A Rocking Chair Fetish Fantasy

“Its going to rock your world”

Well so the Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair claims. But after putting this product to the test, is it really all that it’s rockin’ up to be?

Working in an adult lifestyle store you come across some weird and wonderful things. The Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair is no exception. Steering away from the regular vibrators, bullets, eggs, anal toys and liberator sex furniture trying to find something on a much bigger scale to explore, I came across this vibrating sex saddle and immediately knew I had to try it out. Venturing out of what’s comfortable can be hard and the fear of investing money into something you might not end up liking may scare people off trying new things

After trying to do my own research before diving into this trial I was shocked to find that there are very little/no reviews at all on this product which would be very off putting to someone looking to invest in it.  So, with this honest review I hope to give a good insight on how this product works and if it really is worth jumping into the deep end and trying something different.

Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair Measurements

First things first the elephant in the room, it’s big. It’s not something you can hide in your night stand or in a shoe box and hope to god your maid or even your children find it. Although it’s designed very well and to the untrained eye you would think nothing but “what a strange looking chair”, its size is something to consider if you are looking for something discreet or easy to hide away. Its exact measurements are: 12.5” (31.7 cm) in width, 17.5” (44.4 cm) in depth and 14.5” (36.8 cm) in height.


Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair With Woman Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair With Woman

Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair Features

The key features of this ultimate vibrating sex saddle that make this toy so unique is the perfectly situated clitoral vibrator which makes for the ultimate hands free toy, allowing you to use your body and weight to your advantage to get the most intense stimulation exactly where you need it. Using your body as you move and rock back and forth is said to be the most effective way to reach incredible orgasms. It is used just like a rocking chair. It is designed to form comfortably to your body allowing for the incredible super strong electric Japanese motor to send vibrations directly to your clitoris, inner thighs and even anus which make for a much more intense sensation then your regular vibrator.

Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair Remote Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair Remote

While you are having the rockin’ ride of your life you will notice that there is a convenient support handle located at one end of the “chair” which allows for extra support and control while riding this vibrator. Now when it comes to the power of this toy, I know from experience that anything rechargeable or battery operated is not going to give me as intense power as something that is plugged in to a main power source, so be prepared for intense vibrations when you plus this into the wall. Downside, some plug in toys comes with the restriction on how far you can move the toy, thankfully the Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair is accompanied by an extra-long power cord making the chair much more accessible to move around, as well as an easy to use remote control designed to make exploring the powerful vibrations simple and convenient.

Fetish Fantasy International Rockin’ Chair With Woman Standing Sex Toy Image
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This is not your everyday vibrator. It is an investment for yourself or even for your love life which might need some spicing up. It is an incredible hands free stimulator that gives you orgasms you didn’t know you could have from simply hopping on a rockin’ chair.  Although large it is still discreet in terms of its appearance, so one could get away with just having a “chair” in the corner. For any couples looking for something different and a lot of fun, this toy is definitely one for the wish list or even if you are a single women looking for something more intense and fun to play with as you watch your favourite dirty movie this will take you all the way. Visually using the Rockin’ Chair is a great way for enhance womens sexual arousal. Get on and let this toy literally rock your world.

About the author: Nikki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave







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