11 Gay Sex Positions

Clothed Sex Positions

I hate two things in this world when it comes to sex, condoms and same, boring, old school vanilla sex. The first one is essential and I never think of not using it during penetration, therefore, there are two things to change which are either the position during intercourse or adding some nice adult toys into your sessions to spice them up. I assume that you’ve already had many toys but don’t worry if you have not, I’ll give you some tips on that case as well in my article but my main mission is explaining 11 Gay Sex Positions that I’ve chosen for you based on both my personal experiences and people’s comments on the positions as there are hundreds of different sex positions available.

Speaking of mission, of course, we are grateful for the basic positions like missionary and doggy style, however, it is time to move on. And also feel free to share these positions with your straight friends as well because the positions can be adapted easily into heterosexual partners. Last but not least, keep in mind that the positions are ordered by increasing difficulty and please don’t take action without the consent of your partner.

Folded Deck Chair

You can easily move into this one from the missionary position. Simply, the receiver lays on his back and lifts his legs up in the air then the giver gets down on his knees and gives a part of his weight on his hands under one or both of his partner’s knees. After getting into the position, the receiver is free to enjoy his partner’s thrusts without doing anything special, preferably, he can either rub his own penis or scratch/stroke his partner’s body for additional sensations during intercourse. Moreover, the giver can lean on his partner’s legs for deeper penetration or he can also lean back by grabbing onto the receiver’s thighs which allows him to thrust harder. If you think that the position is not good enough to hit the P-spot, you can put a pillow under the receiver’s lower back to provide different angles. In addition, the position allows the giver to use a butt plug or a prostate massager comfortably during penetration. There are plenty of different anal sex toys on the market. You can also use a cock ring to stay harder and stronger for longer, for added pleasure there are also vibrating cock rings available. Just have a look.
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions - Folded Deck Chair
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Folded Deck Chair

Fire Hydrant

Here we have another variation of doggy style. To get into the position, the receiver should get down on his fours and the giver will be kneeling behind him. While the giver’s legs are between his partner’s legs, he lifts one of his own legs upwards and places his foot on the floor to the receiver’s side. Then, the giver lifts the receiver’s leg and place it on top of his thigh. If the receiver is flexible enough, he can wrap his leg around his partner’s leg or waist and pull him closer to himself. On the other hand, the giver can lean over his partner, however, this puts additional pressure on the receiver’s leg, so the position must be well balanced by both partners. Additionally, it is time for the receivers to release their submissiveness inside them if any available. To help this release, you can use blindfold, mouth gag or something else you like.
Fire Hydrant Sex Positions
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Fire Hydrant


In this position, the receiver lies on his side and lifts his leg then bends it so that there will be enough space for the giver to reach his partner’s anus. At this point, the giver also lies on his side but his head must be close to his partner’s feet. As a next step, the giver slips his lower leg underneath his partner’s lower leg right by his pubic and puts his own upper leg over his partner’s lower leg so that the receiver’s lower leg will be between giver’s legs. Finally, the receiver will be facing away from his partner and the giver will be facing towards his partner’s back. Lying on the giver’s thigh feels the receiver a bit uncomfortable but once you get into the position, all you need is harmonic thrusts in reverse directions together which means while the giver thrusts forth, the receiver thrusts back. Additionally, the giver needs to provide his own comfort as part of the receiver’s weight is on the giver’s leg, and also he is free to grab his partner’s upper leg to pull himself into the receiver during penetration.
Scissors Sex Positions
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Scissors

Bumper Cars

Just like in the Crab position, penis flexibility is the key point to this gay sex position as well. So, it is recommended the giver to make sure that his penis is flexible enough prior to getting into the position. To check it, he needs to be able to point his penis downwards towards the ground comfortably while he is standing up and if everything is OK, it is time to strike a pose! The receiver lies down on his stomach with his legs straight and open wide, then the giver lies down on his stomach but facing in the opposite direction with his legs straight and open wide too. Finally, the giver penetrates his partner without overstretching his penis. The receiver’d better be still during penetration because of the delicate nature of this position. On the other side, it is hard to get into this position with small penis but please don’t let it put you off. There are heaps of penis extenders out there so have a look and pick one then have fun!
Bumper Cars Sex Positions
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Bumper Cars

Suspended Congress

This last one is one of the tricky ones among all of the positions. There are many criteria to be fulfilled, for example the giver has to have strong muscles so that he can balance his partner and himself during intercourse. At this point, it is better for the giver to have a bigger penis than the average for easiness of insertion. On the other hand, the receiver has to be in certain limits of weight for the sake of his partner and he should be flexible enough to stay in the position for a long time. To get into the position, whilst the giver lifts his partner by holding his thighs or by locking his hands beneath his partner’s bottom, the receiver puts his arms around his partner’s neck and grips his partner’s waist by his own thighs. If you think that this position is too easy for to perform, try it in the shower which will be exceptional experience for you. However, I strongly recommend you to have a pair of locking suction handle just to prevent accidents due to slippery surfaces in that case. This one will be especially fun and exciting at gay sex on premises venues.
Suspended Congrass Sex Position
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Suspended Congrass

Basset Hound

This position is similar to the gay sex position doggy style and allows for deeper penetration, so all you need to do is get down on your knees and hands if you are receiver. Then, lower yourself towards the ground by spreading your knees and pushing your buttock back, spread your elbows out as well to make your chest closer to the ground. Your partner will insert his penis easily when you are in the position. His knees can be placed to either side of your buttocks and also he can spread his knees to get low. You don’t have to do anything as a receiver in this position. Simply, get your position and enjoy his thrusts, you can push yourself back though for harder penetration if you like. He has a few things to do as a giver, for example he can elevate his waist by keeping his knees together so that he stimulates your P-spot more, he can rub your back during intercourse or he can pull you towards himself for harder insertion.
Gay Sex Positions
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Basset Hound


Taking your shirt off will not be enough to be a superman this time Clark, you had better be totally naked and please don’t mind the world, it has been f*cked already, so it’s your turn now. Simply, lie down on your stomach with your arms stretched in front of you and put your waist to the edge of the bed with your legs hanging over the side. Then, your partner will penetrate you while standing or sitting down on his knees. As a receiver, once you get into the position, it is pretty hard to take action during intercourse  as you are lying down on your stomach and your legs are in the air. Therefore, you can either try lifting your waist to change the penetration angle or use one of bed restraints, let your partner tie you up and literally do nothing. After this point, all your partner needs to do is thrusting in and out by using either his hips or his full body.
Gay Sex Positions
Book of Mormon Missionary Sex Positions – Superman

Launch Pad

In this position, the receiver lays on his back and the giver penetrates while he is on his knees facing the receiver. Then, the receiver lifts his legs upwards, brings his knees to his chest and puts his soles on his partner’s chest. After that, the giver can lean over his partner easily so that the receiver raises his buttock for deep penetration. Alternatively, the receiver can change his legs’ position like putting them over the giver’s shoulders or bringing both of them to one side. Even if it seems like the giver has the control, the receiver is the one who controls penetration in a way that he can control how deep and fast the penetration will be as his feet are on the giver’s chest. All the giver needs to do in this position is to thrust in and out, basically. However, he is free to adjust his angle to hit the P-spot better.
Gay Sex Positions
Book of Mormon Missionary Positions – Launchpad


The giver lies down on his back with legs stretched and the receiver sits down in his partner’s lap facing him. The receiver should lean backwards with stretched hands behind himself so that he can balance himself in the position. The most important thing is the flexibility of giver’s penis, so once you get into the position the receiver had better move back slowly to prevent any injuries and also the giver should use his legs to control how far the receiver leans back. Still, the receiver generally has the control in this sex position, he gently brings his body up and down and grinds on his partner by thrusting his own buttocks back-and-forth and also rotating his hips gives extra stimulation. Additionally, the giver can contribute to the play by thrusting and grabbing his partner’s hips, grinding him back and forward, and also, he can give hand-job to the receiver easily. The giver can use a masturbator to blow his partner away as this position is really suitable to use it.

Leg Glider

To get into this position, the receiver should lie on his one side again, lets say his left side. Then, he needs to lift his right leg towards the ceiling while the left one is stick to the bed and his leg must point the ceiling straightly. This means that the angle between his legs must be right angle if he is flexible enough to do that. Whilst the receiver’s right leg leans on his partner’s shoulder/chest, the giver sits on his knees by taking the receiver’s left leg between his own legs like riding a horse and he is free to use a whip at this point to hold the receiver’s horses.  The receiver should ensure that he keeps his position without any cramping during intercourse so warming up can be helpful prior to penetration. The giver can hold the base of his partner’s right leg to pull the receiver towards himself so that he can penetrate him deeply and also the giver can change his angle by leaning in all four directions to find the most convenient angle for themselves, however he should be careful about not hurting the receiver.


This position is derived from Doggy Style so it is easy to get into this position from regular Doggy Style. Simply, the giver gets down on his knees wide open and the receiver faces in the same direction in front of him while getting down on his knees as well. If the receiver has his knees together, the giver can come closer behind him and wrap his arms around him. Therefore, we can easily say that the Teaspoons allows partners to have intimate moments. As a receiver, you can bounce up and down for more thrusts and you can also put your hands around his back or neck while kissing him. Leaning back against him is another option for more intimacy by feeling as much of his body as possible. As a giver, you can give a hand job to your partner during penetration and you can also kiss his lips, neck and back. Just remember, this position is all about intimacy, be gentle and prolong your ejaculation to have more time than usual. If you can’t make it by your own means which is absolutely OK and has a solution, get a cock ring for yourself either from one of our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres or by ordering online on our website which is pretty easy, go back to our home page and write what you need into the search box at the right top of the page e.g. cock rings and get lost in heaps of different kinds of cock rings. Kidding, it is impossible to get lost, thanks to the other reviews about every single item that you can think of on our blog written by professionals in this area, for example cock rings again. There is that same search box on blog page too which means that all information about sex and sex toys is a click away.

With all of these different sex positions your prostate, sex life and your health will be thanking you!



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