What Does a Hookup Mean and How Do You Go About It?

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In recent years, online dating has changed how people view sex and even how it is enjoyed. Casual dating has become very popular, and now it has evolved into hookups particularly among college students and young people alike.

However, many still do not know exactly what a hookup is and how they can go about it. The insights below will help you understand what a hookup is and how you should enjoy having one.

What Does a Hookup Mean?

Having a hookup is considered ambiguous by many young people. Some think it is casual sex, while others say that it has a deeper meaning than that. Well, a hookup is defined as having casual sex with someone you are not dating. It is usually a one-time sexual encounter, and the adventure is not limited to what you do. It could be any type of sex with a person you prefer.  Although not all of those websites are safe and good enough to use, you can check Cision to get a better sense of hookup sites.

How Do You Go About Having a Hookup?

According to many young adults and through studies conducted by universities and colleges across the world, there are many ways to hook up successfully. You can consider the following ways.

  •       Hookup apps and websites – As mentioned in the beginning, the internet has changed the way people date and communicate. Today, there are many apps and websites that help young adults to hook up and have sex with people they like. With a hookup app or website, you can see people who are interested in hookups around you, chat, and make arrangements to meet later at a place of your choice. It is highly recommended that you take the necessary precautions such as using legit apps and websites.
  •       Parties – Quite a number of hookups among young adults happen at parties. They like to have house parties where they invite friends, schoolmates, workmates, and even random acquaintances on social media. Such parties have a lot of alcohol and sometimes marijuana. From here, people can have hookups with partners they meet and get along with. In such a case, one should protect themselves.
  •       Clubs – unlike organized parties, clubs have all sorts of people. But you can still have a hookup with people you meet and share a drink with. These are more common over the weekend when people have time to drink, chat, and enjoy exclusive hookups. Hooking up in a club is riskier since you probably meet total strangers who might invite you to their place. So, you should be quick to identify red flags and make a smart decision.

Why Hookups Are Popular in Schools

According to research, most college and university students have reported having a hookup at least once during their time in school. Many claim that it is adventurous and fun. But researchers have a different view; they think that young adults are curious to try new and wild things especially when they have used alcohol or marijuana. Also, peer pressure plays a big role.

Top Benefits of Hookups

Apart from peer pressure and being curious about adventure, college students and young adults prefer hookups since they have many advantages as compared to traditional relationships.

  •       No commitment – Well, many students are not ready for any commitments even though they want to experiment on sexual matters. That is why they prefer hookups which gives them instant partners to adventure in sex whenever they want. For hookup, you just need to attend a party and pick a partner or hookup with models from an online dating app.
  •       It is full of fun – The young people, especially those in school consider fun and adventure as a good thing. In such a case, hookups are full of fun and adventure as you explore sex with new people at parties or random dating sites and apps. What makes it even better is that you get to choose who you want to hook up with depending on what you want to experience in bed.
  •       No relationship challenges – Serious relationships might be full of challenges that are overwhelming. Sometimes it is financial disagreements, lack of support for your goals, or any other. But with hookups, there are no strings attached between the two of you, which means, no relationship stress at all. That is actually why hookups are becoming popular by the day.
  •       You can have multiple partners – Hookups are part of casual sex relationships where one can as many partners as they want. If you are sexually active, you can hook up with a person of your choice any day without limitation. Once you have a good time with someone, you can hook up with another almost immediately (if you like).

Even with all these benefits of hookups, this kind of relationship can have its downside unless you take precautions. Experts say that it can be addictive to young people and this can affect them in maintaining a serious relationship later in life. So, have a limitation on how you do it.

Final Word

By now, you have more than enough insights on what a hookup is and how to go about one. You know where it all starts and even what to do to be safe. Just so you know, hookups are becoming more common by the day, but it is up to you to decide whether you will participate or not.

Have a Perfect One-Night Stand

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I have had a few one nightstands in my time and I can’t say they have all left me feeling that great. Yes, the walk of shame is not a stranger to me.  When you have a good one though it can be just what the doctor ordered, whether that be just a primal need to have sex or a boost to the confidence. If you do it right, the whole process of seeking out a one off sex encounter with someone can be as intoxicating as champagne. If you don’t do it right, it can simply leave you feeling like an awful hangover. Here are a few things I think that may help you avoid the most common pitfalls of one night stand. If you follow these tips, you will be more likely to have top notch one night stands. The majority of these things become irrelevant if the reason you are having one off sex is because you are absolutely wasted and barely know what you’re doing. In such circumstances, even if it is a successful one night stand, you won’t remember it anyway.

So what do we need to take into account before we even think about having a one night stand? Well, quite apart from not being drunk, the main thing is to make sure you have the right temperament in the first place, sex is inextricably linked to emotions. It is a certain kind of person that can simply enjoy the physical pleasures of sex without making other emotional connections with the other person. Men are much better at compartmentalising emotions and consequently are more likely to have a good time.


I had this one night stand. The next morning I felt so guilt that I went out and bought another one for the other side of the bed.
Quote: One Night Stand


Women often come off worse, with only 54% having a good time as opposed to 85% of men. Women and much less often men can end up feeling empty, lonely, dirty or embarrassed.  An interesting thing to consider if you are a women, is that women tend to raise their standards when it comes to one off sex, actively seeking someone better looking than perhaps their usual boyfriends are. Men it seems, do the exact opposite and tend to drop their standards. This goes some way to understanding why they are often ultimately more satisfied and have a more positive experience generally.

Even if you are confident in your abilities to put away unhelpful emotions, you should still think about why you want one in the first place. We should examine our motives as to why we want one and there are plenty of very good reasons why we might. Some people, it turns out, are wired to have one night stands. There is a gene called DRD4 that is often present in people who have a lot of them. The same gene also makes a person prone to cheating and getting high. You might also just simply be in the mood for a good fuck! It can be a lot less draining sleeping with a stranger than having serial casual sex with someone.

What if you are fresh out of a relationship or you haven’t had any for ages? One night stands are great tonic for getting you back in the game. You don’t even have to be yourself either, you can pretend to be anyone and that is exciting. You can live out kinky fantasies with people you aren’t going to be involved with again. It is an opportunity to let loose and find out stuff about yourself. They are also great for revenge! It is very easy to find a one night, there are loads of options. Try to avoid having one with a person you might see around in circumstances that could be embarrassing in the future. Co-workers are never a good idea and even friends of friends can turn out to be a massive nightmare.

If you want zero chance of the other person ending up wanting anything slightly more than sex, like say, a cup of tea afterwards, or something equally outrageous, then pay for it. There are plenty of places to find lovely girls and guys who will gladly take your money and give you exactly what you want. There are also the adult classifieds in places like Craigslist and Back Door Personals. There you will find all sorts of people wanting no strings attached one off sex. But most of those will be escorts. And you need to be doubly safety conscious in those situations.  You can always go the old fashioned route if you like, and pick someone up in a bar but like most things now, it is probably more efficient to do it online.

Why narrow down your choices when there are so many sites out there dedicated to casual sex with thousands of people wanting the same.  There are dating sites like Tinder and Grinder, where it is easy to find someone who would love a one night stand, but with it being  a relationship site, there is always the chance you might , well, get just that…a relationship. Even if it is only annoying follow up messages.

You may as well use a website fit for purpose. Which one though? It is probably best to use a paid one. Friend finder X seems like one of the better ones. These will be the safest, by ‘safest’, I mean have the most bone -fide profiles on and the quality will probably be higher. You won’t be spending money on drinks and dinners anyway so you may as well pay for the site.


Shirtless Man on Bed
Male Model on Bed


When it comes to writing your profile on those sites, you don’t have to beat around the bush either (unless that’s what you are into) the more honest and specific you are about what you want and who you want, the less likelihood for disappointment. As well as being specific in your profile, both you and the recipient should be putting safety first, so try and make yourself look “normal”   It is a bit scary to go and meet a torso with a 9 inch dick….. What if that is all there actually is?!  Make sure at least one photo is one of you doing a hobby or out with mates. And preferably one clothed and RECENT!

Look for profiles of others that also look “normal”. You might want a girl with her pussy pierced and love the picture of it. But it is probably safest for you to see what it is attached to. Once you have your date, whether it was arranged in advance or you only just met outside the club on the taxi rank, here is a bit of one night stand etiquette that is worth at least attempting. Let someone else know where you are going and who with. And make sure you have your phone and money.  Don’t get too pissed and don’t go with anyone pissed. It is so important to have your wits about you. This person could be anybody.

Consent is everything at all stages of proceedings and both parties need to take equal responsibility. If one of you is too drunk to be able to make informed consent then it is up to the other to say no thanks. Both need to gauge whether each other is in the right frame of mind to be consenting, whatever you end up doing.  No means no. The fact that you don’t know the person and may never see them again doesn’t give you free reign to behave like an idiot.  This is not a green light opportunity to push things a bit further than is comfortable for one of you.

If the sex is going to take place at someone’s home, then try to make it yours. It makes you feel more comfortable, you are in charge and if anything did happen to you then everyone would know where you were. For god sake use protection! Have fun, experiment, use sex toys, bondage kits, penis plugs, make the most of it, be brave and ask for what you fantasies about. Don’t do anything too freaky though, without warning!  Just because it is a one night stand, you don’t have to leave out the foreplay and compliments. They make both of you feel flattered and comfortable, and that makes for better sex.

You don’t need to entertain, you are not on a date. A drink maybe for nerves. You don’t have to cook a breakfast the next day. If it is late and the girl can’t get home offer her the bed, just like you would a mate. When it comes to leaving, be nice and split the cab fare.  Take everything with you…. if you ‘accidentally’ (on purpose) leave something behind, you are probably not the type to have one night stands.

Be as respectful and as polite as you would be in your everyday life. This is a ‘person’ you are with, with family and friends just like you. Don’t expect sex the next day. Last night was last night. By all means show an interest if you like but just because it happened the previous night, repeat sex is never a given, it is a privilege.  Lastly, whatever you do, don’t be a moron in the morning, or worse immediately afterwards, armed with a bunch of lame excuses about why you have to go. You were only there for sex. It is easy just to tell someone it is time for them to go, or that it is time for you to leave. Just make sure you do it confidently and nicely, preferably squeeze in a bit of a compliment.

Something like “Hey, I’m absolutely knackered, thanks so much for that sex, it was really hot! See Ya!”

About the Author: By Emily a Consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre