How to watch Live Porn Safely At home During Lockdown

There are lots of different live porn sites on the internet, but not all of them are created equal so ensure you watch Live Porn Safely.   Most people would be surprised to find out that predator sites exist to do nothing less than scam you out of your money while you’re looking for your adult fix. It’s just the way that it is and these sites will always be around. Sitting in lockdown most likely has you searching for more porn sites than usually, so you might just come across these scam sites. Here’s how to go about keeping yourself safe.

White label sites exist

The first thing to realize is that white label cam sites exist and there’s nothing at all wrong with them. These are sites that offer you free live porn from the big premium sites. If you ever come across a cam site that looks like it’s just giving you feeds from Chaturbate with the same interface and everything, it’s probably a white label site. It’s a great way to get the kind of cam feeds that you want without having to search for them. They may come off like a scam, but they can be your very best friend.

Avoid redirects

No legitimate site is ever going to rely on redirects to get you to your live porn. This is a trick that the scam sites use to get you onto a premium site that you don’t need. They’re usually scams on top of being premium and people figure them out after a while. When you have a site that’s a well-known scam, the traffic eventually dries up. That’s why they end up making other sites that redirect you to them. If you click on a link and end up on a different site, make your way out of it as quickly as you can.

Never use a credit card as an ID

One of the most common scams you’re going to come across is the one that tells you a credit card is a valid way of proving your age. They claim that you have to provide a form of identification to show that you’re over 18. This comes in the shape of saving your credit card information on their servers. That’s always a dead giveaway that you’re looking at a scam. Your card is going to be charged and you’ll be out a lot of money.

Keep your information private in public

If you like to spend your time talking to your favorite cam models in the public chat room, it’s best to keep all of your private information to yourself. That means never talk about where you live or work. Any tiny bit of information that you give out can be used to scam you and steal your identity. Just keep your mouth shut when it comes to your details and you won’t have to deal with any bad news in the future. If you want to talk about specifics, do it in private.

Use third party rebillers

Most real cam sites that you use are going to utilize third party rebillers for all of your financial information. That lets you share your information with companies that are used to dealing with it and can keep it safe. It’s much better than uploading your credit card numbers directly to a site that you’ve never used before. Look for a third party logo and do a little research on it. You want to make sure that it’s secure and that there haven’t been any recent data breaches for you to worry about.

Only share your cam with the performer

If you want to go cam to cam on the site, don’t make the mistake of making your cam public for everyone. Make sure that it’s only being shared with the performer so you’re not being seen by strangers all over the world. You never know what they’re going to be able to do with your feed after they record it. If you don’t give them a chance to blackmail you then you just don’t have to worry about it. Keep it simple and just play with your favorite performer when you want to show yourself off.

Remember to have fun

No matter how much time you spend being safe, the most important thing that you can do is make sure that you still have plenty of fun. If you’re being safe then you can enjoy the time with your performer without having to worry about anything else. That’s really what you’re going after. Do your due diligence at the start and then just enjoy your live porn. It’s the best way to keep yourself sane and safe during the lockdown. You’ll also walk away with a whole lot more sites in your bookmarks.



What Makes A Quality Live Streaming Service

live streaming service

Just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of months, a Live Streaming Service like AnaCams are blowing up. People from all over the world are uniting to check out wild and outlandish content creators. These are just a couple of things that make live streaming so great. There are thousands of different content providers to choose from, but they are willing to go above and beyond to outdo each other. These creators want to draw people to their streams and they are will do whatever it takes to get them there. This is in part because it’s how they make their money. All that being said, this creates some problems as well. Everyone wants to take advantage! Everyone thinks they can get in on the action and grab their slice of the pie.


While this does provide viewers with a variety of selections, it oversaturates things, meaning it becomes harder and harder to choose a quality provider. Sure, you can spend a little time here and there sampling each streaming service and content creator, but this would require an immense amount of time. The key to getting around this is by knowing what makes a quality streaming provider.


