Doxy 3 Bodywand

Doxy Bodywand
Doxy is well known for their wands which are a strong competitor for the OG Hitachi Magic Wand. Today I’m going to talk about the Doxy massager, Doxy Die Cast and the doxy Number 3.
The Original Doxy massager that retails for $275 is made from a PVC head and plastic body that comes in black, white, pink or purple. This claims to be the worlds most powerful mains operated massager wand, which I definitely agreed with until they released the Die Cast. They started off great with a VERY deep and rumbly vibration that increases in intensity.
This is not for anyone who is sensitive in the clitoral area, wands are made to cover more surface area than your regular vibrator and are designed to be much less pinpoint. My only complaint about the Doxy and the Die Cast is the size, we know that wands are obviously going to be bigger than other vibes but these wands measure a huge 13 inches long. Although it is quite light, the size can make it sometime difficult to hold.
The Doxy Die Cast, retailing for $390 is very similar to the original. In my opinion, I think its a hair stronger in its vibrations, not much but there is definitely a difference. the Die Cast is made from a silicone head and a polished aluminium\titanium alloy body. The Die Cast also measures at 13 inches, so the added weight from the body can be a disadvantage. Although it looks great it can be a pain to hold. But I’m not kidding when I say I’ve never felt a vibration like this. I know that I like deep and rumbly vibrations but this is next level. if you like hard and fast this is the toy for you. for me personally, I find it very easy to get off with the lower settings and no other toy has granted that.
All of the Doxy wands come with 3 button controls, and on\off button, + button and a – button. one of my favorite thongs is how easy it is to find the buttons while using it because they are HUGE. there’s nothing worse than trying to turn your toy up a level and having to fiddle for the buttons or worse, accidentally lowering the settings or turning it off.
 Doxy decided to change it up a bit creating the Doxy Number 3. Retailing for $325 they finally made a smaller wand. Not a lot smaller but hey anything is better. The Number 3 measures at 11 inches with a removable silicone head and an aluminium\titanium alloy body just like the Die Cast. All of the Doxy wands are corded but they are very generous with their cords so it doesn’t really phase me. Number three includes a cord length of 3m.
I was very excited to see a lighter, smaller version but was actually quite disappointed when trying. I found the vibrations were buzzy and the head of the wand was rock hard and uncomfortable compared to the Doxy and Die Casts nice squishy heads. I also found Number 3 to be a lot more concentrated than the others, which in my opinion I didn’t like. It still has quite a large head but it felt a lot more pinpoint.
I absolutely love Doxy as a brand and everything that they’ve done, but the no. 3 just wasn’t for me. But ill never turn my back on my Doxy massager and Die Cast.

There’s Something about Women and VR Porn

Virtual Reality Porn

The porn industry is rapidly adopting virtual reality technology. It’s a no-brainer. The videos are good but seeing action that is almost up close and personal is even better. It’s a boon for all consumers of pornography, females and lesbians included.


Something worth trying is the concept of VR sex. It’s an evolution of phone sex that involves more than just a video. It includes a simulation of the actual act that enhances the experience of long-distance sexual partners. VR porn for women takes female sexual gratification to new levels.


More women consume porn


Based on 2017 figures from xHamster and Pornhub, the number of women watching porn is on the rise. Also, the use of the search phrase “porn for women” increased by an astounding 359%. This phrase emerged as the top search term on Pornhub in 2017. The number of people using this phrase rose by 1,400% in 2017 (from 2016).


More women now admit that they turn to pornography. Nobody should doubt that women also watch porn. What’s more exciting for them is that they have not seen everything there is to see. With virtual reality technology, they can experience the thrill and stimulation of lovemaking that is more immersive than ever. There’s more to explore after the 1080p, 4K videos, and “3D” porn videos. Beyond video clarity, there’s the option to be absorbed in the illusion of being in the actual scene, virtually interfacing with porn stars, or seeing scenes as if they are just right in front of you.

What women want


Women generally prefer more evocation than wild sexual action. They gravitate more towards sensuality than all-out sexual indulgence. In other words, they value the feeling more than the visual treat. Porn at present, including virtual reality pornography, may be largely visual-based, but women want higher quality content instead of simply seeing couples thrusting into each other wildly. They are not aroused easily by the usual moaning and the sigh of rapid pelvic movements. For women, it’s the passion that arouses them more than the mere sight of fornication.


Virtual reality is a game changer in pornography, especially for women. It allows a more gripping way to enjoy porn. With VR, women can see more of the passion instead of the action. Being able to witness the action up close and seeing perspiring naked bodies in greater detail creates a more arousing experience. Viewing porn with a VR set enables porn viewers to see the emotions, the gratifying pain, and the ecstasy of orgasm in ways that are more riveting and fulfilling.


If you have not tried VR porn yet, you are missing an opportunity to explore sexual excitation that is unlike anything you have tried in the past. It wouldn’t be unlikely for you to realise how tremendously more arousing it is than anything you have seen in the past. It will change the way you perceive porn as you realise how technological advancements open vast possibilities for sexual


The adult lifestyle centers have all types of VR Porn, why not visit a store now?

Velventine Ivy Vibe!

Velventine Clit Vibe

I am only new into the adult shop world and was not wanting to start with anything to intense or powerful that was going to scare me and put me off using toys in the bedroom. Its a little intimidating when you first enter the shop or the website with how many different style, ranges and powers of these toys to pick from.

Talking to the staff in Oh Zone adult shop I gave them a little information of what i was looking for and they advised me to what toys could work for me. We both managed to pick out the Velventine Ivy Vibrator. It was a great pick and suited me exactly for what i was needing. This vibrator is used for external use only to be place onto your clitoris area. Its shaped like a ‘U’ which means you can sit both ends at either sides around your clit. It took a while to play around with it at first to be able to find the right spot that pleasured me the best.

The vibrating was a lovely amount of pressure as well as i do not need very much to get me going and i did not want something to powerful that would make me feel almost uncomfortable cause that is just no good for anybody! The speed settings were perfect for the amount of vibrating i was wanting. Its not the strongest vibration so i would not recommend for someone wanting a toy that is really powerful. This vibrator has 10 different frequencies motions to choice from which was helpful to get the style that best suited my body. It has an easy on and off button you just hold down for a few seconds each time and to change between the different motions you simply just click this button also down once and this will flick through them all.

Another great bonus was it is a rechargeable using a USB cable which meant no messing around with batteries. It is a really quiet vibrating toy which helped as i share a house with my friends so they cant hear what i am up to in my private time. They have used medical grade silicone which is the safest type of silicone that can be used and makes the toy so soft to use. Its also splash proof which is great for being able to clean the toy really easily with water and some recommended toy cleaner.

It’s a fun toy to use solo but its also a nice vibrator to use to spice up with my partner as well. It can be used along side performing oral. Its just a simple way to change it up a bit and keep are sex life exciting and also adds to an orgasm. I found the price very reasonable and cant complain at all about this item.

When One Is Just Not Enough!

group sex
Ménage à trois, Two is always better than one, Teamwork makes the dream work, Orgy… Threesomes and how to get your partner to agree and how to have one without adding that additional one!
Go into most male banter sessions either at the pub, the gym, or a sporting field and you’ll find that the majority of them have spoken about having a threesome or have fantasized about it. To most males, having a threesome is the sexual equivalent of winning a grand final or championship. The day after when you tell your friends (Don’t be that guy) they will crown you ‘King’ or ask for proof as it is not a common act. So how do you make it common? There are multiple different ways that people tend to find their way into a threesome…
  • A couple is open having one so they invite a friend (Male or Female) to join in!
  • Drunk at a pub, one thing leads to another and you leave with two guys or two girls!
  • You search up your local escorts on the internet and they offer to see if you’d like them to bring a friend for an additional cost (Not speaking from experience!!!!)
  • You’ve spoken with your partner or your single and have always wanted to try it so you download the Feeld app which is designed to link like-minded people (Couples and singles) who are open to the experience!
  • Search online for your local swingers party
So how do you add that extra person one just isn’t enough?
Adding an extra person in some cases can be extremely easy as simply just getting your partner (Who is keen on the idea of threesome) to invite one of their friends into the bedroom. If you have a friend who is open to it, then stop reading this post right now and go do it! If your partner is hesitant in inviting someone else to join you in the bedroom… Reassurance is KEY. You need to remind them that it isn’t an emotional connection, however, it is more the psychical side and adding some extra herbs and spices to your sex life. Remind them of how much you love them and how much they stimulate your mind, body, and soul. Note: This must come from your heart, don’t bullshit your way through or you will feel guilty. Go to dinner and drinks with the person and if the three of you have chemistry, take the next step!
If you are single you have 3 simple options:
  1. Go to a nightclub, pub or a public place and try to connect with like-minded people
  2. Search online for escorts who offer the service
  3. Use the Feeld app or find your local swingers party!
What happens if my partner isn’t interested in adding an extra person but I am? 


