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The JimmyJane personal massager called the Form 4 seems either to be a sex toy that is loved or hated with little room in-between.  Jimmyjane’s Form range has aroused the enthusiasm of practically everybody who has tried one but how those users have found using them is certainly a mixed bag. This is generally because of the way you visually take in a Jimmyjane Form vibrator, you instantly begin to try to work out exactly what should be done with it. That was what confronted me when my Form 3 arrived.

The Jimmyjane Form 4 outwardly fits into the Form line, yet it is in no way like the ones that came before. While all Form vibrators come in two options of color being slate and pink, and they all have the same controls, the Form 4 is significantly more direct than the previous Form line. It is straightforward without being boring, and it does what it should do.  It did it’s job easily and within minutes of receiving it I had my first orgasm. It is an insertable vibrator measuring in at 5 inches long, 4 inches insertable, the Form 4 is sufficiently firm that you can feel yourself wrapping snuggly around it, however sufficiently delicate that it doesn’t feel too big in your vagina; not that a larger toy isn’t fun some of the time, but rather that is not what this is.

JimmyJane Form 4 External Massager
Find Your Form With JimmyJane

While in fact an insert-able toy, I have discovered the Form 4 to be best as basically a clitoral stimulator with the occasional entry into my vagina while getting myself ready for orgasm. That is the degree of insertion I have delighted in from this. Jimmyjane claims that while firm, this vibrator is sufficiently delicate and soft that it can be bent to accommodate and press-up against the g-spot. I found this not to be true  as I thought there was minimal flexibility with the insertable segment of the vibrator, and for me it was not long enough to reach my g-spot,  I’m sure that I have a  high g-spot but am sure there are other women that are anatomically the same as I.  Also there is no bend in the sex toy to massage it easily if one could reach it.

The Form 4 has four vibration modes, including an enduring, steady vibration and three methods of fluctuating and heightening throbs. It has some intense power in comparison to other vibrators and if you struggle with orgasms then you might want to consider this sex toy – orgasms are a key to better mental health and actually go a long way in helping the battle with depression. To go through the modes, you press the little roundabout control closest to the base of the front of the toy. In addition to there are five rates of vibration power. Each of the control buttons are push designed so that you can feel a click to realize that you have indeed squeezed them. To turn the toy on, press the + catch and hold it until the toy begins with a steady vibration at its least power. To turn it off, press the – catch until it turns off.

Each Form vibrator so far has had its minimal engine intricacies. The Jimmyjane Form 4 is the same. For this situation, when I apply any considerable measure of weight to the toy, as when I apply weight to my clit through the toy for occasion, the engine gets louder and rumblier.

There is a discernible seam in the Form 4 and although JimmyJane says it is waterproof I never tried it in the shower or bath.  The Form 4 accompanies the same white rechargeable base we got with the Form 3. Simply connect the base to the divider and spot the Form 4 onto the base. At the point when the toy registers, it will light up to tell you that its charging.   It takes about 2 hours to fully charge when the battery is completely spent.  For first time JimmyJane users it is a bit tricky the first few times round setting it up in it’s cradle but once you have worked it out it is pretty easy.

The Form 4 is a great sex toy for the clitoris but not the greatest I have ever owned and for many women is not a G-Spot vibrator as it is claimed to be.  My favorite JimmyJane sex toy is the Form 2 and if any of you ladies want to experience ultimate clitoral relief that is the one I would recommend.


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