Stay Safe by Sexting This Holiday Season


We all need a lot more affection in our lives in the age of a pandemic. It’s been a trying time for everyone to find ways to feel human again. A sense of touch, smell, and sound of a sexual partner in crime has been taken away from those who are single and ready to mingle. In today’s world, we are to stay at a minimum of six feet away from everyone who is not in our own household. The scent of the perfume is harder to get a whiff of when farther away. Masks are worn in public, while adding a sense of mystery to one’s appearance, also muffle the sound of a sexy voice. How is a sexual single who may have been more sexually active pre-pandemic to get their needs met in this scenario? Well, one sure bet to stay safe and sexy while at home is sexting.


This is about staying safe, being considerate of others but still finding alternative ways to get off. As it’s vital to stay isolated as much as possible it’s equally as vital to feel connected every day. We are more sexually repressed now than we have ever been in decades past. Even when the world was more sexually inhibited in the 30s, 40s, and 50s there was no stay at home order in place in those eras. This is a very new thing for humankind to go through while still trying to have somewhat of a life. Especially a sexual one!

What Are Sexting Ice-Breakers?


Just like approaching a woman in a bar, it can be tricky for the naturally more shy/introverted man to think of the right things to say. With sexting, a lot of the stress of having a good conversation starter is off the table. There is no small talk necessary, you’re in a space where you get to focus on having your sexual desires met at a distance.  When you sext it’s about establishing what your kink factor is before anything else. Not asking someone “How was your day?”.  Here are a few sexting icebreakers below to help you get the party started via your smartphone.

Are you Vanilla/Hardcore?

What are you wearing?

Guess what I’m wearing right now…

What’s your fetish?

Do you like being bad/good?

How wild are you on a scale of 1-10?

Are you into group sex?


Finding out what your kinks/desires are is half the fun of sexting. The other half of the fun is finding out what the women are on into the receiving end of these sext messages.  It’s the easiest conversation starter, to ask/tell a woman you are sexting with what you may be into/are open to knowing more about before hooking up. Maybe you are more Vanilla but curious to know more about what a hardcore sexting exchange might be like. It’s good to mix things up and you will find sexting is really about uncovering what really drives you and turns you on.

Where To Start?


A long-standing, reputable, and fun place that caters to the sexting community is Arousr. There’s no better place to start sexting than to do so anonymously. This way you don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing to someone in your inner circle that might lead to awkward social gatherings or gossip when things do eventually open again. Discretion is key when it comes to sexting. When you are not required to reveal your identity it adds an extra little bit of freedom to go wild. You never have to worry about a chat host holding what you say against you. They are there to cater to your sexual needs and desires, whatever those may be.

Yes, you can always text people you know for free. If the texting you do now led to hot steamy sexting you wouldn’t be here reading this blog. In life, we tend to get what we pay for. Sometimes the hottest woman you know may simply not be into sexting or actually be terrible at it. When you use platforms tailored around feeding sexual desires you’ll find a lot less trouble, hassle, and headache, all while maintaining your anonymity. Feeling secure and safe in a sexual environment is what we all need to have an enjoyable experience.

Final Thoughts On Sexting

This year was a tragic one for many but it’s also a teachable moment. One thing we know is that if we want good things in life we must invest in them. That does not exclude our sex lives. Waiting for things to open to be flirty and reach sexual pleasure is not realistic nor is it healthy, both mentally and physically. It’s enough to make anyone go stir crazy being stuck inside with no place to safely go.

It’s very healthy to seek out ways to express yourself through the written word and can also be quite cathartic. It’s sexy, safe and it is a lot of fun when you have an open-minded woman on the other end to enjoy sexual banter with. Now is the best possible time to step outside of your comfort zones and try something new. Sexting is safe, stimulating, and much more personal than streaming porn or Netflix all day.

About the Author


I’m Femme Fatale, writer, and Sexpert. I have a vast knowledge and affinity for Fetish culture as a former Fetish model. You can find me every week writing for Arousr. My favorite fetish is Domination.





