3 Easy Ways To Get Your Cam Girl Excited

Camgirl with booty

When you have a woman in front of you in a webcam, it’s obvious that you are distant from each other. You’re not in the same physical location. Maybe she’s just down the street from you, but you’re not in the same room. This is, of course, what makes cam entertainment so awesome because you can watch all sorts of chicks from the privacy of your room.

For example, if you live in the heartland of America, in Nebraska or Iowa, you can watch in one second, hot Filipinas from Quezon City taking off their shit in front of you fingering away, and then you can click a button, the next moment you see a hot, long haired exotic chick from Bangkok, Thailand twerking who is working some lucky guy’s dick. You then click another button, and you’re in the Ukraine and you see some Eastern European flaxen-haired beauty sucking cock like it contained the cure for cancer.

You have the world under your fingertips when it comes to adult entertainment through the cam girl format. With that said, it’s too easy to just get taken in by the technology and look at it really as just one giant fucking remote control where you just click from channel to channel and hope that somehow, some way, there’s a cam girl there that would connect with you and you would have a great time.

Let me tell you that is the wrong way to do it because you can keep on clicking, but if you do not know how to get a cam girl excited, you are going to be disappointed. Seriously. Even if she’s there with 5 guys banging her, essentially spit roasting her with one guy in her mouth and the other guy up her ass and another dude drilling her pussy, it still won’t be the way you want it to be because the whole premise and promise behind cam girl entertainment is that it’s live and works with such a powerful two-way direct interaction dynamic that it is a very personal form of entertainment.

But none of that happens because you think that this is like watching cable channels. You’re just switching from channel to channel and hoping that one chick would be performing the exact same way you want. It’s not going to happen.

So you have to take the initiative. You have to put in some work. Now it doesn’t have to be a lot of work, but it requires some initiative on your part. What complicates this is that it’s not just a simple matter of dangling a dollar bill in front of her. It’s not like that famous Nirvana cover of the dollar bill on a hook and a baby in the water.

You have to get in there. You have to reach out. You have to get out of your safe space, go out on a limb and make it happen because, ultimately, it’s about you. It’s about your enjoyment. It’s about you getting what you came for, and unfortunately, that’s not going to happen if you assume a passive attitude about this. That’s why we have teamed up with the cam girls from Masturbate2gether! to deliver some amazing ways to get your cam girl excited.

Sexy camgirl
Image: Camgirl Floor

Get Her to Occupy the Same Emotional Space

So what works to get a chick excited? Well, the same pick-up methods that you use to get a live woman in front of you excited.

If you have your girlfriend in front of you, what makes it fun is because you are in the same emotional space. Now, this cannot be assumed. Just because the chick is your girlfriend or your wife, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically in the same emotional space. You have to get her or invite her to be in that same space.

So how do you do this? You compliment her, saying, “Hey, I love your dress” or “Those are awesome panties, where did you get them?” You see what happened there? You call her attention and then you talk about something that is special or particular to her.

And you get her to engage because you asked her, “Where did you get them?” It’s not like, “Hey, nice panties” or “hey, I love the shape of your pussy.” It’s a one way direction. Sure, it’s a compliment and a lot of women can be gratified by that, but it goes one way. There has to be an opportunity for a two-way dialogue. That’s how you get her to occupy the same emotional space.

What you’re doing here is you are tapping. That’s what pimps say. When they’re trying to connect with a new prostitute that they want to work for them, it’s called tapping. So they basically try to get them in the same emotional space because chicks that cannot be pimped know the trick, so they won’t be tapped.

So you have to adopt a little bit of this. Of course you’re not trying to recruit a chick for your fleet here. Instead, you’re just trying to get the cam girl excited, but it’s still the same dynamic.

Camgirl streaming live
Image: Beautiful Camgirl

Mention Her Name A Lot

From my experience as a wing man, you know what a wing man is? It’s that nerdy friend that guys who get pussy all day, every day, bring with them. I’m kind of like the ice breaker.

So just like a ship going to the arctic that needs this huge metal unit in front to crack the ice so that the actual ship in the back gets the action, I’m that guy. I’m all nerdy and socially inept,  but the good news is that from time to time, like that small fish that usually travels with a large shark or whale, I do get scraps of meat. I also get a lot of information from my friends who get pussy like it’s magnetic.

One tip that I can share with you is that if you mention a woman’s name a lot, but naturally, it doesn’t look forced, she can’t help but be attentive to you. She can’t help but be drawn to you because as Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People wrote, a person’s name is the sweetest sound in the world to them.

