Going Beast Mode With Breast Worship

Breasts kink and fetish

Did you know just how incredible breast really are? Most of the population are already averred multi taskers but did you know that breast were also absolute beasts at multi-tasking!

What happens to the breasts during sexual arousal

During sex your breasts go into full beast mode and are bomb multi-taskers let me tell you how, they may just change your whole view that breasts can only be visually amazing.

During the throws of passion and penetration your breasts actually increase in size, approximately 20-25% to put a figure on it. Basically, they swell in anticipation of orgasm… say hello to a natural boob job, just when you thought you were at your max sexiness.

As does your areolas! Not only will you see a visible change in your breast size but also the size of the areola which eventually gives you erect nipples. Your breasts also become more firm and well-shaped just when you thought your body couldn’t get any better your body turns it up and turns it on.

Increased sensitivity is your best friend, trust me. When you become aroused your breasts become super sensitive, every little touch gets ramped up when you’re aroused and guess what those tiny goose bumps don’t mean your breasts are cold it means they are actually turned on!

Your breasts are like little or not so little antennas and send signals to your brain, when your breasts are touched or fondled with they send those signals to the brain to release oxytocin in abundance! For those of you who don’t know or haven’t read the 100’s of blogs on our site that speak about oxytocin which is popularly known as the “love hormone”, this is what helps you and your partner bond better during sex, and also a few other cool things which I’ll talk about in just a bit! So really it doesn’t matter about the size of your breast you have them to thank for the increased attraction your partner now has for you. If you want even bigger breasts or nipples, you can grow in size with breast pumps.

Woman with cleavage
Image: Cleavage

Your breast create a natural perfume, yes you read that correctly! During sex your breasts release some scented sweet pheromones. The only downfall is that you won’t be able to consciously smell it yourself, but your partner definitely will and they will feel more attracted to you in the process.

They are the bodies chameleon, they actually change colour, don’t get freaked out though they won’t turn purple or green, but you might be able to see a pink rash underneath or on the sides while having sex. This is caused because of a mixture of estrogen and the stimulation of blood vessels. However, they might have a blue tinge to them but that will only be your veins becoming more visible due to arousal.

Sexual confidence, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that with these changes it can actually make you feel sexier and gives you a confidence boost. That’s why they call it sex appeal.

They bridge the gap, literally! There is an actual neurological link between the stimulation of your nipples and clitoris. Even more incentive for your partner to be multitasking or you to play with your breasts while they are exploring other parts of your body.

A kinky fetish for breasts and bodily fluids

Now for something a little different for all those fetish lovers, have you ever noticed that the breast secretes liquid, does it turn you or your partner on? Since we have all just learnt about just how much goes on with breast during sex and the fact that sexual arousal releases a hormone called oxytocin are you also aware that this is the same hormone that is released during breast feeding.

Because of this oxytocin surge, sometimes during sex women’s breasts will either leak or squirt breast milk, while being aroused, experiencing orgasm or by squeezing or stimulating the breasts- your vagina isn’t the only body part that can squirt. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, it is completely normal but if it does bother you just keep a towel handy.

For some this is a huge turn on and a fetish within itself many people have a fetish for body fluids and within that realm of fluids is breast milk.

I think everyone has been curious about the taste of breast milk at least once in their lives lactophilia is an attraction to a lactating breast and breast milk, throughout evolution breasts have been a symbol of fertility, sexuality and nourishment there is something about breasts that men and women throughout the ages have found so incredibly desirable.

What is erotic lactation?

Erotic lactation is being sexually aroused by the thought of, viewing or participating in breastfeeding.  For some it’s drinking of the milk that their fetish lies, for others it can be watching a woman lactate or the art of the breast milk squirting out of the breasts. There is no umbrella rule for lactation play, even the exact part that is arousing is different for all but one thing that is constant is the fact that involves the breasts and the liquid that comes from them.

The difference between breast worship and a lactation fetish

Many people are sexually attracted towards breasts but there is a difference between breast worship and lactation fetish, an example is the difference between someone who is attracted to buttocks and loving anal sex compared to someone who is aroused by someone defecating and the idea of defecation.

The reasons why people are attracted to and turned on by different fetishes are all individually different but there are several factors that can explain an erotic curiosity in breast milk. One thing that is certain is that anything and everything should always be done by two consenting adults it doesn’t matter if they are in a platonic, romantic or a kinky BDSM relationship, not every person has the same kinks or fetish’s, and some don’t even know it’s a kink of fetish for them until it happens.

