Penis Pump Use – Precautions & Techniques!

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There are many penis enlargement methods in the world today, thanks to advancements in technology.  Some are considered natural, while many others are treated as artificial. Whatever method you choose, you must consider the risk factors. Life is very important and too short to take unnecessary risks and lets face it, a man’s penis is not one of those body organs you would really want to mess around with. Of the man alternatives available, the use of the LA penis pumps stands as one of the most effective methods and solution for size and erection issues. However, are there any risk factors you should be worried about when using this method? Indeed there are, so lets address a few:

It must be clearly stated that LA penis pumps may pose some dangers if inaccurately used and may even lead to penile injuries if the safety instructions and measures are not followed. In their desires to accelerate results, some people use too much pressure that can cause injuries. Using a lot of pressure posses the risk of causing bruises or even clotting of the blood vessels or lymph node. This condition is medically referred to as thrombosis and a variety of other damages that may even be everlasting.

To avoid these risks, you should consider pumps that come with pressure gauges and pressure relief valves. You should also go through necessary preparatory sessions before undertaking any session and most importantly, seeing to it that you don’t use a lot of pressure. It is also very important that you introduce reasonable breaks after each session to safeguard yourself from any injuries. The overriding point here is caution when using pumps for your penis enlargement. Penis pumping either utilizing air vacuum or hydro pumps. There are different procedures for pumping, and when accurately used correctly will achieve significant penis growth.

Beat Pumping

The beat pumping method is performed by changing the pressure  levels all through the single session. Changing or shifting the pressure level inside each session animates the internal penis tissues to grow. Case in point, have a greatest pressure level in a session of say 5in/Hg. At that point; Differ the pressure at this level like clockwork. Bit by bit diminish the vacuum level more than 30 seconds time span until it achieves zero. Rapidly pump move down to the greatest level. Repeat the procedure until the session is completed. Beat pumping strategy is exceptionally effective, and pretty much as the draining technique, it quickens blood flow and release from the penis and its inner chambers

Vacuum Enlargement
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This pumping strategy is a standout among the most well-known and apparently the most productive system. Draining aides in keeping up legitimate blood flow to the penile internal chambers. As it name proposes, draining takes after a masturbatory movement. Draining ought not be done in vigorous movement, but rather in a smooth increase and ease back with a constant pace. In a perfect world, this procedure is done in short sets.  Plenty of lube is used and donut of the penis pump rubs up and down on the shaft of the penis with is inside the cylinder.  When this is done for extended period it can create a “Doughnut Effect”, which is also called “edema”.


This system accomplishes most ideal results if the penis is erect whilst pumping. Normally, it can be hard to keep up an erection particularly if the penis stays inside the pump’s tube during longer sessions. Shakes method is used to keep upthe  erection fortifying the penis nerve endings and improving blood flow. Shakes is finished by shaking the pump’s barrel tube in a here and there movement either by  hand, or through movement by the hips.  This method should be done in a slow and even manner, the object being to try and maintain an erection throughout.

One thing to recall that, this method ought not be done in a strong pace, but rather sufficiently compelling to permit an expansion in erection level. Moreover, differing the force alongside the scope of movement delivers a decent extend at the base of the penis.


This system is exceptionally basic. The penis pump’s chamber tube is wrapped with a warming object during the term of the session. This produces heat around the base of the penis and will thin the blood and invigorate circulation that will reduce the time it takes to enlarge the penis.  It must be considered that the warming agent should not be too hot nor used to long as to do either or both of these things may cause discomfort or injury.

Stay away from over pumping

It is a good idea to start off with a penis pump plan.  The first time  you use one it should be no more than 5-7 minutes and you can gradually increase these time as you get use to them.  The cardinal mistake that first time pumpers make is to do more.  Yes it is exciting going on your penis enlargement journey but it will take time and slow and steady in this instance will always win the race.

Remember to take frequent breaks

When you increase the length of time you use your penis pump you should consider taking breaks.  This is helpful as it allows the tissues and muscles of the penis to relax as well as allowing increased blood flow.  Many experienced pumpers will use them for up to 30 minutes in one time and then have a 3-5 minute rest and recommence their pumping session.

Optimally for maximum penis growth the devices should be used during two sessions per day and for a maximum of one and a half hours in each session.


How to Choose a Cock Ring

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Sex Toy For Men

A cock ring is a must sex toy for today’s man. It is a device that offers longer erections and makes sexual intercourse more intense. Anyone can now enjoy better sexual life with a harder cock. The cock ring is being used each day by thousands of men. It is a small device, with a simple design, making the cock harder for longer periods of time. Anyone is now able to enjoy sex. Except from making the cock bigger, this device will also prevent premature ejaculation, making any man focused on pleasuring his partner. The way a cock ring works is simple. Anyone should use a bit of lubricant while sliding the ring at the base of their cock. This device in turn, will increase the blood flow to the penis and will help by making a harder erection. The ring can be used for solo masturbation or during sex. The cock ring will boost any man’s confidence.

Dick Ring
Penis Ring

There are different designs and materials to choose from. The most common cock rings are made from surgical steel. This is the best material as it is prone to wear and very strong. Also it is easy to be cleaned, by being boiled in hot water for few minutes. The disadvantage of the steel ring is that it is hard. If you want something more flexible, a man should choose a ring made of silicone or leather. Rings made from leather are often perceived as sexier.

Any man that uses a cock ring should handle it with caution. It may be a small device that looks simple, but it should not be used for long periods of time. The ring can block the flow of blood and it can cause numbness or other problems. Before and after each use, men should clean their cock rings thoroughly. In case it’s made of steel they can heat it up for a few minutes in hot water. If it is leather it may be suitable to hand wash it or to be put in the dishwasher. Before getting a cock ring, each man should take dimensions of their cock. This will ensure that they will get the suitable cock ring. Too big rings will fall off, where too small will cause blocked blood flow and may cause future injury. Or you can also buy a stretchable plastic cock ring if you are a beginner and would like to start of simply.

Stimulate Your Body

Using sex toys and devices like cock rings to stimulate your body or provide pleasure to yourself is not a taboo anymore. Every day, men are searching for ways and techniques to improve their sexual performance and their relationship with their partners. If you haven’t used a cock ring, now is your chance to get one. This little device is promised to offer harder, fuller and longer erections, while improving your sexual performance in bed and helping you achieve intense orgasms, the same time your partner does. The use of a cock ring is a new trend and more men are using it each day.

For men wearing a cock ring publicly like on a nudist beach generally is not done – it is a sex toy that is meant for sexual activities.  However wearing a jewel encrusted cock ring for your lover to view is not only acceptable but can be a real turn on for both parties.  It embellishes the penis making it look more attractive and once an erection happens causes the blood to restrict forming a harder and stronger erection that you will be proud of.

Once you get into the action you will find that the restriction slows down how fast you ejaculate and when you do, again because of the restriction you will blow a lot harder.  It is a great way, and on the cheap, to improve your sexual performances and making a long lasting impression on your lover.  It is so easy to use, to take on or off.






Penis Enlargement Systems That Are Available To You!

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So you have decided the time has come to try some penis enlargement methods that are available but do not know where to start.  Constantly having a small penis complex at work and play have seen you pee in the corner of the urinal away from unsuspecting eyes or dashing off to the shower when your partner is not looking and always coming out with with you trackies or pajamas on.  The time to take action is now, you are over the inferiority complex that your under-endowed state has caused.

First off, most men feel their penis is too small and would like a larger one but that may not necessarily be the case.  The average size of an erect penis on a Caucasian man is under 6 inches – what you see in those porn movies is not reality.  But having resolved to go on this discovery journey you must first choose which device or method will be right for your lifestyle.  Can you wear a traction device for 23 hours a day for 3-6 months?  Do you want a quick fix that will enlarge your penis temporarily with vacuum devices?  Are you prepared to endure invasive surgery to have an implant fitted?

Image: Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Range

There are many different penis enlargement devices, systems and methods including surgery, implants, rods, medication, natural herbal remedies, meditative, tantric, weights/stretching, extending, pressure, constriction and more.  Some are hyped up, but some really work.  After looking at many ways and if you are looking for a safe and natural way to enlarge your penis that is safe and guaranteed to work there you cannot go past the two methods I will describe below. Of the two methods we will look at one is permanent and one will only work if you keep using it.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis Extension

A true penis extender uses the proven method of traction.  Traction and/or stretching has been used for many centuries and some of the most common images and easiest ways to set an example would be that of the Mursi women that traditionally place plates in their mouth to elongate their bottom lip.  OR the dayak women from Tibet and Borneo that use rings to elongate their necks, lips and other parts. some so much that they are called ‘giraffe women’.

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This exact theory has been put into practice by using a penis traction device.  These devices have been know to extend the penis by up to four inches in a matter of months.  The devices are usually cylindrical in shape and one end is placed on the base of the penis and the other end tightened to snugly fit around the head of the penis.  On the sides are screws that will allow traction to be applied to the penis which will basically stretch it.

The design of these traction devices has come along leaps and bounds over the past decade and they are quite comfortable to wear.  This is important as they must be worn at all times (excluding for hygiene or sex) during the extending process.  Most people that have used these devices are quite happy with the results by the three month period and these results are permanent. One thing to remember though is that the extender will extend the length of the penis but not the diameter.

The best penis extension devices can barely be noticed, and therefore, you shouldn’t worry about someone noticing something bulging in your pants. Furthermore, it will keep you alert and in case anything happens, you can fix it fast as opposed to when you have it on when sleeping because you risk hurting yourself when turning in sleep. This might be severe in some cases and you have to be careful enough.

It goes without mentioning that your penis enlargement device should be used based on the manufacturer’s manual. Each extender comes with an entirely different and very detailed guide on how it should be used. Don’t get creative and follow your own rules or risk failing to realize your major objective and even attain severe long term damage to your penis and unbearable pain. You must also ensure that you get the right extender. Just because all of them apply traction doesn’t mean that any can fit on any other penis on earth. Preferable, find out if the device has undergone any clinical trials and given a clean bill of health.

If you are after the best penis play and future sexual satisfaction, you will obviously be committed to wearing the extender for a specific period of time in a day. This will however depend on your specific situations but most manufacturers spell out how long they should be worn, stick to it. You can also take breaks from the extender so that the body can initiate a healing process to open up blood vessels for blood circulation so that the penis shaft can generate new tissues. This where consistency sets in; the more you wear it, the more you are likely to experience the best results.

For health reasons, don’t forget to keep your device clean and sterilized before use. The male organ is very sensitive and therefore prone to all forms of infections. Sharing of adult toys is discouraged, and therefore, don’t be tempted to share with a friend no matter how close you are. There might be might be many penis enlargement solutions in the world, but most of them are only but overhyped but don’t fall prey. Starting off might appear a bit uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged, get going and you will attain that pain size you have always dreamt of.

Penis Pump

A Penis pump is vacuum enlarging device are most commonly used after prostate surgery, cancer treatment or to help with a variety of different illnesses, erectile dysfunction etc..  It works by the application of an air tight Perspex or plastic cylinder applying it to and creating as seal at the base of the penis and then removing all air-pressure from it.  This is generally done by a pump that is attached by an air pressure valve.  Vacuum enlarging systems really work and increase the length and diameter of the penis but the effects are not permanent.

It is always important to use a quality device as cheaper version will not last long, hold enough pressure and basically will be a waste of time.  The more often and longer you use the pump the bigger you can pump up your penis.  Penis pumps are also good for those that suffer from erectile dysfunction as the user can pump their penis to erection and then put a cock ring on or similar restrictive device to maintain it.

So here are two non-invasive methods to enlarge your penis and get back that self-confidence you so deservedly need.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

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Talking About Penis Size

It is often a delicate subject when talking about the size of a man’s penis.  Men will often brag about the size of their penis, that is until they get into the shower or pool and an excuse is heard like

‘the water is really cold’. 

There is nothing more self-defeating for a man to believe he has a small penis and can do nothing about it. However, to think there is nothing that can be done about is an untruth.  There are proven and even guaranteed methods in which one can enlarge their penis and one of those methods is the vacuum system commonly known as enlargement pumps.  The vacuum system can be used on various parts of the anatomy of both males and females and will work.  The most common cylinder is the penis enlargement but there are also cylinders that will pump and enlarge the foreskin, clitoris, breasts, testicles and more.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

The vacuum system works by creating a seal between the body part, cylinder and outside.  Once pumped it removes all air from the cylinder creating a vacuum.  This vacuum then forces blood to the cylinder engorging the body part with blood causing it to enlarge or swell.  It is important for novice pumpers to take it slowly and not cause too much pressure as otherwise blood will be forced to the skin and cause hickey like marks that are unattractive. Vacuum systems should not be used on a body part if it has a laceration, rash or blisters as this will only worsen those injuries.  Often pumpers will shave around the body part that they are enlarging to increase the seal that will allow greater vacuum and better results.  It is advisable for safety that any cylinder purchased have a safety release valve that will allow quick disconnection from the body part.

Good quality pumps and cylinders are advisable and it is always a good idea to buy a brand that has multiple sized cylinders.  That way as your penis gets bigger you can go up a size in cylinders continually making your penis or other body part increase in size.  Many hardcore pumpers become obsessed with enlarging their penis or other body parts and actually enter competitions to see who can enlarge their body part the most, there are some huge pumped dicks in that lot, let me tell you.

Enlarging your penis, like anything else that is worthwhile, does not occur overnight using a vacuum system.  It takes time.  The first week you should pump your penis for only about ten minutes and you will see that it is enlarged for about half an hour.  After the first week and you work out what pressure is comfortable for you and increase in time pumping should be undertaken and after a month you should pump for about half an hour a day.  Good quality cylinders will have a disconnect valve that will allow you to attach the cylinder to your penis or other body part but disconnect it from the pump, allowing you to go about you chores like washing or having a shower with the vacuum system still working.

You will notice that the longer you use a penis pump the longer the penis or other body part stays larger and after about three months it will stay enlarged all day.  Unfortunately though, it is like working out, if you do not pump each day or stop pumping the results will disappear.

Some benefits of using a penis pump include:

  • The adequacy of penis pump in treating poor erections has been upheld by clinical research and studies. Indeed, even late discoveries inferred that penis pump is useful in helping guys accomplish erections adequate for sex.
  • Penis pumps are relatively inexpensive
  • Penis pumps may help you avoid surgery. Penile implants are costly and hurt a lot
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated using penis pumps be engorging the penis and the stopping the blood flow traveling back by the addition of a cock ring.
  • Specialists recommend penis pumps to men that have suffered with prostate disease or after treatment using chemotherapy.
  • With the increased flow of blood to the penis it will generate penile rehabilitation and alleviate, Peyronie’s disease, and mental issues like depression or stress.
  • Penis pumps can be used by those with disabilities especially battery operated ones to obtain an erection.



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