Svakom Alex Review

alex svakom

Upon opening the unit the first thing I noticed is the weight. It weighs a modest 1.2 kg, and for an automatic stroker it is quite light

There are seven thrusting modes but my favourites are either the slowest or the fastest motion depending on my mood/the time I have (no in between for me)

It has a scenario function which you can activate by pressing the sound button (the middle button). 5 different scenarios (of sound and teasing stroking motion) which I’ll be honest with you I rarely use because most of the times I will be watching porn videos whilst using this

The unit has a built-in hi-fi speaker which produces a very clear and high quality sound, or you can plug a 3.5mm standard earphone/headphone jack if you want it to be more intimate

The company claims that 5 hours of charge yields you 1 hour of use. I charge it overnight whenever I see the battery bar is on one and by the time I wake up its ready for me for couple of uses.

The sleeve is made of a very soft TPE with a very complex nubs and shapes, simply put this unit is not going to take long to do its job. The stroking motion mimics penetrative sex

Cleaning is a snap, especially disassembling the sleeve from the unit (just by twisting the plastic cover and twisting the actual sleeve) to assembling the sleeve back up. But drying and cleaning the inner sleeve is a little tricky. You have to ensure that you clean through the complex inner texture thoroughly and dry it thoroughly to keep it hygienic.

Be careful if you live with others, it makes a small yet constant mechanical noise (as all auto-stroker do) but my trick is to wrap it with my blanket / a small towel and you could barely hear anything. A little inconvenient but that is just the risk if we live with flatmates….

The unit itself is inconspicuous and does not scream “masturbator” and it stands on its own so you can put it on a desk or a corner somewhere.

This is comparable to Kiiroo Onyx 2 although Kiiroo’s technology are way superior and each their stroking motion / feel are very distinctive (which we will dissect on another review)

Item dimension: 330mm x 93mm
Sleeve dimension: 33mm stretchy opening 140mm deep

Personal rating:

Price: ★★★☆☆ (quite fairly priced)
Weight: ★★★★★ (easy to hold and maneuver)
Noise: ★★★☆☆ (a small but constant mechanical noise)
Sleeve Texture: ★★★★★ (very soft and complex tunnel)
Cleaning: ★★★★☆ (very easy to clean, needs extra attention on the inner texture)
Battery Life: ★★★★★ (easily lasts 3 to 5 uses per charge)


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Welcome to The Oh Zone!

Adult Shop

I’ve been working at Oh! Zone for 6 months now, and wanted to share some of the fantastic interactions with customers I’ve had during this period. Obviously, while these are all true, no names or descriptions are given, as discretion is key. I would love to be able to read reviews from our customers online, but most are too shy to do so, as many sites are not very anonymous.


A lot of the time, especially for new customers, whether they are young or old, they are a little hesitant or uneasy when they first come in, not really knowing what to expect. While my job title is essentially all about sales, that is probably the smallest part of my job. First and foremost, I want to make sure every single person that walks through our door feels comfortable.


The simplest way our team does this is to make sure the place is nice and clean, smells great and is well lit. And then we welcome everyone with genuine smiles and an open mind. Some people just want to be left alone, which is understandable and respected. But others enjoy a great mini tour of the store, demystifying the 15,000+ products around the place (neatly arranged into about 15 different sections).


After comfort, the most important part of this job is listening. Listening to the needs of the customer, whether they are a single lady who may need to replace her much beloved toy, a couple looking at starting to play with a strap on, or how to start off in the world of fetish.


Of the last instance, I had a young man in a few months ago looking at getting some handcuffs, as his new girlfriend was a submissive. As he hadn’t ever explored being a dominant, he was pretty nervous sharing this story with me. And as we stood there in front of the wall of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, I said I had nothing for sale here that would help him.


‘I can see you are unsure about walking down this road,’ I began. ‘But if she is already an experienced submissive, you can’t hesitate if you are to be her dom(inant). While it may be new waters for you, you just have to fake it until you make it, as they say. You need to completely own this new role, to give her what she really wants. And since you’re standing here today, I assume you also want to give this to her.’