Easy Steps to Succeed at Online Dating

Online Dating

It comes as no surprise that in the Digital Age, where people can reach each other in the blink of an eye, more and more individuals are being overwhelmed by loneliness. It’s common knowledge that we start realizing how fragile we are and perceive your loneliness more acutely in the crowd. For this reason, more people now start to view online dating as a viable alternative to real-life dating. Indeed, virtual dating offers you the possibility of finding a potential match or at least reaching out to like-minded people who can keep you company online and help dispel your boredom. That being said, you shouldn’t treat online dating as a panacea. You should note that finding the type of partner that’s right for you might take a little effort and patience. You need to do some research, try to hook your potential match’s attention, and build communication that hopefully will lead to a relationship. Below are some simple tips that will help orient yourself to the way online dating works and its subtleties.

  1. Pick the right website 

There are lots of online dating sites and applications that promise they can quickly help you find the idea match. But in reality, a good many users end up being frustrated and distrustful of dating services altogether. Not to commit a similar mistake, we highly recommend picking time-tested, safe, and reliable dating sites that have proved their worth and matchmaking potential. You can also familiarize yourself with the Megahookup reviews, which provide a detailed overview of the best dating sites, to find the best service that can satisfy your dating needs. 

Though as an unsophisticated online dater you may find yourself tempted to use many sites at the same time. But we advise you against succumbing to this temptation. It’s not a secret that a good majority of popular dating sites charge fees for the services rendered. So, unless you want to end up spending a fortune on your match-searching quest, stick with one reliable option. 

  1. Carefully select your profile pictures

As online daters confess, they often find themselves repelled by other users’ profile pictures. It would be meaningless to deny the huge importance of the first impression which, as you know, is difficult to undo. So, you need to take care to construct your profile in the way such that other daters can form the best impression about you. Opt for something neutral, but at the same time effective. Steer clear of posting the photos featuring naked torso, weapons, or killed animals not to appear distasteful, immoral, or lacking originality. 

  1. Do research 

Being successful in the world of online dating isn’t limited to constructing an effective and eye-catching profile. The lion’s share of work you need to do lies in sifting through and evaluating the profiles of potential candidates. Not only will it help you to decide what type of daters attract you more, but also get used to using the website and orient yourself to the options available. That being said, don’t aim to look through hundreds of profiles on a daily basis. We suggest limiting yourself to a manageable number of candidates to be able to make a carefully weighed decision as to which candidate to communicate and, possibly, build a relationship with.   

  1. Add in humor 

If you do a quick research, you’ll find out that a sense of humor is something the vast majority of daters are looking for in their partners. So, it’s a good idea to show your ability to appreciate and produce humor whenever you’re dropping a line to a potential match or messaging back to the person you liked. There is a common opinion that women are better at producing humor, meaning they tend to laugh more at the jokes thrown by men, whereas their male counterparts like to look funny and produce humor. 

  1. Take it to the real world 

Online communication can be fun and exciting. But it’s unlikely that the reason why you decided signing up for a dating site was to find a long-term pen pal. So, one day you’ll want to meet up for a drink. Don’t let groundless fears and stereotypes ruin the pleasure you may get from your first date. It’s not considered uncommon anymore to meet your significant other online. By the way, statistics show that more than 17 percent of marriages now start through online dating. With this in mind, you should take the initiative and ask the person you’ve been chatting with to take your relationship to the next level. 

How I Meet Casual Partners On Adult Dating Apps

dating apps

Casual sex encounters with a stranger can be hard at times (no pun intended). There are tons of casual sex seekers out there looking to hookup with no strings attached. However, it isn’t really socially acceptable to just go up to someone and ask them if they want to hook up. Trust me, that’s not how it goes, and I am speaking this from my own experience. However, thanks to technology that is readily available to all casual daters have multiple platforms to find each other and meet for sex.

All thanks to the internet that makes it easy for everyone. Dating apps allow everyone to present themselves online and access a larger pool of potential partners that they might not have access to offline. Gender doesn’t matter because both men and women are signing up for dating apps a lot. There are a few key pointers that everyone should consider before signing up.

I have had my share of casual encounters with a fair number of partners. Some of the encounters were great, and some not so much. Some were flakes or duds, but some encounters truly spiced up my sex life. It is all about being aware of the right way to get it started. Here are some of the important steps that have worked for me:

Get an Identity – It is true about what they say about the first impression being the last. The profile picture and an interesting bio matter a lot. It is what’s worked for me the most. For example, people are attracted tosexy, intelligent, funny, and humorous people. These traits earn most of thepoints for casual sex seekers in my experience. Nobody wants to spend their time with someone that has a dry personality and no sense of humor.

Finding casual partners for hookups can be hard most of the time, especially if the bio and picture section is empty. So, I think that having one’s own identity will go miles in getting you a hookup.

Going Online – Many popular dating apps and sites help host people from all across the world. A lot of online daters are at least open to embracing hookup culture, however there are specific apps that are strictly for casual sex and hookups. My personal favorite is Meet N Fuck App ( because it is easy to use on my phone and it is easy to find local hookups with people in my area by filtering by location. There are a lot of different hookup dating platforms, but just make sure you do some research before taking the plunge, as some of them just aren’t that good and can be real time wasters. Once you find an app or site you like, the key is to look for someone with the same interests. That is what I did when I started going online on the majority of the dating apps. I started creating a profile on multiple dating apps to cast a wider net so to speak. The more I put myself out there, the more the chances of finding a date.

There will be many questionnaires, quizzes, and basic information that need filling out. Completing all these sections is a must. It helps establish matches as fast as possible without complications. I also recommend signing up for certain dating apps that target the specific needs of its users. There are all types of different adult dating platforms that target specific niche audiences. There are Milf dating apps for mature women, ethnicity specific sex sites, fetish specific platforms, and pretty much anything you can think of. Try looking for mature dating apps for someone with more experience. Also, try signing up for interracial dating sites for more diversity.

Start Chatting – When I say start chatting, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea of spamming with chats. That’s not how things should start for any user. There is this saying about how one should knock on ten doors. Not every door will open, but there will be one that does. So, users need to start knocking. I drop about 20 “Hello” messages to 20 different people. I don’t expect a reply back from every one of them. However, there will be one or more that will reply.

It is important to email and message these potential friends with benefits by expressing their interests. There will be some that connect, and they will reply. Some won’t, but it is important not to get discouraged. Everyone has different interests and tastes, so it is important to build a thick skin. I advise you to be charming, fun, and respectful. Whatever you do, always remember to not be a creep in any shape or form.

Go Dating – After I successfully build a rapport with a potential casual partner, I suggest meeting in a public place first. It is the polite and safe thing to do for both parties. It is also a good opportunity to have a vibe check and make sure you’re both on the same page and get a little more comfortable with each other. I recommend you do so to make the first best impression with your partner. It will lay the perfect groundwork for the hook up to happen.

Summing It Up!

The online dating and hooking up scenes are quite fun, and it gets better every year with newer apps popping up. You will come across all types of personalities with different backgrounds and interests. I try to always keep things casual, be myself, and exude confidence. Healthy communication is key to having good fuck buddy relationships. That is how I have the most fun with these dating apps. Always avoid being a creep and respect space and boundaries. I have come across many disappointments too, but the good times always make up for it. Embracing hookup apps and hookup culture in general has allowed me to live out sexual fantasies, become more comfortable in my own skin, and of course indulge in a lot of pleasure. It isn’t for everyone, but if you are curious about casual dating online, I recommend giving it a shot.

Talking about Adult Hookup Sites

One night stands

We’ve all done it, the walk of shame, or the run of shame while they were in the bathroom. Those wild one night stands where your sex hair is on point and you were surprisingly flexible, there was no talking and you left without a care in the world. Welcome to the world of casual sex and saucy hookups.

People may tut if they heard what was going on, they know it is but just won’t admit it to themselves. May be for personal reasons, it might be that they are annoyed they missed their chance and are now married with kids and have a white picket fence. Who knows?

