Condoms for all – Care and storage

condom storage

It is a big and equal responsibility for each of us to do our bit for safe sex these days. Condoms are an easy and relatively safe option for safe sexual practices in this day and age and have been for quite some time.

If using a condom to absolute perfection, a condom can be 98% accurate in protecting against pregnancy and STIs. That’s if you use them to absolute perfection. Catering for human error lets say the margin is more likely 85%. To achieve absolute perfection you need to do the following;

  • Put the condom on the right way (and if you put it on the wrong way – throw it out and start again)

  • Put the condom on before any foreplay

  • If using extra lubricant don’t use any oil based lubricants as it may cause the condoms to break.

  • Pinch the tip before rolling down the shaft

  • Roll all the way to the base

  • Wait until you have removed the shaft from the body to roll the condom carefully off the penis, keeping the semen inside.

  • If possible, tie the condom before throwing it away.


As stated above, everyone can carry condoms, in fact it is highly recommended. The best prevention is preparation and you should never expect a date to be packing; bring your own. This is also good advice in case you have any sensitivities or preferences in condoms.


But where to keep them?


Most of us immediately think of the movies, or the books or even our own experiences of having a trusty condom stashed in a pocket of our wallet for emergencies or on the go – This is in fact a grave error.


Condoms should be kept out in cool dry areas and there is nothing cool about the pockets where wallets are kept. Pockets of clothes, right next to the body conduct a lot of heat, add a mobile to the mix and we are cooking. This heat damages the structural integrity of a condom which in itself will leave it vulnerable to breaking.


What else is dangerous about wallets and pockets? Keys, sharp things, pens anything and everything that could poke, prod and dent into your wallet and therefore your condom. Seems like a pretty big risk to put on accidentally leaving a potential hole in a condom that you might be using.


Also when was the last time you checked the condom in your wallet? One of the biggest oversights with condoms is that they expire. They do last a long time, but you still need to check the use by date. That use by date is also greatly affected by where they are kept, are they kept in the sun? Somewhere hot? Dry? Always check your dates periodically to ensure that you are getting the best use out of your condoms and staying the safest you can be. If you’ve moved house several times and they aren’t stored correctly you might want to rethink that emergency few that you own


So where can you keep them?


Glasses Case:

A great alternative to your wallet, throw them in your car, your bag, whether it be your reading, your sunglasses any old case will do.


A cigarette case:

Go into a smokemart and buy a steel case for cigarettes. This will perfectly hold a couple of condoms, perfect for those emergencies, they’re sleek and slim, so they will fit into your pants or your clutch while keeping those little shields cool enough and making sure that they don’t get poked or damaged en route to wherever the night leads you.


A deck of cards:

A particular favourite of mine. Super elusive, ever seen a friend with a deck of cards in their bag that says they play solitaire by themselves or they’re missing a few cards or say they can’t really play group games in their work bag or uni bag? Chances are they may have removed some of the deck so that they can fit a few condoms in their well concealed deck of many things. Under stated and very clever.



Not necessarily the classiest but sometimes the most practical. Tupperware and small plastic containers can be beautiful and fancy little ways to store the odd condom in bags, handbags or cars on the go.


At home, keep them boxed in your underwear drawer, in the bathroom, in the bedside drawer but ensure that you check the dates often and don’t use them past the expiration date. And whatever you do, don’t try putting them in the fridge or the freezer for a cooling effect, we have Lubes for that. By putting them in the freezer, you will dry out the condom which again opens you up to the risk of it breaking it.


My pick is definitely the Skyn condom range: the non latex range means that anyone can use them without irritation, and without worrying that someone will say I can’t use a condom because I have a latex allergy- Done solved here I have a non latex one I prepared earlier!


Another huge pointer is check in with the nominal width of the condom when buying. Brands and varieties differ. The nominal width can make a difference in desensitizing and the feel, finding the right nominal width will have a big impact on how comfortable the experience is for the wearer. But remember-not too loose, you need it to stay on after all.


At your Service


Oh Zone Sales Assistant, Sexual health Advocate and Carrier of Condoms.

The Lovense Domi 2

lovense sex toys

So ever since I’ve heard of the brand Lovense, I’ve wanted to try it, when I found out it’d be coming into the store, I almost lost my mind and the second the order dropped in store I bought the Domi 2, no questions asked. Lovense has thought of anything and everything when it comes to online sex work and the toys to come with it, the ability to let others play, the ability to connect other toys, but my favourite part: the ability to make money and play games with your fans on camming sites.