Immediately his posture rightened, and his words were no longer stuttered or quiet. He thanked me for my honesty, and having taken the words on board, he left with some great gear to get them started. Sure, it was a lot bigger sale than the cheap cuffs he was after, but it was offering a non-biased suggestion that was taken on board that really sticks in my mind.


On her first visit, one of my new regulars asked me about one of her fetish outfits. She was all about living her kink well and truly on her sleeve, but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to legally wear her Demoniq Mistress Dorothea dress in public. The wet-look black dress (which is hot as hell) has long sleeves and runs down nearly to the ankles at the front. Where it could cross the line, however, is at the back where everything is completely exposed, except for some horizontal strips and a g-string that comes with it. I told her I didn’t know but would look into it.


She was pretty stoked when she came back recently and I had an answer for her, regardless of the answer. It had taken about an hour of googling one night when I got home from work to find anything even close to figuring it out. (comment below if you’d wear this out and about or would you find it inappropriate?)


One of my favourite stories was when three young ladies came into the store, so two of them could help the third find a toy and hopefully, have her first orgasm. After a little chat, we decided on an external toy and I left them to decide on which one. They soon came up to the counter, and she had decided on a Nu Sensuelle Bunnii, a groovy little rechargeable external toy with two little ears at the end.


‘So what am I meant to do with it?’ she sheepishly asked. I turned to her friends, but neither wanted to add anything or answer. So I grabbed a Penthouse Cyberskin Stroker, which has a pretty good anatomically correct vagina visible through a clear plastic window and brought it back to the counter. Still with my gloves on (from testing the toy), I held the toy and showed her on the Cyberskin where the bunnii ears should be. I also said, being her first time using a toy, that she may still like to set the mood, candles, incense, music, the works.


Needless to say, as a forty year old cis male, educating someone about how to use a clit toy was not something I ever saw myself doing. Surprisingly for a first time visitor, she was not overly shy, and thankful for the advise.


I’ve met some great people here who love to come back in for a chat and to see what the latest gear in store is. Talking with the other staff, it seems like we all have a lot of our own regulars, people that come in just on our shifts. Maybe it’s because our customers tend to come into the shop the same time each week, or maybe they like that familiar face and having someone that knows what they like, and can suggest appropriate new additions.


At the end of the day, it is a very rewarding job. In terms of customer interactions, as well as the multitude of challenges constantly faced with unique problems you need to solve, even if you don’t understand it yet. Times like that, thankfully the customer is happy to wait patiently while I look up the best options for them, like the best lube for a trans woman to use with her dilators. Even to those who aren’t customers as such, as we don’t sell anything to help add volume to the amount of ejaculate, it is all learning, and helping.



Spice Up Your Sex Life!

adult board games

The idea of spicing up ones sex life can be a tad daunting for some, as one person’s spice may be mild for the other, or might in fact be too hot! But that’s the point!!  Take-away or add as much spice as you need in order to make your sex life tasty. Here’s a few ideas (that aren’t toys) that will sizzle in the bedroom without burning your tongue.



A delay sprays main purpose is to pro-long sex by enhancing ejaculation control, this is often done by desensitisation. Desensitisation does not mean lack of sensation!! A slight desensitisation of the male sex organ gives more control to the user, avoiding pre-mature ejaculation and allowing longer, stronger erections. A top product in the delay spray range at our stores is the “Adam & Eve: Marathon Prolonger”. “Marathon Prolonger” is specifically designed as an erection aid, is water-based so it’s latex safe and contains “Benzocaine” to gently numb sensitive tissues without completely taking sensation away! After applying don’t forget to wait 5-10 minutes before starting as you don’t want to desensitise your partner!!



Arousal gels are as the name suggests, gels (or oils) that are used to enhance arousal. The most popular arousal gels we carry in store would be the “ON” range. The “ON” range comes in both oils and gels, both products have the same effect with the main difference being consistency. The gels are water-based and have different options such as flavoured gels like coffee cake or “ICE” which creates a cold buzzing sensation as opposed to a warm sensation like the natural gel or the arousal oil. The purpose of this product is to cause quicker orgasms (as in when they happen not how long they last), longer-lasting orgasms and more frequent orgasms as well as enhancing overall arousal.

