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…. Huh!…  Geez, I must have dozed off – as I slowly came back to reality.  What the!  I can’t move my hands.  Looking around I now realized that I was stark naked and my hands were tied to the back of the chair and my ankles were tied to each leg of the chair.

I realized where I was now and looked up to see dear Ethyl smiling at me.  Now I was worried.  Ethyl was dressed in a shiny vinyl skirt, wearing a shiny vinyl hat, with shiny riding boots and a whip.  She had a belt and attached to the belt on a hook was a ball gag.  I could see on the table there were an assortment of sex toys.  She slashed down the whip onto her hand and a loud crack could be heard.  My 73 year old Charity Sex Granny was a domme.

She said, ‘Jim.  Your father used to tell me of all the bad things you used to do.  Are you a naughty boy?”

What was I to say, so I said, “Not really”.

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She yelled, “Liar, I will have none of that’ as she used the whip to crack across my chest making sure that I knew she was a gran femdom.  I struggled as she came up to me removing the ball gag from her belt as she said, “If you are going to lie to me, then I do not want to hear from you.”  She roughly forced the ball into my mouth and then secured the clasp around the back of my head.

She said, ‘I told you I was going to teach you a thing or two about love,’ and with that she lifted her skinny granny leg, complete with age spots and wrinkly skin and kicked out with her riding boot to my chest.  I could not believe the strength in those grandma legs as my chair toppled over backwards and I was left facing the ceiling.

Sweet Ethyl walked towards me and then straddled me so that she was directly above me.  I looked up and saw that she was wearing no underwear.  She saw me looking and said, “You are a dirty little boy aren’t you?”

I could not answer with the gag in my mouth but again there was movement down below.  She then parted her legs further and I could see her aging cunt with her labia lips hanging down.  Her asshole, complete with protruding hemorrhoids could also be seen.  She moved her hand and began playing with her cunt and I could see her granny juices were starting to flow.  Watching her wrinkled hand I watched as she put one finger, then two fingers, then three and four up her hole.  She began to moan as the trickle turned into a flow and felt droplets of her aged pussy juices fall upon my face.  Her moaning grew louder and she threw back her head and said,”I’m coming you dirty little boy!”

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She began shaking and her pussy juices together with her white cum could be seen on her four fingers.  She withdrew her fingers from her now gaping cunt and wiped them clean all over my face.  It felt sticky and warm and I could distinctly smell something slightly metallic.  She began to laugh as she bent over and took off my ball gag.   My cock was standing erect and hard.

She then sat down on my chest with her legs spread.  I had to lift my head in an uncomfortable position to watch her.  I could see her slightly open pussy, surrounded by greying pubic hair that had obviously thinned out because of age.

She said, “I am going to give you a show and then you are going to eat me out.  Do you understand?”

I nodded yes.

She then began to play with herself and started with the finger thing again.  However this time she did not stop at four but put her whole fist inside her cunt with ease.  She began to fist fuck herself harder and harder and her moans became louder and louder again until she roared, “I am coming”.

She then pulled her fist out and started to squirt all over my face. She would then shove her fist back into her wrinkled old cunt and then back out again.  She was squirting or pissing all over my face but to me it felt like rain in the sunshine.  Having only bedded young women before I was used to seeing the elasticity in fresh pink pussies.  Poor old Ethyl’s cunt had obviously seen better days and when she took her fist out of her pussy it barely closed at all.  Her gaping hole remained open each time she took her fist out and I could see past the greying labia and clit inside her cavernous and long dead womb.  Her pelvic muscles had seen better days decades ago.

Finally she stopped fisting herself but remained with her legs open and her cunt gaping wide.  She said, “Are you having a bit of a look up my love tunnel are you?”

I nodded yes.

She said, “Well now it is time to get up close and personal and you are going to lick me clean.  And make sure you clean the inside too!”

