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Another OnlyFans article? By the same person? What a crazy idea, it’s almost like my life is work and then sexy work!

I’ve been an OnlyFans creator for about 6 months now, did I start due to the pandemic? No, I started because I made an impulse buy of lingerie that was way out of my budget and decided I’d make the lingerie pay for itself, which is incredibly on brand for me as a person.

When I started I had about 2 toys and a few sets of lingerie, and took your standard nude selfies that you’d send to your tinder matches or your boyfriend; let me tell you how I’ve stepped up my game to keep my fans coming back ?


One of the first things I bought for my photos was a ringlight, it’s only small and I will be upgrading in the new year. Believe it or not LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING, this will change your photos in ways you won’t believe. Having a ringlight means you can choose where the light is coming from and how it will hit you, meaning you can choose exactly how your body looks on camera.
I also bought LED strip lights, being able to change the background colour of my shots is so fun and different, it can give the same outfit a tonne of different vibes with the click of a button. It also removes the need to have a ceiling light on, which removes having light shining directly down on you which isn’t flattering on anyone. They’re also super cheap which is awesome considering how much money you’ll make off them.

You need to get good at adding photos, removing shadows from where you don’t want them, fixing the lighting, removing blemishes if you want to (I find that my audience likes the more natural vibe because it makes it feel more realistic, but that’s just my boys).


Not everyone realises this when they start but you do need to be in touch with your subscribers, they’re not there just for the porn and the photos, as men always say “you can get that for free”. These fans usually love feeling connected to you so you need to be interacting with them, responding to your DM’s, doing deals for your top paying subs, gifts every now and again. Just keep in touch with them, make sure they feel special, after all they are paying for your content and bills.

Keep your personality:

My content isn’t always super serious and sexy, sometimes it’s me dancing around, having a laugh, just looking cute.
I once made $150 by telling people to tip me if they thought I was “smexilicious”, I posted it as a joke and they came through, maybe because they love to pay me, more than likely because I’m having fun with my content.
Occasionally I post photos of me with my car because I like my car, I love feeling like someone from The Fast & The Furious.
It’s just important to keep your content you, it’s what sets you apart from everyone else!


My outfits are usually mostly black, I used the same lingerie over and over again, but now I have that many I can rotate through them and no one realises I’ve worn them before. My go to is usually bodysuits because they flatter my body nicely and they’re easy to switch out of because I take a month’s worth of content in one night most times.
Recently, however, I have started leaning into lighter coloured two pieces, I have braces and glasses so leaning into the teen category really does boost my numbers sometimes, and it’s just a nice change from constantly being all black everything!


If you can’t hold a conversation there’s really no point, these guys want a connection as stated above. Being able to check in and tell them how your day’s been, ask them how there’s has been, talk about stuff like you know them is going to get you so far.
If these guys are sending you DM’s and getting one word responses or left on read constantly they really aren’t going to be happy, afterall they are paying a certain amount every month to be a part of this and it’s not all about the content.


I think the most important thing I’ve learnt so far is to keep doing new things, keep switching it up so that everyone’s having fun (including me!!), it’s work and it can be tiring sometimes; but as long as you’re enjoying it and keeping them happy it will be one of the easier jobs you can do.
I always have an extra bit of income (how much extra I have that week is dependant on how hard I hustle), and have an excuse to be hot and have a good old fashioned orgasm. ?

Are Your A People Pleaser? Take This Quick Quiz!!!

human doormat

People pleaser, doormat, martyr, try hard, servant. I’m sure that you are familiar with these kinds of people. You may in fact resonate with these terms yourself. Whether it’s in our social circles, intimate relationships or in the workplace, people pleasing is rampant. Being on the receiving end of someone who likes to please does not seem like a bad thing. We get what we want from them so it must be ok right? The truth is, people who lack the ability to say no and do things for other people despite their own desires are not doing so from an authentic and genuine place. Being a “recovering” people pleaser, I know what it’s like all too well.

The intentions of people pleasers seem to be kind.

You ask for something and they do it for you, how lovely of them! However, if you dig a little deeper you will probably see that they resent you for the fact that they said yes to something that they were a no to. I don’t know about you but the thought of someone out there doing something for me and holding a grudge makes me cringe a little.

personality insecurities
Am I Good Enough

People pleasers can be extremely insecure people who constantly seek for external validation to feel complete. Fears of being rejected, abandoned and disliked can keep people pleasers in a cycle of going against their own desires for another’s approval. People pleasers can operate from a belief that they are being kind to others when, often, they are just terrified of rejection and confrontation.

By this stage, you may have either identified yourself as a people pleaser or know of someone in your life who fits the profile. Having awareness of your actions & behaviour and that of others is a great place to be because it is from here that you can bring about positive changes in your life. The biggest change I highly encourage people pleasers to make is to


Boundaries have a bad rap in some circles, with some people seeing them as blockages or barricades to true connection. Where I am from, this could not be further from the truth, with healthy boundaries ultimately leading to greater connection and love. Boundaries allow us to create a sense of safety for ourselves as we go about our lives. They are the ultimate in self-love and self-care.

Boundaries lead to connection with other people that is based on trust and authenticity. I can trust someone’s yes so much more when I know that they can say no to me. When I ask something of someone who has great boundaries, I can rest easy in the knowing that they are doing so from a place of desiring to and not because they are trying to please me.

One big myth about boundaries that I mentioned above is that they disconnect us from others. I love how Brene Brown says that the most compassionate people she has ever interviewed have been the “absolutely most boundaries.” Boundaries allow us to really connect with others and show absolute compassion for them knowing that we can identify what is and isn’t ok for us if & when it occurs.

Boundaries don’t make you an un-loveable human being, quite the opposite in fact. Having healthy boundaries is self-respect and this leads to respectful treatment from others. When you are surrounded by people who respect you, you will feel loved whole heartedly-quite opposite from the “love” you receive from disrespectful people.

Communicating boundaries applies to all areas of our lives. Whether that be at work, school, at the pub on a Friday night, or at a sex party on a Monday, they are necessary to hold at all times.

All kinds of people will come and go in your life. From friends to intimate partners, we will encounter all many along our life journey. The only constant throughout our whole life is ourselves’. When people voice their fears around speaking their boundaries, I ask them if 10 years from now, they believe they will be thinking about that person that left them because they stood up for what is and isn’t ok with them? Or will they instead be so proud of the confident, self-loving and self-assured person they have turned into who attracts people who love and respect them whole heartedly? I think you can guess the answer to that one…

If you are a people pleaser desiring for greater self-love or just someone who lacks boundaries, I highly recommend seeking out support to rediscover your ability to communicate boundaries. Your future self will thank you for it I guarantee! There are countless courses, coaches and therapists out there which can support you stepping into your ultimate power as a human being.

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