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During the many years of our marriage, my wife and I have tried all manner of sex toys to spice up our sex life. Just like any normal couple, sex can at times be routine and boring after a while. After using toys, bondage and other kinky methods, we fell upon urethral sounds almost by chance. This first started when my wife noticed she really enjoyed the sensation caused by my tongue around her urethral area during oral sex. This may seem strange, but the urethra can be a hidden erotic region for many men and women. For a long time, all we ever did about it was to give that area more oral attention by licking and light sucking while I gave her head.

To begin with, it’s almost impossible to notice a woman’s urethra without taking a very close look. Situated just under the clitoris, the urethra is a tiny hole through which urine passes from the body. While in men it is obvious to see, it’s much smaller in women and easy to miss. The urethra can be very sensitive and even painful to the touch, so you may want to make sure this is the thing for you before going any further. At the time, we did not know, or even think, there was anything else we could do to stimulate the urethra further than that. It was while googling online for sex toys that we stumbled upon urethral sounds. For a brief moment, we thought we had strayed into the medical section of the wrong website. To make matters worse, the sounds looked like something a doctor would use only when absolutely necessary!  However, with a bit of research, my wife, eager as she usually is to try out something new, insisted on buying the urethral sounds.

Ladies Medical Sounds
Female Urethral Inserts


This was still no easy matter since there are different types of sounds and catheters on sale. Secondly these come in different shapes and sizes. It’s first important to make a distinction between urethral sounds and catheters. Sounds are smaller and are usually made of stainless steel. They can be curved or straight. Catheters are larger and more useful for deeper simulation of the prostate in men or the bladder. More kinky couples can use it to cause urination, which I do understand is very pleasurable for some. For a start, we got the kit with urethral sounds of different sizes, allowing us to start with one that made my wife most comfortable. We have always found it easier to enjoy any new toy by incorporating it into our normal sexual routine. For the sounds, we were extremely careful at the start, and just as well because sounding has many risks. The most common is the risk of infection to the urethra, and injury by the sound itself. It’s therefore important to keep everything that comes close to the urethra very clean and sterile. Each sound should be washed using mild soap and disinfected to avoid the risk of urinary tract infections.

Now, for the fun part! My wife and I have used it as an extra accessory especially to oral sex. The best position for urethral sounds is when she lies on her back, giving me the best view and access to the vagina. After a lot of foreplay and head to make sure she is first relaxed and simulated, the sound can be brought into play. It’s here where I have to play close attention to what I’m doing. Since the urethral opening is very tiny, I make sure I have a steady hand, carefully spreading the vagina lips to expose the urethra. To give my wife the most pleasure, she likes me to be stroking her vagina, all the while doing as much kissing as possible around her clitoris. Using the smallest sound, I then insert the sound slowly into the urethra. The sound must be well lubricated to avoid forcing entry and injuring her. It’s pleasurable to insert and then withdraw the sound, each time adding more lubricant. The urethra will slowly stretch, and a larger sound can be pushed gently and deeply as is required.

My wife prefers a slow stroking motion, with the tempo picking as she gets more and more horny. After a brief time, sounding gives her a really enjoyable orgasm. It took a few days of trying to achieve this at first but is now easy for her to achieve climax. This is because at the beginning, sounding can cause a burning sensation, which is perfectly normal. At this point, it’s important to stop then proceed slowly till she gets used to the penetration. It’s possible to experience discomfort or pain for a few days when urinating. This should stop with more use. It lasted for about a week with my wife, though she says it was nothing more than a dull discomfort.

Pratt Sound Kit: The really great thing about sounding is that you decide your own style and tolerance level. How deep, fast or which penetration style to use, depends on what rocks your boat. We do vary from shallow penetration to deeper ones. All great experiments come with a cautionary tale. This especially involves the careful use of the urethral sounds. Since these are metallic objects being inserted into the delicate urethral passage, a lot of damage and injury can result, leading to pain and bleeding. My wife and I have always communicated well, allowing me to stop anytime she feels discomfort or pain. This has ensured our sounding experience remains purely enjoyable.

The lubricant used should never be oil based or contain glycerin. Oil based lubes are hard to flush out, causing blockage and infection. Glycerin is a bacterial food source, encouraging their growth and leading to infection. Use only water or silicone based lubes and urinate after every sounding session to flush out the urethra. Signs that you may have gone too far include bleeding, excessive pain and a fever or discharge. These are signs of puncturing of the urethral wall or infection, so you should immediately see a doctor. It’s however normal to experience a little pain when urinating  afterwards and some little bleeding may also occur.  My favourite lubrication for sounds is SuperSlyde. Aside from that, I would totally recommend sounding to all those couples looking to try something kinkier to improve their sex lives.  My wife certainly enjoys urethral sounds.

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