The G-Kii Is Not Perfect – BUT – It Is Perfect To Reach My G!

Je Joue G-Kii Sex Toy

The Shape of the Toy Is Perfect To Reach Your G-Spot

Tonight, I laid my eyes on the curved G-Kii by Je Joue. I got a particular love for g-spot vibrators and this one represents 100% how a g-spot or a-spot vibrator should look! G-kii comes in a very classic packaging I must say (this one is in black and white with the image of the toy) but inside, there is a nice black case that should be ideal for storage. When I finally have in my hands the famous G-Kii, I’m a bit surprise by the size. For some reason, I thought the sex toy would be a bit smaller/lighter but I’m not disappointed, it’s actually a good thing. This toy measures 17 cm long and has an insertable length of 11 cm. Its head that is very curved has a diameter of 3.4 cm. We get to enjoy two motors (the base, is the biggest motor, and there is also one in the curved end, for the g-spot).

The waterproof G-Kii exists in 4 colours, black, white, plum and pink, I opened the last one that we had, the black.  I am not really a big fan of this colour for sex toys (especially all black for a toy is just not impressive and sexy for me). It’s a silicone toy, its quality is great however in the manual, Je Joue recommend us to use “plenty of lubricant” when using G-Kii. Also, there is a larger silicone button on the side, made to be able to adjust the curved part. At the bottom of this vibrator, you’ll find 3 buttons: a “+”, a “-” and a “~”. The “+” and “-” are metal and made to increase/decrease the intensity of vibration while the third button is made of silicone and is made to change the different vibrations mode. Je Joue has been clever with the position of these buttons, once the toy is inside of us, it shouldn’t be a hard time to play with. There are 5 vibration levels according Je Joue, which is weird cause I can feel 7 different ones:

  1. Subtle continuous vibrations
  2. Faster continuous vibrations
  3. Powerful vibrations but strongest come from the base motor
  4. Lighter pulsating vibrations
  5. Slow and controlled pulsations
  6. Stronger pulsations
  7. Fast pulsations

Well maybe that’s what they meant when they wrote “5 power levels and 6 different pulse patterns” but I wasn’t the only one to be confused apparently.


Je Joue G-Kii Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: Je Joue G-Kii


Not Impressed With The Vibrations

I have to admit that I’m not totally impressed with the vibrations for two reasons. First of all, I had an annoying time to feel a big difference between mode 1 and 2 and second, the seven chosen could have been better or should have been more than 7 modes. However, I’m happy with the vibrations intensities! Quite powerful if wanted.

Like I said previously, this curved vibrator is adjustable in 3 different options. Let’s say that you have possibility to adjust it from really bent, to half and “slightly” bent. It’s totally according your preferences! When fully bent, the biggest motor should reach your clitoris, and allow you to get at the same time a clitoral stimulation! It’s amazing! Because when you see this toy, you don’t realize straight away that this option is possible! I feel like it’s a really great option and they should have wrote it somewhere on the packaging as it’s another great point to buy this toy!

The only thing that I regret is the fact that the change of the sex toys form can’t easily happen when the toy is placed inside… Unfortunately, the “adjustable” button is not enough to go through the option; You’ll need to adjust it at the same time the curved end if you want it more bended inside (you should never adjust the toy without clicking on the “adjustable” button, or you’ll damage it). Same for the base, you’ll need to push it toward yourself to be able to enjoy clitoral stimulation.

Everything Is Not Perfect But You Wont Go Wrong With It!

However, even without this adjustable option, the toy would be as good for me. The basic shape of the toy is more than perfect to reach your G-Spot, if that’s why you bought G-Kii in the first place!

When it comes to noise level, it’s quite low. Even when using the maximum intensity level, I’m not annoyed by the noise. Other than that, G-Kii is rechargeable but not only that, the charger has a magnetic end that makes it easier to recharge the toy! The light should flash when charging and when fully charged the light will stay on. Moreover, Je Joue offers 1 year warranty.

I could recommend this toy without hesitation if you want a great g-spot vibrator! I feel like its curve is one of the best I saw among the g-spots vibrators. Obviously, everything is not perfect about this toy but you shouldn’t go wrong this one!

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave