17 Secret Gay Colour Code Meanings

Gay Colour Codes

The handkerchief colour code which is also known as the hanky code, bandana code, and flagging is a system used by the gay, androgynous and BDSM community which was developed in the 1970s. It is used to identify people looking for casual sex encounters. It can be used to identify whether the person is a top or a bottom, the ideal types of sexual experiences and fetishes they are interested in.

The handkerchief colour code is used worldwide but is popularly used in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and South Africa. If you were to have a look at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and the after parties that followed, you’d notice that the patrons may wear a variety of different colourful clothing items which use the handkerchief colour code.

The Gay Community’s History Of The Colour Code System

In 1855, after the Gold Rush in San Francisco men would go to square dances after work or on the weekends. They would dance with other men since there was a deficiency of women. The men who would take the female part would wear a red bandana and the men who took the male part would wear a blue bandana. They would place the bandana around the arm, attach it to their belt or place it in their back pocket of their pants.

In 1970 to 1971, the popularity of the colour code system took off in New York when a writer for the Village Voice kidded that rather than just wearing keys to show whether somebody was a top or a bottom, it would be more efficient for people to wear coloured hankies to report their specific sexual preferences.

Although the Handkerchief Colour Code was a main part of the society and culture in the 70s and 80s. Its popularity declined during the AIDS epidemic. In the 90s the colour codes became popular again but the items of clothing diversified from hankies to various other forms of coloured accessories.

Items Of Clothing That Use The Colour Coding System

Handkerchief Colour Code system is not just limited to handkerchiefs. It can be used with different types of day to day wear that can be worn discretely including:

  • Keys
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Bandanas
  • Belts
  • Wrist bands
  • Flags

What Area Of The Body Should I Wear The Handkerchief Colour Code?

Originally the system was limited to people in the gay, androgynous and BDSM community wearing keys on the left or right side of the body as a form of symbolism to tell another person whether they were a top or a bottom. Now, people can use the colour code system on different areas of the body to mean different things.

The Left Side Of The Body

Wearing a handkerchief on the left half of the body commonly demonstrates one is a top.

The Right Side Of The Body

Wearing a handkerchief on the right half of the body commonly demonstrates one is a bottom.

Other Areas Of The Body

Other clothing items included in the coding system can be worn on different areas of the body. For example, Bandanas may be worn in the front or back pocket. They can also be tied around the neck with the knot on the individuals preferred side. It can also just be a stylistic preference.

Gay colour code system
Image: Hanky Code

What Are The Colour Codes?

There is no definitive handkerchief colour code system as the meanings can change depending on the groups, community or geographic location. If you are confused about the colour code, you will need to check with the adult lifestyle event, venue, community or individual to understand what it means to them. Even though this is the case, there is an acceptance to which colours should be generally used for standard sexual preferences.

Standard Colour Codes

  • Yellow: Urolagnia, Urophilia, Undinism, Golden Showers and Watersports.
  • Brown: Coprophilia and Scatophilia.
  • Black: Heavy Sadomasochism.
  • Dark Blue: Anal Sex.
  • Light Blue: Oral Sex.
  • Orange: Up for Anything.
  • Grey: Bondage.
  • Red: Fisting.

Other Colour Codes In The BDSM Community That Vary In Meaning

  • Green: Sex workers and prostitutes.
  • White: Virgin or someone who is new to the scene. They may be looking for a lover but would like to take things slow.
  • White With Polka Dots: Looking for an orgy, hosting an orgy or enjoys orgies.
  • Silver Bells: Pet play and animal roleplay.
  • Blue: Mentor, guide, safe person or someone willing to help others.
  • Red With White Stripes: Enjoys grooming activities like shaving people or being shaved.
  • Leopard: Enjoys or has tattoos, body modification and/or body art.
  • Light Purple: Energy Play.
  • Purple: Enjoys being spanked or spanking.

Adult Products That Use The Colour Code System

Falcon Gay Codes
Image: Icon Brands Sex Toys

Icon Brands has designed an adult product named “Falcon Leather Code Bands” which uses the colour code system. The Falcon Leather Code Bands can be worn as day to day wear as they look incredibly discrete.  It can be worn on your wrist, ankle or even as a cock ring. So you can wear it publicly for all to see and when you find someone who matches your sexual preferences you use it to enhance your erection.

Stephen is a cis-gendered gay male who spends far too much time with his two cats and eating tim tams. A self-identified sex-positive advocate he cares deeply about gender equality, disabilities, sexual education and social issues. Opinionated and bold he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and say what others won’t. With a yearning for knowledge and experience in all things relating to sex, he is a prolific writer that has developed the content for a myriad of informative Sexual Health and Wellness websites.

Stephen’s articles and writings tends to focus on social issues, sexual education, queer issues and all things fetish and absurd. He comes qualified with the completion of a double Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and literature, and a Masters in Education.

Finding Who I Really Am: My Coming Out Story

Lesbian representation in anime

Being Greek Orthodox and having 2 parents with the same background I was put into a Greek Orthodox school in the Eastern Suburbs at the age of 4. I remember my first school play in kindergarten, I was a sunflower and all the flowers were paired with an angel. My angel was Angelique, I remember the way I would look at her every time she would walk onto the stage and come stand right next to me, she was flawless, I was in awe and I wanted to be her! Now, my 4-year-old mind didn’t know how that would help me understand myself later down the road of life. At the end of that year, she changed schools and I remember crying about it for a very long time and I wasn’t even one of her close friends.

Halfway through that year, I found my first boy that made my heart feel all the things and that continued all throughout primary school. We both had crushes on each other and it was wonderful, we never did the primary school boyfriend/girlfriend thing like everyone else but he was one of my closest friends, a boy I could feel completely comfortable being around, the one boy who never disrespected me as a person. When I got to about the age of 7 I was the tomboy, the girl who wanted to play all the different sports the boys would play at lunchtime, owned all the Pokemon cards, collected all the cards in chip packets, had every version of Gameboy, Nintendo and PlayStation that would come out but little did I know that boys bully girls that want to be like them. I would get pushed around and get called mean names. I remember the teachers telling me to grow up and getting told:

“Boys tease girls that they like.”

This definitely was not the case for me.

Parks And Recreation Quote
Image: Parks And Recreation Quote

I don’t know why, but I thought it was a good idea for me to continue onto the high school, I remember going and looking at some of the all-girls schools in the area but the size of the schools intimidated me as my school was quite small, it was about 50 people per year whereas those schools were over 100 per year so I decided to stay.

Year 9, 14 year old me. This was the year I finally started doing things with my friends outside of school, we’d go to the local Westfield on a Thursday night. All the kids from different schools would go and meet up and just be teenagers. I started to make friends with some of the girls from one of the all-girls schools in the area. My friends were allowed to make friends with boys but as soon as they noticed me getting closer to the girls the bullying started again.

The group of friends I made were away for camp, I was sitting at home playing a computer game and that was the moment I realized I missed one of the girls a little bit more than what a best friend would. Everything started to make sense now, I never wanted to be the girls I admired and I wanted them. Angelique was my first crush and I didn’t even realize it. Anthony came out as gay and that made so much sense. I called my best friend from school and told her that I had a crush on this girl and she hung up on me real quick. She kept my secret like any best friend would. About a week later I couldn’t keep my own secret anymore though and I asked my new friends for advice and they were all really open-minded about it and told me I should just tell her how I felt, so I did. She didn’t feel the same way back and that was ok because at least I had the guts to tell her how I felt, that was enough for me.

I had our girls’ team soccer presentation on that following weekend and I told my best friend that I had told her and her friends about my feelings, she got super mad at me and told me I should just tell our group since my new friends knew. I told them and they were all pretty cool about it, they asked me if I was a lesbian or bisexual? I had no idea what they were talking about because I was never taught these words before. I had no idea that I was “coming out.”

The soccer presentation was on a Sunday night, I remember going home and feeling like all this weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was so happy that everyone had taken it so well. Little did I know.

I went to school on Monday and if you have ever walked into a room and felt like everyone was staring at you you’ll understand. I walked into the school and had every student staring at me, my friends backed away as I went up to talk to them, I had my friends chase me around doing the sign of the cross and telling me I was a sinner, no one wanted me near them. I was alone.

I got bullied really bad for a few months, I had photos from my social media edited and sent to schools I hadn’t even heard of, I was smacked across the face by a friend and then threatened to not tell otherwise she would make my life a living hell, the boys started to get super rough with me during sports periods (I ended up with a black eye), I would get yelled at by students I didn’t even know on the bus and at school during lunch and recess, I was called names, I had a cup of boiling water thrown on my face, I got forced into telling my parents “otherwise we’ll tell our parents first and they’ll tell yours” and my friends put me into the school counseling office. I had one friend who I am still thankful for to this day, she would come into the counseling sessions with me and do the talking for me because I would just sit there and cry, she would listen to me every night on the phone crying and give me advice on how to deal with the mean kids at our school.

I sat my mum down one night and told her, I cried for a while and then said:

“Mum, I like boys and girls.”

My mum then told my dad that night. It took a while for them to come to terms with it. There are different reasons to what affects the acceptance of sexuality but eventually, they did.

My mum noticed how badly I was being affected and my year adviser called her in for a meeting. I remember her telling my mum that I had to repeat so I may as well change schools otherwise next year I’d get bullied for repeating and for being gay.

By the end of that term, I was out of there, my whole grade was shocked that I was leaving but it was the best decision I’ve ever made and I am so grateful that my mum allowed me to make that decision. I moved to the all-girls school that all my new friends were going to and it was so much more accepting than the school I left behind. The girls were all super open-minded, the principle wasn’t but the students always stood up to that and that made me proud to say that I went there.

Years later down the track, I went to a party for one of the girls birthdays from my old school and everyone sat me down and apologised for the way that they had treated me in high school. My best friend cried and just held me. Unfortunately, because I wasn’t brought up with any knowledge about the LGBTQIA community I didn’t know how “different” it was and how people reacted to it. There are challenges when you come out. I came out at such a young age and 10 years ago young people weren’t as aware as they are now about equality. I’ve spoken to a lot of people between now and then that have been and still attend that school and a lot of them are a lot more open-minded now and much more accepting.

I don’t regret any of it or hold any grudges, it’s made me who I am today and I am proud of the person I became. I am open-minded to everything and I don’t judge, everyone is different and that is definitely OK. The world and society have grown since then, young children and teenagers are so much more aware now and that’s all that I had wished for.

I left school, started dressing the way that made me feel most comfortable which is in male clothing, I cut my hair short and figured out that it’s only girls that I’m attracted to.

Meme From Giphy
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There is no longer any days where I feel alone.

Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Jennifer works marketing at Adultsmart an online sex toy shop. She has a non-judgemental approach to sex, sex toys and sexuality. Her favorite saying is if it feels good and right and is not illegal then why not!

Sex, Sexuality & Genders of The Future!

DNA modification

The other day I was reading a book and a question was posed are people a product of their genes or of their environment or as the academics put it Nature Vs Nurture and I wondered how that applied to many things including sexuality.  With science rapidly improving we are able to dip into and alter the gene pool and genetically modify everything from crops to humans.  In 2015 scientists altered the DNA of human embryos, genetically modifying them using a method called the Crisper technique.  Welcome to the Brave New World where science fiction written in 1931 is becoming a reality.

With the technology available today scientists and doctors are now be able to change a person’s physical, intellectual and possibly even mental capabilities through this engineering.  It will allow in the future the riddance of many hereditary diseases and allow man to play god.  Regardless of where your stance is ethically on this it does pose some uncomfortable questions like –

Under What circumstances could this genetic engineering take place?

Who would qualify?  Would it be only used to correct ailments and deformities or would it be optional for parents to choose the color of there to be born child’s hair or eyes?

What controls will be put in place?

Will it be used to improve intellectual abilities of the masses?

Gender Positive
Gender Profiles

But what about SEX?

The sex of a new-born child can be genetically engineered to that of the parents, or viewing into the future, the buyers/creators choices.  So that is all well and good but how about sexuality and sexual preferences.  With sexual revolution in the late 60’s and early 70’s tolerance between sexual preferences, now being politically correct genders, was practiced by most.  It was still accepted that there was a man and a woman but the expectation that relationships be solely between a man and a woman were broadened and there were the straights (some being closeted straights) and the LGBT community was formed which stands for Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual.

In the 90’s the LGBT acronym was expanded to LGBTQ the Q standing for Queer or Questioning.  In the year 2000 this new gender equality world there were 63 accepted variations of gender rather than that of a man and a woman.  The question of gender equality was raised and debate began as being a sex positive community what additional genders should be included and in the United States the acronym became LGBTQQIP2SAA whilst in the United Kingdom it became LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA.  This has been expanded further still and some acronyms carry 26 letters which is just absurd, sensible gender accepting people now simply use LGBTQ+.

List of Genders
Gender Issues

In Australia we are currently in the middle of a plebiscite for same sex marriage.  Controversy has raged with many members of the public who thought that the vote was to allow a man to marry a man or a woman to marry a woman. Many are still not aware that there that included in this vote are over 100 genders and the vote is for the legal right for one human being to marry another human being regardless of sex, sexual preference or gender.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will vote ‘Yes’ and I am an advocate in same sex marriage but even I struggle with a gender that is described as a ‘Feminine Male That is Attracted to a Bisexual Hermaphromale’.  In any event different strokes for different folks and certainly in principle, and in practice.

So where am I going with this?  If we can genetically engineer the sex of a child and there are now over 100 gender identities where does the future of sex lie?  Will government regulate what gender preferences there are available?  Will there be scope to tailor make and custom build your future child’s gender?  Will gender society become more fragmented in the Brave New World that can be a reality and there become gender exclusive communities, or cities or will we come back to strict definitions of a man and a woman.

There is nothing natural about genetic engineering but is it possible that nurture may overcome genetic engineering?

Scarier still the technology to clone humans already exists – however difficult it may be.  So why has a human being not been cloned officially? Who knows what has occurred off the record?  Your baby boy has just died, would you not love to have the exact human clone produced from his DNA?  It is not easy to clone primates but with enough money and resources it would be.  The reason is that commercially it is not viable to clone a human, and some would throw in the ethical argument.

Most humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes that are basically identical and found in almost every cells nucleus.  The differences between humans are caused by genes that segments of DNA that make each human being unique.  However as this DNA is passed down from mother and father to offspring there are traits will be unique to them which allows for DNA testing.  Believe it or not DNA testing will accurately test for family ancestry for at least 5 generations and if the gene pool is strong enough up to 700 years.  So we are not all from the same gene pool.

Livestock cloning is business and successful. Intrexon a bio-tech company has been cloning sheep, cattle, pigs and pets for years.  The average price to clone your recently passed canine it about US $100,000 but that is a small amount when you consider cloning a successful race horse.  Buying one that is bred can cost millions of dollars – however will the racing authorities allow you to put a cloned horse on the track?  Well perhaps not!  However in 2013 Polo star Adolfo Cambiaso rode on a cloned horse, their team winning the Argentine Polo Open.


So what happens when in the future if we start cloning human beings?  Imagine the same scenario as before but rather than just losing your baby boy you also lost you sweet daughter.  You were a nucleur family – husband and wife with son and daughter.  You are distressed beyond belief and in your despair look at cloning as an option but because of the cost involved you can only afford to create one.  You cannot make the choice so you choose to use DNA from both.

Forget about the moral and legal injustice that a clone is not born so therefore cannot be considered a human being.  Cross-cloning can be done between the same species?  Theoretically most experts agree that the result could only be female in sex.  But hang on a second, cloning creates an embryo.  Scientists genetically engineer an embryo to make changes, including sex.  Do you see where I am heading with this?

Let us hope that we do not enter this brave new world, but if we do what will it mean for sex, sexuality and gender options?




Rick is the owner of the Adultsmart, an online sex toy shop that stocks over 13,000 products. He has been involved in the adult lifestyle industry for more than 25 years. Rick is an active sex blogger who provides a wealth of information and experience. He is an advocate of equality for gender and sexuality.

Top 30 LGBTQIA Nightclubbing Venues & Dating Apps

Banners Of Popular LGBTQIA Nightclub

I have been working in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres for just over a year now and I can not tell you how many of my LGBTQIA customers have asked me where they should go out to meet people in Sydney. So today I am going to give you all the information I know about what events are on and when and where they are, all the good pubs and clubs and some of the most popular dating apps. I am a lesbian so I know more about the lesbian events than all the gay events but I will try to mix it up as much as I can.



Empire is a new monthly event that has been happening for about 4 months now at the Hudson Ballroom in the city. The organisers of this event have a bunch of promoters that are really helpful to the people who don’t know other people in the LGBTQIA community. If you don’t go out much or have anyone to go with the promotors organise a gathering before the event so that everyone has people to party with all night and from my experiences going to this event everyone in there is super friendly and ready to mingle so it is really easy to make lots of new friends there. They have a Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat that are all very active and a lot of people meet just through those alone. There’s a group chat for people to meet and a group called Empire Girls Gang where everyone discusses community issues or even personal issues, everyone is super helpful and supportive.

There are two rooms so there is plenty of space for everyone, tables and seats for people to sit down and relax as well. They have a trustworthy cloakroom in the venue for you to leave your jacket and any other belongings you don’t want to carry around all night.

You can purchase tickets for this event online or you can purchase tickets at the door – $20 Entry. If you keep an eye on their Facebook page they sometimes have competitions so that you can win free tickets to their events.


The YTG has the same organisers as Empire. YTG is run weekly as a Thursday night event at Monkey Magic in Kings Cross. This event offers free entry, there is a Nintendo 64 that you can sit down and play if you don’t feel like dancing, $1 dumplings and other food available till late.

There is no lockout for this event.


This once a month event has been happening for 9 years now, it was the first club I went to when I first turned 18 and I am now 23. You’ll have to click on the link to their Facebook to find out locations, once you like the page they’ll invite you to events. The thing I love most about this one is they have themes every couple of months and different types of parties e.g. Mardi Gras, jelly wrestling, body painting, Halloween etc. They are even a check-in point on the app Winkd so it’s easier for you to find the single ladies dancing around you. The weekend after the Sydney event they now have one in Melbourne as well.

You can either purchase tickets before the event or at the door on the night depending on which event it is i.e. Mardi Gras parties usually sell out really fast so best to purchase your tickets as soon as they come out online. Entry price is always different depending on the event.


The same people who run Girlthing also run Boything which is also a monthly event. The exact same concept just more for gay men and transgender men. There are no rules though, men and women are allowed at both events. Give the Boything page a like as well if you’d like to be updated on when and where this one is.


Again the same people who run Girlthing and Boything. This one is a weekly event held at the Sly Fox in Enmore on a Wednesday night. It offers free entry and cheap drinks before 11 pm. Usually, they even have $5 wet pussy shots all night. Give the page a like for this one as well if you want to keep in the loop with all the different themed nights. There is no lockout at this venue and plenty of couches to sit down and relax.


