The Dating Game!

Dating Online
Its a tough old world out there being in the dating game. Us singles crew really do not get it easy out there. I am 26 years old and everyone always say to me “Awww do not worry, you will find someone good one day”, “You are only young stop worrying, have fun”.
It is safe to say that I have had every strange, unique and weird characters there is out there that have giving me some memorable situations to be in. No one can shock me now with dating with my experiences. I feel like everything that could go wrong i have definitely witnessed it all! But theirs no point in giving up or feeling sorry for yourself. You just got to dust yourself down and get yourself back out there. Mr right is waiting for me I just have to keep looking and kiss a few frogs to find him!
Look, working in an adult llifestyle center has it’s perks but it also open you up to a whole new world of ideas.
I thought i would share a couple of my memorable dates that have had happen to me to try show people that they are not the only ones out there with horror dating stories and to not get so put off as its memories and stories to tell the grand children one day and lets be serious we can all look back and have a good giggle about them.
The lovely old tinder and plenty of fish has a lot to answer for the majority of my top 6 worst dates. They have let me meet up with a lot of colourful characters. Surprisingly the only thing that has not happened to me yet is being stood up but am sure with my luck i have probably jinks my next date. As much as i have had some bad dates it has also opened up some doors to some lovely guys that just didn’t work for me but i have had some lovely conversations and company for the night.
Lets start back to my first ever POF date. It was an Irish man, handsome enough big fella with good banter to chat away to. We had a lovely lunch and left with a cuddle which was nice and simple for a first meeting. I never got much of a spark but thought lets not knock it straight away and maybe try to have a second date before cutting him off. Few days after he messaged me to tell me he was moving to my area, which before our date he had never even heard of or stepped foot in the area i lived. He also at that moment lived around 45 minutes away from me. So yeah was safe to say he started to get a little creepy after that. That weekend i had a girls night out in the city. He continued to harass my phone with constant messages on what i was doing, where i was going. After the 15th message i nicely asked him to leave me alone as i was on a night out and wanted to enjoy it. I had a fun night until 4 am in the morning when i was on the late night bus home and who do i find sitting in the front of the bus. Yep my new stalker!!! After that i blocked him on everything i could and luckily have never bumped into him again!
I went on one date with this next guy. He seem decent enough, not sleazy just a normal john doe. We went to put put indoor golf to just have a bit of fun. I managed to win both games and he went into a massive mood because i had beat him. When he finally got rid of his pouted lip we went for a frozen yogurt. He then decided to sit there and tell me his beliefs and what he didn’t think was right with this country. Now baring in mind I have only lived in Australia for 3 years at this point as i am from over seas. He also told me that his father was born in New Zealand, his mother was Dutch and his grandmother was English/German back ground. So he believed that cultures and countries should not be mixed together and it was wrong. Now I am sitting thinking is this dude for real!! Do not get me wrong am very laid back on peoples beliefs and opinions being their own.   I would never knock anyone on that but i couldn’t understand why he would bother dating me as i wasn’t born in this country and with his background being all mixed i just could not understand him at all. Another blocked and deleted after the first date.
I was starting to get a little bored with meeting the same people so thought i would get out of my comfort zone and start chatting with different people. This lead me to start chatting with an Italian guy. He had a bit of broken English when he typed but i thought ok lets see how this will go. He wanted to make the effort by getting an hour train to meet me so i thought that was a massive effort he was making. I started to chat away to him and he just had no clue what i was saying as i have a very strong accent. That meant any joke i made he just had no idea why i was laughing. It just turned out to be a very dull and awkward date unfortunately. We went to lunch and had a nice meal then went for a little walk about. Now you know people say Italians can eat, well i had never realised this until i meet him. He had ordered two plates on our lunch date and then after the walk he said he was still starving, Really have no clue how they were both massive plates. We managed to find a nearby pub to have a few drinks before he left.  He decided to ordered a family size bucket of chicken wings and totally demolished it in a couple of minutes. He was a total grub and had the sauce half way up his face. It made me want to enter him into eating competitions after watching that. We finally called it a day and were saying our goodbyes when he decided to go in like an octopus and try tongue my face. I kind of panic and put my hand up to my mouth and went “STOPPPP! I don’t kiss on first dates”. Poor guy looked mortified but it was just so inappropriate and bad timing in front of so many people. Guess he couldn’t tell the vibes that i was just not feeling it.
The thing that annoys me the most about online dating is that a few days can go past that your chatting away to someone and think yeah this is going quiet well then boom they just stop talking. Just nothing! Whats with that. Always wondered was it something i said or do they just get bored and move onto another person.
The next guy wasn’t an online man. This one i actually i got to meet in person at a club and he seem really keen to take me out on a date. I had only been here a couple of months and hadn’t really dated much before so thought it would be a great way to just get out and about. He was a little bit older than me so that was a bit intimating to start with. He also had to cancel my first date as he had fell off a roof and broke his arm. I thought this was just a crappy excuse until he set another date up and picked me up with his arm all wrapped up and in the sling. The nervous got the better of me for this date and made me loose my appetite. We went to order and he decided to order every starter i think was possible from the menu even though i had told him about five times already i wasn’t hungry and wouldn’t be able to eat any of it. The starters arrived and he spent 10 minutes trying to force me to eat something which made the date very uncomfortable. Started to feel bit strange like he was my father giving me into trouble for not eating my vegetables. We then got round to ordering our main meals. Now with my chat before i had told him i can’t stand fish, anything about it makes me feel sick and put off. So have a guess what he decided to order for his dinner….. Salmon!! Was safe to say at that moment there wasn’t going to be a goodbye kiss coming anywhere near me.
Had a few guys with fetishes i just couldn’t handle. Now each to your own, like what you like. But when you cant stand anything about feet, someone having a foot fetish just isn’t going to work for me. I had been talking to this guy for about a week but still hadn’t meet up yet thank god. He had been open about his foot fetish and yeah that should of been a red card for me but i explained to him that feet wasn’t ever going to be my thing. He rang me up one day and started to ask me about what would happen if i drove over his little small convertible car with a big 4×4 truck. I said well obviously your would be crushed. His reply was and this was with a very panting voice “Awwww yeah you would wouldn’t you”. It started to click that he also had a squashing fetish and i would say he was actually masturbating over the other side of the phone while i was answering back. Yep another one to be blocked and never to reply to again.
I could tell you so many more disappointing dates that have happened to you but don’t want to scare you off dating too much. Sometimes it can get hard and feel a little like a let down but each male has opened my eyes up to what i am looking for in a partner and what i am not. Not to mention gave all my friends some giggles along the way. Its all about learning to just relax and not take it too serious. Have some fun and explore whats out there. It also gave me so much more confidence with dating and brought me out my shell.
And if in doubt – don’t.  It may be better to stay at home and just play with some of your sex toys.

Taboo Family GangBang!

family orgy

My name is Marge and I am thin with reasonable complexion, light chestnut wavy shoulder length hair, green eyes, 34B bosoms and a pleasant firm ass. I’m pretty much have an ideal body that males masturbate to. I’m glad for my body as I am able to frequently wear short skirts, low tops and have a tendency to go without underwear, particularly in the late spring when it gets to hot. I cherish sex, all types of sex and have an unequivocal bizarre sexually side to me that I find hard to explain sometimes. I adore all types of filthy talk amid sex, particularly having a gentleman call me names like prostitute, skank, and even bitch. But these are some basic facts about me, this is really a story about the tale of my taboo family affair. Since you can now comprehend who I am and what type of things I’m interested in, how about we get on with the story?

A couple of years back, I was in a genuine relationship with a kindhearted fellow named Willis. He was several years older than me, attractive, 6’5 with a solid body and a dick that was 9″ long and 2 ½” thick dick that swelled to 11 1/2″ long and 3 1/2″ thick when erect. He was the youngest of five siblings, all who had comparable bodies to him. Each week, Will, his four brothers and their dad would assemble in our rumpus room to play poker and have a couple of lagers. One night while they were playing cards, Willis shouted to me, I was in the lounge room, and requested that I bring them a few glasses of Coopers brewskies. When I was setting the lagers down, I bent over, my skirt raised up, accidentally giving Willis’s sibling Jim a look of my pleasantly exposed ass. This is the type of ass you see on the swimming suit comps that everyone wants to look at it.

Willis saw that James was checking me out and said, “Jim, why not push her skirt up and improve the look?”

James smiled and pushed my skirt up to my waist, exposing my ass and newly waxed pussy to everybody. It was evident that they loved what they saw, as their shorts started to get tight as their cocks sprang to attention.


People Playing Poker
Erotic Family Affair

What I did next brought a smile to the majority of their countenances. I ventured back and took my skirt off before taking off my shirt, leaving me in only my most loved silver stiletto shoes. I moved adjacent to James and bent over, unfastening his shorts and hauling out his huge cock . Before he could say anything, I took him in my mouth and began sucking him off. After a few minutes, he expressed divine satisfaction by kicking his hips up and pushing his cock down my throat. He didn’t keep going long and I was soon gulping the strips of his cum as they spurted down my throat. When he completed cumming I took a sip of his brew before looking around the table.

I looked at them all and said, “Who’s next?”

Their dad, Aiden, quickly undid his shorts and hauled his thick dick out – now I could see where Willis and James got their massive cocks from.  I adjusted the table like it was some piece of sex furniture and took him in my mouth. He got my head and began fucking my face, pushing his tremendous cock down my throat. After a few minutes, he came and I gulped his cum eagerly. After taking a sip of his brew, I moved onward to Willis’s sibling Shane. After Shane, the ball was in Curtis’ court, then Blade, lastly Willis. My belly was full of their cum, I had become the family cum-bucket

When I was done with Willis, James and Aiden were standing up with huge erections ready to go again.  This family sure has some horny buggers in it.  As opposed to giving them head, however, I sat down on the table before James, spread my legs and let him know that he was going to fuck me – and I made sure he knew hard.

He glanced over to Willis, who smiled and nodded letting them all know it was Okay to proceed. James remained up and pressed his long, thick cock right into my pussy. After a couple of tender pushes, I let him know to fuck me harder. James smiled and began beating his cock in me hard, after a few minutes he was ready to blow.

James looked over at Willis who said said, “Cum inside her. Fill my little sluts pussy up.” That was everything James needed to hear, and he came, sending several long spurts inside me.

When he was finished he took his cock out and Aiden immediately took his spot saying,  “Watch and learn boys.  This is how you fuck Willis’s cock sucking slut”.

table sex
sex over table

Aiden pulled me off of the table, turned me around, and bent me over it. I could feel James cum dribbling down my leg as my stomach hit the table, he pushed into me firm, covering his foot long, four inch thick dick all the way inside me. Before I had an opportunity to move around him, he began fucking me real hard, bottoming out against my cervix on every push and bringing a measure of pain that shockingly, had me cumming harder and more than I ever had in my life. I was cuming and gushing until the point when my pussy at long last loosened around him.  He then pulled out of my gaping pussy and pushed his cock hard into my ass – it hurt a little at first but I could already feel his cock pulsating and within moment I could feel the spurting streams on hot cum being delivered up my ass and into my guts.  The ejeaculation just kept going and it was a few moments that I began to assgasm too!

Cum was dribbling out my pussy and ass after Aiden pulled out, Shane lifted me off of the table and drove me over to the sofa. He sat down and let me get on top of him ride him. I jumped on top of him and we soon got into a beat that had us both groaning in raptures. While I was fucking Shane, Willis snatched a container of lube and passed it to Charles, who covered his dick with it – he needn’t have done as there was that much of his sons jism up there.  He moved behind me, and entered my ass with the entire length of his cock. The three of us went at it for some time before Shane came in my pussy with a moan. A couple of minutes after that, Charles lifted me off of Shane and bowed me over the love seat before pushing into my pussy and after a couple of pushes, came adding his semen to that of his siblings.

When he had pulled  his cock out, Blade laid me out on the floor and secured me with his body. He was slower and gentler than his siblings and dad, and to my joy, soon had me cumming once more. After he  had cum bucket loads inside me, he moved off my beaten and abused pussy so Willis could take a turn.

Willis let me know to get on all fours and fucked me like a beast, beating my ass in time to his pushes until it was splendid and red and felt like it was ablaze. Soon he was adding his cum to that of his siblings. When Willis completed, Aiden let him know to show the way, that he “needed to make the little skank shout”. He fucked me harder and quicker than anybody ever had before or since and soon had me crying and shouting in a mixture of joy and agony. Following a few minutes of the merciless pace, he came, adding his cum to his children’s and making me cum one last time. When he pulled his cock out it remained up but I could no longer move – I was physically spent.

James and Blade helped me up and Willis took a few pictures of me with their cum running down my legs and out my ass. They moved me into different positions and I had no strength left to resist.  Eventually they set me back on the lounge and thanked me for the best family gang bang they had ever had.  They cleaned themselves up and left.

After they were gone a while and my strength returned, I cleaned up and to relieve my hurting body and stinging pussy washed the cum off in a long hot shower.  Willis straightened up the house and ordered home delivery. I could hardly walk but I rejoined Willis and we consumed a late supper before going to bed.  I was exhausted and spent. I was sore for the following couple of days due to some minor inward wounds, particularly on my cervix yet when the fellows approached me for a repeat of this adventure the following week I immediately agreed and had a ball, even more than I did the first run through!

Willis and I are no longer together and I have lost contact with every one of them, however on account of those nights, I’ve created a love for being gang banged, in the middle of the pack of lustful and forceful men.  I participate in orgies and gang bangs a couple of times a year thanks to the taboo family affair.


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