Do Penis Pumps Work?

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Talking About Penis Size

It is often a delicate subject when talking about the size of a man’s penis.  Men will often brag about the size of their penis, that is until they get into the shower or pool and an excuse is heard like

‘the water is really cold’. 

There is nothing more self-defeating for a man to believe he has a small penis and can do nothing about it. However, to think there is nothing that can be done about is an untruth.  There are proven and even guaranteed methods in which one can enlarge their penis and one of those methods is the vacuum system commonly known as enlargement pumps.  The vacuum system can be used on various parts of the anatomy of both males and females and will work.  The most common cylinder is the penis enlargement but there are also cylinders that will pump and enlarge the foreskin, clitoris, breasts, testicles and more.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

The vacuum system works by creating a seal between the body part, cylinder and outside.  Once pumped it removes all air from the cylinder creating a vacuum.  This vacuum then forces blood to the cylinder engorging the body part with blood causing it to enlarge or swell.  It is important for novice pumpers to take it slowly and not cause too much pressure as otherwise blood will be forced to the skin and cause hickey like marks that are unattractive. Vacuum systems should not be used on a body part if it has a laceration, rash or blisters as this will only worsen those injuries.  Often pumpers will shave around the body part that they are enlarging to increase the seal that will allow greater vacuum and better results.  It is advisable for safety that any cylinder purchased have a safety release valve that will allow quick disconnection from the body part.

Good quality pumps and cylinders are advisable and it is always a good idea to buy a brand that has multiple sized cylinders.  That way as your penis gets bigger you can go up a size in cylinders continually making your penis or other body part increase in size.  Many hardcore pumpers become obsessed with enlarging their penis or other body parts and actually enter competitions to see who can enlarge their body part the most, there are some huge pumped dicks in that lot, let me tell you.

Enlarging your penis, like anything else that is worthwhile, does not occur overnight using a vacuum system.  It takes time.  The first week you should pump your penis for only about ten minutes and you will see that it is enlarged for about half an hour.  After the first week and you work out what pressure is comfortable for you and increase in time pumping should be undertaken and after a month you should pump for about half an hour a day.  Good quality cylinders will have a disconnect valve that will allow you to attach the cylinder to your penis or other body part but disconnect it from the pump, allowing you to go about you chores like washing or having a shower with the vacuum system still working.

You will notice that the longer you use a penis pump the longer the penis or other body part stays larger and after about three months it will stay enlarged all day.  Unfortunately though, it is like working out, if you do not pump each day or stop pumping the results will disappear.

Some benefits of using a penis pump include:

  • The adequacy of penis pump in treating poor erections has been upheld by clinical research and studies. Indeed, even late discoveries inferred that penis pump is useful in helping guys accomplish erections adequate for sex.
  • Penis pumps are relatively inexpensive
  • Penis pumps may help you avoid surgery. Penile implants are costly and hurt a lot
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated using penis pumps be engorging the penis and the stopping the blood flow traveling back by the addition of a cock ring.
  • Specialists recommend penis pumps to men that have suffered with prostate disease or after treatment using chemotherapy.
  • With the increased flow of blood to the penis it will generate penile rehabilitation and alleviate, Peyronie’s disease, and mental issues like depression or stress.
  • Penis pumps can be used by those with disabilities especially battery operated ones to obtain an erection.