Morgan x

Author: Morgan is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Top 6 Nipple Clamp Styles

Funny Meme About Nipple Clamps

Ouch! Might be the first thought you have when you hear the words, nipple and clamp in the same sentence but let me assure you that nipple clamps can bring a whole new level of fun to your sex life and a great addition to any BDSM activity especially if you understand how men and women really feel about nipple play.

Nipple clamps come in sooo many different styles and variations, magnetised clamps held together purely by magnetic force, some that electrify and some that vibrate, some styles joined by chains, attached to collars, some free standing some with decorations, weights, and even jingle bells. Some improvised household items like clothes pegs and chop sticks are popular DIY clamp options. So whether you’re new to clamps of a seasoned veteran there is an Ouch! clamp for you, so here are some styles of clamps from Ouch! A fantastic range of clamps, with lots of choices, they are available here at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and on our online store Adultsmart.

Adjustable – Alligator Style

These Ouch! Adjustable Clamps are the perfect place to start if you’ve never used clamps before, they are easy to use and adjust with the little screw on the side that you just twist and adjust to as tight or loose as you’d like, they are also quick release unlike some of the other adjustable clamps out there, they are just a pinch away from coming off.

This style is also great for beginners because they have that traditional nipple clamp look your partner should hopefully know what’s up just by looking at them, so they are less intimidating this way.

Women And Mens Nipple Play Device
Sex Toy: Ouch! Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Pincette – Tweezer Style

The tweezer style clamp Pincette is another easy to use style of clamp but a little fiddlier in my opinion than the alligator styles, the tweezer style is preferable if you enjoy how these look, they are long and slender and very nice to look at. To use this style of clamp you move the little rubber stopper up the tweezers to tighten their grip on the nipple. They are adjustable and include the rubber tips on the end for a less intense style of clamp.

BDSM Nipple Play Product
Sex Toy: Ouch! Pincette Nipple Clamps

Vice – Barrel Style

Barrel style clamps like the Vice clamps are easy to adjust, all you do is twist the barrel to release the pressure the clamps have on the nipple, these are great for the extra weight the barrel part adds to the clamp without technically being weighted clamps and they also look great!

BDSM Nipple Pinchers
Sex Toy: Ouch! Vice Nipple Clamps

Helix – Mandible Style

The Ouch! Helix clamps look amazing and a little complex but don’t let their looks put you off, they are easy to adjust at their base with a twisting motion, these style of clamps are something to go for if you’d like something a little more advanced than the standard alligator style. They are deceptively intimidating to look at but not as harsh as they look (because they are still adjustable, unlike the very similar looking clover style nipple clamp, which is considered to be the harshest of them all).

BDSM Nipple Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Ouch! Helix Nipple Clamps

​Pinch – Clip Style

Now if you’re after something with some bite, something on the harsher end of the scale, try the Pinch clamps, they are not adjustable and therefore clamp super tight. Not for the faint of nipple.

BDSM Nipple Sex Toy
Sex Toy: Ouch! Pinch Nipple Clamps

Pincers – Non-Adjustable Alligator Style

Shaped just like the Adjustable alligator style clamps these are the extreme version, with no way to adjust them just like the Pinch clamp you’re feeling the full force of its clamping ability.

Adult Nipple BDSM Device
Buy Now | Shots Sex Toy Store Online

All of the Ouch! clamps and chains are made of stainless steel and aluminum and are completely nickel-free for those with allergies.

Before you rush out and buy your very own Ouch! clamps please read these safety tips about using them:

If it’s your first time using clamps try using them in 5-10 minute intervals and no matter how many times you’ve used clamps please never leave them on for longer than 20 minutes this will cut off circulation and can cause permanent nerve damage to the nipple.

Remember the most painful part about using nipple clamps is when you take them off, so be aware of this and careful when using them on yourself or on a partner.

Read the complete guide on nipple stimulation on our blog for some fun tips and tricks.

Author: Erin is a consultant at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres








Complete Guide On Nipple Stimulation

Nipple Facts Photo

Nipples are a sensitive topic for most but what is it that makes these parts of the body more sensitive than the rest? Nipples for both men and women are considered part of the erogenous zones. This means that nipples, once stimulated can encourage sexual arousal in both sexes and even assist and contribute to vaginal orgasms while being stimulated the same time that the G-spot is being aroused. And there’s no denying when you see a hard nipple in public it almost triggers a primal reaction, the sensation and feeling when nipples are erect makes me melt into a puddle. This is truly an area for the most  part untouched, as too often some of us want to just skip the foreplay and go straight to sex but if you focus on this area along with other sensitive parts of the body outside of the general erogenous zones, sex will be a different experience and far more rewarding.

Nipple stimulation is sometimes intense enough to elicit an orgasm in some women. Research has suggested the sensations are genital orgasms caused by nipple stimulation, and may also be directly linked to “the genital area of the brain”. In women, one study indicated that sensation from the nipples travels to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris and cervix. Women’s sensitivity increases during and after puberty due to their hormonal fluctuations and increased chemicals in the body that develop for natural reproduction and female sexual maturity. Nipple stimulation may trigger uterine contractions, which then produce a sensation in the genital area of the brain. This could also be the case in men, from personal experience and research that men also indicate signs of arousal and pleasure induced by nipple stimulation, though with men being that their nerves are close together some find this area way to sensitive to play with and even touch during foreplay and sexual intercourse.


Photo: Nipple Mens Facts


The nerves that make up the nipple are closer together in men and further apart in women. It is known in the piercing industry that nipple piercings for men are far more sensitive to pain than women who choose to pierce this area of the body. This is due to their nerve structure, however piercing this area depending on the person, can increase sensitivity which can also assist in sexual stimulation and it just feels fucking amazing. And in my opinion it is a very beautiful modification to the body for both visual and physical stimulation.

I decided yesterday to get my nipples pierced after many years of wanting them, I gave in and prepared myself for the whole experience. I wanted to feel the sensation some people talk about after they have had their nipples pierced. The sensitivity, the tingling I wanted to see what it was like and what it now meant to me being aroused in that area. Well firstly for me, it hurt. It was a tolerable pain nothing I haven’t felt before especially when it comes to sex. It was like a hard bite. I was surprisingly the least nervous for my nipple piercings than I had ever been before and I am heavily modified so it was a good surprise. Having someone touching your nipples to make them hard was interesting and I am very glad that it was a dear friend which made the whole scenario more comforting. Nipples really are a huge part of the erogenous zones because during the whole piercing time I could feel response below the belt. Almost like the pain sensation near my clitoris the same time my nipples felt pain which was really bizarre but very cool. I can definitely see why people do get their nipples pierced, they are much more sensitive now than ever before. It’s too early to say long term the benefits of this increased sensitivity but I will definitely find out soon! They look so pretty!

For those who can’t commit to permanent modification, there are so many other options out there. From bondage, fetish play, arousal oils, creams and gels to be applied topically which increase sensitivity or make them sensitive to touch. The possibilities and combinations are endless. I have decided to share some of my favourite toys and potions to enhance your experiences and show you the power and positives of stimulating the nipples!


Sex Toy: Zumio


Zumio – A powerful point stimulator brilliant for nipples and the areola, when used with your favourite massage oils, warming or cooling lubricant, Zumio can certainly make a difference to your sensitive areas in a very big way. This rechargeable pen-like device is $199.99 and will make you scream with pleasure at the very touch.

Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2


Satisfyer Pro 2 – If there is one thing most people succumb to during foreplay it sucking on nipples, so why not use the Satisfyer Pro 2 and get you both in the mood with something different! Rechargeable and waterproof, the suction of the Satisfyer Pro 2 increases once submerged under water making this an incredibly fun and pleasurable addition to a wet and wild romp! This particular model I like for nipples as it has a larger more comfortable opening for the nipple to rest in and away it goes with that intensely amazing sucking motion!


Buy Now | Nipple and Breast Sex Toys


Photo: Mans Nipples


Nipple clamps, pumps and stretchers – We have some really nice nipple clamps which you can get in a variety of different clamp styles and colours that are joined by a simple, belled or jewelled chain. These clamps don’t have to be painful as most brands and styles are adjustable with soft coating around the vice of the clamps to prevent discomfort, Ouch!, Fetish Fantasy, Doc Johnson and Pipedream all produce a variety of nipple clamps, suction cups and nipple pumps, electro therapy stimulating clamps and BDSM clamps attached to metal cock rings and collars for the more daring and bold individuals among us.

Image: Wildfire Arousal Oils


Warming and Cooling stimulating gels and arousal oils – We have high quality, all natural arousal oils and gels from Wildfire and Sensuva to heighten sensitivity and give that boost to really feel sensations from the nipples to the areolas and breasts getting you in the mood and getting you ready for a fun night for sure!


About the author: Bree is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres