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Suspension what is it ?

Suspension is a sport for extremists someone who likes pain mixed with pleasure. It is the practice of pushing sterilized hooks through your back/body. There are different forms of suspension the main one being self-suspension which is a simple body art form of hanging gracefully from hooks for 5 minutes – 2 hours depending on your experience some hang longer I haven’t been able to hang longer than 1 hour and 50 minutes it became to much I lost my concentration the best way to explain the feeling is almost the same as a zen/yoga feeling I guess meditation.

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How I got into suspension ?

I personally got into this through loving pain and when I say pain I mean extreme pain I have had a lot of different modifications done to me such as rods through my cheeks and getting hung by them, scarification, skin removal and quite heavily tattooed. I met a guy at a convention I was performing at for piercing/ tattooing and he opened my eyes to suspension. He personally got into it as a kink he would love to fuck women while they were hooked up almost a sick play on bondage some may say. To me this is normal everyday stuff so I would disagree but I cant say ive ever mentioned it to an everyday person and not get the oddest reaction. So needless to say not many people know this side of my life unless they ask about it or want to be involved.

What suspension do I use and how does it work?

Suspension bondage is a form of sexual bondage where a bound person is hung from one or more overhead suspension points. Suspension bondage carries a higher risk than other forms of sexual bondage. There can be a lot of damage to the body and can become dangerous if the person involved has never experienced this before and how to “fuck” while the other is suspended. I would definitely recommend normal self-suspension for anyone who has or needs a bigger adrenaline rush.


What I enjoy about suspension ?

Empowerment is the first word to come to mind, strong, independent, beautiful which growing up with siblings that were the typical beautiful size 6 models I struggled….. so I got a lot of plastic surgery to make myself perfect ( well as perfect as I could be or what I had lead myself to believe was perfect ) . I would google perfect women and pick what I didn’t have and get it done I would say I was happy with my results but I wasn’t and wanted more. My point to this is this sport made me feel more empowered than I ever had and beautiful hanging in lingerie like no one was watching. It doesn’t matter what size and shape you are every beautiful human can try this at my heaviest I did suspension at 120 kilos and I have also done it at 48 kilos at my lightest and that was about a year ago now.

Professional suspension?

I started doing this professionally at studios that I cant name. It started when I was 16 not the typical age to start but I also didn’t have a typical life at the time. I had already had my tattoos by then and had grown up very quickly as I had no other choice. I started doing solo gigs for customers then moved to clubs and shows. The addiction got more and more until I couldn’t stop I was doing it up to 14 times a week. The normal person would not do this more than once a month.


Cost of suspension ?

Suspension is not to expensive if you are a novice starts out around $250 per session. Its when you get to being a professional and buying all your own gear and performing that the price goes up.


Different types of rigging?

There are two main types of rigging: dynamic and static. Dynamic rigging primarily uses ropes, or something similar, and one long piece is used to connect the suspender to the apparatus. In static rigging, each hook is attached to the apparatus separately.The apparatus is usually rigged to a tree, ceiling, scaffolding, etc. using pulleys, a winch or a backhoe.

Different spots of the body suspension can be preformed ?


A chest suspension is a suspension in which the hooks are placed in the chest. Two hooks are used for this type of suspension.


A coma suspension is a suspension in which the hooks are placed in the chest, torso and legs, usually in two rows, so the person suspended is lying face up.


This suspension takes place hooked from the knees and hung vertically with the head closest to the ground and the knees at the top.


A resurrection suspension is a suspension in which the suspended person is held up by hooks, usually in two rows on the belly.


A superman suspension is the opposite of a coma suspension – the hooks are placed in the back and legs, usually in two rows, so that the person suspended is lying face down. This type of suspension is named superman due to the similarity in appearance to Superman flying.


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