Heaps gay is a monthly event held at The Lady Hampshire in Camperdown. This event is filled with a mixture of people from the LGBTQIA community, the venue is pretty big and usually full so there are plenty of new people for you to meet at this one.

Most of the time it is free entry unless they have a special event which you can purchase tickets online or at the door.


Unicorns occurs every few months, usually themed and always sells out at The Red Rattler Theatre. Again you’ll find a mixture of LGBTQIA folks at this event and every single one of them is very friendly. This event usually has a lot of shows for you to watch as well as partying and they also run competitions during the night with awesome prizes (including sex toys!). Everyone is always dressed up in wild clothing and all up it is just really fun and has a great vibe.

They also have a monthly event in Melbourne.

Make sure to purchase your tickets early for this one otherwise you might miss out.


  • ARQ Sydney – Darlinghurst
  • Stonewall – Oxford Street
  • Goodbar – Oxford Street
  • Midnight Shift – Oxford Street
  • Oxford Art Factory – Oxford Street
  • Palms on Oxford – Oxford Street
  • Nevermind – Oxford Street
  • The Cliff Dive – Oxford Street
  • The Colombian Hotel – Oxford Street
  • The Marlborough Hotel – King Street, Newtown
  • Tokyo Sing Song – downstairs of Malborough hotel
  • Websters Bar – King Street, Newtown
  • The Midnight Special – Enmore road, Enmore
  • The Bank – King Street, Newtown
  • Newtown Hotel – King Street, Newtown
  • Courthouse Hotel – Australia Street, Newtown
  • The Imperial Hotel – Erskineville Road, Erskineville
  • Sly Fox – Enmore Road, Enmore

Just to name a few…

Sydney Nightclubs Banners Including ARQ, Oxford Art Factory And Sly Fox
Photo: ARQ, Oxford Art Factory, Sly Fox


  • Grindr
  • Her
  • Winkd
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Dattch
  • Hornet
Famous Dating Applications For LGBTQIA
Image: LGBTQIA Dating Apps

If you would like to find out more information or support, there are many LGBTQIA community services that are available nation wide.

About the author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave





Richard runs the marketing and social profiles of adultsmart and adultsmart blog. He has been in the industry just over 10 years and enjoys his role both in an administrative capacity as well keeping abreast of issues relating to sexual health and lifestyles.

A Tribute To My Favourite Erotic Art

Famous Gay Erotic Art Work

At some point after the Renaissance and before the glossy pages of Abercrombie or Playgirl, Male-Male homo erotic art became a thing of the shadows. A taboo so awful it would lead to death in many places as there were also many other dangers of revealing a person’s sexuality. Many artists took on pseudonyms to express their work without persecution others went further and put their works out to the world without a name to credit the works.

The era of Male Erotica that most tickle my fancy are the Artist that came between the 1950’s and the 1990s. The art work that filled pages of dirty magazines of the time. During this time artists weren’t being persecuted for their art, but still many artists had shadow careers. They would work 9-5 under their real name and would work for magazine publications like “Physic” and “Pictorial” (no longer in existence) and after those came the glossy “Adult” magazines we’re used to today. I worry that this form of Art will continue to be less and less to a point no one knows about it. The Internet Porn industry is a real powerhouse when it comes to making past erotica irrelevant. The stimulus from today’s porn market is so strong that it has become a leading addiction in today’s society. Yes! A full blown addiction to porn.

Personally, I am much more a fan of the erotica of imagery and illusion than from the graphic in your face of today’s porn videos. Don’t get me wrong porn is great for what it is, but I still enjoy the subtle nuance that Erotica gives you; the subtle sexual energy without the overloading energy of the climax.

Porn (Specifically gay porn) on the internet today is all an overly glamorised produced fantasies with little wiggle room for the viewer to place themselves into the fantasy. The story lines are either so far-fetched you can’t put yourself in it. Or the scene is so graphic and fast paced you find yourself just watching for the climax rather than for the fantasy.

Something I love as a fashion lover, as well as a sex educator, is that during the 50’s-70’s many of the top fashion labels employed Artists to help draw the collections. These artists also drew some of the best Home Erotic art pieces still to this day.

George Stavrinos

George Stavrinos was a design artist who worked for the likes of Bergdorf Goodman, He worked on numerous collections for the fashion tycoon. And while I do admire his contributions to women’s fashion it is his black and white Pencil Drawings of the male figure I love so much.

George Stavrinos, Design Artist
Image: George Stavrino’s Artwork

Robert W Richards

Robert W Richards another American artist who garnered fame as an artist drawing for the fashion industry. Richards was flown around the world throughout the 60’s to draw collections in Paris, Milan and the like. After pouring his talents into other people’s passions Richards went to work for himself drawing portraits of men in various states of undress or in some… compromising positions. While I do lean toward Black and white drawings more for some reason. I love Richards’s subtle use of water colour amongst his pieces.

American Artist, Robert W Richards
Image: Robert W Richard’s Artwork

Touko Valio Laaksonen

This time a Finnish artist who started his art career after a career as Second Lieutenant of the Finish Air Force during WWII. Clearly not a time during which being openly gay was not an option. Touko submitted his drawings to American publications in the late 50’s under the name Tom. Touko’s art was heavily influenced by his time in the military often depicting Homo erotic scenarios involving multiple men in uniform. His artwork continued to express the trends of the time with a heavy focus on the biker leather apparel. Touko is accredited for designing the physic men wanted but didn’t know. If you hadn’t put the two together Touko from Finland might be the most notable or at least recognisable Homo Erotic Artist Tom of Finland.

As time and social norms have moved forward so too has the Homo erotic art form. While I still love the classic stylings of the forbearers of this art, I can’t write about my favourite Homo erotic art without talking about a couple of current artists that I love.

Finnish Artist Touko Valio Laaksonen
Buy Now | Sex Toy Shop With The Tom Of Finlands Product Range

Matthew Conway

I have the utmost respect for Matthew and his style as it is the most complimentary to portrait art with a slight nod to the Erotic artist of the 50’s and 60’s. Perhaps I’m just reminded of this because of his pencil work. Matt works mostly with Heterosexual men who pose in various states of dress, Matt is able to capture individual eroticism from each of these unique guys. Without artists like Matt, this art form will be forgotten. Don’t skip his website. http://matthewconwayartwork.bigcartel.com/products

Matthew Conway, Drawings Of Heterosexual Men
Image: Matthew Conway’s Artwork

Salva Mogutin

A Russian born New York based artist makes me very excited. Mogutin has countless pieces I would gladly display in my personal home specifically his “Stock Boys” series. Mogutin works across multiple mediums, his work spans portrait based to the mixed mediums. The use of mixed mediums makes you really examine his work. His photography is eye catching and thought provoking. I love that nothing in Mogutin’s work is obvious. The men in his work are gorgeous, and yet few would ever grace the Hollywood screen. Mogutin really appreciates what the male body is and can do for other men.

Salva Mogutin, A New York Based Artist
Image: Salva Mogutin’s Artwork

About the author: KrizPatrick BA(Hon) Psychology Human Sexuality

Patrick Kriz has a Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Psychology – Human Sexuality. Patrick is a wonderful man that has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share this with those around him. He is articulate, educated and the provider or interesting and educational writings.

Having been a regular contributor to this blog for the past couple of months he has consented to add his profile to our ever expanding list of bloggers that provide us with the great content provided to you. We thank all our contributors and authors and a special thanks to Patrick whom we deem to be an expert on all things relating to sexual wellness and adult lifestyle with quality writings. Be sure to follow Patrick on Instagram.

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