Chastity Restraints! Pain or Pleasiure?

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Chastity role play can turn sexual frustration into the most powerful sexual experiences. Though they’re often associated with tortures, chastity restraints are one of the most popular devices today. That’s because they’re now used as sex toys for orgasm denial and control. Teasing your partner while he’s wearing a male chastity device enhances the psychological arousal by preventing his erections.

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What are chastity restraints?

A chastity device or restraint is a small device used for physical limitations during sex and foreplay. For some men and couples, chastity restraints are used every day. Some chastity restraints are meant for short term use, since they’re made of metal. Others are designed for cock and ball torture and are too intense to be worn for long time. The focus here, though, is on using male chastity restraints for short term fun, where the focus is on delaying pleasure and delaying ejaculation. The ideal chastity restraint is the one that prevents erections without causing pain. The most comfortable chastity restraints are the ones created for long-term wear, because they’re made of washable, skin safe materials.

In order to be both comfortable and effective, a male chastity restraint should fit perfectly when the cock is flaccid without leaving gaps. Both the cage length and the diameter of the cock ring need to be considered, so measure your cock to get the right fit. Some chastity cages come with a set of different size base rings. The base ring of a chastity restraint should have the same diameter as a cock ring that fits you well, so it supports the weight of the cage correctly and keeps it in a comfortable position. To measure your cock, wrap a string around your cock and balls and measure the length of the string. Then divide the result by 3.14 to get the cock ring diameter

It is easy to wear a chastity restraint. Wear a chastity restraint when your cock is soft. Put a little lubricant on the head and shaft of your cock and let the restraint slide on. Chastity restraints should be used only when they do not cut off circulation. Also clean your chastity restraints before and after each use with warm water and antibacterial soap. Men will find chastity restraints very fun during oral sex. Oral sex becomes an incredible tease and lap dances offer unique pleasure while a man wears a chastity restraint.

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Are chastity restraints painful?

Nearly everybody who wears this gadget will eventually become erect for some reason. For most people it may feel like your penis confined in a small space whilst your penis is being pushed up. The tip of my penis is held in the enclosure. It also feel very tight around the balls as they grow in shape or size to fill out the chastity device. If you enjoy these sensations it can feel quite overwhelming and you will love it. You will find that your chastity device will rise according to your erection and the development will make you feel the power of the device sexual control and security. In the case your wear a bared chastity device your  penis will remain inside the enclosure. The head and shaft swell and push against the bars, which visually will look like the tissue behind the base ring swells. There are many devices to choose from which will display your penis completely different to the next.  Most people with BDSM collections will collect a multitude of different products to have a new experience each time. It is also a lot of fun to switch the devices to get your heart fluttering just a little bit more with your lack of control due to your dominating sexual partner.

Most good online adult stores offer a large variety of chastity restraint devices.  Chastity restraints are being used every day by thousands of men. You never know, the guy walking next to you in the mall might be wearing a chastity restraint under his jeans right now.