How To Be A Clean Gay Bottom!

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One of the major questions that bottom boys (and straight boys into pegging) have is in regards to anal cleanliness. Everyone has different methods to cleaning their body however, I’d like to point out as a gay boy myself, sometimes it just happens and both sexual partners need to deal with it. From pornstars, to bottom boys here’s some tips to being a clean bottom – it doesn’t matter if you’re an exclusive top, bottom or awesomely versatile, these tips will come in handy for both you and your sexual partner. In the world of grindr and tindr, sometimes you don’t necessarily have time to prep a deep clean, and the case against anal douching is that it can irritate or damage the lining of the rectum. If the lining is damaged, or removed, you’ll find that you’ll be unable to enjoy the sex due to anal ‘dryness’ or soreness. On that note, it is possible to over douche, and it will also lead to soreness, and by taking away the delicate anal lining you’re far more susceptible to STI’s and infections.

Firstly, the prep. A high fibre healthily balanced diet is key to keeping your body regular and in tune. No one knows your body better than you and you also know how it’s feeling. Being in tune with your body is the first step. For porn Star Marc Dylan, it’s a little easier than us regular people. As a porn star, he knows when he’s due in the studio for a scene, and owing to the fact that these scenes can take up 4-6 hours to film, his routine is a little more rigorous. He suggests to avoid heavy meals and to up your fibre intake, and stick to salads and avoid fatty fast foods. He acknowledges that everyone has different body clocks in terms of regularity and therefore everybody will have different preparation methods. He suggests to moderate what you eat, smaller meals and when he’s due in the studio he won’t have any solids for 10-12 hours before hand, fasting from 6-7pm.

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Pornstars are also regular users of immodium, which helps moves things along. But, there’s also douching. Now, a regular douche will suffice and the best way to use a douche is to fill it up with warmish water. Be careful here because your rectum doesn’t feel heat, it’s really easy to burn yourself. So always test the water before hand on the back of your wrist, if it burns there be grateful it wasn’t your ass. Using warm water in the douche can help the sphincter relax before anal sex, put some water based lubricant on the tip, insert and gently squeeze the bulb. There’s no need to insert the bulb all the way, just far enough in that the water doesn’t just run out. Hold it in for as long as possible, before letting the water out over the toilet, shower or the bath. Rinse and repeat until the water comes out clean. Most people recommend doing this a minimum of half an hour before hand to ensure that all the water comes out or is absorbed. Ideally you need to be doing this an hour beforehand. If need be, do a little touch up just before hand with a very small amount of water.

Now, Marc Dylan recommends that you practice douching even when you don’t have a hook up. The reason being is that it helps you understand your body, and your body reacts to douching. When solo douching, use a dildo or a finger to check your work as and to ensure your body is a totally clean bottom. One of the other benefits of douching is that you can also give yourself a prostate examination.

However, unlike Marc, most people don’t know have a day to prepare. It is far more likely that you will know the day of the hook up – in which case 2 hours before hand you should start cleaning up. Remember that most people will have intercourse for 15-20ish minutes. So you will not need to be absolutely spick and span. You can take a laxative the night before hand, they do take a few hours to kick in, but this is extreme and can cause a rapid loss of electrolytes in the system and lead to dehydration. Douching is probably the safest route to take. So head down to your local Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre, buy an anal douche and enjoy some peace of mind.

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