So mention her name a lot. You would be surprised as to how effective this is. Now, keep in mind that cam girls generally use aliases, but sometimes, if they’ve been using it for so long, it functions like their real name.

Blonde camgirl
Image: Camgirl Bed

Show Her You’re Paying Attention To What She’s Saying

The worst thing that you can do is for a chick to talk to you back and forth and she’s saying, “Ah yeah, I went to this junior high and I love skateboarding, lollipops, that kind of stuff.” and then you just say all of a sudden, “Jam your finger up your pussy then use the vibrator to orgasm!” or “Take of your lingerie!” What a dick, you know? What an asshole move. Don’t do that.

Show her respect by paying attention to what she’s saying. And it’s not just a question of basically virtually nodding or giving her a thumbs up icon or some bullshit emojis. I’m talking about asking a question or saying a comment that basically encapsulates or speaks to what she just said because she feels validated. She feels that she’s a human being and that she is deserving of respect when you do that.

Because, again, women are drawn to attention. And if it’s obvious that you are just trying to get her attention just so you can see her do all sorts of stuff, something gets lost in the translation. She doesn’t get as excited as before. Sure, she’d do it because that’s her job, but the heat is not going to be there.

Also, make it a point to thank her. This separates you from the rest of the guys that watch her, and this can go a long way in personalizing the experience. At least you stand out from the other guys that she normally deals with.

Let’s face it, most guys are sexual pigs. It’s all about them. It’s all about getting pleasure from women. It’s kind of like jerking off to porn, you know? It doesn’t matter whether you’re jerking off to a blonde chick today or it’s going to be brunette the next day or a redhead after that because, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about you jerking off.

You don’t want to give that impression. By thanking her, you tell her that she is basically special. That she did something that was important to you.

Final Point

Let her know that you notice her unique mannerisms. For example, if the chick likes to part her hair a certain way or she flicks away her hair when she moves her head, tell her, “I really like the way you do that” or “I like the way you look to the side” or “You have beautiful eyes.” That kind of message lets her know that you’re not only paying attention to her, but that she’s unique to you and that she is worthy of studying.

You have to understand that all of these, as simple and small as they may be, add up to a lot because hey, we live in a strange world where we’re all basically disconnected, anonymous and ultimately, nobody cares.

Sure, our families care about us and it depends on your cultural background, they might care more or care less. But ultimately, we’re alone. So when we reach out of our circle of concern, as tightly drawn as it may be, we can create opportunities for amazing interaction, and that’s what gets women excited.

You have to understand that it’s your responsibility to yourself to make sure that the cam girls that you watch are excited. You have to take the initiative because if you don’t do it, nobody else will.

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6 Thrilling Buck’s Party Ideas You Can Do At Home

Bucks Party at home

Okay, it’s the most important day of your life… Yes that’s right your bucks party! That’s why we have teamed up with the girls from Bad Bunny to deliver some awesome buck’s party ideas. Now these aren’t your typical ideas like paint balling or a pub crawl, no, these ideas are all about bringing the party to your crib! That’s right these are 6 awesome bucks party ideas you can do at home, enjoy.

Sumo Suits

This is the closest thing you will get to real WWE Smack Down… Sumo wrestling… well inflatable summo wrestling!! This is a great idea for any bucks party, especially those who don’t mind a bit of Rey Mysterio. There is 1 rule however and that is the Stag (man of honour) must sumo wrestle against every one of his boys at least once throughout the night. This not only gives you a chance to wale on the best man but also to prove once and for all who is truly the wrestling champion amongst you.

Sumo Suit at a bucks party
Image: Sumo Suit

Mechanical Bull

Saddle up cowboy because this is gonna be one hell of a ride… a bull ride that is…. well a mechanical bull ride? (You didn’t think we would recommend a real bull did you!) This spinning and twisting ride of terror is the perfect item for any soon to be married man at a bucks party. Test your strength and stamina, see who out of your mates is truly the Clint Eastwood of the gang. Use this bucking bull for hours of fun with drinking games. Of course, the main cowboy (the future groom) should get the first shot at taming this wild mechanical beast… especially when the settings are on super-fast.

Mechanical Bull at a bucks party
Image: Mechanical Bull

Jelly Wrestling

I love Aeroplane Jelly… Aeroplane Jelly for me… (Sorry for reminiscing) When looking for buck’s night ideas you can do at home look no further than jelly wrestling! This crowd favourite is always guaranteed to get you sticky all over. When organising the lady entertainment for your stag party you should ask for a performer (or 4) who will be willing to participate in the jelly wrestling events.