Get A Free Sample


Unfortunately, you are going to have to test the waters a bit before you discover the provider for you. You won’t be able to just pick a provider and assume they are better than the rest. Sure, you might end up being satisfied with the provider, but how do you know if someone isn’t offering something better, something more exciting? You wouldn’t know, and this is why you have to sample the services. The best providers will allow you to do this for free. The best quality providers will offer access to their streaming services for free. With these free accounts, you might not be privy to all the features and content, but you’ll likely get access to enough.


You’ll get access to enough to tell whether or not you want to stick with the provider.


Get Rewarded For Your Spent Money


If you want to make any streaming experience better, you are going to need to spend money. Not only will this make your experience better, but it helps the content creators. The creators can then in turn use these funds to make their services better. It’s simply a win-win all around for everyone. Not only this, but the best quality streaming services are usually willing to reward you for spending money. For instance, there are many providers like the one mentioned above that will give you tokens when you spend money. Whether you are renewing a membership, signing up for a new one, or just adding more tokens, you’ll get customer reward points for spend money.


This is something that cannot be overlooked because it tells you that the providers care about your business. It lets you know that your business is appreciated. Another thing to keep in mind is the more you spend, the more the potential for earnings is. Some sites even offer end-of-year drawings that award major prizes and rewards. Just something to keep in mind when choosing a streaming provider.


Variety Is The Slice Of Life


Because there are so many streaming sites and content creators available these days, there are streams and content of everything. Regardless of what you are looking for, you won’t have a problem finding it when you want it. This is another of the many things that make the best streaming providers stand out. The best streaming providers will no only offer access to a wide range of streams, but they’ll continue to adapt and go.


Some of this depends on the content creators, but the best streaming providers will make sure you have access to numerous streams. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for girl-on-girl or you are guy-on-girl, you won’t have a problem finding it. Even if you are looking for something wild and experimental, the best quality providers will offer it and more. They might even offer things you aren’t expecting, as they are always continuing to adapt and grow. This is how they earn a living and are willing to put in the extra effort.


Easy Platform


You want to spend your time streaming, not trying to figure out how to stream or browsing through all the choices. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people fail today. Whether it be content creators or streaming providers, people sometimes try to make things too complex. This is likely because of all the offerings available today, but there is no substitute for simplicity. An easy platform just makes everything more enjoyable. You don’t have to be a coder or website developer just to find what you are looking for. With simplistic platforms, people can go right to what they want.

What’s The Future Of Live Sex Chat?

vr cams

When it comes to the future of live sex chat, you’d be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t possibly change much but oh how wrong you are. Looking back, you can see with crystal clear vision that the sex industry has changed hugely from just 25 years ago.


Factor in the safety aspect too and it’s obvious that the live cam industry will no doubt reign supreme. It’s not a stagnant field, it’s continually moving, continually evolving. The sexual landscape has broadened hugely and only looks set to broaden even more thanks to technology advancing at a rate of knots. So what exactly can we expect to see?

Interactive Sex Toys Revolutionised Things


To understand better just where the cam world is actually going, it’s a good idea to look at where it’s currently at. Webcam models first began as solo shows, now they involve tipping that revolves around the viewer tipping in order to get the model to do certain things. Then came interactive sex toys whereby certain sized tips made the sex toy doing certain things, controlling the sex toy in certain ways. This made it possible for the viewers to feel like they were actually having sex with the cam model themselves. This became a turning point for the sex industry as it begun the turn in direction and lead on to what we’re looking at now, virtual reality.


Virtual Reality Will Introduce You To Worlds Unknown


One of the biggest and perhaps only downside to the live sex chat and cam show is that the viewer is essentially alone in their room/home. While you can control their sex toy and chat with them, typing them messages, it can still feel like you’re a million miles apart. With the advancements in virtual reality however, it will soon be the case that you don’t have to do that. The virtual reality industry is growing day by day and companies are now even handing out VR cameras to the biggest cam models to begin testing. The hope is that these will begin to make them more popular, highlighting the benefits they offer. With viewers using headsets, they get an experience like no other, as if they were in the actual room with the cam model they’re watching. They can look around the entire room, and models can even interact with their camera making it even more consuming, whispering in the viewers ear, leaning in for a kiss and even staring straight into the viewers eyes.


Take A Peek Yourself


More and more are being made by the day with multiple companies throughout the world creating their own VR cameras and VR headsets. Not only does this mean they’ll be more available but it also means their price will become more affordable as they become more mainstream.


Enjoy What You Have To Hand Now – It’s None Too Shabby


While such immersive and interactive experiences aren’t available for the masses just yet, it won’t be long before they are. Until then, we suggest you check out the likes of Camiplay, one of the net’s leading live cam sites where you can enjoy hundreds of different cam models at your disposal. 

4 Tips Any Novice Cam Girl Should Follow

Cam Girls

Are you thinking about quitting your 9-5 job in order to become a cam girl? This will give you the opportunity to manage your own schedule and clients, freedom and flexibility and also the ability to gain more money as time goes by. The beginning is simple: everything starts with a good nickname and profile pic. About the steps you, later on, need to follow we will let you know in the following article. You can find here a review on the profession website Sext Panther, which could be a starting point in the business.


1. Be confident and fun to be around

Once your profile created, you have to get down to business. What you should first and foremost know about being a cam girl is that you have to be as open-minded as possible. Everyone appreciates a girl who is outgoing, confident and fun to be around. Put on not only your best lipstick but also your best smile. Your attitude is what attracts and makes clients stay. Any girl can dress up nicely, but in order to be one of the most appreciated and well-paid cam girls, you must trust yourself, communicate a lot and be as expressive as possible.


2. Do some tech shopping

I know this might seem like a gamer’s activity, but as a cam girl, you have to make sure that you have the right gear around in order to make your voice heard and your sweet face seen. Let’s start at the very beginning. Firstly, you need a laptop or a computer – I advise you to use a laptop, as it will give you more freedom and the capacity to work from your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even go outside for an outdoorsy session. Needless to say, going for a laptop will bring you much more money solely because of your capacity to move along a lot and create various scenarios.


I know that a laptop comes with a camera, but you will want to purchase an HD webcam with a remote control to enjoy more versatility. Another good purchase would be a microphone which cancels background noise. Oh, and you should also go for a wireless keyboard, which gives you the change to type from your bed, without obliging you to stay at your desk. All these might seem expensive, but they are the tools of the trade of a good cam girl. As an idea, you can purchase everything gradually, start with a laptop’s camera and level up to professional gear in time.


Another tech thing you should take into consideration is the Internet. Having a good connection will help you stay in touch with your customers and prevent embarrassing moments such as interruptions while a call. You can read more on cam girl success tips right here:


3. Dress to kill

Being a cam girl is not about staying naked in front of the camera, but rather about how you get there. Because the journey is the one that matters, you should take into consideration buying some sexy lingerie – the more creative, the better. You can go for tight lace dresses, leather corsets and even do cosplay. The act of striptease is a very important role of the cam girl, as it is then when she entices the viewer. Doing some sexy dancing in your lingerie will definitely make your customers stay until the end.


4. Sex toys are your best friends

If you want to go pro, do not forget about sex toys. They will make you stay in the game longer and your clients go crazy. Just like the case of lingerie, there is a vast array of sex toys you can choose from. All you have to do is let your creativity run wild and be as open as possible. Try new toys as often as you can and you will keep your audience alive. Tip: there’s this interesting vibrator you can read about right here – the thing is the toy can be controlled by clients from their phone. This is a very good method of making them feel involved in the game and closer to you. This will help build a lasting relationship, your reputation, and the chance of making more and more money.