For male partners who aren’t keen on introducing another male into the bedroom, your best option is to introduce internal toys and dongs into your toy box. will be able to provide you with a vast selection of realistic and non-realistic dongs and vibrators.
For Females who DON’T want to add another female into the bedroom (His my man and my man only bitch!)… don’t let him miss out! The best way to keep him happy without introducing another individual into the bedroom is to bring home a Fleshlight Ice. This toy is your best friend in keeping your man satisfied and happy as it allows him to experience the threesome without having one. The Fleshlight Ice is a clear masturbator which will allow you both to witness all the action, providing him not only with extra stimulation but visual stimulation also.

Eva II By Dame – Sex Toy Review!

couples sex toys

The “EVA II” is a unique hands-free couple’s vibrator. What makes “EVA II” stand out against other couples toys, is the shape of the toy as well as how you position it. The shape, in my opinion, is very similar to that of a beetle, a robust figure with two small “wings” coming out from either side. As mentioned what sets this vibrator apart from other couples toys is how it sits, most couples toys will have a U shape which will sit on the inside of the vagina providing stimulation to the G-Spot while the other side sits against the clitoris. The “Eva II” however isn’t inserted, the small flexible wings tuck under the labia which holds the toy in place with the body sitting against the clitoris providing a constant vibration stimulation. One can also use “Eva II” as a hands-free vibrator for solo masturbation!!




Upon unboxing the “Eva II” you will be greeted with either a lovely and sleek Pink (Quartz) or Green (Fir) box depending on which of the two beautiful colours you have selected. Once you slide off the lid, the little Pink or Green “beetle” will be sitting next to the charging case, underneath these items is the instruction booklet, USB charging cord and a little discreet silk bag for you to keep your new friend in.



One of my favourite aspects of the “Eva II” is how easy it is to use!! Whether with a partner or by yourself, place the “Eva II” by gently pulling the labia majora over the wings one lip at a time. Adjust the placement of the toy according to what feels most comfortable for you, everyone is different as are their bodies, so keep that in mind when fitting the “Eva II”. You can also place the “Eva II” in different positions such as upside down, higher or lower or even sit the toy in the labia minora if this feels more comfortable for you! Once set in place you’re ready to go!! Press the small button on the top end of the toy to turn on, press again to cycle through the different vibration settings. The “Eva II” has three different vibration speeds to choose from, each time you press the little button the vibrations will intensify. Hold the button down in order to turn your toy off.



The “Eva 11” comes with a discreet charging case. When the toy is on low battery the light will flash red to give you a heads up that it will need to be charged shortly. Plug the USB charging cable into the back of the charging case, simply place the “Eva II” wings down into the charging case and your toy will begin to charge. While charging, the “Eva II” will blink green and will stop blinking and stay green once the toy is fully charged. Once charging you can pop the charging cases’ lid on and go about your day without a worry! “Eva II” lasts for 5 hours straight on the lowest vibration setting and 1 hour on the highest vibration setting.



Another cool feature of the “Eva II” is that it has a “travel mode” setting. This prevents the toy from turning on and vibrating away in any bag or draw you might have placed it in. To activate this feature hold the button for 10 seconds, the “Eva II” will blink once for each second and then turn off. To turn this function off simply place your toy in the charging base.



Medical Grade Silicone (phthalate free), Water Proof (shower or bath), Hands-Free, Partner Use Optional, Travel Mode, 3 Speeds, Whisper quiet, Charging Case.


  • Do NOT overextend wings on “Eva II”
  • Clean regularly with Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner
  • Do NOT submerge charging case/base
  • Do NOT leave in extreme heat or cold


All in all, the “Eve II” is a great couple’s toy as well as a solo play toy. I’m very glad I was given the opportunity to test it out, the strong vibrations as well as the hands-free aspect make this toy a staple for any partner or solo play!!

Good Luck and Enjoy!!


Eva II by Dame is available through the Lifestyle Center Adult Shops.  Visit the nearest one near you!