Luckily, our Bad Bunnies love jelly! We had a buck’s party where two strippers got into the jelly with the lucky buck and completely smashed him. It was one of the most brilliant things we have ever seen here at Bad Bunny. So if you are keen to get a little messy then Jelly Wrestling is the perfect idea to set up at your home bucks party, all you need is an inflatable pool and a Sh@#t tone of jelly… have fun.

Bubble Soccer

So your one mate thinks he is the Aussie Beckham… he thinks he should be playing for Manchester. Well bubble soccer is the perfect way to really see what he is made of… also it’s a ton of fun. Bubble Soccer is an awesome, action packed game for up to as many players as you want on each side. You’ll be bumping into each other at speed, most times the soccer ball will get completely ignored as you just try and crash into each other. Don’t worry for all your wusses out there playing bubble football is perfectly safe as you are fully in cased and protected… a bit like bubble boy.

Bubble Soccer ata bucks party
Image: Bubble Soccer

Axe Throwing

Are you ready to get your inner Viking on? Well there is only one true way to test your might and that’s by throwing rusty axes at blocks of wood. This is so simple to set up as it only requires a small axe and some blocks of wood. Place the targets a safe distance away. Let out a fierce scream like you’re auditioning for the role of Thor and let the fun begin. Now normally we would incorporate some kind of drinking game into any bucks activity (it is a buck’s night, what do you expect!) But in this case we thought we should maybe leave it, we don’t want any fingers going missing now do we? Instead we recommend keeping a points system and the one with the least at the end has to scull some sort of vile mix of drinks… whatever the punishment this game is a guaranteed good time.

Axe Throwing at a bucks party
Image: Axe Throwing

Naked Chief

If you are thinking of a nice meal to celebrate your buck’s night but don’t want to go to a restaurant then a topless or nude chief is exactly what you need. Basically it’s as simple as it sounds, you will have either a topless or nude chief cook up an amazing meal of your choice, plus you will get to see all the action as this sexy master chief prepares the meal, guaranteeing to have your mouths watering even before you are served the dish. Now this type of event also goes great with some topless waitresses to serve the food and drinks, giving you an experience that restaurants simply cannot.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of different buck’s party ideas that you can do from home. Keep a look out on our blog for more buck’s party related content. Be sure to also check out the bucks and bachelorette party items.

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Welcome Our Newest Expert To The Team JJ Maher

JJ Maher Photographer

Hi! I am JJ and I struggle to take myself seriously!

JJ Maher At Adult Smart
JJ Maher Bio

Sometime in the yesterday years of 2008, I began working as a professional photographer. I’ve shot anything and everything you can imagine. Bread and butter wedding and family photography. Everything along the spectrum from kids to high end shiny glamour. Even working in fashion/editorial photography. I’ve Tried my hand at products and catalogs. I’ve often dabbled in cars and bikes. I have shot countless runways, bands, events and even the odd funeral here and there.

Early along the path, I diverged, careened, rocketed, tripped and stumbled headfirst into the erotic arts.

Nothing else felt as comfortable or as rewarding. Is it Kink? Is it Fetish? Is it Alternative? Is it BDSM? Does it involved a bucket full of glitter and lube? Are people taking their clothes off and celebrating their body? Is it weird? Could this make someone close-minded uncomfortable?

This was my reason to be for the better part of a decade.

Did I work only with models? Some of the best, but not exclusively.

Did I work with single mothers, gay couples, people in their 50s? 60s? 70s? People with physical disabilities? Exhibitionists? Introverts? Societies outcasts? Heavily tattooed? Modified? Pierced? People who have travelled the world? The rich? The powerful? The poor? The meek? People disfigured by accidents or surgery?

Yes to all of it and more.

I never wanted to limit myself.  I had discovered a beautiful world filled with enriching, sex positive (or working on it) people. I have had endless opportunities to help people be at peace with their imperfections or even come to celebrate them. I have had the privilege of getting to help women and sometimes even men “feel the sexiest they have ever felt or the sexiest they have felt in years.”

Or in other words, I have been one of the luckiest guys I know!

My first love was music. I play a bunch of instruments badly. Some even more badly then others. I have always been drawn to the “characters” in the music industry. Personalities that were so large they could not avoid the spotlight of fame or infamy. Sometimes to tragic ends. This truly inspired my photographic direction. As polished as my work became, I tried to maintain an element of the grunge, rockstar aesthetic that was my origin.

When I started out, I wanted to take photos that looked like a guitar solo sounds. I have always enjoyed helping people who would normally avoid the spotlight feel like the most important person in the world for a couple of hours.

Through photography, I have gotten to meet some of my absolute idols in the music and art worlds. Specifically I am now lucky to call my all time favourite illustrator and artist a true life friend. It is surreal, knowing, associating and working with people you have admired for more than a decade. People who inspired your work from the beginning to later be sitting across from you at conventions sharing silly musings via facebook/snapchat to pass the quiet moments. I have never been one to be star struck but I still get the odd butterfly in the stomach when their user names pop up when we game online together.

As a straight, cis-gender, white male aged 18 to 35. I didn’t think I had anything of value to really offer in terms of sexual insight so when I was asked to start contributing to a sex blog, I wrote what I knew. I hoped and hope to share lots of sometimes interesting, sometimes funny, sometimes downright awkward stories of what apparently has been an incredible and unique decade.

Along the way, in a valiant effort to impregnate some kind of value into these stories, I intend to sharply analyse what I got to see both on and off camera. I hope to dive headfirst into self reflection and see where I went right, wrong and how I have learned and grown. Maybe, if I bang my head against the keyboard long enough. Something inspirational or original might fall out.

Failing that, maybe I can just entertain.

Some Of My Favorite Quotes

 “I’ve always been attracted to the beauty in the “Abnormal.” The strange and the deformed, in its sometimes comical, sometimes horrendously chaotic lack of structure, it becomes something so much more perfect. Limitless and without comparison As I one day strive to be. Limitless. Without comparison.” – JJMAHER
“An artistic force to be reckoned with.” – Some guy, probably.

“Delusions of grandeur the likes of which have never been seen before or since.” – Picasso

JJ Maher

You can check out some of my works at the JJ Maher Website!

JJ Maher Adultsmart
JJ Maher Musician

JJ Maher has been a professional photographer since 2008 covering all facets from shiny glamour to wedding photographs. As he progressed in his career he began to specialize in portraits of people with particular interest in adult erotica and those living outside of the norm in society. His magnificent portfolio speaks for itself and we welcome his insight and stories of his shoots, how he meets his subjects and the interesting tales he has to tell. Oh, and he is also right into music !

6 Things Your Mattress Needs To Improve Your Sex!

You need to have sex on a great quality mattress and there’s no way around that. Well, unless you’re good with an ‘okay’ rated sexual experience! We all desire to have that moment that takes us beyond our wildest desires when getting intimate and the bed quality plays a significant role. Surveys done have revealed that majority of the people have sex in bed. This is evidence that you’ll need the perfect mattress if you desire to have the best sex. Of course, other factors also have a hand, but having a good mattress is a great starting point.

Ever had sex on an old mattress, with the springs all worn out? I am certain it was a moment that you wished would come to an end because, instead of pleasure, you get noise and you’re constantly trying to find your balance. Even though sex is rarely on our minds when we’re getting a mattress, it’s high time we put that factor into consideration. They say while getting a mattress, ensure that you consider all your preferences and needs – sex should be on the list!

So which type of mattress would be best to have sex on?

Beautiful woman ontop of man
Image: Couple In Bed

Think Comfortability

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, comfort is among the things that you shouldn’t dare compromise on. Remember that, even without the sex; we spend more than a 1/3 of our lives in bed. So, why not make it comfy? When considering the level of comfort that a mattress offers you’ll need to think of:

  • How comfortable is it to sleep on?
  • Can I comfortably have sex on the bed without straining myself or my partner?

Interestingly, a good comfy mattress has a way of spicing up the moment. It makes you relax and just focus on enjoying yourself. Comfort here refers to three things: your body balance on the mattress, the material texture and if it causes any strain by creating pressure points.

Think Flexibility

An innerspring mattress is perfect for flexibility. We make a lot of maneuvers while having sex. What makes them worthwhile is if they work. An adjustable mattress will make you achieve that. You’ll need to find a mattress that responds to the moves that you make while at the same time giving a slight bounce. To achieve flexibility, you’ll need a bed that’s slightly firm but bouncy and one that responds fast to your movements.

There are some mattress brands that offer flexibility other than the innerspring mattress such as latex foam in comparison with other memory foam mattresses. But don’t focus too much on flexibility and forgetting your sleeping position, find a balance between the two.

Think Noise

Nothing disrupts the perfect intimate moment like a noisy bed. Sex is a discreet affair; it’s not something that you want to announce to your neighbors. However, I must point out that the noise factor varies from couple to couple. A couple with children or living as a large family will prefer discretion, but on the other hand, a couple with no one else around will rarely mind the noise. Generally, a mattress ideal for sex will keep the sounds at a low. After all, sex is an intimate affair and drawing unnecessary attention isn’t such a great idea.

Happy woman being spooned
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Think Durability

A good mattress shouldn’t break down because of intense activities on the bed, even in the long term. Sex is probably one of the ways that you can test for a mattresses’ durability. A good mattress should be able to support your weight, that of your partner and any positions you take during sex. A young couple needs to seriously think of durability considering all the energy they have and the frequency of sex. Although a broken mattress during sex can be a sign of a great moment, it’s also an indicator that you may need a new and better mattress.

Think Temperature

We all know just how hot it gets during sex. Not many people will have fun when it’s a ‘hot mess’ and they are all hot and sweaty. You will, therefore, need to get a mattress that will not get too hot and not just because of the sex but also for your everyday sleeping. Gel foam mattresses are an excellent bet when selecting a bed that won’t get too hot. Other than gel foam mattress, other brands are available in the market. Take the time to inquire from the manufacturers if the bed you have has a unique cooling feature or not. You could also go to mattress review sites to find out more information on certain mattresses.

Think Edge Support

An edge support that will collapse when under pressure is definitely not ideal considering that some of the best sex positions require a stable and robust edge. A good mattress, regardless of the sex, should comfortably hold your body weight and pressure without collapsing.

Sex is as good as the mattress you’re on. Every mattress has its benefits and drawbacks, what’s important is to find the one that’s suitable for you. However, the mistake that a lot of us make is going for a particular mattress because it worked for others. An ideal bed is one that corresponds to your specific needs and preferences including your sexual moment. For you to really enjoy that intimate moment, you’ll need the best mattress. So the next time you go mattress shopping, I’m confident that the above considerations will help you to identify the best mattress for you and your sex life!

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10 Sexual Performance Boosting Yoga Positions

Yoga for improved sexual function

There has been much talk about the benefits of yoga and what it can bring to the table. Well, you need a pretty darn’ big table if you want to see all of the goods.

First of all, yoga is consisted of natural body movements. Some of them are harder to learn than others, and although some of them may not seem like they are natural for your body, they most certainly are. Once you get the hang of them, learn the basics and start practicing them consistently, other complex movements will come on their own.

Trust me when I say this, your body will be grateful for it! In a short period, you will most definitely feel some good changes. Whether it’s your posture, strength, flexibility, your body will start to change and with it, your mind. Let’s see exactly how big your table should be.

Benefits Of Yoga

Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga has various types of movements and exercises that target specific body parts in many different ways. Therefore, yoga is proven to be effective in countering many diseases such as erectile dysfunction. A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that yoga improves some factors in sexual performance including desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, erection strength, ejaculatory control, orgasm, and partner synchronization.


Although it may not seem like it, yoga is actually a pretty good way to build strength. It won’t bring you the bulk look that guys from the gym have, but you can use it for a nice foundation. You can bring your body to the next level and use yoga as “warm-up” for heavy lifting or calisthenics. Mixing those two types is actually preferred.

Mental Strength

Maybe even the most important aspect of yoga, mental training. Nothing will teach you the techniques of staying calm and relaxed in stressful situations better than yoga. It is no secret that yoga has various breathing techniques that, mixed with different body postures, make a pretty effective combo in your mental training. Let’s face it; it’s pretty important and even necessary to know how to relax.

Body Posture

If you had a problem with your back, yoga would be the tool to get rid of it primarily because this ancient practice lengthens and stretches the spine, thus improving your balance and promoting proper alignment of vertebra, shoulders, neck, and the lower back area.


This one is in direct connection to the first point I have made, however, I had to separate them since arthritis, especially knee arthritis, is such a common problem nowadays. Yes, yoga has its ways around this problem also.

Better Sex Life

The very topic of this article and a pretty good method for solving this problem. Yoga improves sexual performance through stress reduction, i.e. making you more relaxed and willing to surrender to pleasure and satisfaction. Plus, with improved flexibility, both you and your partner will want to try out all sorts of positions.

I have only mentioned some of the benefits and look at the list right now; it already seems quite impressive. I will leave the rest of them for you to figure out.