Now Lovense has a wide range of sex toys to choose from, the Lush, which is an internal wearable vibrator (yes, the one in all the pornos) this comes as the Lush original an the Lush 2, the Hush; a vibrating buttplug that comes in 2 sizes a 1.5” and a 1.75”, as well as the Edge which is perfectly shaped for males to get prostate stimulation along with a good vibration on the perineum (taint, gooch, all that goodness). The Ambi which is a cute little pink bullet, but with the added benefit of a little handle to hold onto and two sides that give different stimulations, a small side that gives incredible pin point vibrations and a larger side that has its power more spread out.

There is the Osci 2 which is a beautiful g-spot toy that, rather than vibrating like most, actually oscillates (fancy word for moving back and forth) to give you a whole new level of pinpointed g-spot stimulation. Of course, we cannot forget the Max 2 and the Nora which are a male masturbator and a rabbit style vibrator respectively, these are great for solo play but the best part is they are completely interactive with each other from anyway in the world, making long distance relationships a hell of a lot easier.

Now, I got the Domi 2 because I’m a wand girl through and through, there’s not much that does me better than a wand will and I will die on that hill.

What won me over with this bad boy was a few things, but childishly enough it was the ability to customise the led that shows you what power level you’re at… This automatically comes set on multicoloured but you have the option of hat, red, pink, yellow, green, turquoise etc. But my all time favourite colour is green, it’s plastered throughout my car, so the second I realised this was an option I basically threw my money at it.

But back to the actual tech things that people care about. This wand can be hooked up to your phone (as can any of Lovense’s products), you can control the speed, the patterns, create your own, and invite partners to play. The built in text messaging system helps to build the mood as you can message (bit of dirty talk anyone?), photos, and voice memos. This is an awesome build up to anything you’ll be doing later 😉
You can also voice call and video call through the app as well, making long distance (or camming) a lot easier!

The wand can be used on it’s own with built in speed settings and patterns, a WHOPPING 370 minute max run time, and absolutely no vibrations felt in the handle, it is by far my favourite product I have bought in a long time. Even being on the lowest setting it’s one of the stronger wands I’ve felt in this size. The head of the wand in slightly bendable so you can make it work for you no matter what.


The app boasts some of the best connectivity I’ve seen in an app controlled toy, with absolutely no issues I’ve come across. You are able to completely customise your experience, creating your own patterns, hooking it up to music, making it so it vibrates in time to whatever comes through the microphone, it’s brilliant the things you can do with this one, they have thought of almost everything with this range.

Not only does Lovense boast amazing inclusivity with the instructions reading “he/she/they” when discussing those who use it (yes that made my heart melt when I read it), but they are also really going above and beyond for online sex workers.
They have a separate app that will help you with all your camming needs, including vibrations set off by tips, a little tip based Keno game, and many more exciting features that blow most other app controlled toys out of the water, but they’ve created a 3rd app for computers that make it so that you can set vibration patterns for videos you make and that way anyone who has a Lovense toy can feel included in the video.


I had high expectations going into buying this toy and using the app for the first time and they have absolutely blown me away, I’m so excited to continue to use their products and explore their camming options once I get a few more exciting toys. Let’s be honest, I say the Domi 2 is for work, but it’s mostly for me!
The advice I will leave you with is this: even if you think you don’t need Lovense in your life; YOU DO!

Sex Furniture is an Investment in Your Relationship

sex furniture

Did you know that three out of four Americans own dildos? Having a sex toy in your bedside table isn’t that uncommon, but what about your end table BEING  sex toy? Sex furniture is another growing trend that most people don’t consider or talk about, probably because they think sex furniture has to be an oversized bondage table complete with shackles and restraints. Wrong! (Although those can be a lot of fun too!) A lot of today’s modern sex furniture actually doubles as regular accent pieces like couches, benches, or ottomans. Another fact most people don’t realize is that you can also purchase sex pillows, ramps, and other smaller items that you can easily tuck away and out of sight. 


So what’s the purpose of sex furniture, anyway? Is it reserved for just the kinkiest most sexually adventurous couples? What are the benefits of using these unconventional pieces and where do you start when it comes to shopping? We’re here to answer all of your questions and more. 


Grab your eye for design and desire and let’s get started!


The Benefits of Sex Furniture


Sex furniture, also known as intimate or erotic furniture, is designed to help couples fulfill specific fantasies, hold more difficult sex positions for longer (and more comfortably), and enhance the overall sexual experience. Some people lack the flexibility, strength, or endurance to hold certain sex positions for long periods of time. Sex furniture can make this easier. If your partner has a certain fantasy they’ve been dying to try, a little support can help make their naughtiest desires a reality. 


The best part about sex furniture is that most of it is designed to resemble everyday decor. You can fill that empty space in the corner of your bedroom while also filling up your partner! Speaking of, sex furniture also helps you achieve deeper penetration, more intense orgasms, and have a more intimate experience. You and your partner can achieve levels of pleasure you weren’t able to in the past. 


Types of Sex Furniture from Mild to Wild


Not all sex furniture is created equal. Intimate pieces range in style, size, and price. Whether you’re looking for something small and discreet or something to really elevate your sex game (and your bodies), there are countless options to choose from.


Here’s a quick guide on some basic pieces and other, more advanced selections.




If you’re simply looking for a little leverage, a sex pillow or wedge is the perfect option. This is also a good erotic item for beginners. Pillows, wedges, and ramps help tilt your body in the perfect position for deeper penetration, oral sex, and G-spot play. You can wedge these pillows under your hips, butt, or wherever else they fit comfortably to give your partner the right angle for your pleasure. It also prevents either of you from getting tired or getting a cramp during a hot and steamy sex session. 


Shower Handle


Did someone say shower sex? Countless couples take their fun into the shower, and why not? It’s slippery, sexy, and wet! But sometimes, achieving the right position while standing under a cascade of running water can be, well, tricky! That’s where a shower handle and grip comes in handy. The ironic part is, some people invest in these little gadgets simply to help them safely enter and exit the shower. But it’s way more fun to use a shower handle to achieve and hold the perfect sex position. This handle grips to the shower walls and give you something sturdy to hold onto while your partner is driving it home.


Sex Swings


Sex swings are a classic piece of sex equipment featured in countless movies and TV series. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re only for acrobats and gymnasts. In fact, sex swings are pretty versatile and user-friendly for even those new to the world of sex furniture. Sex swings are commonly hung from the door, bed, or ceiling to help you elevate your partner and your pleasure. Sex swings offer easy access and the ability to achieve weightless positions with minimal effort. 


Sex Chair


Now we’re getting into the actual pieces of furniture that double as sex toys and home decor. Sex chairs give you the perfect place to prop up your partner for pleasure. Many are equipped with specially designed curves and handles for added support and sturdiness. Designed to appear like modern, contemporary furniture, these chairs are guaranteed to become the center of attention at your next cocktail party. Some chairs even have footrests and handles, putting complete control in the hands of the rider. Unique designs are geared toward oral sex, missionary, and even doggy style. Most sex furniture pieces are also made of easy to clean material so you won’t have to explain any mysterious stains to dinner guests. 


Sex Couch/Bench


If a chair just not big enough to fulfill all of your naughty fantasies, you might want to invest in a chair, bench, or chaise lounge. These are probably the most popular pieces of sex furniture thanks to their gorgeous design, versatility, and size. Many sex couches are large enough for both partners to mount but are designed like a sleek piece of contemporary furniture. Curved with your pleasure in mind, these erotic furniture items help your body bend at just the right angle for deep penetration. Experimenting with G-spot or P-spot stimulation? With a few adjustments, you can achieve the perfect position for exploring these hidden erogenous zones. The best part is, many of these couches and chaises are beautifully designed and made of quality material that will last you for years to come (pun intended). 


Coffee Table


There’s something naughty and erotic about the thought of your guests sifting through magazines or enjoying a cocktail at a coffee table that doubles as a sex slave cage. Are you and your partner into kinky BDSM play? Designed to look like an artistic coffee table complete with bars, this sex furniture item is the perfect prop for those who practice the dominant-submissive relationship. By day, this table is perfect for doing work or eating lunch. By night, it’s your sex slave’s new home for both torture and pleasure. 




Similar to a coffee table, sex stools are smaller pieces of erotic furniture that serve multiple purposes. Designed with two, stretchy strips of fabric in the center, sex stools give you added leverage and bounce in the riding position. Let’s face it, straddling your partner for an extended period of time can quickly turn from a pleasurable experience to an unanticipated exercise session. Sex stools take the pressure off your legs and glutes by offering added support. They also put a spring in your step (or should we say, ride?). With an opening between the two straps, your partner’s member will easily slip through and into you. These stools are also perfect for anyone suffering from an injury or pregnant women who need help propping their bodies up for long periods of time. 