What I do know for sure is that orgasms are happening all over the world in a no-strings, non-committed way. And hats off to them, sex certainly burns calories, and the results are not too bad either.



One Night Stand.

Read the textbook definition here, but what we’ve come to understand is that it’s a mind-blowing sex marathon-if you’re lucky-for a night and without all the added drama of feelings and emotions.

Both parties, usually unspoken, know there are no relations afterward that it’s a once-off and you had better make it count. If the unfortunate thing happens and the encounter is lack-luster no harm no foul, simply cut ties and get ready for the dawn of a new day.


Using a hookup website.

If this is all new for you don’t stress, everyone had to be where you are at one point or another, the key is to do what makes you comfortable. Do it in your own time, at the pace you feel good with and simply start by chatting online.

With time you will see there are so many like-minded people looking for the same no-strings-attached affair, and soon you can delve into your first meet and greet as it were. But by using a hookup site there is no need to search through hundreds of profiles and images hoping to meet someone with the same zodiac sign to ensure a match, simply sign up and get connected.

Everyone using the site, same as you, just wants a hookup of great sex without wasting each other’s time. Be sure to initially do some homework before signing up to a site as there are many shady ones on the net, hidden agenda and sneaky fake cake profiles. Look for one suited to your personality and that has legit content.

It can be daunting as they all have the same gorgeous images flashing all over the place, rather take a minute and check out some reliable adult websites, one less thing to have to worry about when you’re a newbie.

5 Advantages of a one night stand.

  • You never have to see that person again, whether the sex was good or bad, and you feel pretty badass rock and roll.
  • Your sex count will increase, you can put this down to experience or simply adding notches to the bed as and when you please.
  • Dinner talk. There will for sure be mad stories to tell your girlfriends over dinner and wine on ladies’ night. The shapes and sizes, new positions or crazy dress up, great for a chat and a laugh- around the table.
  • One sucky, and not in the sense you’re thinking, rendezvous is all it takes to bring you back to reality on what ‘not to do’ to achieve great sex. Because let’s be real, as much as we don’t want it to happen, Juan over there may talk the talk, but fell flat on his face when it came to walking the walk. Boo.
  • There are no threads, you don’t need to consider feelings, you don’t need to please them first, it’s an in and out job done kind of event. And that works.

There are certain unspoken rules and etiquettes through participating in these casual orgasms resulting evenings, watch this video and have a pen and paper ready as you are going to want to take notes. The actions may seem small but relevant, some you may have come to realize for yourself already so it’s always good to brush up on your ‘manners’.


Reasons for casual sex.

The reasons are endless, some ring true and valid, others seem distant but why should we need an ‘excuse’ to have pleasure? Is it not our bodies to please how we see fit? Each to their own opinion of course, so if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it am I right?

Perhaps you’re a top CEO and travel constantly for work, you could never put in the time and effort it would take to build a lasting relationship your partner would deserve, so this arrangement works perfectly for you.

You also might just have come out of a long-term relationship and looking to blow off steam, a few months of hookups might be just what the doctor ordered. There are commitment issues, physical phobias of being judged if we become intimate or simply needing a blast of thrill in your life.

Whatever the reason, if you are practicing safe sex and I state this in capital letters, then you do you. Forget what people think or what society says is right or wrong, we live one life and it should be lived to the fullest. The more the merrier I say.


What Exactly are Hook Up Apps?

The internet has influenced all facets of our lives like; shopping, travel booking, online video streaming and so forth. It has established communication channels between people across the world. Now, hook up apps are available to people of all genders, and nationalities.
However, the impact of Adult Dating Sites development on romance and dating was an unexpected one. The outcome of sites meant for flaring love affairs and relationships was hugely successful. This is because they are an excellent medium for the lone and interested singles to get companions as per their desired interests. Thus, there’s no more need to bother someone in the family or friends circle to find a compatible dating partner. Here’s a take on how dating apps are revolutionizing the way people engage in relationships.
Let us understand how an Adult Dating Sites site functions.
Step 1: An individual can create a profile on a site by submitting basic details about himself/herself. Although creating a profile might be free of charge on most websites, some may charge a nominal fee for this service. Some sites need the person to provide detailed information so that they can match the personalities of the individuals.
Step 2: The site sends details of individuals who suit his/ her preference.
Step 3: The individual can select a suitable date from the list of profiles sent.
Step 4: Sites even aid setting up a meeting with the date.
After creating a dating profile, these apps have the following conditions or features-set to help you find your dream date.

