actress is then made.  Another mold is made for the internal canal that will include ridges, lumps, nodules and rings.  The patented soft, skin-like materials are undoubtedly the closest any artificial material will come to feeling like a real human’s skin and body.  A skilled artisan then creates a clay mold for the external shape of the masturbator whilst the internal configuration and private parts are set.  The mold being anatomically correct can be to true sizing or scaled down for onaholes and the like.

The KMP website as of today is ranked 106,000 in the world but is around the 10,000 most popular site in Japan.

Review: KMP Meiki Tsubomi

Tsubomi Porn Star
Image: JAV Star Nozomi Tsubomi

So after all that the first product I will review is the Million Series 5 JAV Star Meiki Tsubomi Vagina Masturbator.  Tsubami who is also known as Nozomi is a Japanese porn star who was born on December 25, 1987 in Yamaguchi prefecture, Ube, Japan.  She is 160cm tall and her measurements are US 33-23-33.  Over the span of her 12+ years she has appeared in over 1000 porn movies averaging over 100 videos per year.

From the Manufacturer

  • Mold of JAV actress Nozomi Tsubomi
  • Strong sucking power
  • 3D interior and realistic looking design
  • Full of folds and lumps inside the tunnel, which provides tight and exciting pleasurable suction during usage
  • Extra gifts:
    • 1x love lotion 100ml
    • 1x waterproof mini poster
  • Gross weight: Approximately 620g with a total weight of approximately 780g
  • The full length measures 15cm with a width of 7.8cm
  • Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.
  • Made in Japan

Tsubomi’s toy is from the acclaimed clone Meiki series, a bestselling brand of masturbators that take our idols and replicate their you-know-where’s into handheld heaven. This onahole has been created with a 3D spiral passage sequence that grabs you tight and squeezes until the pleasure is too much to bear.

Tsubomi Vagina
Tsubomi Package
Tsubomi Meiki Sex Toy
Tsubomi Stroker
Meiki Textures
Texture of Tsubomi
Tsubomi Mieki Internals
Inside Tsubomi

My Review

Kanzen Meiki Tsubomi Masturbator, is a collaboration between KMP and NPG. The Kanzen Meiki Tsubomi is molded from the famous JAV star Tsubomi private parts and then scaled to a smaller size to suit the onahole body. It is made of body safe material and is soft and elastic to touch made from a proprietary real feel material. The 3D tunnel is formed by flesh fold and nubs, allowing excellent vacuum stimulation with your every movement.

Taking the onahole from the sealed box I found the masturbator to be in a separate sealed plastic bag.  Included was a poster of Tsubomi on a plastic waterproof sheet and a bottle of lubricant.

One can not help marvel at how soft, stretchable and sensual the material of this product is.  It is a testament to the technologies that have been developed to produce something that feels so realistic.

The real and glamorous design is very erotic and both the replicas of the anus and vagina are perfect.

On opening the onaholes up one can see the net like mucosal materials that are wrapped along the toy as well as the standard bumps and nodules.  It is quite amazing how lifelike the internal structures that have been created.  When looking at the holes they are quite tiny and it is amazing that they can stretch to accommodate a fully erect penis.

After liberally applying water based lube to myself and in the holes I began entering the vaginal passage.  At first it was quite tight but once the head of my penis penetrated the shaft easily followed in.  Immediately I could feel slight pressure on my penis from the tightness of the tunnel but also intense multi-directional sensations that were pleasant.  It was not overly tight and I could increase the feeling of tightness by gripping the onahole harder in my hand.

Deep inside there is a slight curve that adds to the sensation and when my penis was fully inserted it hit the end of the tunnel where there is a wall made of the same human like feeling material. ‘Bottoming out’ was euphorically sensual and I had to slow myself down in case I ejaculated to quickly without testing it out thoroughly.  The complicated texture of the internal left me trying to figure out which sensation I liked most, it was totally intense.

I then entered the anus of the onahole.  This was much more basic and more what I have previously experienced with a stroker.  The hole was slightly tighter and the passage smoother.

As these onaholes only have one entrance and no exit it will give you a very strong suction feeling. When ejaculating this experience helps you to ejaculate harder and for a longer period of time.  It really is a top notch sexual experience.

Having finished unfortunately was clean up time.  These sex toys are not the easiest to clean and you can read the best way to clean Mieki here.

Review: KMP Kimika Ichijo Onahole

Meiki Kimika Ichijyo
Image: JAV Star Kimika Ichijyo

Next up for review is the Kimika Ichijo masturbator.  Also known as Noriko Sawajiri this Japanese MILF porn star only began acting in 2012 at 48 years of age.  Born on April 11, 2914 in the Chiba prefecture, Japan she stands at 160cm tall with measurements of 35-24-32.   She has big tits and in her short career has starred in 187 movies.

From the Manufacturer

Love Kimika Ichijo? This gorgeous clone masturbator is made for her fans – so they too can enjoy her beauty and secret places. A well-designed masturbator with a great internal tunnel and easy grip exterior. It is soft and easy to handle, but tight enough for the pleasure you deserve. This product comes with pheremone-based lotion and a waterproof poster.

Product size: 17 cm width with a diameter of 9 cm

  • Mold of Kimika Ichijo, age 51. She has a perfect face and body!
  • Closed hole masturbator
  • Soft but elastic silicone that is reusable
  • 3D tunnel with flesh folds and nubs that provides excellent vacuum stimulation when you use it
  • Extra gifts:
    • 1 x love lotion 100ml
    • 1 x waterproof mini poster
  • Full length measures 15cm with a width of 8cm
  • Gross weight: Approximately 620g with a total weight of approximately 780g
  • Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product
  • Made in Japan
JAV star Ichijyo
Kimika Package
Kimika Masturabtor
Kimika Vagaina
Ichiijyo Storker
Ichijjyo Vagain
Ichijyo Size
Kimika Size
Kimika Ichijyo Texture
Kimika Ichijyo Opening
Meiko Kimika Ichijyo Texture
Meiko Kimika Ichijyo Internal

My Review

The front of the Meiko Kimika Ichijo’s product box has an image of the JAV Milf porn star on it. The box is shrink wrapped sealed so when you receive your product you can feel secure in knowing that it has not been opened or used.  Even though I was unable to understand Japanese writing there is a fair bit of writing printed on the box with some images of the adult actress and of the toy.  Upon opening the box there is another stronger brown box that has been inserted to ensure that the box or toy does not get damaged in transit.

I then removed the masturbator from the box which again was contained in another sealed plastic container.  Also in the box was an image of Kimika that had been printed onto a plastic like material that would be waterproof and I gather it is so one can masturbate over it and easily clean up the mess.  The final item in the box was a bottle of lubricant.

The masturbator was in the shape of a mini-body that went from the neck to the top of the hips.  There were two miniature openings one representing the vagina and the other the anus.  This being a clone product the openings should be a true representation of her love parts but just miniaturized.  There was no opening on the other end that with Fleshlight and other popular brands would allow for easy cleaning.  What I did find a bit odd was that the color of the material was Caucasian skin going a little bit to the pinky side whereas the skin of Japanese ranges from yellow to light tan.  Other masturbators color the material to match the race of the actress the package represents and I would think that this could have been done bearing in mind the JAV theme.

Removing the miniature body from the bag I could not help but to appreciate how soft and flexible the material is.  Really, it has to be felt to be believed, there is no comparison to Fleshlight or any of the other big Western named brands.

I then grabbed the lubricant that was supplied and started applying it to my dick but for me it was too thick and I was worried so I rinsed it off and used one of my favorite water-based lubes. I applied the lubricant liberally to myself and inside the two passages of the sex toy.

After a few minutes of watching some JAV porn with Kimika Ichijo in it I was ready to give her a bit of a test run.  As I put the torso in my hand I could not help notice that it was well-balanced, it has been designed to fit snugly and grip in my hand.  As I entered the vaginal passage my cock was encased by the real feel skin like materials and as I inserted it further it only took moments before the lubricant and toy came to body temperature.  The internal hole was tight enough to keep me stimulated and aroused.

Experiencing one on one action in Kimika’s treasured love cave allowed me to move it to slightly different positions where I was able to feel the high internal textures and patterns.  As I became more aroused I began to pump the masturbator causing every inch of the onahole to feel like it was coming to life and my member was enveloped in warm lubricant.  I am just over 6 inches in length and was able to ‘bottom out’ when my dick hit the end of the tunnel and this was extremely arousing.

Removing my hard cock I entered the butt part of the toy.  It was much tighter than the vagina but much smoother.  It was a more relaxing and less intense feeling inside.

The beauty of the Meiki is because they are so soft and pliable you can make it tight by the simple changing the pressure of your grip – and this can be done at any point along the tunnel.

All in all the Kimika Ichijo was fantastic.  However clean-up was a bitch.  Because of the cleaning issues I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Review: Yu Asakura KMP Meiki Onahole

Yu Asakura Mastubator
Image: JAV Star Yu Asakura

Next Up is Yu Asakura also known as Maiko Yajma, You and Yuko Asai who has starred in 299 movies.  She stands 160cm tall and her measurements are 33-22-33.  She was born in Shizuoka, Japan on December 24, 1989.

Manufacturer Description

Kanzen Meiki Yu Asakura is molded from AV Actress Yu Asakura and has 2 holes. It is super soft, skin-colored and a 3D structured masturbator. Now, you can enjoy her pussy and anal with this clone masturbator, Kanzen Meiki Yu Asakura Masturbator from KMP and NPG.

My Review

Kanzen Meiki Yu Asakura from KMP comes in a heat sealed box that has images of the JAV star on it.  On opening the package I found a image of the actress on a plastic like sheet I imagine it is provided as a source to excite a male to erection.  The plastic type material I imagine is for easy clean up and to allow one to live out their bukkake fantasties by blowing their load all over this stunning Japanese porn star.  Also contained in the package was some free lube and the onahole itself.

Getting straight down to business I unwrapped the masturbator. I lubed it and myself up with the water-based lube supplied.  Entering the vagina portion of this sex toy the opening was quite tight but once penetrated it was easy for the rest of the shaft to slide inside.  The tunnel of the vagina was amazing with so many textures and sensations provided by the webbing and bumps.  It quite literally was pleasant torture trying to contain myself on this sexual adventure.  One thing that was quite noticeable that was different from other masturbators and strokers I had used was the strong suction.  It was extremely pleasurable and the soft skin like material enveloped my penis giving it a warm and sensual experience.

The onahole was easy to grip and it was easy to tailor the pleasure experience by tightening and loosening the grip on it.  It is dual layered for extra stimulation and when closing your eyes and using your imagination it feels as good if not better than a real woman’s vagina.

I then entered the anal passage and although not as intense it certainly was quite agreeable with ridges and bumps (but no webbing) that provided a strong suction causing me to experience a super-sonic ejaculation.

Meiki kokomi Box
Meiki kokomi Package
Kokomi Vagina
Kokomi Pussy
Kokomi Fake Vagina
JAV Kokomki Meiki
Kokomi tunnel
Kokomi Canal
Internal Kokomi
Kokomi Inside

Review:  KMP Kokomi Naruse Meiki Masturbator

Kokomi Naruse Masturbator
JAV Star Kokomi Naruse

Kokomi Naruse was born on March 3, 1989 in Niigata Prefecture of Tokyo. She made her JAV debut in 2009 and made movies until late 2013.  Her other stage names are KyoukoNaruse, Emi Watanabe  and Cocomi. Kokomi Naruse stands at 147cm tall but with a E cup bra size.  In 2014 she began a career in alternative music joining a Japanese rock band called Mezcolanza.

From The Manufacturer

Product Features

  • Super soft, skin-colored masturbator
  • Features the top AV actress of 2012 Kokomi Naruse
  • Realistic internal molding and feeling
  • Made in Japan

Product Details

  • AV Model: Kokomi Naruse
  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Color: Skin-Like
  • Length (Product): 145 mm (5.7″)
  • Width (Product): 80 mm (3.1″)
  • Weight (Include Package): 847 g (29.86 oz)
  • Length (Package): 230 mm (9″)
  • Width (Package): 140 mm (5.5″)
  • Thickness (Package): 105 mm (4.1″)

My Review

The bountiful fruits of JAV porn star Kokomi Naruse can be experienced with the KMP Meiki Onahole cloned from her pussy and ass.  Kokomi is a sexual star in her own right having appeared in over 500 porn movies.  On entering the Meiki the first experience is the tight entrance followed by a straight tight passage with webbing that twists and turns.  There is so much going on in there with the sole purpose of stimulating your cock whilst you stroke it with the Meiki Kokomi it left both my heads spinning.

The real feeling experienced is unbelievable and the accuracy to details beginning from the molded lips shows the pride Japanese have in their work and products.  I experienced an intense sucking sensation when using it which will bring you to a super climax that you probably have never experienced before.  It literally shits on Fleshlight and some of those more expensive brands.

The closed-hole design gives a slight suction feeling when you squeeze the air out as you enter the hole. The inside of the sleeve is full of realistic skin like folds and crevices. Complete with lotion replicated from her own pussy juices, this onahole will twist you right around until your member can take no more and you go off with bang whilst dropping your load.

These Meiki onaholes are worth every cent if you want ultimate erotic adventures with perfect fake vagina’s.