Both the gels and oils creates a warm buzzing sensation, this creates a stronger blood flow to the now very sensitive area causing an instant arousal and moistening effect.




Mood mists are designed to fill a room with a decadent scent that enlightens ones soul spiritually and sexually. The main purpose of mood mists are to elevate the mood of the person or people smelling it. “Wildfire” has a very popular range of mood mists that include: “Feels like Love” which combines sandalwood &rose geranium to create a strong passionate fragrance to put you in the mood. Depending on the fragrance mood mists can often help in regards to lack of sleep, relaxation and much more. These mists can be used to fragrance a room, or spray on clothes or linen to create a passionate aroma wherever you may be.




Board games are a very fun way to spice up your sex life, and I’m not talking about monopoly. The board games I am referring to are played to keep you from being bored in the bedroom, most sex related board games will have challenges or tasks that pertain to the world of sex. Depending on your style of pleasure these board games can be BDSM related such as “Domin8” which sees the players use the same type of game play as dominos, but with the element of fantasy and control, oh and winning is much more satisfying. OR you could try “The Game of Perfect Partners” which follows a different route and is designed to see how well you know your significant other. The game does so by having question cards that ask three sets of questions under the categories of: Revelation, Quandary and Intimate. Try and guess what your partners answer will be to gain points, the more open and honest you are the more points you will get, a great way to open up and perhaps discover some things you might not have known about your partner, in a good way!! Whatever game you choose it will be sure to spice up your sex life.


Abbey is a consultant at the Adult Lifestyle Centers the best adult stores in Sydney.  Pop into one of their convenient locations to view these products and many more.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Me!

I think it’s time for people to start feeling confident enough to start opening up more about there sexual needs, fantasies and experiences. The more people that talk about it the more relaxed and comfortable everyone out there will start to feel. This story is about my history with not knowing what or how to go about getting help in the sex department.

I’m a women that has struggled over the years to try to pleasure myself successfully. With many fails and having no clue were to even begin, it started to put me off even trying to figure it out. Started to feel like a jig saw puzzle with so many pieces missing. I always felt something was wrong with me, my body must not be working right, maybe I was born weird and not normal or even started to feel a little scared or embarrassed about doing it in general like I was judging myself for wanting that pleasure.

I tired to open up to my friends group when we used to discuss things about there sex lives. They all seemed to know exactly how to satisfy themselves and it used to make me worry even more that something was definitely wrong with me. That I was programmed totally different. Don’t get me wrong I always had the feeling a lot of my friends weren’t being honest about there experiences and trying to hide the fact they couldn’t satisfy themselves either, probably with feeling the way I always did and not having the courage to be truthful about it.

My parents have always brought me up to be open and honest about everything but when it comes to sex you always try to give them some respect on this subject and not get into too much detail as you feel it’s not something they feel comfortable talking about with there child. Not feeling I could talk to many people about this subject and then be truthfully honest I started to google up information and do a bit of research.

Online only explains to you in a reboot basic way which never helped me personally and it’s not like you get much feed back on if your doing it correct. By pure luck I discovered the oh zone shops and went in for a stroll. Looking at reviews the shop and staff were highly recommended and I thought to myself what’s the harm in trying it out. Like a bit of a nerve reck I took a wee visit down to shop. I explained my situation to a staff member and straight away they were taking me to what section they could recommend for me.

The staff advice was so helpful and they made me feel so relaxed and at ease from start to finish which was great to calm the nerves. Never once did I feel judged or ashamed of what I was asking about or struggling to do for that matter. They steered me down the right path of different toys that would suit my needs and also what was going to be in my price range. It’s very intimidating and confusing when you first walk in as the selection they have there is so large – and being a novice I did not even know where to start. In saying that it’s amazing to have so much choice and variety. The shop definitely provides for every need and if something is not in stock in the store they are so helpful in trying to order items in for you.

The best lessons I was taught was that every person is different and most do struggle to find there right spots straight away but it’s all about practicing and getting to know your own body, experiment around and listen to what my body is saying it likes. Well that first night I went home with my goodies and put all there intel to the test. After about 10 minutes off fiddling around and trying to relax I finally started to feel something different (a feeling I had never experienced before). Let’s just say “OH MY GOD” is the best words to describe it.

Finally that amazing, intense feeling that everyone goes on about, I had just got to feel it for the first time. The only way I can explain it is just pure bliss, satisfaction and release. It’s like my body had just exploded with excited, stitches and butterflies. I had finally felt my first orgasm and it was bloody worth the wait. It was exactly how I was told it would feel when I eventually got the right spot. Safe to say I practiced more and more that night. It felt like such an accomplishment, I didn’t know I could have ever felt so empowered in my own body and had managed to make myself feel like that all on my own. You don’t realize how much pressure you put on yourself because you feel like you have been failing so bad before. Sometimes you just need a little help to guide you down the right path and I thank the staff at oh zone for doing that with me.

I have now become a regular customer and still each time  I visit there so happy and pleasant to help me on what to try next. Never once do they push me into something that doesn’t feel right for me. Some wise words I was told by one of the staff members and these words fit perfectly right now.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

and that shop consultants definitely know there stuff and I have got to know most of them!

After shopping in this store now for a couple of years I have been given an amazing opportunity to working in one of their stores. It’s now my time to advise and teach other people that are in the situation I used to be in. My advice is stick with the lovely oh zone team who are always going to steer you in the right direction. They will always make sure your going home with a smile and a very enjoyable night!

Pop in and see me at the adult lifestyle centers if you have had a similar problem to mine.  Trust me – there is nothing wrong with you!



Oh Zone Adult Shop Review!

Why Hello!! My name is Bella and I’ve been asked to do an honest review of OhZone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Penrith.



The Adult lifestyle centre is located along busy High Street in Penrith: Level 1, 478 HighStreet to be exact. The store is very easy to find and access whether you are driving or walking. There is ample parking in the car park which is situated at the rear of the shop and it is also a nice little backway entrance to come through if you’re worried about running into someone you may know.


The shop is quite large which isn’t what you’d expect as you come up the stairs. Having been to a few adult toy stores before, this one definitely stands out in size but also appearance as it is so bright and vibrant as opposed to the dark and dreary environment some adult toy stores can have. The whole store is carpeted minus the DVD room which has timber flooring. My favourite part about this store is the SMELL, often stores, adult or not, can have a weird or off smell but this store smells AMAZING every time I go in there. The store also has an incredible amount of testers for the toys so if there’s anything you’re unsure about guaranteed the staff will pop a toy in your hand and you’ll be convinced.


I hate pushy sales staff more than anything else in this world, if anything pushy sales staff make me not purchase. The staff at Penrith are so lovely, often women which makes you feel at ease if you are a bit nervous as a female but in saying that any male staff I’ve come across have been really good, didn’t put me off at all and were very helpful. The staff are just so knowledgeable and you can really ask them anything and they’ll do their best to help you which you can really feel, it’s not just a sale to them, they try to find what’s best for you and your needs which is a rarity.


The store is covered wall to wall, floor to ceiling in stock!! You could spend hours upon hours going through it all trying to decide on a product that’s right for you, this is why the knowledgeable staff are such an asset as you can tell them what you like or previous toys you have had and they’ll point you in the right direction or grab some toys and show you, which makes it a hell of a lot easier than trying to figure it all out for yourself. The way the stock is placed in the store makes it very easy to locate the type of product you are after without needing to ask if you are a bit nervous.


The Good

The staff, the copious amounts of stock and the AMAZING smell are definitely the highlights of this store!!  A large car park at the rear that has a discreet back entrance too!

The Bad

There’s not much to say in this category, the stairs are a killer to walk up but it’s not the stores fault I’m lazy ha-ha! There isn’t really any parking out the front of the store as the street is quite busy.


The Ugly

My biggest complaint is that the store isn’t mobility friendly, with two flights of stairs to climb up in order to access the store no person in a wheelchair could enter and people on crutches etc. will have a hard time trying to enter the store.