I Work In An Adult Lifestyle Center!

How I love being part of a Team that really care about the clients that come through our doors!   We are not just retail shop assistants and our clients are not just customers.  We are about offering an informative service, we care we listen and take into account the needs of everyone that walks into our safe and clean environment.

People that come into our stores who are nervous and worried about how to ask intimate and personal questions. That’s completely understandable, we pride ourselves on making sure you are comfortable at all times so sometimes we start with how your day has been, or talk about the weather until you are comfortable enough to open up to us about whatever it is you need.

I’ve had customers so distressed because they can’t orgasm and that’s why we are here to discuss the issues to help find the right product for you to help achieve your sexual goals.  At the Adult Lifestyle Centers always listen and take into account what you have tried and suggest what may work for you.

Our regular clients often will return and give feedback on that particular product that worked or massage oils or candles that helped them relax and worked.  This feedback is invaluable as then we know what is the right path perhaps for you.

We also get clients that come in that have had or have Prostate issues and need assistance to help them achieve an erection, this is a really important facet of our work to us that we can help find the right Pumps, cock rings etc.  We work with Urologists and Medical Centers in the Penrith region who often send us their patients to us as they know we will look after them, have compassionate caring attitudes and our stores offer a safe sex environment. Taking time to listen and look is what we love to do.  Personally, I pride myself on making sure every purchase will help them – not just trying to make a buck.

I love being a part of the Adult lifestyle centre as helping make people smile again and feel comfortable in their own skin is very rewarding.  It’s great to see couples that come in to spice their relationships up and they always seem to ask where do we start,?  So asking what they like or whether it’s internal or external  Is really important.   Some couples are nervous at first but again we are about making them comfortable so I always start with products that don’t intimidate them and of course we talk about a wide variety of things.  My client and I build up a repour and over time they feel free to ask me anything.    Some of my clients pop in to say ‘hello!’ and let me know how things are going.  Most of our clients become ‘repeat customers’.

Often girls from the Adult entertainment clubs around the area and it’s great because we have a chat about their next performance and what outfits are best for them.  We get to meet so many people from different industries and walks of life. Building a rapport with working girls and guys is wonderful and they appreciate the honesty when buying and trying on outfits whatever else they need.

If there is something we cannot find for a customer in our store I will try my hardest to find it, through our other stores and warehouse or suppliers.  That is the beauty of having the other stores and warehouse because if we haven’t got it here we will contact the other teams and ask if they do.  Even if there is a product we don’t have enough information on we have other teams we can contact and they’re always happy to help with more information.  We will put our heads and knowledge together, it’s truly an amazing experience and awesome team to be a part of.  All the teams help each other and share information to help keep us all on the ball and up to date.

I’ve met carer’s from disability support centres as their clients still have needs so again helping them find what is needed for their clients is really important to us.  So as you can see working in Oh zone adult lifestyle centres Is more than just a job to me, I take great pride in making sure we have a clean and tidy store at all times and our environment is safe ,fun ,and comfortable for everyone.  I never see what I do is a job or just a retail position , I love what I do, so it’s easy to be compassionate and friendly and helpful.  To guide people to whatever their sexual needs may be.

Life at Oh zone is always Interesting and Fun but most of all you go home feeling you have made a difference in people’s lives.


WARNING – Adults Only!

Warning Adults Only Image

WARNING Adults Only!

Walking into an adult store for the very first time, I was confident in knowing I was mature enough and of the right age to be walking into the incredible and eye opening experience that is an adult lifestyle store. Yes I had to wait the 18 years to be legally allowed to experience all that is the wonderful world of adult stores but it was all worth it. Although at the tender age of 16 or 17 I felt as though I was mature enough to take the trip into a “sex shop” and maybe even think once or twice about “sneaking in” to a shop just to get a glimpse of the very restricted world of adult sex toy shopping and whatever other wonderful and crazy things were hiding behind that big light up sign that read ‘18+ RESTRICTED PREMISES!’

18+ Censored Adults Only Image
Image: 18+ Censorship and Classification Laws

Does Anyone Really Think About The Consequences Of Walking Through Those Mysterious Doors?

From the perspective of the person thinking of walking into a restricted premise well knowing that I was not of the legal age and thinking nothing of it, because how could that really affect me? To being on the other side of the door well knowing the consequences my lapse of judgement could cause a company and the thousands of dollars it would cost in damages. Looking back, I am so grateful that I never put an employee of an adult store in jeopardy of losing their jobs or even causing their company to be fined if I had successfully walked into a adult store underage and been caught. Rules and laws for restricted premises are put in place for good reason and now being really mature enough to understand this I feel as though it is important to share the message with others from a real persons perspective who has both points of view.

One Of The First Rules I Learned

One of the first rules we learn as an employee of an adult store is the responsibility we now have to our company and the law to abide by what is right and how to approach situations that we feel might be putting us at risk of breaching those rules.

Under age entrance is strictly prohibited when it comes to entering an adult store or sex shop. This is the law throughout Australia and if breached can cause extensive damage to the company at fault not only by means of an extensive fine up to $20,000 but can cause damage to the reputation of the company itself.

A direct quote from ALRC. Gov on Restricting Access to Adult Content


“ ‘Adult content’ is media content that has been classified R 18+ or X 18+ and media content that would be likely to be classified R18+ or X18+. These classifications are high thresholds, but when the thresholds are met, the content should be restricted to adults—whether the content is a feature film, a film clip, a computer game, a magazine, a website, or any other type of media content distributed to the public. Although restricting access to this content presents difficulties online, those who provide this content should have some obligation to try to warn potential viewers and help prevent minors from accessing it, irrespective of the platform used to deliver the content.”

When committing to a business such as an adult lifestyle centre, the owners of the business must take on huge responsibility not only as business owners but as people who have to put great trust into employees to uphold the standards of the law and respect that they are representing a company and their actions reflect directly on that company and the people who own it. As an employee working in an adult lifestyle centre this is a big responsibility to uphold but you must do it, out of respect and most importantly because it is the law. When you are approached with a situation you may feel is not quite right. For example, a young looking person has entered your store and you immediately think “is this person underage?”, you have every right as a responsible adult and entrusted employee  to approach any person regardless of gender or race and ask for identification to confirm they are of legal age before entering your premises. If this person refuses to produce identification or has produced it and is underage, you are under strict guidelines to abide by the law and ask said person to leave the premises immediately or if your judgement is that the person does not appear to be of age but refuses to produce identification, again you have full control to ask that person to leave.

Warning Sign Image
Image: Warning Sign

Or if for example an adult enters the premises with a person under the age of 18 and states that “It’s ok because they are with me and I am responsible for them” it is still strictly prohibited regardless of who is accompanying the minor, to have anyone in the store under the age of 18, including young children/babies. It is in the best interest of the people/customers and the companies who own adult stores to respect the law that has been put in place for good reason. I urge any under age teenagers or young adult to also respect that waiting until you are of legal age to enter an adult store is in the best interest of yourself and those who have responsibility for you once you enter their premises.

This law of restricted ages for entering/viewing adult stores, adult content or even adult entertainment establishments was designed to protect minors from sensitive material that may harm or disturb them. Please be smart and remember that being safe and respectful doesn’t only apply to sex itself but to entering the world of adult stores as well.

For a more detailed and official description of what is deemed “adult content” and why it has been restricted to 18+ please visit the website Australia Law Reform Commission website for articles on restricting access to adult content.

About the author: Nikki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave










The Cock Ring Shop!

Penis Ring man

Just as the name implies the Cock Ring Shop is a virtual Shop For Cocks. No matter what the size, shape or color of your cock this shop full of cock rings is going to have something in stock for you. Imagine the hundreds of different varieties of penis rings to choose from that come in metal, plastic, rubber, silicone and more. Vibrating, non-vibrating, adjustable the different combinations are just limitless and now with cheap international shipping averaging $7USD an order you can choose the cock ring adornment that is right for you delivered to your door anywhere in the world.

The popularity of cock jewelry across the globe has increased as more men become aware of sex toys for men and how they can benefit and help create a healthy sexual state. Helping couples add excitement to and often otherwise dull life with one of nature’s most pleasurable and natural acts on the planet.

A cock ring is frequently used to make an erect penis harder and greater, to keep it that path for a more extended measure of time, and to postpone and increase climax. Cock rings work by contracting blood stream, keeping blood in the pole of the penis. At the point when a wearer at long last does discharge, the sensation is more serious, since it took a more drawn out time to come, and in light of the fact that the penis is loaded with extra blood.

Buy Cock Rings Banner
Cock Rings


Men will use cock rings to enhance solo masturbation or with a lover to increase sexual performance and hardness of erection. Some are real rings as their name recommends, made of metal or elastic. Since these cock rings are not flexible, the right size needs to be picked for a proper fit. For instance, one that fits too hard could be difficult to take off afterwards and could cut off blood flow in the penis totally. Metal rings can bring about a rash or other skin responses in a few men, so this is something to consider when looking. Movable cock rings made of rawhide or cowhide straps are simpler for those just starting out allowing subsequent use where the fit can be changed, and taking them off is more sensible.

Cock rings fit over the shaft and in some cases the shaft and the testicles/scrotum when a man is not erect, or semi-erect. Ball by ball, the testicles experience, and then the penis shaft makes the plunge head first through the ring space that is left. The perfect cock ring stays set up when the penis is flaccid, yet it can reasonably and effortlessly slip off or unsnap when the penis is hard. Lubricant can be included to make putting rings and taking them off a little less demanding — something that works for finger and toe rings, as well. Cock rings are also used when you are using a Penis Pump. After the penis pump user, pumps up his penis to the appropriate size, he can slide of a cock ring to ensure that the penis keeps the blood flow inside rather than escaping. This will ensure that the penis will stay erect for a longer period of time.

The best thing about cock rings these days is that they are also made to be used as a couples sex toy. The cock ring can have one or two vibrating bullet on either side of the circle. The bullets are there to either stimulate the clitoris or the balls depending on the way you face it. On the bullet is normally a texture piece of material, normally made from silicone. This texture will feel amazing against your sexual zones as it vibrates. And that’s not all, your sexual lover you are penetrating will feel your penis vibrating inside of them, which is a whole new world of fun.

You, or your lover, can quantify your penile dimensions by estimating what number of your fingers grouped together equivalent the thickness of the beefy companion. The adaptability of elastic and other elasticized cock rings permits a more noteworthy scope of fit for all the more diversely sized men, yet they are still not one-size-fits-all. One of the cock ring shops biggest supplier is Hell’s Couture that distributes a vast array of medical grade surgical steel products. You will find cock rings adorned with gems or with a myriad of different finishes to ensure that you can tailor each sexual experience to be the one that you most desire.