TPE or Silicone sex doll: A comprehensive guide!

realistic sex doll

There are times when you decide to purchase a sex doll but are often confused which material is the best and going to give you feel like the real one. Isn’t it true? Of course! Be it missionary sex dolls or Doggy Style Sex Dolls they are mainly available in the market in two kinds of materials TPE and silicone. Sex doll makers have continuously been experimenting with different kinds of material in order to create the most realistic sex doll in order to ensure that you feel like having sex with your dream girl.


In this blog, you will come to know about the TPE vs. Silicone Sex Dolls: Which One is better? It has been seen that sex doll makers often use silicone material for manufacturing the sex doll because it ensures the long life of the sex dolls. You can easily buy both TPE as well as Silicone sex dolls from an online sex store


Before you decide what material your sex doll should be made of, it is important for you to first consider a few things like:

  • Are you going to use your sex doll only for having sex?
  • Are you going to take hot baths with your sex doll?
  • What is most imperative for you looks or kiss?
  • What is your budget for the sex doll?
  • Would like to dress up her in some nice & sexy clothes?
  • How much time you can spend with your doll when it comes to its maintenance?


The above-stated are some important questions that you need to consider before you decide which type of sex doll you need to buy.


What is TPE?

TPE is mainly called as thermoplastic rubber. It is often used for making different kinds of products because it can be easily precast as well as injected. This material is known to have a soft texture and can be easily stretched up to 5.5 times length. Due to its amazing properties, TPE is considered as one of the most affordable materials that are used for making realistic sex dolls.


TPE material is the perfect blend of plastic as well as rubber which regain its original shape after stretching. It is one of the most durable as well as long-lasting materials. TPE material is comparatively a new material which is utilized for making the dolls, while this is one of the materials that is also less expensive to produce due to which you might often found TPE dolls more because they are more affordable than the silicone dolls.


Some of the benefits of TPE material are:

  • The very first advantage of TPE material is that it is hypoallergenic which does not cause allergic reactions.
  • This material has a very soft texture.
  • TPE material is more elastic in nature which often makes the doll flexible due to which you can sex with it in different positions.
  • The material is cheaper and is known for retaining the warmth which makes sex time more pleasurable.


What is silicone?


The silicone material is widely utilized for making soft sex toys due to its amazing benefits such as enhanced durability, easy maintenance as well as non-degradation by petroleum-based lubricants. This material is a mixture of silicone polymer which is made using oxygen, carbon as well as hydrogen. From the past many years, the sex toy, as well as sex doll industry, is using silicone material for making sex dolls.


Sex dolls that are made using silicone material are very soft as well as firm. All the dolls that are made using silicone material have amazing hot resistance properties. You can easily clean the silicone sex dolls because they do not react with most of the contaminants.


When it comes to silicone sex dolls they are known to have most detailed as well as realistic vagina as well as anus.


Some of the outstanding pros of silicone sex dolls are:

  • Since the sex dolls do not retain humidity so it can be sterilized.
  • You can easily clean the silicone sex dolls.
  • The silicone sex dolls are known to look more like real.
  • These sex dolls can easily resist better to water as well as stains.
  • It is completely a non-porous material
  • The silicone sex dolls are known to retain warmth as they are less sensitive to heat.
  • Silicone sex dolls demand less maintenance as compared to TPE dolls
  • The silicone material is hypoallergenic.


Therefore, both the materials are good but when it comes to best sex dolls, TPE material is often preferred. Most of the sex doll fanatics often go for TPE sex dolls because it provides real like feel while having sex. TPE sex doll can be stretched in any way while it also comes back to its original size and shape automatically after using.