A View Into the Operations of Adult Smart

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The Adult Smart warehouse is located in Peakhurst and the air flows through to cool off the area that has over 13,000 different stock items. Our warehouse is functional with movable shelves and a sex toy storage system where everyone can find sex toys, sexual health products, sex wear or porn DVDs that needs to be sent off for our adult smart website stores and eBay online store. The warehouse works like clockwork, our orders come in, the orders are skillfully picked out, placed into discrete parcels and closed up ready for shipment. The sound of sticky tape making the boxes secure is heard all day long. At the end of the day Australia Post or our DHL shipping services pick all the parcels up and it get sent out as quickly as possible to the customer. On the parcel there is no details that it is from a sex toy retailer, it just shows your details so no one will know what is in your customer order. Adult Smart is able to ship orders world wide to places like Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and Canada just to name a few. There is also a free shipping option if you order over $200 worth of product.

Our stock is also transferred to our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre stores throughout Sydney where we are located in Caringbah, Kogarah, Penrith as well as the Sydney City Centre. Our sales consultants learn everything about our products, from the warranty, how waterproof sex toys are, how to clean sex toys, what lubricant to use with sex toys, how to help erectile dysfunctional issues, product’s that will assist in enhancing the sexual intercourse experience. Our consultants write for the Adult Smart Blog to share our sexual experiences, relationship advice, sexual health knowledge and sex toy reviews that are always full of honest opinions. When you come into an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre our we just need to know what type of help you need and we aim to find the best sexual lifestyle product that would suit your needs. Our shopping experience is tailor to you, you are also more than welcome to have a look around without any assistance so that you can have as much privacy as you possibly need.

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Sex Toy: L’amourose Black Diamonds Denia


Our customer base ranges from young adults, mature adults to the elderly. We have couples who are searching to find their sexual passion, boyfriends who come in looking for a sex toy for their lover, people who are sexually frisky wanting to have a fun one night stand, people who have never had an orgasm before, groups of friends buying party favours for a bacholor or bacholerette party, BDSM beginners to people who have very personal sexual health issues that they would like advice on. Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres are also safe places where the LGBTQI can have a break and talk about what is on their mind. They can feel safe shopping with us as everyone who works for Oh Zone are open minded. Our consultants are from a diverse range of cultures, ethnicities, sexualities, backgrounds with completely different range of worldly experiences. Our Kogarah warehouse store is disability access friendly .

In 1994, Adult Smart originally operated the very first adult lifestyle centre in South Africa named “Adult World” which opened after sex toys were made legal to be used by Nelson Mandela. During their first opening day they had all types of people who lined up through the night just to step into the store from people who had no shoes on, people who arrived in horse and carriage to limousine drivers. Everyone from different economic backgrounds wanted to buy a sex toy or sexual health product. Adult World had a total of 67 stores including 52 in South Africa and 15 in Australia. They branched out by creating a new company within Australia named “Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres”  and the online adult lifestyle store that you know as Adult Smart.

Our most loved sex toy brands include Lelo, We-Vibe, Novel Creations NU Sensuelle Range, Fleshlight, Tantus, SuperSlyde and Doc Johnson. Adult Smart also owns BDSM brand Hells Couture which sells high quality leather BDSM items and surgical steel sex toys. They also own brand named “Odeco” that offers affordable sex toys that have the same silky, smooth, silicone feeling of any high end sex toy like Lelo. Adult Smart is one of the only four companies to sell L’Amourose sex toys that feature warming technology that have a stunning prism like design. You can find products from as little as $3.50 to as high as $1500 in Adult Smart Online.

High end sex toys have currently progressed to recharge through magnetic connections which offers a seamless and waterproof design. You can find sex toys made from high quality silicone that resemble the softness or real skin but can come in any thinkable colour. There are sex toys with up to 7 vibrating motors that can change their curve according to what you have programmed them to do. You can operate a We-Vibe with your long distance lover who is over in a completely different country to you as they use their mobile application to control the vibrations whilst you speak on the phone to them. There are sex toys that warm up, sex toys that move in a pulsating motion so you don’t have to buy a complete sex machine, there are prostate massagers and male masturbators that use medical technology to offer your hands free orgasms. There are also sex toys that offer oral sex sensations for women.






11 Fetishes People are Drawn To

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Fetish are coming more popular these days, some of them are interesting and fun to do but the rest are the worst thing I ever heard of. Fetish is sexual excitement in response to an object or body part, most people with fetishes normally have an object of their attraction. They may want to include their partner within their fetish. The person might masturbate while hold, rubbing, or even smelling the object the y holding or they might ask their partner to use or wear while sex in order to become sexually aroused, get an erection, and have an orgasm. Fetish normally is not dangerous but some people take to the level that can hurt them and be dangerous. Whether you doing fetish or with somebody and okay with it should be fine, as long get you the pleasure and no one been forced to do it. People normally get a fetish from watching porn, seeing the fetish, and they start being curious about what they see. You may want to try it, sometimes the fetish can come from seeing inappropriate sexual behaviour. There are lots of different fetish depends on the persons what he/ she interested  in doing, the most common fetish people might be more interested in are:


Voyeurism Photo
Photo: Women Being Spied On
  • Sensory Deprivation: You are able to control your lovers sensations. Some examples include using blindfolds to control their sight and using ear plugs to control their hearing. Controlling various sensors can be the feeling of sexual pleasure intensify for your lover as that is the only feeling they can focus on.
  • Foot Worship: Foot fetish is becoming one of the most common fetish people might be interested in these days. The majority of people interested in feet fetish are men and by licking, smelling, taste, sucking the toe or require to do anything with any part of the feet to experience orgasm and overall sexual satisfaction.
  • Shoe Fetish: People are attracted to inanimate objects and shoes can be the mark of someone’s fetish desire. It is found a lot of men love looking at shoes, they love the way it looks, the curves, the size, the shape, how high the heel is, the colours, the patterns, the weaving, the point of the shoe, the type of shoe.  It is said that the way you look upwards from the show to the erogenous zones erotically visually stimulates people.
  • Voyeurism: Voyeurism is a fetish which involve getting hard on by watching people having sex or even looking at naked bodies anywhere they can find them. Mostly it can be like watching porn or looking through the internet to satisfy them.
  • Latex: Latex clothing is getting very popular lately, people who usually like latex love how tight it feels on the body.. We can see a lot of celebrities wearing latex for casual day activities and it makes them feel sexy. Lots of people wear latex lingerie to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs. There are some bondage sex toys made of latex as well which feels really soft and comfortable to use on the skin.
  • Bondage: Bondage is a very common fetish to use by couples to spice up the relationship between them or even sexual partners. Bondage can include tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic, and/or somatosensory stimulation. Rope, cuffs, bondage tape, self-adhering bandage, or other restraints may be used for this purpose.
  • Cross Dressing: Cross dressing is very common more than anyone can imagine which is involving to wear the opposite sex clothing or be sexual active with someone who do dress crossing. Normally people who into having sex with dress crosser are straight or gay men.
  • Water and Outside Fetishes: Water and outside play is a popular fetish for most people. Water fetish which is the practice of sexual activity in areas of water like spas, saunas, showers, swimming pools and the beach. An outside fetish is when someone is interested in having sex in public such as in a public bathroom, the bushes, the forest, on benches, on trains and much more.
  • Spanking: Spanking your lover during sex can a lot of fun. You can spank lightly or spank them heavily to give them sensations of tolerable pain. You can add ins crops to give a visual emphasis on the activity.
  • Navel Fetishism: Everyone has a navel which is also known as a belly button. There are two types of belly buttons including a innie and an outie. They can be of varying shapes and they can also hold different types of liquids.
  • Breathplay: Controlling your lovers breath through light choking can be alluring to people who like being dominating. This is a dangerous sexual activity that falls under the edge-play category that is debated through the fetish community. This fetish should be heavily researched and spoken to with medical professionals.


About the Author: By Majd a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

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As of today I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for over four months as he undertakes military service overseas. It is through my experience with my boyfriend and his many trips away, that I have been able to understand my customers and their needs in a long distance relationship. So, today I thought I would talk about some things that could keep your long distance relationship flourishing.

Love Letters

Today’s technology makes it so incredibly easy to communicate across long distances. However, it might be the hopeless romantic in me, but there is nothing like receiving a hand written love letter in the mail.

While there’s distance between you and your partner, you could take it old school and become pen pals. Although there’s definitely still a place for phone calls and Skype sessions, letters create a more intimate form of communication that can be kept, and serve as precious memories from the past to look back on.

When my boyfriend first went away I wrote 32 envelopes for him to open – one for each week he’s away. For example, I wrote on the front “Open when you’re sick” and had a tissue, a nice letter for him and his favourite, and butter menthols. On another, I wrote, “Open when you’re wanting some sexy time”, and I think you can just imagine what I had in that letter.

Create a Countdown

It’s crazy, in today’s modern world there are so many ways to stay in touch and on the same page as your partner. You can both download apps on your phones that can count down the days until you reunite once again. Or you can do it the old fashioned way, and create a countdown with a physical calendar. I find the time goes much quicker when you’re counting down the days until you get to see your lover again, and it’s also something you can do together and talk about.

For me, I count down in percentages – I’ve always been a math geek. As of today, I have endured through 55% of the total time that my partner is away (woohoo!).

Long Distance Relationship Help Advice Image
Image: Long Distance Relationships

Date Night

Date nights aren’t just for when you’re physically together. You can have a nice little Skype session where you watch the same movie and drink some wine together, and just catch up on what you’ve both been up to. After the movie you could also surprise your partner with some sexy lingerie, or show them that new toy you bought the other day at one of our stores – the possibilities are endless.

A new sex toy that would be great for this, and that has been highly spoken about, both throughout our blog and pretty much everywhere else in the adult world, is the We-Vibe Sync. I won’t go into too much detail, but this toy could take those sexy Skype conversations up a notch, and ultimately transform the way you and your partner interact in your long distance relationship – you can also use it together once you and your significant other reunite.

Send Your Partner Your Fragrance

We all have a different type of fragrance that we wear. When another person is able to smell the fragrance they are able to reconnect with the memories of their partner. This can help each partner remember their true feelings of love and connection. Fragrances can also help people fall to sleep easier as they can bring feelings of calmness. You can buy fragrances with added pheromones to make them really want you.

Leave a Voice Mail Message

Leave a voicemail on their mobile with a love message, words of encouragement and other hidden gems that are just between the two of you. Give your long distance relationship something to play back to them when they need to hear words of encouragement or to remind them that someone is there for them.

Explore Your Independence

If you’re in a long distance relationship, chances are, it has an end date. Take this time to work on yourself both professionally, physically and mentally – become the best version of yourself for when your partner comes home. Not only that though, take this time to travel or do something that you enjoy. Eat that whole pizza and follow it up with some doughnuts. Or better yet, create that hot booty you’ve always dreamed of. Do something for you that makes you happy.

No one wants to be in a long distance relationship, but through coincidence, responsibilities or opportunities, sometimes we can find ourselves in this predicament. I’m not saying that long distances are horrible. I believe that the distance between my partner and I has ironically brought us closer than ever.

If you find yourself in a long distance relationship, just remind your significant other that you care, because ultimately it’s the little things that make your relationship exciting.


About the Author: By Ebony a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

The Forced Feminisation Fetish

Bailey Jae Transgender Photo

At Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Caringbah we have a lot of fictional erotic writing and a great deal of it is on the subject of Forced Feminisation. This isn’t something I really knew about before I came to work here. It isn’t something that I have gotten to talk to any customers about so far. I thought the best way to introduce myself to the subject might be to read one of the short stories and see if I can get into the mind set.

The plot went something like this. The main protagonist and hero of the tale is a very masculine man. He has been known to slap his wife about a bit, but only when “she pushed him too far”. He is now very resentful about her running away and taking the kids with her. He resolves to get rid of his frustrations with a “whore”. He mistakenly ends up in a brothel type establishment full of very beautiful lady boys, he is particularly taken by one. The Madame tells him, the man was forced away from his village and raped. He was then made to become a woman physically and mentally. He imagines this poor girl’s pain and the months of torturous operations and etiquette lessons she endured. She makes him desire her, obviously and it was the tenderest sex he has ever had. After they have sex, he decides to save her from the brothel. To cut a long ‘short’ story short, they escape together and he falls for her feminine wiles. The establishment captures them both and he is forcibly turned into a woman himself over months. The story ends suddenly and happily. He loves his new female body and mannerisms. He also loves the men and women who force him to have sex with him. The lady boy from the brothel isn’t mentioned again but she probably lived happily ever after too.

Forced Feminisation Image
Cartoon: Forced Feminisation & Sissification


So there you have it. Forced Feminisation, or sissification as it is sometimes called is simply turning a man’s gender to a woman’s. It might be wearing women’s clothing, maybe just underwear or adopting female traits or anything “feminine” at all really. By Feminine, I mean stereo-typically feminine. Often  the man is dressed up as a maid or schoolgirl, something typically subservient. This is certainly not degrading to women, in fact it is almost glorification of  women. It is really a form of Dominant/submissive play. It is role playing.  There is always the humiliation aspect present involving the man  being stripped of his masculinity against his will. It is more commonly a woman who is the enforcer but it can be anyone. It is a very common theme within Femdom. This is probably because the maleness of the man is captured and hidden away under the petticoats and frills of femininity. his maleness is all totally locked away. It is the ultimate in female domination.

In its more advanced forms there is often pegging involved, or even anal penetration by another man (as this is seen as a supremely subservient act). There are often male chastity devices. Involved, Locking away a penis, the ultimate symbol of masculinity is obviously emasculating. As with any form of role-playing there are a million variations of scenes.

The most interesting thing about it is there is nothing ‘forced’ about it. We are not talking about men who have never harboured fantasies about dressing up as a woman being taken from their homes and made to perform sex acts on men against their will.   Not at all.  Even the men in the story end up loving being female. So why the forced bit? Well firstly there is the logistics of something that is forced almost certainly ending up occurring. Another thing about most of us ,is we need our fantasies to be based in our own reality. In real life I am probably not going to be gang-banged by 10 hot guys. So in my fantasy I am forced into the situation. A married guy probably isn’t going to get to suck off his next-door neighbour. If we are forced into situations by someone it becomes far  more feasible. Millions of men fantasies about dressing up as women. Millions want to be one and millions  feel they actually are women. The  men into forced feminisation are not doing anything they don’t want to.  No matter how we look at it .unfortunately, it is  almost always going to be uncomfortable and embarrassing for a person to tell others that they identify as another gender. So in fantasy being ‘forced’ absolves that person of any of that shame or guilt. Forced Feminization is a pretty fruity fantasy by anyone’s stretch of the  imagination and it is much more pleasant to construct a fantasy where there is no place for any underlying real life insecurities.  Nearly all fantasies that are unacceptable in real life will throw up a forced version in fantasy. The man sees his dominant and is thrilled at not being able to escape, he is about to have all his fantasies realised, there is nothing forced about it at all, In fact it is the dominant party that is the  most submissive.

As I mentioned before It is also in many ways really just another version of a Dominant/ submissive relationship. It just crosses over into lots of other wonderful kinks. It is also an incredibly popular fantasy. I wonder though if it will continue to be as prevalent as the world becomes more and more accepting of gender diversity.


About the Author: By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

The Desexualisation of Sex Education

Sex Education Photo

It’s in our nature to take many things in life for granted without even realising it. Privilege, is a concept that is rarely recognised until it has been taken away from you. Privilege is applied to many situations in life – but the most common reference to the notion of privilege would be the concern surrounding male privilege; the ‘battle’ between patriarchy and feminism. I’ve talked extensively about that in previous articles, so we’ll be skipping that topic today.

Today’s article will serves as a follow up from my previous article on Intellectual Disability & Sex, I’d like to explore the discourses of sex and sexual privilege outside the realm of heteronormativity, and able-bodiedness. There were parts of my previous article which concerned Intellectual Disability that deeply resonated with me. Since that article, I had explored and thought about my approaches to sex and sexuality and ultimately, I was placed in a position of questioning; both in terms of my own experiences and life, but also when taking into consideration the experiences that others go through.

Most notably, when it comes to sexual health and education, there is a strong emphasis on assumed knowledge and assumptions concerning sex and sexual activity. These assumptions have led people with I.D to be labelled as asexual, or perceived to not have any form of sexual desire and/or arousal. Where does this stem from though and why are we in a constant state of desexualisation and hyper sexualisation? Today we will explore these assumptions and this article is going to look at sexual privilege how it entwines between sex, sexuality, and gender, as well as how it manoeuvres through disabilities.

