Urethral Sounding For Women

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You have probably heard of urethral sounding and wondered what kind of sexual activity this is? Urethral sounding is actually more common than many people could imagine. Traditionally urethral sounding is used to locate obstructions within the urethra through the insertion of foreign medical objects. For those who have been quite adventurous as to include a piercing in their urethra, this technique is used to expand the urethra for that process. Commonly however, the practice has moved from the medical field into the privacy of people’s bedrooms. Urethral play as it is known to those who use the process for sexual fulfillment, involves insertion of a foreign object into the reproductive glands stimulating the vagina and allowing for increased sexual gratification. Of course the risks are quite high, but the guarantee of sexual satisfaction should proper care be taken is even higher. Urethral sounding is the newest, most exciting sex toy in the market.

Unlike in men, urethra sounding in women is much easier. For men it includes inserting a penis plug or urethral sex toy into the urethra through the tip of the penis. This could easily go wrong especially where one is not fully aware of how to complete the process.

A woman’s urethra is located below the clitoris. With the right stimulation it can bring even greater satisfaction than just playing with the clitoris itself. However, the urethra is quite small and if urethra play is not done properly the recipient could end up in pain. The tissue surrounding the area is quite sensitive and is often credited for the sexual high. Its sensitivity however, can lead to major problems if not handled carefully. Proper research and understanding of urethra sounding is important if you are to experience the pleasure associated with it.

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Perhaps the one thing to note is that there are simple toys that you can make use of in completing the process of urethral sounding. Of course if you are new to urethra play, there is fear and like any other aspect of sex, it is important to be comfortable with your partner. This gives you the confidence of allowing them to experiment and play with parts of you that you would not be comfortable with normally. In addition, it is important to take things slowly, taking everything step by step, and when you become uncomfortable immediately stop the whole process. This is why urethra play should be a consensual decision without coercion because in the first stages before pleasure sets in, you will be slightly uncomfortable with new objects being inserted into your urethra path.

Most people, even those highly experienced in urethra sounding ignore the importance of proper equipment. Nothing can equal quality urethra sounding equipment. You should use surgical gloves to avoid infection. Avoiding an infection is quite important. Surgical gloves can be found in reliable stores. The right urethral sounding equipment makes the play much better, rather than crude items from the house which are likely to cause injury and infection despite being soft and seemingly harmless. Extreme hygiene should be applied before and after use of the sounds to ensure that chances of infection are minimized completely.

This is why urethral players are advised to use new sets of surgical gloves with each session. Furthermore, you will need some form of lubricant to help with the process. Unlike the vagina which lubricates itself with pleasure, the urethra when encountering foreign objects dries up and shrinks even further.   The urethra also absorbs water so a very thin silicone lubricant works great and will coat the urethra so as to avoid any infections.  We find SuperSlyde to work the best with urethral sounding as it is not absorbed like water based lubes.

When using the sounds many people make the mistake of using the thinnest thinking it’s safer, it is much more likely in fact to cause severe injury by piercing or tearing the urethral wall. Begin with a larger sound and lubricate the sound properly. Gently push it as far as it can go. You can also get your partner to continually stimulate the clitoris and other parts of your body for greater sensation. At the beginning you will feel like a trickling around the walls, then the sensation will be slightly uncomfortable, so you can rest and get used to the feeling of something in your urethra. Afterwards you can continue gently inserting the sound into the urethra as far as you would like to go but do not pass the bladder. The burning sensation that may result from inserting the urethra coupled with the painful expansion of the urethra itself are what you need to focus on. This is the pleasure  that comes from pain with urethra sounding.

Others may not feel any pain but the expansion will actually erotically arouse the woman until eventually she will orgasm from the gentle in and out motion in the urethra. It is important to ensure that you do not move around too much despite the pleasure being experienced. This is because the sound could end up causing injury especially if it is thin. To test the depth which the sound has gone into, raise your legs and feel in between. If you want the sounds to go much further, you can get on your knees as this position allows for much deeper penetration of the sounds. You can actually experiment with the various positions and settle for that which brings you the most pleasure.  You may want to move around carefully to find the most comfortable position before going any further. The sensations caused by the movement are extremely pleasurable and if done carefully and the right position found are likely to cause even more pleasure than you have ever experienced. Take the time to enjoy each phase and do not be in a hurry to complete the process, like any sexual activity urethral sounding needs to be enjoyed slowly and carefully.   Never continue if your urethra resists – Listen to your body.

For women who are only beginning to learn about sounding, it may be wise to start by masturbating using the sounds. This way you can tell what you enjoy and what you are most comfortable with. This also provides you with knowledge on what you like best and how you can direct your partner should you wish to include them. It is important to note that there is a diverse range of urethra sounding kits available online and at fetish and medical suppliers.

The hegar kit is the best Urethral Sounding Kit for beginners and the most commonly used. It comes with directions and instructions on how one can make use of the same to increase sexual pleasure.


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