From bondage crosses to dungeon furniture, sex tables are not for the faint of heart. These items can’t really be left in your living room unless your friends are all as kinky and adventurous as you. Most people keep their sex tables tucked away for private use. Dungeon furniture ranges from stationary tables with handcuffs and restraints built-in to an adjustable table complete with holes for your nipples, genitals, and mouth. Strap your partner in face-up or face-down for hours of torture and fun! Some tables collapse for easy storage under your bed or in your closet, but all allow you to display your partner’s irresistible body in the perfect position for teasing and pleasing.


Sex Furniture Deepens Your Connection… and Penetration


Whether you’re simply looking to spice things up, deepen your connection with your partner, or fulfill your wildest fantasies, sex furniture can help you get there. Ranging in styles and designs that take you from wild to mild, these erotic items are just one more addition to your collection of sex toys and goodies! The biggest issue you’ll face is upgrading your goodie drawer to a goodie closet. 

Choosing Your First Sex Toy!

toys for sex

Buying your first toy can be so exciting, it opens up a whole new world of pleasure and fun. And for those who have never had an orgasm before, buckle up cowboy you’re in for a wild ride!! There’s so many different toys out there on the market ranging from beautiful bullets, thrusting rabbits, butt plugs with tails, and even dildos shaped like rockets, you think it – you can get it my

Rabbit Sex Toys

Rabbit vibrators are made for dual stimulation, they are perfect for any beginner to the toy world and range in sizes, colours, speeds and shapes. Your typical rabbit consists of a long shaft to be used internally, while attached to the end of the shaft lies a clit stim function usually mimicking the ears of a rabbit. If you’d prefer something to focus on the G Spot plenty of rabbit’s
have a nice curve or bulge on their shaft to help massage that area. One thing to keep in mind when buying a rabbit is that not every rabbit will work for you, some might be too big or too small, won’t sit on your clit or won’t have enough strength. Really think about your body and have a hands on feel of all rabbits before you buy. I recommend any Evolved bunny, they are amazing for their price, warranty protected and have enough variety to find the right one for you.

Vibrating Bullets

The good old bullet, you can never go wrong with one of these in your toy kit. The vary in shapes, sizes and speeds. A bullet looks exactly like the name. A bullet can be used on the clit, and if long enough internally. They should be cherished, these little guys work so hard to make you orgasm, so in return make sure you keep them charged so they have maximum power, and
always clean every toy with toy cleaner after use. I recommend any NU Bullet, they pack a punch and have a huge variety of shapes.

G Spot massager

Your G Spot will give you a whole different orgasm to a stand alone clit orgasm. If you can find the right toy, releasing this new power is going to be life changing. There is a huge variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to stand alone G Spot wands. They have different sized bulges, thickness and density. If you need to push hard on your G spot to get it going I recommend the Cosmopolitan G Spot Romance, if that’s not an issue for you go with the NU Sensuelle G. The Sensuelle G is very unique because it also contain a massaging ball in it’s G Spot bulge. If a bunny doesn’t work for you, you can always pair your g spot wand with your favorite clitoral bullet for the best experience ever.


Dildos are great! They can be suctioned onto the wall of the shower, come in all shapes and sizes (like literally any size), and some even vibrate! A dildo is a great choice for someone wanting that little bit extra, without too much. Because most are non vibrating they are great to have to add that extra spice when using a bullet. Some come in a strap on form, so if you want to use your dongs with your partner you can! Ensure you use lots of lube and take it slow at first to warm up. I recommend any Tantus or Fun Factory dongs because they’re all made from good quality materials and have enough variety to satisfy anyone.

Anal toys

If anal is something you haven’t done before, toys are a great way to start. There is such a huge variety of plug shapes and sizes you will always find something to your taste. While most are made from silicone, if weight is something you’re after try a steel plug. They’re awesome to use during sex because even the smallest ones feel so much bigger because of their weight, and the pressure added to anal area is an awesome sensation during vaginal sex. Some plugs vibrate, some don’t. Make sure you have an idea in your head of what you want. Explain to your sales assistant what that idea is and they’ll be able to help guide you in a safe direction.

Lube is an essential when playing in the anal area, it will help keep your partner comfortable and make things glide in and out. I will always recommend the B-Vibe plugs. They have an amazing variety, and the best anal training guide set ever!

All in all, this should be a good guide to help you understand what’s what and what the possibilities are. Just remember your lube, toy cleaner and your hands! These will guarantee that you’ll be arriving at pleasure land in no time!
All of our OH ZONE adult stores are stocked to the brim with huge variety and our staff are always happy to help you!

8 Amazing Strap-on Dildos and Harnesses for Couples

Woman pegging

Though strap-ons are extremely versatile toys, they’re usually ignored by the mainstream community and seen as something taboo. But the perception of strap-ons is slowly changing, as they’re not only designated for same-sex female couples. If you’ve flipped through the strapon personals, you probably noticed strap-ons can work for any combination of partners, regardless of gender.

The beauty of strap-ons and harnesses is that they come in a variety of shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re a beginner or have used a strap-on before, we want to show you the eight best strap-on dildos and harnesses for couples.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Strap-on for Him

If you’re just starting out, then get yourself a strap-on kit. A kit will provide you with the basics for a smooth ride. If you’ll be using the strap-on for pegging, Pipedream has the perfect strap-on for him. As your first strap-on, you’ll get an adjustable harness, as well as small dildo made of flexible material. The dildo itself is slightly curved, so it’ll hit the P-spot just right.

Basics Strap-on Harness Kit with 2 Dildos

When you’re starting out, whether it’s pegging or strap-on sex, you want to have a good experience. This is a great starter kit for couples as it eases you into giving and receiving with a strap-on. The best part of this kit is that it comes with two dildos. They measure 6 and 8 inches, respectively,allowing you to work your way up gradually. The harness itself is compatible with almost any dildo, so if you want to use your own, you can.

Adam & Eve Scarlet Strap-on Set

If you’re introducing a strap-on to the bedroom, you probably want one that’s not too aggressive. The Scarlet Strap-on is stylish boyshorts panties with a subtle O-ring in the front. They’re smooth panties so you’ll feel good when wearing them, while the elastic band keeps everything securely in place. The set comes with two dildos; one is slim and black, while the other is wide and red. Both are rounded at the head for a more intense feel. It also comes with a pocket for a vibrating bullet – they’re the perfect panties!

Bikini Strap-on & Silicone Dildo Set

Some strap-ons come with more material, making it easier to control. However, if you’re looking for something a little sexier, a bikini strap-on will do the trick. Sportsheets Bikini Strap-on and Dildo set offers a 3-way adjustable strap-on and a shimmery purple silicone dildo. If you want a realistic dildo, you can always switch it up as it’s compatible with any dildo. The strap-on is ultra-feminine and sexy, easily spicing up any bedroom.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Platinum Corset Harness with Plug

There are a couple of different styles of harnesses, one being a corset. The Doc Johnson harness is a corset, meaning you’ll need to tie the strap-on harness up in the back. It’s a little time consuming, but if you’re looking for a feminine and sexy harness, this is the one. Another positive is that corset harnesses are usually more comfortable and is ideal for those looking for extra support and control. It’s adjustable and can comfortably fit up to a 50-inch waist. Lastly, it’s compatible with any size dildo and can support larger and heavier toys.

Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow Vibrating Strap-on

Lovehoney’s unisex strap-on is a great option for those looking to have some fun in the bedroom. The strap comes with its own 7-inch curved silicone dildo; it’s large enough to get started right away, and there’s no need to purchase one separately. The strap-on harness includes a pocket for a vibrating bullet that provides stimulation to the giver.

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Double Penetrator Strap-on

Who said strap-ons could be only used one way? If you and your partner want to experiment with giving and receiving, then the Double Penetrator is a great option. If a female is wearing the strap-on, there’s a small vaginal plug that’s inserted, providing her vaginal stimulation as well. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, then try out a double penetrating strap-on.

WetForHer Tomboi Partner Pack

Some people aren’t into the design of a traditional strap-on and harness, which is completely understandable. Everyone has their own preferences. If this is the case, you can still enjoy the benefits of a strap-on without having it look like one. The Tomboi Partner Pack is designed to look like underwear, giving a softer approach to the strap-on. The dildo that comes with it is non-realistic and great for same-sex couples. However, you’re able to change the toy if you’re looking for something larger or more texturized.

Strap-ons can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a couple looking to spice things up. Make sure you choose the right one for you and your partner’s needs and prepare yourself beforehand. It will take some practice to get used to using one, but after some time, you’ll love it!