What is Virtual Reality Porn?

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I have just been Christmas shopping and wanted to get my partner some virtual reality glasses. He likes gaming and has expressed an interest in owning some for that. I know what he really wants them for though, and that is to watch porn. Let’s face it who wouldn’t be curious. Did you know the adult industry have often dictated how technology advances? VHS became the market leader over the far superior Betamax because porn was produced for it. The very purpose of virtual reality is to make the viewer feel totally immersed in the experience. How perfect is that for porn. I can’t think of any other visual genre that is so compatible with the medium. That is why it is set to take off. Sure we all want to fly over Everest or feel like we are in the fantasy worlds of gaming, we can enjoy the views and get the adrenaline rushes of pretending to shoot things. But watching porn is much more wrapped up in your immediate reality. You experience the views and the adrenaline but your sexuality is awakened too and you get to come obviously.

Firstly I wondered if I would need to spend a fortune on glasses or content. It didn’t take long to find out the answer to that was ‘no you don’t’. The first free porn streaming site I looked on, Porn Hub, already has a good deal of content. Pay sites like “Naughty America “ have really run with it and for only a few dollars a month they promise unlimited downloads and 2 new Virtual Reality uploads a week. When you go to watch the content, you have options as to what glasses you will be viewing on and there alongside the options for the expensive Oculus Rift headset you will find, ‘google cardboard’. These can be purchased for only $15 and are what they say, they are a DIY flat packed cardboard headset. I would definitely recommend getting a set with a head strap as you are probably going to need at least one free hand. Once you have chosen a movie or clip and have your head set all you need to do is download an app to watch it through. Sites like naughty America recommend apps, but I would do some online research yourself as reviews seem to be varied, and there are many apps to choose from.


Virtual Reality Glasses Photo
Photo: Virtual Reality Glasses

The reason you probably won’t need to buy the more expensive headsets just yet is that the porn available now seems to me not to require it. Where most Virtual Reality videos are currently 360 degrees and completely surround you in every direction, porn tends to be shot in 180 degrees.  Using higher-fidelity headsets will make the experience marginally better, but there’s going to be a limit as to how much better it can be. That is because of the inherent limitations of interactivity and camera positioning, even using the best VR technology in the world won’t matter much the way things are right now. Nearly all the porn I looked at has you as a participant, you see the camera man’s lower body and experience it as your own. You can’t walk around a room with a gang bang going on, at least not that I found. This might all change when we start getting more elaborate VR porn, at the moment though you have no need to look 360 degrees round a room because all the action is happening to you. Or in front of you. Who cares what the room looks like?

So what is the verdict on this new way of viewing pornography, will it be a short lived gimmick or will it really take off? Nearly everyone who has tried it has an extremely strong opinion on it. There are not many out there saying ‘ I could take it or leave it”. It can feel so overwhelmingly real and immersive that you feel like you are cheating on your partner. It can also be so real that you can’t get off on the girl because she isn’t convincing enough. The protagonists are acting to a camera but it isn’t like a normal POV 2 dimensional experience because you are so much more involved. You are the receiver, you are not watching through the filter of imagining you were the person in the movie. You actually are that person. It is harder to create the chemistry you see between actors in a 2D movie

The other thing is you can feel like you are missing out on the action. If you choose to look into the actors eyes, it might feel really cool but your belief maybe suspended when you wonder what she might have been up to with her hands while you weren’t looking down there. Also everything looks a whole lot bigger, like you are in a room with giants and if someone comes on in to give you a kiss it will probably make you bang your head back on the headboard as you recoil. Wearing a headset will take some getting used to. I think it is just the novelty of experiencing it for the first time that makes any of these things an issue. I am quietly confident that this is going to be the only way to view porn over the next year or so.

I would say though before you all go out and get yourself some for the Christmas break. Be careful. This is not like watching a bit of pornography on your phone. You will need to lock yourself in a room. This is so immersive you will forget where you are and you will want to be naked if the avatar is. Don’t forget what you will look like in your cardboard glasses if you are walked in on.

My suggestion is to use it as a couple. If you can both watch at the same time and you get your partner to do to you what is being done in the movie that is where this will really come into its own. It probably takes a bit of practice, but what an experience. I can’t wait to try.


About the Author: By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre