Dominant Nature Of BDSM In Primates

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There are reasons why women like being handcuffed, bound and gagged. It goes back as far as time itself when women were dominated by Alpha Males. Then in more modern times dominant religions, societies and groups raped, pillaged and plundered villages. Let’s have a look into the background as to how people and primates sexual lifestyles relate to each other.

Female Mammals And The Method Of Conception

Female mammals can have a regular period of sexual openness and fertility where they are able to have intercourse with numerous males. In some cases the female monkey is sexually assaulted by the contenders that she does not want. Any one of the sexual partners could have been the father to the subsequent newborn monkey baby. This depends on which sperm reaches and fertilises the ovary first.

Rape was used by people within dominant religions, societies or groups like the Vikings and Mongolians as a conception method. It was hypothesized that monkey’s also used it as a method of conception. Rape as a method of conception is truly outdated and is a crime.

Can Female Monkeys Really Orgasm?

In 1996, a book titled “Human Sexual Response” by William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, it acknowledged that women experienced orgasms. It was speculated that the female orgasm was one of the reasons why women were aroused by having sex with men. In the mid 1970’s it was generally accepted by primatologists, that the non-human female primates did not encounter orgasm. Primatologists later examined the sexual physiology of wild female gorillas and monkeys, who found that orgasms within these female primates happened commonly. M Small wrote in her book Female Choices, Sexual Behaviour of Female Primates:

‘Non-human primate females commonly experience multiple orgasms during sex’

Sex in Macaca Mulatta
Image: Macaca Mulatta

To settle the civil argument lab based researchers placed female monkeys from the Macaca Mulatta species into lower leg cuffs and canine restraints. To force the monkey to orgasm, they stimulated it’s clitoris and used an instrument that mimicked a monkey’s penis into the animal’s vagina. They watched the monkeys experience climax. Three stages were noted, the first stage of clitoral and vaginal incitement. The second stage where the monkey snorts, calls and made surprised facial expressions. The last stage after climax where the female tries to get away. These discoveries are documented in the Burton, F D (1970).  It has been found that when the female reaches orgasm it helps to the male monkey ejaculate.

People And Primates With Sexually Dimorphic Features

People and primates (including lemurs, monkeys and apes) can have sexually dimorphic features that are not attributed to their gender. These features can include different colourings, markings, sizes and behaviours that influence sex drive, arousal and levels of testosterone.

How Testosterone Impacts Sexual Arousal

At the first stage of the menstrual cycle a woman’s testosterone levels increase. When they ovulate their testosterone reaches its highest levels and during the last portion of the cycle their testosterone levels fall. Both men and women with high levels of testosterone are noted to have higher sex drives. Furthermore, it also appears that women who are within their fertile stages have higher sex drives. It is hypothesised that women with higher levels of testosterone are more interested in Alpha Males. In the case that your female lover loves being dominated in the bedroom she may have higher levels of testosterone.


Woman Wearing Handcuffs
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With all of this in mind, the female climax originates before speech was ever invented. Our ancient female monkeys demonstrated how they were able to build up orgasms in response to physical stimulation. These days women may enjoy participating in primitive like sex through BDSM play where both participants in the sexual activity are aware of all the risks involved and partake in a safe environment.  They may enjoy using restraints like handcuffs and Japanese bondage rope. Or they may like sensory deprivation by using blindfolds, masks and hoods.

Outside of the bedroom your lover may act as a dominant person in a social setting. But when the tables are turned and you are back in the privacy of your bedroom, he or she may love being a submissive who is bound and controlled by restraints and dominated by their lover.  As it turns out what a person is interested in kinky sex can be completely different to what they are interested in their day to day life.