After Hours!

Escort Sex

To be fair, I hadn’t broken any rules. She had crossed the bar to come and talk to me. Why she was in that particular bar, at that particular time, was beyond me. After all, I was legally obliged to not even acknowledge her at first.

She was a customer at my place of work; an adult shop. In the past two months, she had spent easily a few grand on toys. As is my personality, and a job requirement, I had made no judgements. More than anything, I had been concerned that I was selling her toys that weren’t doing the trick. But yet she kept coming back to the store.

At the bar, after she had introduced herself as Michelle, none of our conversations at work were brought up. I can barely remember what we spoke of that night, in detail, except that we connected. We whined about exes, spoke of possible futures and dreams. She told me about her two children that she was raising alone, their ages seemed far beyond comprehension with how she looked. Gorgeous, blond, Instagramably curvy.

I remembered on her visits to the store the way she would linger at the counter after her purchases and how we chatted. And I certainly remembered that, without agenda, I had mentioned where I relax after work with a drink. In the back of my mind, some part of me kept reminding me of that moment. Was that why she was there that night?

Michelle was being text-book flirty that night; laughing at my stupid jokes, regularly touching my shoulder, my thigh. I palmed it off to that time of night, because we’re all flirty by then, right up until she asked what I was going to cook her for breakfast.

She took my hand as we walked back to her flat, stealing an occasional kiss that made me feel like a teenager all over again. Historically when I go home with someone that finds out where I work, shit gets kinky real quick.

But not with Michelle. None of those toys came out to play. Not the under-bed restraints. Not the Njoy Pjur Wand she told me had made her squirt, nor the Doxy Number Three wand. Not even the WeVibe Sync she bought in a pack with a Womanizer Premium. It was the most vanilla sex I’d had in a long time.

And it was amazing. Our clothes came off slowly as our lips devoured each other. Explorative hands lingered and stroked, lips followed shortly thereafter, or were entangled within each others. Her pussy was like salted French fries; I couldn’t get enough. I engorged myself like she was a free for all smorgasboard. The folds of her vulva were delicious parentheses to sucking on her clit.

Oral sex was not some demanded reciprocal act, she noursished herself on my cock like a trooper. She sucked hard on my shaft, but progressed to tracing her tongue along my shaft, my balls, my perineum. Mindfulness makes sex so much more enjoyable, but I had to take myself out of the moment lest our evening ended with me exploding in her mouth.

The addition of some Super Slyde lube helped me ease into her pussy. Or more accurately, helped her to slide down onto my shaft. She knew what she wanted, and sure wasn’t afraid to tell me that going cowgirl was guaranteed to get her off. She was right. Within two minutes, she was waking the neighbours as she revelled in an explosive orgasm, before resting her shuddering body on top of mine.

But then things took a very different vibe. She rolled onto her side, with me still inside her, and we just gently rocked back and forth. Our lips were either locked or our foreheads pressed together, gazing into each others eyes. Her arms were wrapped around my neck, her fingers combing through my hair as I cradled her hips, my fingers running along her back. With our rhythm slow, I was hyper aware of each and every movement. Enough so I could even differentiate between the silicone lube and her natural juice.

The muscles of her pelvic floor gripped me like a fist, her words egged me on to come inside her. How she craved it. But I took my time. I couldn’t conjure a memory that felt as good as that moment, and I certainly didn’t want it to end any time soon. Beneath my fingertips, her skin was silky, welcoming.

For some reason I was drawn to her ear as I came. My breath heavy and laboured, my words boringly explaining that I was coming. Her enthusiasm to these remarks only drew me in further, her cunt draining every last drop of me. Even when there was nothing left to give, I still moved gently inside her, relishing every sensation, her dripping labia entangled around my cock, her short sharp kisses on my upper lip.

When I awoke at the breaking dawn, she was no longer lying beside me. My hands clung to the pillow, wondering if I had merely dreamt the whole night. But then I heard her. At the end of the bed, sitting upright, her slender legs slung over the end. She was crying. I lifted myself from the sheets and wrapped my arms around her waist.

‘I’m so sorry,’ Michelle finally let out.

‘What for?’

Her breath revealed she had more to say, but her silence had me concerned. Was she married? Had she farted? Had she been buying toys online?

‘I have to tell you something. And I understand if you hate me when I tell you, I’ll even understand that it will probably make you angry. But I have to tell you.’

She had my attention.

‘I really like you,’ she segwayed. ‘Like, a lot more than I thought I would. More than I should.’

‘I like you too,’ I admitted, my throat coarse, awaiting the bombshell she was about to drop. ‘A lot.’

Michelle shifted her body until her brown eyes held mine. Her eyes were filled with emotion, but not a single one that I could put my finger on. There was fear, but I didn’t know if it was for her or me. ‘I’m an escort,’ she finally said.

I watched her as she tried to read my response. A million thoughts raced through my mind as I held her gaze. Escorts, or as we refer to them in my industry, ‘working girls’, were our bread and butter. I’d helped many over my time working in the shop, suggesting a range of items to help them get through a twelve hour booking. Lingerie, bullets, wands, throat spray, sponges.

I pushed my brain chatter aside and finally, I simply said, ‘I wish you had told me sooner.’

Michelle could barely hold my gaze. It was clear to me she had no idea how I would react, or what I was to say next.

‘Because working girls get a discount in the shop,’ I added. She raised her head, holding back tears as her gorgeous smile returned to her face.

‘You don’t hate me?’

‘Are you kidding? Piecing together our conversations, with this knowledge, I am awed by you.’

I wanted to say more, but she threw her arms around me, held me so tight I thought I’d have to tap out of a choke. I could taste the salt of her tears when she kissed me, my hands tried their best to reassure her of my feelings.

Round two was nothing like the first. It was somehow more impassioned, my hand couldn’t leave the soft skin of her face. Even my finger managed its way into our kisses. With my mouth, my fingertips, my palms, my cock, I tried to express my heart as fully as I could.

That amazing night we had was a year ago yesterday, and I’m thankful for every night we’ve shared since.

Super Slyde Silicone Lubricant Review!

Before working at Ohzone Adult Retail stores, I was just like any average Joe who thought that whilst lubricant played a role in sex, it definitely didn’t play the lead. I assumed (wrongly) that the lubes I chose didn’t matter and wouldn’t make the act better just easier. My partner and I were always commenting on how the lubes we used would often leave a sticky residue behind, having no knowledge of the different types of lubricants and their ingredients I again assumed (wrongly) that this was just an unfortunate side effect of all lubes. How wrong I was.



Made in Singapore, created by founder and CEO Abra Lee and his life partner DrStuart Koe, they combined to create the“Abra Advanced Research Institute Pte Ldt”and after years of extensive trials and tests“Super SlydeSilicone Lubricant”was born. The dedication and passion that is poured into every bottle is evident, “Super Slyde” is produced under the very strict guidelines of the “Good Manufacturing Practice”and is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approvedto ensure only quality perfection. “Super Slyde” is latex safe, contains no glycerine, has no taste or smell (no icky additives) and feels incredible.



As mentioned before I wasn’t a fan of the sticky residue left on my skin from other lubricants previously used, as “Super Slyde” is a silicone based lube the skin doesn’t absorb the moisture like in many water based-lubes, instead it creates a thin protection like layer on the skin that is easily washed off with warm water and soap, unlike other lubes you might not even want to wash it off!! You don’t need lots at all, just a couple of drops will last you a long time. Designed to feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, the thin, slick lubricant reduces any friction whatsoever and feels heavenly wherever you may place it on the body. I truly believe that “Super Slyde” is the best Silicone lubricant on the market for both vaginal and anal intercourse.



Don’t just take my word for it, whilst the product already had hours upon hours of testing thrown into it, a blind market research test was also conducted to see how consumers felt about “Super Slyde”in comparison to other brands out there. In this blind market research test, consumers were asked to judge 4 lubricants, 3 being market leaders and one being “Super Slyde”. Consumers were asked to rank each product on: Slickness, Sensation and Ease of Cleaning, consumers were also asked to provide feedback on what could be improved. The results speak for themselves: “Super Slyde” was ranked the best, and not by a small amount. “Super Slyde” smashed the competition.


  • This little bottle of magic has more than one use. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin, I use “Super Slyde” as a before bed face “cream” (as it is very long lasting I do this quite a while before I actually hop into bed) and I wake up in the morning feeling moisturized and fresh with skin as soft as a feather, no dryness, no skin burning or reacting to the product, just softness. I also use “Super Slyde” as a makeup primer!! Never did I think a lubricant would prime my skin to perfection so that the makeup slides on beautifully and stays in place!!


  • Before the founder Abra Lee moved to Singapore and created this perfect product, he used to be a swim coach! Why is this relevant you ask? My partner is a swim coach and lifeguard, he is constantly in contact with chlorine and this has caused dermatitis on his chest and back, the chlorine also makes his hair very dry. As water cannot penetrate this hydro resistant lubricant, it can be used as a protective layer before swimming!! Or if you have dermatitis from the chlorine already like my partner does, we used “Super Slyde” on the effected area for a couple of days and after this his skin was remarkably better, less red and less dry!!


  • “Super Slyde” has very similar ingredients used in expensive conditioners, so not only can it assist with dry ends, make hair feel softer and look shinier but can also be used for styling too!! What can’t this lube do!!


  • Another great use for this product is as a massage oil!! As the lube is far too thick for the skin to absorb it is a great product for people with sensitive skin such as myself as it has no irritating qualities that would cause sensitive skin to react. It can aslo be mixed with essential oils to create a scented massage oil experience. “Super Slyde” will create a silky smooth feeling on the skin that even the masseuse would enjoy.


  • Just to list a few other uses: chaffing prevention, blister prevention, can be used as shoe polisher and whatever else you can think of really!! MAGIC IN A BOTTLE!!


To sum it all up, the best way to decide if this is the lube (bottle of magic)for you, come on down to one of our lovely Adult Lifestyle Centers in Sydney and get it for yourself, available in 3 sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml & 400 ml. I promise you’ll be back for more, most likely in the largest size we have in stock!!

Silicone Superslyde Lubricant by the Illustrated Reviewer

Silicone Personal Lubricant

Some say it is the best lubricant in the world but it is certainly recognized as Singapore’s number 1 silicone lubricant. Starting with a cult following it is not being sold in many countries and has been used not just as a personal lubricant but to ease eczema, dry skin, burns and many other ailments and injuries. Chosen 9 out of 10 times between luxury lubes in a blind test. Try it now to see why.



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