A Little Wonder That Packs A Punch!

Aphrodisia Victory Massager

Move Devilishly On Your Clitoris

The Aphrodisia Victory Mini Egg is a little wonder, a powerful but tiny vibrating egg coated with a thin layer of pink silicone which makes it very soft to the touch but powerful to lift blow your last orgasm. Your new sex toy can be carried wherever you want because it is small and discreet.  Use your imagination and get it to move devilishly on your clitoris whilst varying the different speeds. It will do this happily without faltering like some men do.  Aesthetically it is pleasing and quite a feminine design that will have you fantasizing over it for so many reasons. Use it to know more about you, your senses and awaken your adult lifestyle and sexuality.  Majestically enhance your sexual wellness with this affordable, highly effective mini egg vibrator.

The beauty comes in many of your favourite colours including silver, gold, purple pink and blue. There is a shiny metallic coating to the victory mini egg sex toy which gives it a smooth and futuristic feel. You will be pleased with the well known sex toy manufacturer Aphrodisia that has brought a lovely range of products to the table. Many woman go wild for the remote controlled egg vibrators. They are simple, convenient, not scary, a great adult toy choice for beginners!  You can also spend some time performing kegel exercises to build stronger muscles in your vagina, pelvic wall and floor. The vibrating eggs are one of the most common sex toys available on the market today.

It is Surprisingly Powerful

In this life you have to give special touches to your sexual encounters so as not become boring or routine, do not you think? For this mission, especially if you start it with sex toys, we suggest you add a vibrating pleasure toy. Especially one like this that has everything you need to pleasantly surprise and satisfy your partner. Why not trying this grandiose sex toy? This is a naughty and sexy mini egg that wants to tickle the clitoris with its amazing design. It can be used anywhere, it is surprisingly powerful and it is developed with pink silicone.

This is a sex toy with a variety of benefits. Its virtues are marvelous and undeniable. It is a great way to extend relationships with lovers by adding pleasure. It is a small but powerful sex aid thanks to its easy to use hand-held controls. The great design of the mini egg will caress the clitoris and labia intensely resulting in explosive orgasms.  This mini egg vibrator is the best accessory to complete all your sex toy box. A powerful vibrating design, with unique features is waiting for you. Its vibration is activated with a single touch from a button integrated in the base. Its small size makes it ideal for use in conjunction with penis rings and sleeves, female stimulators, dolls, stimulate the clitoris and many other toys. It is also lightweight so you can enjoy its virtues in any situation and take it with you on the go. Note that batteries are not included.

How to Use: Slide the vibrating rotating base and insert the batteries (+ -).

The Perfect Companion For Every Sexual Occasion

All in all, this remote control vibrating egg will be the perfect companion for every sexual occasion. It is especially and carefully designed to enjoy alone or with a partner, don’t waste time! You will experience the most intense and daring sensations anywhere, discreetly. Plus, it is made in a safe way- clinically tested.  Select from different speeds. It is up to you, since this egg is designed for perfect Clit-centric stimulation, and controlled with a remote control that is 100% effective.

It is developed with the latest technology. Basically, you will be getting a small vibrating egg ideal for clitoral stimulation.  Manufactured with supreme quality, this adult toy becomes a safe, quality and hypoallergenic alternative that anyone can use. Its remote control makes it easy to play on your own or with a lover. The egg is made from the best material that can be used in the world of erotica. So you can enjoy it to the fullest with this super powerful vibrating egg that will make you jump out of bed, the couch or wherever you may be because of the intense pleasures it will bring.