With that she sat on my face and I ate first gingerly and the with zealous began to lick her clean. Her cunt remained open and I managed to penetrate it with my chin.  She liked this and began to chin fuck me, causing the back of my head to thump against the floor each time she thrusts.  With my face nestled in her aged pussy I could smell an ‘old peoples smell’.  To be quite honest it did not turn me off, it was a mixture between grassy and metallic odor.   Since I have learnt that the smell is from ‘noneal’ production or in simple terms it is caused by the deterioration of skin and the antioxidant defenses.

Ethyl then moved her ass over my face and said, “Lick my arsehole you whipper snapper”  which I eagerly complied with.  It was not the smooth anal canal I had seen when doing doggie with my younger women but full of character.  There must have been 3 or 4 hanging hemorrhoids.  I earnestly licked her ass, moving the hanging roids with my tongue until I was able to penetrate her old rosebud and tongue fucked her asshole.  She moaned and giggled with delight.

She then moved herself back on my chest and said, ‘Now you have been a good boy haven’t you?  And I can see that you may want a bit of relief so I am going to untie you and allow you however you have a choice to make.  My pussy is old and with all the use it is a bit sore so do you want a hand-job or fuck me up the ass?”

I replied, “Why not both.”

She said, “You are a naughty boy but I like it’.

She then untied me but motioned for me to stay lying down.  My cock at this stage was harder than a metal rod.  It throbbed and actually hurt because of how hard it is.  Ethyl inspected it and said, “My, my.  What a state you have got yourself in.”

She then touched my cock with her wrinkly finger and I almost exploded immediately.  She grabbed some superslyde lubricant from her table and rubbed it in her hands and began to stroke me cock.  The sensations were exquisite and I think with 90 seconds I was already in the throes of ejaculation.  Again I spurted over and over again, never in my life had I cum so much and whilst I was squirting by jism she lowered her face so that I was cumming all over her cheeks, and eyes which made me cum even more.  Finally, I finished and saw Ethyl started to rub my cum into her skin.

She said, “There is nothing like a bit of young spunk to apply to my old face.  Best rejuvenation cream ever.’

Even though I had cum, my cock was semi-erect and dear Ethyl began to get up, “Help and old dear will you Jim.’  I got up and helped Ethyl up and could hear the bones crackle with the effort.  She said, “One day you will be like me.  This damned arthritis.”  Finally she was up and hobbled over the table and bent forward lifting her skirt and revealing her bony ass.

She said, ”Now come over here Jim and stick that thing up my ass before it decides it wants to go to sleep.”  With one hand leaning on the table she moved her other hand onto one her saggy ass cheeks and pulled it apart.  As she pulled it apart her asshole began to open.  I thought to myself this is not going to be a tight butt fuck.

I grabbed the superslyde and covered my cock with it and her ass. I began to push against her and within minutes it slipped inside.  I was giving my Charity Domme Granny anal sex and within moments I was hard as concrete.  I began to pound that geriatric ass and it kept getting larger and larger.  It felt like my cock was a single match in a matchbox but rather than turn me off it was actually turning me on.  I grabbed the sagging skin on her other ass cheek that caused to open her butthole even further.  It was a case of trying to touch the sides but as I looked down at this cavernous anus it triggered something inside me and again I began to cum.  I took my cock out whilst Ethyl held one cheek and I held the other and watched as my hot semen spurt shots in and around her anal pecker.

Finally, I was done and spent.  I sat down on the chair and Ethyl walked away.  A couple of minutes later she returned again in her dressing gown.  She carried my clothes and placed them in front of me on the table where moments ago I was ass fucking her and said, ‘Give my best to your father dear.  And remember I need re-mulching next month” and she toddle off.

I dressed quickly and walked home.  My father was waiting for me sitting at the dining room table.  I could not bear to look him in the eyes and he said, “How did you go with Ethyl, Jim?”

I said, “She sends her regards Dad!”

He said, “Oh Really.  Remember, next week you have to help old Genie pruning the trees.”

I said, “Sure dad, anything to help.” Still no able to look him in the eyes.

He said, “Be careful though.  Genie can be a bit of a naughty one.”

I looked up.  Was that a twinkle in my dad’s eye.  Perhaps this Charity work was not such a hard deal after all and I would soon be ready for my next granny sex adventure.