Beginners Guide To Cock Rings

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What is Cock Ring?

A cock ring is a male sex toy that is categorized as a Cock and Ball Toy (CBT) and is simply a device or object that is slipped over the penis to its base and has the ability to restrict the flow of blood from the penis.  You may wonder what the advantage of this restriction and you will be surprised that there are many.  Cock rings are used for a variety of reasons and are sometimes their use is prescribed by medical practitioners to aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions.  So the main reasons to wear this awesome device are –

  1.  To Achieve a Harder Erection
  2.  To Achieve A Bigger Erection
  3.  To Ejaculate Harder
  4.  To Delay Ejaculation thereby prolonging sex
  5.  To Add Extra Stimulation For The Wearer
  6.  To Add Extra Sensations when wearing having sex with a partner
  7.  To Maintain an erection for those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction

Most Cock Rings when looked after will last a long time and their use will make intimate times more sensational.  If used properly they are safe and will enhance a males sexual health and lifestyle.  They are often called other names like pleasure rings, couples ring, dick ring and are safe to use with a condom and dependent on the materials made from also safe to use with most lubricants.  The use of a cock ring will often give a man more confidence as most people will experience at least one if not a number of attributes above through their use.  This makes them an awesome couples sex toy.


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Types of Cock Ring

There are a huge variety of cock rings available and although they basically all are made for the one purpose they are all also different in shape, size, materials and options. Which one is right for you is determined exactly what you want to achieve by using one.  If you are looking at something that is going to stimulate you and your partner you would be searching for something that is comfortable to wear that has a vibrator and possibly even a clit or anal stimulator that will give awesome pleasures to your lover.  If you are after something of erectile dysfunction then you would something that is very restrictive, one that possibly may be able to be tightened manually – as you are not after extra sensation but the ability to keep the blood in the penis thereby maintaining an erection.  A similar type would be required if you want a harder, larger erection that will delay you cumming due to the restrictive nature of the device.  It is also necessary to take into consideration the size of your penis.

Cock rings basically come in two types, although there is a myriad of variations to them.  The first is the one mentioned before that is worn at the base of the shaft just above the scrotum.  The second has two or more rings and one ring is worn just above the scrotum whilst the other ring wraps around under the scrotum.  This particular style of cock ring is popular for those that wish to restrict the semen flow and they will delay ejaculation and once orgasm is reached cause the semen to spurt whilst climaxing.  Generally those more advanced in the use of sex toys and specifically cock rings will use this method.

There are adjustable cock rings, stretchy cock rings, vibrating cock rings, cock ring kits, super soft cock rings, leather, metal, spiked – I think you get my drift.  The variations and options are endless.  Many men create their own restrictive devices.  The use is becoming more and more common especially in couples play.  Why not have an added advantage and let your vibrating ring stimulate your partners clitoris or anus during sex. It will give them more sensual pleasure and make you look like a passionate and concerned lover. Giving your partner orgasmic pleasures is surely going to make your life a happier place to live in.  All this by wearing a little ring!!

Cock rings are awesome for solo as well as also for partner play. This popular men’s sex toy is also known as penis ring. It is an O ring designed sex toys which is used to restrict the blood circulation from flowing out of your own penis thereby maintaining an erection. It is able to prolong the duration your penis is erect and can be used in conjunction with a penis pump to treat penile dysfunction without medicine or surgery. Do you know, why should you wear a cock ring? Actually there are a number of reasons to wear this sex toy.  Though you will get different types of penis rings available in the market  it is also true that all of them are suitable for different kinds of people and sex . Men will react differently to different cock rings with some experiencing longer sessions, other harder cock, others larger erection but overall there are only positive results.  Many men also like to adorn their penis so look at them as cock jewelry many with gems on them, surgical steel cock rings, vibrating cock rings, silicone penis rings, Waterproof rings and more.  The choices are boundless.

Many guys have bigger penises so cock rings come in all sizes and many shapes.  If you are unsure of the size your cock ring needs to be there are those that are adjustable in size and these are often a very sensible starting point for men who are just starting to use them. Some men like to wear their cock rings around for extended periods of time and if doing so one should ensure that the blood flow is not restricted for too long otherwise you may experience circulation problems.  You can choose your favorite style. Various types and styles are available in the market. You will also get a large variety of color combinations.  You can choose that one, which will be comfortable and right for you.  Work out the way to use your cock ring and you will be right.




Sorry men, but not actually in the long run. The more restrictive ones will enlarge it temporarily, once you take it off it will go back to normal size.  When wearing one you will feel that your dick is harder, that your erection is stronger and your partner will too.   But unfortunately guys it will not give you any lasting results in the bigger penis category.  So for all those guys suffering from little dick syndrome the humble cock ring is not the answer.  It is the dream of every man to be a stud in bed and last the length of a marathon but for most of us this is only ever seen in unrealistic porn movies. Others think that the answer to being the king of the boudair is to have a massive penis but this simply is not realistic or the case.  However, one thing I can tell you is that the use of such a simple device like a cock ring WILL IMPROVE YOUR SEX LIFE.  Why not get yourself one and try it today?




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