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Hi, I came into Ohzone Penrith the other day and wanted to write a review as the service I received and the product range was an absolute delight. I have been to the store once but that was many, many years ago now and it has changed vastly.

I was sent to the store by my wife, as she was too embarrassed to come in, I tried my hardest to get her to come but unfortunately it was a no go. She didn’t have an exact idea of what she wanted but we have quite a few toys so I knew the style that she enjoys. It’s always hard to buy for someone else but due to the incredibly helpful staff it was an absolute breeze for me. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted and as I hadn’t been in the store before the woman gave me a tour of the sections and all the products they had.

I explained to the staff the types of toys and styles that my wife enjoys and the woman was able to pick out quite a few toys that she thought would be a good fit, we both put gloves on and had a fiddle around with all the toys and I’m glad I did as we’ve previously only purchased our toys online and some of them weren’t as powerful as we were expecting, so to be able to feel the vibrations in my hand whilstan extremely knowledgeable staff member talked me through all the different functions and different ways to use the toys as well as the different types of lubes that would help enhance pleasure was very helpful and I knew I would be able to bring home a toy that was perfect for my wife due to all the help I received.

The store itself is very clean and tidy, all of the products are organised in sections and it is very easy to find anything you’re after (especially when you’re given the store tour), there is such a wide range of products the only problem was trying to choose what I wanted. I parked out the front along high street but that was pure luck as someone was pulling out just as I was driving to go to the stores rear parking.

I quickly found out Zippay and Afterpay were available in the store which made me want to purchase a toy for myself as well, again the woman was extremely helpful and showed me all sorts of male toys. I was most interested in the strokers as I had never really had one before, I brought a few up to the front counter to see which one was best in her opinion. We went through the ones I brought up however she also showed me a vibrating stroker that was up behind the counter and walked me through the functions and motors and after holding it for myself I was sold as it was an incredible product and I was so happy that I had her help otherwise I wouldn’t of known and just got one I thought looked nice but wasn’t of the same calibre.

All in all my experience was wonderful and I’ll definitely be back for more and my wife will be forced to come with me next time so she can have the same experience as I did and see for herself that there is no need to be embarrassed as the staff are extremely professional and very helpful.


This is a customer review received by the Oh Zone Store.  We are happy to publish it as many of their consultants write articles for this blog.

Kat From The Riff!

Sydney Adult Shps

Hi my name is Kat today I was on a mission to introduce my friends to my favourite Adult store!!!  OH ZONE Penrith So I grabbed the girls and we decided to have a day out and visit my fav store

What can I say the girls were all super impressed by the store they loved the atmosphere and the staff, as they had heaps of questions and the staff are always happy to help and pass on their product knowledge which was fantastic as the girls learned things they never knew before.

All my friends said they felt super comfortable and really loved how the staff treated them we had one super shy friend with us so she kind of hung back a little which was fine but by the end she was just like the rest of us super intrigued and was asking many questions too.

So our visit was very successful as everyone purchased something and all the girls said they will return to the store on their own as well now and are even talking about having an instore Party!!!! That’s right they do in store toy parties they close the store for 1 hour on a Sunday and you get the store and staff to yourself how AMAZING is that you get 10 or 15 friends together and shop away Love it can’t wait!!!

What I also love is they have their own carpark so no stress in finding a car parking spot you can park and go through back entry way and straight upstairs which is great if you don’t want anyone else to see you popping in on your visit not that it bothers me but some people like to be discreet so it’s perfect for that.

The variety in the store is fantastic from Lingerie to top brands Like fun factory and we vibe and womanizer and palm power wands and body wand brands stainless steel and anal fantasy hens party wall and board games so much to see they even have a room full of dvds to purchase.

The store is always so clean and presentable also smells divine with the oils burning from Wildfire. They also have a change room to try on the costumes which is fantastic and the staff take out the items for you to try on and will find you other sizes and also give you an honest opinion on how they look got to love that.

They have a huge selection of display toys to demonstrate how they work and so you can feel the texture and vibrating modes and how to keep them clean.

There payment Methods also include ZIP so hooray!!! If you really want that perfect toy you can have it there and then with ZIP.

All in all OH Zone Penrith is easy to find as its Level 1 -478 High street Penrith has great helpful friendly staff and you will love the store and the selection to choose from so do yourself a favour and go visit this store you will be impressed just like Me (I class myself as a regular now) LOL But my friends are also frequent visitors now too.

Would Like to thank the staff for their help on our visit and great friendly customer service again you all make it so comfortable for your customers.

Thanks Kat

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Oh Zone Adult Shop Review!

Why Hello!! My name is Bella and I’ve been asked to do an honest review of OhZone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Penrith.



The Adult lifestyle centre is located along busy High Street in Penrith: Level 1, 478 HighStreet to be exact. The store is very easy to find and access whether you are driving or walking. There is ample parking in the car park which is situated at the rear of the shop and it is also a nice little backway entrance to come through if you’re worried about running into someone you may know.


The shop is quite large which isn’t what you’d expect as you come up the stairs. Having been to a few adult toy stores before, this one definitely stands out in size but also appearance as it is so bright and vibrant as opposed to the dark and dreary environment some adult toy stores can have. The whole store is carpeted minus the DVD room which has timber flooring. My favourite part about this store is the SMELL, often stores, adult or not, can have a weird or off smell but this store smells AMAZING every time I go in there. The store also has an incredible amount of testers for the toys so if there’s anything you’re unsure about guaranteed the staff will pop a toy in your hand and you’ll be convinced.


I hate pushy sales staff more than anything else in this world, if anything pushy sales staff make me not purchase. The staff at Penrith are so lovely, often women which makes you feel at ease if you are a bit nervous as a female but in saying that any male staff I’ve come across have been really good, didn’t put me off at all and were very helpful. The staff are just so knowledgeable and you can really ask them anything and they’ll do their best to help you which you can really feel, it’s not just a sale to them, they try to find what’s best for you and your needs which is a rarity.


The store is covered wall to wall, floor to ceiling in stock!! You could spend hours upon hours going through it all trying to decide on a product that’s right for you, this is why the knowledgeable staff are such an asset as you can tell them what you like or previous toys you have had and they’ll point you in the right direction or grab some toys and show you, which makes it a hell of a lot easier than trying to figure it all out for yourself. The way the stock is placed in the store makes it very easy to locate the type of product you are after without needing to ask if you are a bit nervous.


The Good

The staff, the copious amounts of stock and the AMAZING smell are definitely the highlights of this store!!  A large car park at the rear that has a discreet back entrance too!

The Bad

There’s not much to say in this category, the stairs are a killer to walk up but it’s not the stores fault I’m lazy ha-ha! There isn’t really any parking out the front of the store as the street is quite busy.


The Ugly

My biggest complaint is that the store isn’t mobility friendly, with two flights of stairs to climb up in order to access the store no person in a wheelchair could enter and people on crutches etc. will have a hard time trying to enter the store.