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Something amazing has happened, We-Vibe have brought out an amazing set just in time for Santa to fill your stocking! If you’ve been into our stores, I am sure you will have seen our collection of We-Vibe toys that all of the staff are low-key obsessed with. We all get equally excited when new products come out and who is going to be the lucky staff member to review it for you. Well, I hit the jackpot! So, sit down and let me tell you all about this incredible pack that you must have for Christmas – whether you’ve been naughty or nice!

About We-Vibe:

We-Vibe are an established company which many of our customers love and trust, as well as all the staff at OhZone. We pride ourselves on having the best products to keep you coming back for more (pun intended)! We-Vibe are a Canadian company who are striving to shape the future of sexual health and wellness aka give you lots of orgasms! We-Vibe design and manufacture some of the worlds leading sex toys for both couples and solo. They have a whole team, including doctors on this team who are dedicated to creating premium toys that work with the human body. These toys are ergonomic, high class, eco-friendly and most importantly body safe.

Unpacking the set:

The set was so much fun to open an it very much reminded me of an advent calendar, the We-Vibe team carefully releasing this box set around Christmas was a strategic marketing move. Well played We-Vibe, well played. The square box has 10 sperate randomised shaped boxes within the larger box with numbers ranging from 1-10. Each box contains a special present for you and your partner to indulge on. The set includes: Womaniser starlet, Dusk anal plug, We-Vibe special edition couples’ vibrator, Pjur lube, We-Vibe Tango vibe, a massage candle, sexy dice, a Kegel ball and a sash.


Loads of cute presents to unwrap and play with such as: a tickler for sensory play, a bottle of Pjur lube which is a quality lubricant that will enhance your We-Vibe experience. The pack also includes the special edition couples vibe, the tango which is super popular at all ALC stores which is rechargeable, whisper quiet and features 8 vibration modes. The pack also features the dusk anal plug when paired with the tango can be used as a vibing butt plug. Ladies, you’ll be blown away when you discover there is a womaniser starlet in this fun packed kit – womanisers are also hugely popular in all of our stores and have repeat customers looking for new womaniser products. Finally, the kit also includes: Kegels for pelvis floor exercises, a sash for blindfolding for restraining, sexy dice for playful couples and a massage candle to keep you guys well entertained all December long.


There are some downfalls to this set and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you this. This set is made for beginners, people who are branching out into high end toys. While the couple’s toy is designed like the Match, this one is battery operated and not the same standard of the We-Vibe sex toys if purchased individually, particularly as it only has one vibration mode. Battery operated toys to me are somewhat dated, and I really believe in a product when it is rechargeable. It was disappointing to me to find out that the product was battery operated. What else was disappointing was the butt plug deceptively appears to vibrate, actually requires the tango to be inserted into the sleeve for it to operate as a vibrating butt plug.

An OhZone recommendation:

Overall, this set has lots of potential and I think it would be an amazing Christmas gift for couples who are looking at including sex toys into their sexual routine for the first time. The stand out feature if the Tango and honestly, this product is so popular at our stores for a reason. However, if you already own some We-Vibe products I’d probably recommend the more advanced users opt to purchase the sync over this set. This is merely due to the fact that the couples vibe is not rechargeable, adjustable, Bluetooth accessible nor does it have various features like the sync or match does. Perhaps the more advanced users should be looking at the anniversary set instead. However, please do not let my recommendations overshadow the glory of this pack. This pack truly has so much to offer and is well worth the money particularly for newbies looking at experimenting with a world class brand.

we-vibe couples set

So, whether you’ve been naughty or nice you can tease or please your partner with this amazing gift pack this Christmas. Head down to your local ALC to discuss which We-Vibe set is for you.

Sexy Santa’s Gifts Just For Her – Clitoral Suckers

Sexy santa with 6 pack

This Week: Suckers

Welcome to December! You have 24 more shopping days until Christmas. Panicked? Worried? Breaking out in a cold sweat because last year you got her something terrible and you don’t want to make the same mistake again? Don’t worry I’m here to help. “Sexy Santa’s Gifts Just For Her” is a series I am writing all December to help you not suck at buying her presents. I realised I needed to write something when I kept seeing customer after customer come into our store with little idea on what would make a good gift (also I was inspired by my ability to find them the perfect gift, but not to brag). Basically I’m helping you cheat at Christmas shopping, you’re welcome.

This week we are looking at my favourite type of clitoral sex toy from the last year, the “sucker”. I wrote a review earlier this year about the Womaniser an how it transformed how I saw and used sex toys, now I am here to step you through the different types and brands of suckers so you can pick the right one for her.

What Is A Sucker?

The correct names for these toys are clitoral suckers. They use pulsating air (which creates the “sucking”) to stimulate the clitoris, and they are amazing!

Before I had one, I didn’t really see how they would work for me. While I am a clitoris girl, I don’t like direct suction on the area so I thought no, not for me. Long story short I used it, I was wrong, they are incredible and super-efficient. Most women who have used a sucker report back saying they came much quicker than normal (around 2 minutes) and many said they had a much more intense orgasms as well.

OK, So Now Onto The Christmas Gift Options


The Womanizer is the best known sucker on the market. They are kind of like the “Apple” for suckers. They were one of the first clitoral suckers on the market and because of this they have a lot of brand recognition and it is a name she will probably recognise. I have a Womanizer and I love it, for me one of the best things about the Womanizer brand is the thought put into the design, both from a style perspective (Womanizers can come in awesome prints and colours, some with jewelled buttons and more) and from a user perspective (they consider the ergonomics of a toy like designing it with a longer handle for easier use etc.). This is the sex toy to buy if you have found the one and want her to know you just how much you love her.

Handheld clit stimulators for oral stimulation
Image: Womanizer Product Range

LELO Sona And Sona Cruise

LELO equals luxury. I often describe them as the Ferrari of sex toys. Their entire range is beautifully crafted and pretty much the best you can buy. No one would be unhappy finding a LELO under their tree so when they brought out some suckers in time for Christmas I was super keen. Now these suckers claim to work a little differently, using sonic waves to more efficiently and completely work the clitoris. They released two in their range the Sona and the Sona Cruise. The main difference is the Sona Cruise has cruise control technology so it:

“maintains the same intensity even when the mouth is fully pressed against your body.”

The reviews for this toy are insanely positive and knowing LELO I’m not surprised. This will be a sure fire hit so hurry in now and buy one!

Luxury oral sex toy
Image: LELO Sona

Satisfyer Pro Range

This range is like the Womaniser’s less expensive cousin. They have similar sex toy designs as the Womaniser range and come in a wide range of options. This is a great starter for many people who maybe aren’t sure if they would like the “sucker” as a sex toy. Don’t let the lower price point fool you however these ones are MIGHTY and this will become a quick favourite.

Most purchased oral sex toy range
Image: Satisfyer Product Range

Combo Suckers

A number of brands have released vibrators that also come with suckers. The Rabbit Company has The Kissing Rabbit which has a sucker on the iconic rabbit clit tickler. The Hiky is a combo with a sucker on one end and a vibrator on the other. The Instant O from Evolved is another option that keeps the traditional rabbit shape but entirely replaces the clit vibe with a sucker (The Kissing Rabbit keeps the clit vibe function at the same time as having a sucker). These all vary in price and in use but all attempt to combine a more traditional sex toy with the sucker. This could be a good option if you don’t want to put all your eggs in the sucker basket or are just buying for someone who likes a little variety in their life.

Rabbit vibrator with a clitoral sucker
Image: The Rabbit Company The Kissing Rabbit
Shots Toys Hiky Photo
Image: Shots Toys Hiky
Evolved Instant-O An Oral Sex Toy
Buy Now | Clit Suckers And Stimulators

Prices vary across brands.

So there you have it, Sexy Santa’s sucker recommendations, couple any of these with beautiful massage oil or some nice underwear and you have a gift that will make all her girlfriends jealous.

Don’t forget that the reason for the season is giving, so what better thing to give than orgasms. These types of sex toys for women really do make the world go round!

Happy shopping.

Sexy Santa

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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