From the moment that our genitalia has been identified our privilege is assumed. If we are a woman, it is assumed that we will grow up and bear children, and if we are a male it is expected that we will produce children. It is worth noting that this is partly why so many people have issues with same sex relationships – because that kind of relationship bypasses the supposed biological ‘need’ to procreate. Indeed, in the past, any lack of ability in producing children was frowned upon, with barrenness being a condition which would result in isolation and/or disownment. It is these gendered expectations that defines our formative years, and it is implicitly, or explicitly reinforced as we traverse through sexual education during schooling.

Sexual Health and Education focuses on the biology of sex that being; penis in Vagina intercourse results in ejaculation releasing sperm which travels up the tube to fertilise the egg. Nine months later a baby is born. In most cases, that is the basic level of knowledge given to children and teenagers, though it should be noted that there are a lot of teenagers and indeed, even adults that lack this basic information. From there, knowledge may be given in regards to the prevention of STI’s, or the prevention of pregnancy through contraception. Sexual Education rarely accounts for discourses surrounding sexual pleasure or even the social and emotional reasons for sex.


Sex Education Twitter Image
Image: Sex Education Twitter Quote


Masturbation as a form of pleasure is also rarely discussed resulting in a failure to explore the interpersonal meanings of intercourse and sexual activity which can often manifest itself into feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and awkwardness. Sexual activity is simply referred to as a biological function for the purpose of reproduction devoid of any sentiment, pleasure, and enjoyment. Is it little wonder then that both males, and females, during their adolescent years can experience such anxiety as a result of the confusion surrounding the changes occurring to and in their bodies, the development of feelings and emotions, and combating hormones. Why? They’re taught that sex has a function, they’re not taught that sex can be a recreational activity.

Throughout their upbringing their sex and sexuality has at all times been both reinforced and assumed through popular culture, media, everyday discussions and a lack of sex positivity in their micro worlds. For someone that fits into mainstream society, for an individual that identifies as being heterosexual and cis-gendered – then all the assumptions that have been made in regards to your identity and sexuality have contributed to your understanding of the world. Your privilege in this identification has resulted in far less confusion. Now, pause to consider someone who does not fit into the above mainstream spectrum; someone who may identify as homosexual, asexual, or even someone with disabilities where their sexuality and sexual needs have been infantalised into non-existence. Straightness is ‘inherent’, heterosexual sex is assumed and taught- with homosexual sex being ignored.

I have never been in a classroom (excepting a sexual health centre) which would recognise the value of oral, or anal sex or non-penetrative sex. With this in mind we can begin to see the confusion;  not only do they have all the normal ‘teenager’ things that they have to deal with, but they now have to deal with these things in a context which doesn’t necessarily apply to how they feel, or how they behave.  It can be particularly troubling for where people exist in an odd contradiction – where society has desexualised them. For example, people with Intellectual disabilities which we discussed last week, and also the desexualisation of people with physical disabilities.

Young women especially are often taught that the value of being female lies within their sexual attractiveness; if you have a condition which challenges the idea of attractiveness, where does that leave you? For many people it results in sacrificing a part of themselves obsessively chasing something seemingly unattainable – resulting in often risky sexual behaviour in an attempt to please their partners. ‘Love’ in this instance can become a warped, and self destructive behaviour where one participant is continually seeking affection and reassurance and not particularly achieving that. People will often compensate by making themselves into something that they are not, and they do this to cover their own insecurities, the issue is that this makes you feel worse on the inside as you recognise that you’re not being true to yourself.

The issue behind the majority of this is the way that we approach the teaching of sex, and sexuality. Schools shift it to parents, and few parents want to discuss it and shift it back. What results is a medical and biological explanation of sex, which is all well and good, and indeed necessary, but it bypasses the emotional aspects of sex and sexuality, it skips the reasoning’s behind sex and results in a clinical stripped back variation and mentality. Sex is an important aspect of life, and the way it is being taught to youth now is detrimental to the general well being of today’s youth.


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