Host The Best Gay Sex Party!

Gay Sauna

Ever thought a night out with your gay partner is not going to be great? You can be proven wrong. Why not go to a  gay sexy party as it is one of the best parties you will ever attend and have fun to the max. Appreciating who we are (gays) and what makes us come together, organize events and parties that make us feel good about ourselves and out sexuality. I managed to host a gay sex party last year and believe me; it was one of the wildest and best parties I have ever had the pleasure of being at. I realized there are a number of things that you need to incorporate or do in a gay sex party for it to be great. The following are some of the most important things I thought to consider before my hosting or going to a gay sex party.

Last year’s party was my first gay sex party and the fact that it was held in my place, I came to realize that a gay party is actually better when there are a good number of participants. It felt great to see friends and acquaintances from all over the my college having fun. Choice of music and the drinks was important to create the right mood. There were almost fifty people and thank God my back-yard was big enough to accommodate such a number. We did organize everything early enough before the party to not get stressed, everything was set right including the drinks.  We hired a Dj from our local gay club who kept the music rocking throughout the party night plus finger food and decorations.


Man Dressed as Unicorn

You can’t invite people if you do not know them as you want to ensure that all the guest will be safe and nothing will be damaged or stolen. The people that attended my gay sex party which I hosted are actually people I had met with earlier in gay clubs around town, some friends from social networking sites like facebook, twitter and of course my college friends. Through the continuous interaction in the clubs and social media I did establish some great connections making sure first that they were interested in attending my gay sex party that eventually resulted in me hosting this fabulous party.

There were a few of my gay close friends in town that I know and  that I usually spend most of my free time with that attended but others did not as they were not into or did not want to participate in such a scene. The theme of the party was ‘bring a friend’  as my total number of people that had accepted my invite was 30 and I wanted it to be a big bash.  They all were really helpful and understanding though when it came to organizing the party and most did bring a friend which made it all the more interesting as there was some fresh meat there and we also got to meet new like minded individuals. We managed to successfully invite gay guys from a cross section of professions and communities and even from other towns mostly by communicating through facebook, posting ads on Reddit,, and personally one-on-one and through a series of phone calls to groups around our neighborhood.

I was mindful to ensure that if there was a gay partnership or marriage that they both knew about the party and that it was OK for them to attend a gay sex party as I certainly did not want to be the one responsible for the break up of a long term gay relationship.  A gay sex party isn’t a party without music and drinks.  For all the gay parties that I have attended, there are three things that are always there that make a good time great time; drinks, music and dancing. Sometimes there is something a little heavier than a drink to perk me up but these three items are essential.

If you want to have real fun at a gay sex party then you need to have some alcoholic drinks and good music and a cleared out place for you to dance with the meat that is there. We did spoil ourselves with all kinds of alcoholic drinks at my first gay sex party and the vodka, whiskey and beer flowed freely as we danced to the sweet music played by the amazing DJ on stage.  I must confess that I did take a magic pill as well that made me sway to the music all the more and find that most of the men attending looked like studs.  Generally we had fun throughout the night and there were no bad incidents to talk about. We had soft drinks set aside for those who did not fancy getting smashed as we didn’t want to disappoint anybody; everyone was having fun with or without alcoholic drinks.

We didn’t just start with the drinking; we did a bit of an introduction of everyone and then swiftly moved in to the real party mode as planned.  I was glad to meet so many of my new gay friends some of whom I had only seen on facebook or heard about from other friends and it was really a great interacting with them. Everyone was getting along splendidly as and once the music started we danced, some of us began to kiss each other whilst swinging  long with the music.  It wasn’t long before some of the guests brought out poppers.  I had never tried poppers before and one of the guests explained to me that I had to inhale it through my nose.  A warm fuzzy feeling came over me and the beat of the music penetrated my whole body that had become relaxed and felt sexy and sweaty.

I noticed that a gay couple had exited the dance area and gone behind some bushes in my garden.  Slowly walking over I was surprised to see that one man was giving the other a blow job.  It was a delightful moment indeed and the mood of the party swung becoming more erotic as some kissed while others were getting  down to the business of the day and theme of the party in various states of undress. It was at that time that I realized that this was going to be a great first gay sex party.