Algorithms to find a match

This is after a user finds someone they are sharing with the same interests, location, profession, hobbies, life goals, and other things, the app must be able to make suggestions.
 Providing partner suggestions based only on the preferences of users results in lesser profiles display, but the quality is always better than quantity.
It’s a match!” is the new popular word for singles. Truly, with dating apps, many are getting potential mates whom they share with common interests.
Apparently, this is an era where knowing someone through a digital medium is not a problem.


Preferences filters is another critical feature that is enabling dating apps to suggest suitable matches. Filters dependent on location, age, height, life interests, hobbies, family type, and others when used, will give the users a chance to pick their preferred partners.

Trust scores

Numerous users shun away from interacting with anonymous users who conceal their identities behind the application. In this way, a dating application comes with a background verification feature for assuring users real connections. Linking is a very coherent feature; it relates social media accounts of the clients with their dating profiles. Some applications even give a trust score to every user profile, according to their social media activities so users having more trust scores can initiate conversations online or can get matches.

Multimedia Files sharing

Dating implies interactive conversations between two individuals. In order to do this through a virtual medium, options for sharing different files like songs, emoji’s, voice records, video records or stickers will do good. This feature when included in a dating app, makes interactions between two more enjoyable and help them know each other better.
People prefer these Adult Dating Sites because of the following advantages;

They offer a reliable way to find partners

In this work-intensive and busy lifestyle, Adult Dating Sites give convenience to the individuals who are lacking the time and scope to meet up new people and know them. They can eventually scroll through a wide array of options in the site, choose one among them to connect, chat online and plan for meetups sometime later. Thus, helping individuals in this fast-paced generation to deliberately prepare for dating just with few clicks instead of depending on any coincidences or traditional meetings.

They give the scope to choose a partner with specific criteria

Online dating through apps is notably convenient for finding partners as they provide unprecedented access to the potential matches regardless of any geographic limit. Individuals are capable of searching partners with interest areas that match theirs and weed out those who are not potential partners. By enabling the search for partners according to age, location and personal details including orientation, hobbies, and interests, dating apps gained a stand in the market as automated matchmakers.

The idea of dating became more flexible with Adult Dating Sites

One remarkable advantage of a dating site is that they allowed the interested individuals to delve into an initial conversation with a potential match and gather some sense of compatibility before getting into actual face-to-face dating. Thus, both partners get ample scope through the app to evaluate each other’s interests and see how their bond matures with every passing day. This brought far more flexibility than traditional dating as both partners can eventually stop connecting if they foresee non-compatibility issues between them in initial interactions and start looking for other potential matches.

 Apps are offering fun-filled online dating experiences

With mobile apps for dating, people got countless distinct ways to single individuals to impress their potential partners. With lots of in-app features, they make online dating an exciting and fun-filled experience for the youngsters such as sending of audio/video attachments, funny stickers, games for compatibility check, gift cards, voice recordings, and so forth.
 Though these apps are great for dating, as a tip to be successful with these apps you should use the ones that best suit you. For instance, in the event that you are a senior, go for senior dating applications. Along these lines, you will effectively find a partner for dating who matches your likes and other things, other than when you just use any universal app.
adult dating
With these apps, singles are finding a perfect mate, becoming more acquainted with them and making arrangements for real dates to know each other better. in addition, they are really safe, particularly for women since they check and confirm the profiles of users before giving them a chance to connect with any matches. Basically, dating applications are the current way to help singles find their perfect companions.