Another pretty important advantage that yoga has over other “workout movements” is that it is cheaper and can be done anywhere. You don’t have to spend your money on the “best male enhancement supplements” that some of them like to call them, anymore. You can do yoga anywhere whether that’s at your home, park or gym. It would be good if you got into a course just so that you learn the movements from a professional, but there are other methods to learn yoga as well.

Alright, now that you have seen and “met” with yoga, we can move on to the main topic of this article, yoga exercises that will help you improve your sex life.

Yoga for couples sex
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Yoga Exercises For A Better Sex Life

Yoga does indeed help you with your sex life, but how exactly? It does seem odd when you think about it. We got used to the fact that dietary supplements like Virectin help us improve sexual prowess but it turns out yoga can be a great addition to your lifestyle for better sex and overall health. How can exercises help you with this? Well, I have thought the same way, but then I found answers.

You see, yoga can help you have a better sex life by making your body fit and strong, by improving your circulation and blood flow (which is extremely important because the very own reason why your penis gets erected is that of the blood that runs through it), and by increasing your sensations.

Here are the top ten candidates that could help you with this:

Half Plank

You have heard about the plank. A powerful exercise that targets your core muscles, shoulders and lower back. A half plank is just that half of the regular plank. Instead of going all the way down to your elbows, you should be in a position that is pretty similar to mid push-up position.

Holding your body in this position will strengthen up that core. You see, core muscles are your body’s stabilizers, therefore they are playing a key role in your sex life. With strong abs, you will move better, control your body better and look better.

The Cobra

The cobra is an excellent exercise for your lower back. It is quite similar to the half plank, but your hands should be lower and your body a little bit more narrow. This exercise will make you breathe heavily in no time, which is why it is a good way for improving your breathing techniques.

The Haka

You have heard about Haka. If you haven’t, you can check how New Zealand’s natives are doing it. It has originated from their tribe called Maori, and it has maintained as part of their tradition and national anthem to this day.

This position will put your lower body to the test. Your legs will definitely feel the most impact but guess what your body will release a significant testosterone boost after it.

High Lunges

Now this one is a power builder. You will build your core strength, explosiveness, and have a better range of motion in no time. The move itself isn’t that hard to learn and start doing, but it is extremely effective.

The Crow

Now, this is some new level, right here! The crow will test your limits and most certainly drain your soul out! This is a pretty hard, advance move that is as effective as it is hard. You want to control your body and lift it up with ease the crow is the way to go.

The Bridge

You can almost immediately figure out what this exercise is good for just from the looks of it. It will build your endurance and your leg strength which will most definitely help you in the sack.

Down Dog Knee To Nose

This is an exercise with a medium difficulty grade. It will work out that core and help your hips increase their range of motion. You will feel the gains from this one when you get to bed.

The Chair

The chair is pretty similar to the Haka pose. However, it targets your leg and lowers back muscles in a different way. You can build up your endurance with this one and have pretty strong legs at the same time.

The Corpse

You can figure out how this looks like just from the name. The corpse pose, also known as Savasana, will teach you how to relax your body, be at peace and feel calm while lying on the bed.

The Crescent Moon

And last but not least a standing side stretch also known as the Crescent Moon. A pretty important movement that will help to improve body circulation. This yoga position has you moving your body in a side to side movement. This exercise will activate your hips and improve your range of motion. The exercise is not hard to do at all so you can easily combine it with others or use it as a warm-up. Your call!

Final Thoughts

That would be all of them! Most of them, as you saw are pretty easy and fun to do. My advice to you would be to try every single one of these 10 exercises and make a workout plan that you will follow!

These exercises can be done every single day! If you try an exercise and fail, don’t shy away from the challenge. Keep exploring, do an easier variation of it, or simply do others from the list and then when you feel stronger, try the one that you couldn’t do. That’s what progress is all about.

Remember, a challenge is always good and failure is also good. You wouldn’t be able to learn if there weren’t for failures, so go straight on, face your fears and work you ass off!

Trust me, after a while of doing these exercises, your partner will be grateful and so will your body.

That’s about it. Now you know how to improve your sex life while also improving yourself, I don’t see what can stop you. You can even work out with your significant other. That would be an absolutely 100% win win situation as both of you will gain more endurance and strength, and feel better in bed at the same time!

Adultsmart welcomes Guest Bloggers to submit 800 word articles with original content about topics relating to sexual lifestyle, health and wellness. If you would like to participate, send an email to rick.xsales@gmail.com with your ideas or an article that you wish to submit. If you publish multiple articles on Adultsmart’s Blog you will become an Adultsmart Expert.

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